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Muree Night

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hello Desi friends this is AMIR (not real name due to some reasons) from Lahore. I am regular reader of desipapa stories and decided to share with desi friends my sex experience. I will use very easy English words so that every one could read and understand. It’s a bit difficult for me to write in roman Urdu style. I am 24 fair complexion black eyes, light brown hairs 5.7’ height and completed MBA with A+ grade recently, after MBA my friends want me to give them a party so we decided to go to northern areas for refreshment.

Before going to over there my cousin came to me told me that he need my help for date with a girl name riffat, who s not a whore but like wealthy guys I asked him that where she live and just let me go to her home. Well went to her house and I saw her wowwwww such a beautiful girl and have very attractive and sexy figure with 36,26,36. He introduced me her and her parents. They impressed and invite me for dinner same night. After couple of meetings I found that she likes me and want me to take her for outing so I told to my cousin that she wants me to get her out he suggested me to take her and her sister nighat to MURREE. I agreed and asked to riffat that can you go to MURREE with me for few days. She glad to know that and said that I can go with my sister. So we plane about visit.

I told to my two other friends that two girls are going to MURREE with me they smiled and asked me about them I told them that they are my friends. We were seven and got two cars reached to MURREE and got two room but I got another one room for myself because I wanted to fuck any of two sexy girls. My eight inches long and thick dick was telling me that he needs a tight and virgin pussy at night. I told to my cousin that what I want to do this night or next night he smiled and said ok. We were in a room while riffat and nighat were taking bath. I did not know that they were I just came to their room and found the empty room while I could hear the shower voice I thought one of girl is taking shower but where is other one I step forward to bathroom, and saw that bathroom door was a little open I peeped inside and forgot to close my eyes to see that stunning nude and wet beauty. Wowwwwwwwww white boobs and wet shaved pussy my dick erected in a minute. I wanted to go inside and kiss her tits I but I could not because she close the tap and took the towel for dry her body. I came out the room and saw nighat was coming. I asked her that where she were? She told me that she forgot her bag in car so got it now. I went to my room took shower and went out to MALL for walk we took dinner in restaurant and back to hotel. I was talking with riffat and asking herself and her family in detail. I said that

AMIR: you are really a beautiful girl and have very sexy figure

RIFFAT: thank you (Smilingly)

AMIR: I am feeling something different since I saw you in bathroom when you were taking a shower.

She was surprised to know that I saw her in a bathroom but did not mind just smiled and asked me that have you got any girl friend I said no I don’t have any. We came back to hotel and thought to watch movie. We got the vcd one of romantic and watch together I got one thrilling and one xxx cd and another vcd in my room. After see the movie we went to room for sleep. Late night I moved to my room and plug inn VCD see the thrilling movie when I was seeing the movie I heard the door open slowly and some one is coming inside the room I was surprised to know that there was riffat wearing white gown she was looking more beautiful than morning, she was smiling and came to me, I asked her that how you know that I am here she smiled and told me that when you were getting this room I was behind you. I said for have seat she sat around me and asked me what are you doing, I told her that I am watching movie she asked me (with naughty smile) what kind of movie you are watching I asked her would you like to see it with me I am just watching thrilling movie, she smiled and said that don’t you like romantic movies, why not, I do I am also a young guy. I have got one xxx movie right now, would you like to see that movie with me. Sure why not, I just insert the xxx movie and sit with her. There were three guys having sex with one girl I saw her face that was red and she was not looking comfortable she just smiled and hug me her arms were around me. Yaaro mujhey enlglish main likhney ka bilkul bhi maza naheen a raha is liyee main yahan sey urdu main likhon ga. Wo merey qareeb a ker mujh sey chimat gayee aur main us key monh main apney zuban dal ker us key hontoon ku chosney laga aur waaa kiya baat hai wo itna zabardast zuban ko choosney lagee ke kiya bataon. Hummmmmmmm. Main hathoon ku uskey breasts per lay gaya aur un per phairney laga aur phir zara zara dabaney laga main apney hanthoon ku aur nechay ley gaya aur shalwar key under dal ker uskey kanwaree choot per phairney laga wo halka halka krahna shoro hu gayee aur us key choot gelee hu gayee main ney apnee aik unglee us key choot main dalee tu wo zara unchee awaz main krahna shoro hu gayee phir jab main ney dosree unglee bhi dalee tu wo halka sa chekhee ahhhhhhh aaaaaaamirrrrrrrr mainnnnnnn ummmmmmm amir dard hu raha hai dono ungliyaan aik sath na dalo buhat dard hu ta hai. Main ney kaha key abhi tu mera lun tumharay under jayee ga tu kiya hu ga. Us ne pocha key tumhara lun kitna bara hai tu main ney kaha key khod hee daikh lo.

