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  • September 25, 2015

Hi this is sunny again from Hyderabad with another story for all you folks. I use to travel a lot in city buses, since I was idle after my 12th exams. I didn’t manage to get the rank in engineering entrance exam, so I had to wait for another I use to go to my institute for coaching everyday, so I had my bus pass which enabled me to travel the whole hyderabad one fine morning when I finished my classes from 6:00 am to 9:00 am.
I boarded the bus for the Secunderabad, fortunately it was a double bus and it was too full.there was no chance of going up so I squeezed myself inside through lot of people. Once I found a place to breath I stood with one hand holding the rod on top and the other I was carrying my bag with just two books. Fortunately for me there were too aunties and girls around me sitting and standing. But most of them aunties going to office for their respective works .as it was morning I could smell good fragrance from the aunts, specially the one I was standing behind. I was able to smell aunty#1 hairs and the skin at the back which was exposed as she was wearing low cut back blouse.she looks like she was a modern lady as she was wearing sleeveless blouse.i could see small hairs in her underarms from sideway.she was wearing pink sari and pink blouse with black bra .she realized that I was smelling her and observing her whole body.

Then I felt my bag was getting dragged by people coming in and going out of the bus.due to this my bag hit the aunty#2 who was sitting on the adjacent seat just next to me.when I saw her she too looked at me I told her she just nodded her head adjusted her pallu which enabled me to see her was white and deep as tunnel, looked very sexy to me.then the aunty#2 rested her on the front seat and rested her head on her left hand which was towards me. This made my palm exactly touch her underarm; this was making my dick hard. I was getting tempted to touch her boob, so I touch her boob but made it look like it was accident.aunty#2 did not react by this, so I got courage to feel her boob in my hand, so I just looked around me to make sure that nobody is looking at me.but I found aunty#1 was looking at me and just gave me the hint that she was seeing everything and gave me little smile and shook her head to go ahead.i also gave her smile back and adjusted my position so that nobody was watching me from behind, in front aunty#1 was standing so I need not have to worry.she came very close to me that my dick was in contact with her butt(gand).

Then I again touch the boob like it was a accident, when I saw no response from aunty#2,I placed my palm close to boob so that it was in contact with my hand.even then aunty#2 did not move, then I pushed her boob little to test her, but I found same my dick got more hard and hand was getting out of control, so to hold her boob in my hand I wore bags handle on my middle fingure, which made my palm free to hold her I slowly move my hand and caught her boob lightly and looked towards aunty#1.she also saw me and gave me another encouraging smile and put some force on dick with her for the first time I squeezed her boob with some force ,she moved a little by squeezing but I did not remove my hand.i kept it for another minute in the same manner, then again I started squeezing her boob continously.then I saw towards aunty#1 she smiled and came near to me and whisper me to continue squeezing as aunty#2 is enjoying my I kept fondling her boob for another 10minutes as the bus getting nearer to its destination,

I withdraw my hand from boob.while everybody was in the position aunty#1 came more closer to me and lowered her hand caught aunty#2’s boob and started fondling until we reach .once we got down I looked at aunty#1 and she looked at me.then she started going away from after giving me smile,after going few steps she turned and looked at me again.this made me think whether to go and talk to her .then I decided to go ,so I took some big steps went right behind her looking at her sexy swaying butt.then I took another two steps and now I was walking with her shoulder to shoulder ,expecting she would talk to me.once I realized that it was time to talk to her ,I ask her” if you don’t mind I would like to be your friend”.without looking at me she ask me just friends.then I said yes may be more,she just smiled quietly and looked at me.then I saw a coffee shop ,so I offered her coffee so that we could we know each other very well.she accepted my invitation for the coffee and we went in and sat at the corner table.then she ask me why do I like her ,binding her ponytail.i told her that I like her hairy underarms ,which are very sexy.then the guy brought the coffee and went back looking at her underarms.we talked a lot and I came to know that she was working in a government firm and she was unmarried,her age was 35 and she had a younger sister to look after since her parents died early.and also her sister got married a year ago and was also divorced a month ago.i asked her whether she watch movies ,so she said yes.then I ask her if you are free shall we go now.she told she was not in mood to watch movie right now but would love to sit and talk with me.

Then as were sitting and discussing where to go and talk for a long time, she me to come to her house as there will be no one to disturb we headed for her house and in about 45 minutes we were in her house.there was nobody in the house as her sister too work in a school as teacher.there two rooms, kitchen and hall nicely furnished.we went in she gave me water and told me to sit and watch televison.after two minutes she came back, I could notice that she washed her face.her sari pallu too not fasten now ,may be she opened it inside and came.then she brought two cool drinks and sat beside me watching television.we kept talking for more than an hour after which she ask me whether I have any girl friend and whether I had sex.that was all I needed to start my proceedings.i told her no I was not having any girl friend nor I had any sex before.then she started the episode which happened in bus asking me how I felt fondling aunty#2’s boob and etc.i told her that it was good experience but it would have been better if I would have got she started laughing loudly which made her pallu fall down and I could clearly see her cleavage.and she was not bothered to put her pallu back at the right place.i thought this the good opportunity to try my luck to get more than what I have got in the bus.realising that I was looking at her big boobs she ask me I think you like lick my underarms than my boobs ,holding her boobs in her hands.then I also try to hold her boobs but she quickly stood smiling at me and told me first lick her underarms.

So I also stood in front of her and lifted her hands and started licking her underarms alternatively.there was a smell of deodorant and its taste was salty.i kept on licking now my hands were holding her moti gaand so that she was very close to me ,occasionally squeezing her gaand and also sometimes hitting her boobs with my face.when I saw that she was enjoying and getting aroused I started kissing her neck and moving slowly I caught her pink lips between my lips like french kissing.the kiss was long and wet ,during which I started fondling her we both were very garam garam and she guided me to her bedroom.once inside the bedroom we both became nude and started making love.i was sucking her big boobs and feeling her hairy choot,she was playing with my dick and the hairy balls.

Then we both were in 69 position with she on the top.i was licking her clit sometimes even biting it and she was sucking my lund like a lollypop.i could smell and taste her juice which was coming out from her love hole.then I inserted my two fingers and started finger fucking with her clit still in between my teeths.then we changed position as she was unable to control her feeling and ask me to fuck her I was in between her thighs feeling her heat ,she took my lund in her hand pointed at the choot’s entrance.with just a little push my lund was in her garam choot as she was very wet.the fucking went for almost an hour in which I fucked her twice.she was more than satisfied and ask me to come and fuck when ever I want to.

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