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Mummy Radha

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  • September 9, 2015

Radha remembered vividly the day about two months back that her young son had climbed into her bed one night as she was reading. He wanted to sleep in her bed, overcome with a sudden intense love for her. She had tried to hide the book from him, a sexy X-rated illustrated novel about family love but then she had observed the erect penis in his pajamas and the pleading worshiping look on her son’s face.

No doubt, the young boy had already seen the cover of the book. He also must have been observing and lusting after his sexy mother.She too had been fantasizing about ravishing her young son and had immediately clasped him in his arms and kissed him passionately. She allowed him to read it along with her and soon he had started humping against her in passion, his hands trying to sneak into her blouse.

They had quickly moved on to full sex and the boy had fucked her like a besotted young stud, crying and sobbing in gratitude. They had fucked all night after which from next day she had gradually led him into a more balanced love life. After the first sweet desperate fucking, she had managed to lure him into a steady habit of cunt sucking, till the young boy was always hungry for her cunt juice.

She in turn forbade him from coming anywhere except her mouth and had settled down into a delicious routine of sucking his thick young cream whenever she could.Darshan had classes in the morning and the radha made him sleep during the day to conserve his energy. Then before coming to the office, she would strap him to the bed like a sacrificial lamb so that he was hot and ready for her when she came back at night from her sessions. This was one reason why she kept herself cool and kept her lust under control while she sucked off her patients.

All her build up of lust and longing was carefully nurtured for her son.
That was why last week she had become tremendously excited by seeing an advertisement in a sex magazine of a special tampon made of high quality firm spongy rubber. It was meant to absorb cunt juice so that the user could comfortably masturbate the whole day without a fear of her panties or the dress becoming wet.

She had immediately ordered two dozen of these, which had arrived just this morning. She and her son had eagerly opened the package and both of them had swooned with delight as they saw the delicious six-inch by one and a half inch white rubber cylinder.It was porous and extremely light but still very firm. It came with a black three-inch wide circular rubber disc, which could be attached to one end. This was the vaginal seal and meant to be attached to the protruding end after inserting the tampon into the cunt.

Radha had carefully inserted one into her cunt and attached the seal to it, before putting on her panties. The seal fitted snugly and sat very comfortably on the clitoris as it had a special notch to fit over the love-bud. Her son Darshan had almost become delirious with lust as he saw her fit herself and that was one of the reasons he had cried today on being left alone as he was not sure whether he would survive the unbearable passion and anticipation building in his loins.

Radha had been aware of the tampon in her cunt as it firmly exerted its soft pressure on her walls and absorbed the juice. The notch in the seal had soft rubber fingers to rub the clitoris and provided an excellent soft base for masturbation. She had been coming every few minutes by just rubbing her thighs together. Gradually the tampon had become heavier as it absorbed her honey. Right now it felt as if it weighed a hefty half-pound and made small sexy squishy noises as she walked.

By the time she reached home and stepped into her bedroom, she had discarded her cool demeanor and was panting with lust. She paused at the door to observe Darshan as he lay on the bed. The young handsome boy was nude and was lying on the bed spread-eagled; his arms and legs bound to the bedposts. His slim young body was tense and quivering and he stared intently at the TV where the screen mother was in the process of being buggered by her screen son, from behind in doggy fashion.

His penis was hard like a rod and the purple glans looked like an overripe cherry about to burst.As Radha advanced into the room, and softly closed the door, Darshan turned to look at her and seeing his mother, such a loving expression of joy and passion appeared on his face that she quickly ran to him and kissed him in a long hungry devouring kiss.

When she broke the kiss, she looked longingly at the throbbing penis of her son but avoided touching it, as she knew that it would just blow up at her slightest touch. She wanted to prolong and increase the delightful agony of her son some more to make his ultimate orgasm a real gift from a loving mother to her son.

She got up and switched off the TV. Then she turned up the lights and started undressing slowly. Off came her sari as she quickly unwound it and threw it down. The white transparent blouse and the tight bra were now visible and Darshan soaked in the delightful view of the up-thrust cones of his mother’s breasts. She unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it, raising her arms.