Us ney mere shirt key button kholnay shoroo ker diyee aur mere shirt utar dee aur seeney per hath phairtee aur kiss kertey huyee nechey janey lagee aur phir mere paint key zib khool ker usey bhi utar diya aur underware ke upar sey mere lun per hath perney lagee lun ka ubhar daikh ker kehney lagee ke ye tu buhat bara lagta hai main ney kaha key ke 8 inch lamba hai tu wo dar gayee ke naheen main tu mar jaon gee. Main ney kaha key kuch naheen huta bus shoro main thoree takleef hugee phir tumhain maza bhi buhat ayee ga. Us ney underware utara tu 8 inch lamba lun aik dum sey bahir nikla jo key buhat sakhat hu choka tha. Wo moth marna shoroo hu gayee aur phir ajeeb hee maza tha hummmmm aur jub usney aik dum sey usko monh main ley ker chosna shoro kiya tu main tu jaisey phir badloon main ur raha tha. Hummmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh aur wo taiz taiz monh main under bahir kernay lageee. Main ney us key monh main sey apna lun nikla aur uska gown utar ker uskey bra bhi utar dee aur uskey mumay monh main ley ker chosney laga aur dantoon ko uskey mamoon per phairney laga tu wo krahnay lagee ahhhhhhhh hummmm aur kehney lagee amirrrrrrr danthoon sey zara zoor sey dabao tum buhat acha choos rahey hu. Main zuban phairtey huway hathoon ko nechay ley gaya aur uskee shalwar utar dee. Main uskey pait per kiss kertay huway uskey choot tuk aya aur us key tangain khol ker us key choot per zuban pernay laga tu kee siskee niklee aur hum 69 ke position per a gayee ab us key monh main mera lun tha aur mere zuban us key choot key under. Us per aik ajeeb see madhoshee cha rahee thee aur bhi mazay kee inthaoon per pohncha huwa tha. Thoree dair baad wo apnee choot ku thora oper uthaney lagee tu main samaj gaya ke wo chotnay walee hai aur phir mera lun bhi taiz taiz mohn ke under bahir kernay lagee. Kiya maza tha key hum dono aik sath choot gayee mere money us kay monh main aur us ka juice mere mohn main.

Phir hum seeday huwee aur wo kehnay lagee ke amir itna maza atta hai ye tu main kabhi soocha bhi naheen tha. Main ney kaha ke jub mera lun tumharay under jayee ga tu phir tumain aur maza ayee ga tu kehney lagee ke pehlay dar ziada lag raha tha lekin abhi bhi darr tu lag raha hai lekin dil chah raha hai key tum apna ye mota aur lamba lun mere choot main daloo.

Main ney kaha key chalo phir meray lun key mooth maroo takey ye kara hu jayee. Chand minutes ke baad mera lun us key hath main tha aur bilkul tun gaya. Main us key tangoon ke darmiyan main a gaya aur wo sehum gayee aur kaha ke amir please zara aram sey main pehley dafa lun apnee choot main dlawa rahee hoon mujhey darr lag raha hai main ne kaha key is main darnay walee kiya baat hai. Phir main us kee tangain khool ker apney gird keen aur apna lun us key choot per rakha aur ahista say under kiya abhi sifr topee hee under gayee thee key uskay mohn say halkey see cheekh nikal gayee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oyeeeeee mannnnnnnn main gayeeee buhat dard huuuuuuuuu raha hai nikalu is ku bahir main marr jaon gee. main ney us key hontoon per apney hoonth rakh ker thora sa aur under kiya tu aik dum say chilayee ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh us kee ankhoon main ansoo a gayee aur wo rona shoro hu gayee main marrrrrrrrrr gaye amirrrrrr main ab koyee parwa na kee aur lun bahir nikal ker zoor say lun under kiya tu us key choot phat gayee aur khoon nikal aya. Wo cheekh rahee thee ahhhhhhhhh oyeeeeeeeeeeee mainnnnnnnnnn marrrrrrrrr gayeeeeeee ahahah ah ah ah ufffffffffffff main ney pehlay halka halka under bahir karna shoroo kiya aur phir zara zoor say under bahir karnay laga her bar wo cheekh pertee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh phir ahista ahista us kee cheekheen ahoon main badalnay lageen ummmmmmm ah ah ah phir main nay us kee tangain upar utha ker apnay kandoon per rakh leen aur phir zoor say uppar gira aik bar phir us key halkee see cheekh niklee ahhhhhhhhh yahan main jatkay marnay laga her jatkey per ah ah ah ah ah ah ah us ney kaha key amirr ab maza arahhhhhhhhhh haiiiiii zoor say karo aur zoor say jakoon kay sath under dalo is lun ku. Main bhi taiz taiz kernay laga phir main nay us key aik neechay kee aur doosree tang upper utta lee aur anpee aik tang us kay pait key taraf aur doosee tang us kee qamar kee taraf ker lee. Aik baar phir different position pehlee dafa. Main apna lun bilkul us kee choot kay upper rakh ker aik jatka mara aur lun pooree taqat say under gaya wo phir halka sa chakhee aur phir krahnay lagee main samaj gaya kay ab us kee choot sahee tarah say khul gayee hai. us nay kaha amir zoor say dalo. Main zoor zoor say kernay laga is duran woo choth gayee aur mera lun gila hu gaya aur main bhi taqreeban farikh hunay wala tha main ne us ku seeda kiya aur darmian a gaya aur us key tangain utta ker under dal diya phir us key choot main dal diya aur chand jatkoon main us kay under farikh hu gaya aur us kee tangain neechain ker kay us kay upper lait ker usay kiss karnay laga.

Us nay kaha key amirr maza tu buhat aya lekin meree choot buhat dard hu raha hai abhi isay under hee rehnay do. Main nay kaha kay ye muree kay hotel mujhey zindagee bar yaad rahey gee.

Abhi main nay itnee baat kee thee kay main ek ahat sonee mujhey yoon laga kay jaisay koyee darwazay per hai. Wo kaun tha yeh aglee kahanee main likhoon ga.

Ye bilkul sachee kahanee hai is main sirf naam badlain gayeen hain baqee sub kuch haqeeqat hai. Agar koyee larkee khawa wo kanwaree hu ya pehlay bhi chodwa chookee hu, aunty, cousin koyee married aurat jo kay apney shohar kay lun say satisfy na hu her aurat mujh say rabta ker saktee hai believe me usay aisa maza ayee ga kay zindagee main itna maza pehlay kabhi na aya hu ga main es kay saree duniya ka safar bhi kar sakta hoon. Mera e mail address hai. remember this id and you should safe sexy.

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