The sheer nylon bra enveloping the white soft flesh of her bare back and chest was now visible and Darshan groaned, yearning for more. She now unfastened her petticoat and let it fall to the ground, uncovering her strong smooth fleshy hairless legs.Radha was now only clad in bra and panties and she decided to playfully sweet torture her darling boy a little more by stopping further disrobing and just turning around playfully so that he could look at her lush body from all angles.

Darshan just stared, almost sobbing looking at the soft pliant flesh of his mother’s body, sensuously soft and a little loose, so common in any middle aged woman. Her short matronly gait, and the irresistible combination of her gray hair tied in a bun on top of her beautiful motherly face made him sick with desire. He watched in a daze as Radha started disrobing again. She first unhooked her bra and let it fall down.

Her breasts sprang loose from the tight confines of the cups. The breasts were medium sized and drooped a little with their weight and middle age. The flesh had become a little red, being bound all day and the brown nipples were erect.She walked to the bed and climbed over it. She gingerly removed her panties, as if ensuring that something precious did not get disturbed. She was in fact trying to keep the soaking wet tampon in place as she prepared to mount her son’s face.

Panties off, she kneel on the bed, straddling Darshan’s face and slowly lowered her crotch. Darshan whimpered as he saw the delicious black disk covering the vagina approach his mouth. He could already smell the rich musky small emanating from the well-shagged cunt of his mother and opened his mouth wide.

Radha carefully dislodged the disc and let it fall in her son’s mouth, who immediately started chewing it. Darshan felt the juice squeeze out of the rubber seal and worked his jaws frantically to bite and swallow the piece. Radha held still, contracting her vaginal muscles to close the openings and trap the juice inside till her son had eaten and gulped down the rubber disk. As soon as he opened his mouth again, she relaxed and opened her vagina.

A small waterfall of juice fell in the eager mouth and Darshan shuddered with joy, as he tasted the thick slimy drops on his tongue. The doctor now slowly expelled the tampon from her vagina into Darshan’s mouth. The white rubber cylinder, soaking wet and dripping with thick honey, slowly entered his mouth and Darshan saw that its white color had now changed to a golden yellow. When half of its six-inch length was in his mouth,

Darshan bit it off like a banana. He felt juice drip form the cut end and as he closed his lips around the bitten piece, it felt as if he had taken a delicious thick sweet into his mouth. The smell and taste was overpowering, having been cooked inside his mother’s cunt all day and he cried tears of joy as he settled down to chewing and sucking this piece of heavenly dish. As he bit and crushed the soft rubber between his teeth, female cunt juice squirted on his tongue and his cock felt as if it was made of iron.

Radha watched her son’s face indulgently, deeply gratified and feeling a sweet sense of accomplishment at having fed him this gift out of her body. She let her son chew the delight at leisure, holding the other half tight in her cunt. It took Darshan about ten minutes to finally eat the tampon. As soon as he was done, she expelled the remaining half into his eager mouth.

She waited impatiently now for him to eat the tampon and ran her hand lovingly through his hair as he closed his eyes and gave himself up to the task of eating the rubber cylinder full of her juice.Finally his eyes opened and he let out a deep sigh, looking at her with a dog like devotion. She asked him to project his tongue for mommy and then slowly sank down on it. As she felt the small stiff flesh penetrate her vagina, she started humping it. When Darshan ‘s eager mouth opened and enveloped her labia in a hungry kiss, her restraint broke and she fucked his mouth like a woman gone berserk,

Her thighs clamped around his head and her crotch smothering him even while she rose up and down. Torrent of thick slimy juice poured into Darshan’s mouth and he drank it gleefully, whimpering with unbearable pleasure deep in his throat. Radha now orgasm powerfully, shrieking with delighted abandon and just crushed her crotch further in to the sweet face of her son, slaking her desire and riding on a wave of pleasure that engulfed her. She came continuously and slowly slumped forward still fucking her son’s face.

Darshan had never had it so good, he was drinking his mother’s cunt juice, abundant and flowing as if out of a bottle and was sure that she had already fed him more than two cups. Finally Radha gave a long shudder and lay down panting; her thighs still wrapped around Darshan’s head. Her cunt lips convulsed and she slowly calmed down, having given up all the juice that had accumulated in her genitals during the day. Darshan licked the flesh lovingly, mopping up the remaining drops of honey.

Radha got up and turned around, still sitting on her son’s face. She was feeling a wonderful sense of release and a slow sensuous fire in her sucked vagina. She licked her lips as she saw the delicious morsel of her son’s penis. She knew the sweet torment in his glans and she clucked sympathetically, saying she would take care of her darling obedient boy now. It was also feeding time for her and she bent down, catching hold of Darshan’s penis. Darshan shuddered and moaned as she opened her mouth and without any preamble, started sucking his lovely purple glans.

Darshan orgasm immediately and his cock literally exploded as thick white cream squirted into the doctor’s mouth. She gobbled it up avidly; her eyes bright with satisfaction a she ate the delicious cream out of her son’s body. As the penis jumped and writhed in the throes of orgasm, Darshan slumped and fainted. He had been aroused the whole day and the dual affect of his mother’s plentiful cunt juice, the tampon and the cock sucking was too much for his frayed nerves. Radha finished sucking him off and did not leave him till his penis became small and limp like a baby’s.

The mother and son lay in each other’s arm, soaking up the afterglow of orgasm and she lovingly kissed and cuddled him, trying to bring him out of stupor. When he came to, she laughed, calling him a sissy for fainting and asking him how he would bear the more and more passionate ways of loving that she would subject him to. In the way of answer, Darshan just raised his face to his mother, pouting his lips lovingly demanding a kiss and

She obliged by catching his face in her hands and kissing him long and hard with a tongue-probing slobbering kiss. Soon they got up and went to the bathroom for a long playful bath. Here Radha relaxed under the shower as her son worship fully lathered her, washed her and caressed her body, playing with her breasts and in general making her feel like a goddess being worshiped by her devotees.

As they came out drying themselves, Radha had already decided on the next love making session. As Darshan had been sucked once, he was sure to have more staying power now. So she just plopped down into an armchair and started watching the latest adult movie she had rented that night. She lolled back, opening her thighs wide to gave full access to her son who kneel down in front of her and licked her cunt. She placed her hands on the back of his head and pressed him to her, holding him captive and sighed with satisfaction as she felt his mouth on her labia.

After finishing licking off the juice from her moans and thighs and outer genitals, he soon pushed his tongue into her vagina and sucked her juice. He sucked in the manner that his mother had trained him, i.e. taking the full genitals in his mouth and sucking like a fruit. This also avoided the possibility of any precious drops being lost due to flowing on to the thighs. The cunt sucking went on smoothly and steadily for half an hour and Radha came many times, feeding cupfuls of her cunt juice to Darshan.

She also watched the movie avidly, another variation of the incest theme, this time a seventy year old grandmother enjoying her twenty year old grandson. The boy was slim, the old actress playing grandma was terrific, her old slim wrinkled but juicy body giving a delightful sense of contrast to the love play. The movie ended with the boy trapped between his grandma’s thighs, being made to suck her cunt while she prepared to retire for the night. She sighed with arousal and waited for another orgasm in the sucking mouth on her vagina.

When she was satisfied that her darling son had taken enough nourishment, she got into the mood for fucking. She made Darshan lie down on the floor, and stood straddling his thighs. She then lowered herself and impaled her cunt on his erect penis, sternly reminding him not to come. Then she rose up and down and steadily fucked herself for fifteen minutes coming many times with little squeals of pleasure.

As she fucked him, she slowly squeezed and massaged her own breasts, pulling and tweaking the nipples. The breasts were full of milk and swollen due to the pressure. She then bent down and lay on top of him, her breasts lovingly smothering his face.She slipped one nipple into his mouth and clutched his head to her bosom till he started suckling. She continued fucking steadily, grunting with pleasure, feeling Darshan eagerly drink her milk. She switched the nipple when he had emptied her breast, and humped away in a sexy mood.

Her breasts finally empty, she sat up again and resumed her fuck. She watched her son mockingly, and laughed delightedly at his agonized face as he bore the unbearable pleasure of her cunt sliding on his penis and did his best to hold his orgasm. She finally took pity on him and disengaged.
She then lay down and opened her mouth invitingly. Darshan sobbed with desire as he clambered over her and pushed his wet hard cock into her mouth in the manner of impaling a cunt.

He pushed in the shaft relentlessly past her mouth, tongue and entered her slim clutching throat, feeling the delicious narrow tunnel almost like a vagina. As his mother’s lips closed on the base of his shaft, he lay down on top of her, his crotch on her face and started fucking her mouth. He cried and wept with the unbearable pleasure even as his hips rose and fell, driving the penis into his mother’s mouth and throat.

He came soon with a long agonized squeal and fell down, crying and weeping with the heavenly sensation of release as she sucked off his jumping penis , tasting her favorite dish of semen from his testicles. She sucked him empty and even chewed on his limp tiny tube playfully till he jerked and flailed with the unbearably sharp sensations of her teeth on his delicate skin.

While she was being mouth fucked, her ever-lusty juicy pussy had again started creaming and she decided to make Darshan suck her again while she masturbated. She knew the best pose for this and lay down on the bed on her side. She pulled her son affectionately to her, noting his contented face with pleasure. She knew that masturbating against the mouth of a boy who has just had a great orgasm has an element of force and compulsion which is always very sensuous, because the boy may not be too willing to suck pussy.

She made Darshan lie down with his head on her lower thigh and then close her upper thigh around his head. Holding his head between her thighs like a nut in a nutcracker, she pulled him to her crotch and pressed his reluctant mouth on her cunt. Dr. Sudha then started cycling her legs in smooth masturbatory motion, humping her vagina and clitoris against her son’s mouth, forcing them open with her own labia.

Darshan opened his lips and sucked reluctantly but dutifully and she masturbated with hectic energy, her legs continuously cycling around his head. Occasionally she pressed his head deliciously in her strong thighs till he moaned, unable to bear the strong bone crunching pressure of her thick muscular thighs, making her laugh delightedly in her predatory lust. She orgasmed and nudged

Darshan’s mouth till he started drinking the juice. By now, he was also aroused again and started sucking his mother’s cunt enthusiastically. She continued till she was satiated and had fed Darshan with another cupful of cunt juice.While the Radha was enthusiastically and energetically masturbating on her son’s mouth, he had gradually become aroused again. He started moving his hands on her white fleshy buttocks and slowly moved in on her anus.

His finger probed the tight smooth hole eagerly trying to penetrate it. Radha smiled to herself and pulled in her muscles, closing the sphincter tightly, to tease her son. When she finally opened her thighs and rolled Darshan off, he immediately sat up and begged her to let him bugger her. She laughed and teased him as she wondered whether or not to let him do it.

She knew that he found it impossible to control himself while buggering her and she was not willing to give up her delicious meal of his semen by letting it be injected into her arse. At first she refused but then as Darshan kept on begging avidly, agreed with a warning that he would be really thrashed if he orgasmed inside her arse. She was now also in a playful and slightly sadistic mood and would have liked nothing better than an opportunity to cane him.

As Darshan eagerly turned her over on to her stomach, she grinned to herself because she was going to make Darshan’s task of holding on as difficult as she could. She quietly lay on her stomach and shook her buttocks at him enticingly. Her son fell on them, licking and kissing the twin mounds. He soon zeroed in on the anus and planting his lips on them, licked and kissed voraciously. As his tongue penetrated her rectum, she gave a sigh of pleasure and relaxed her sphincter allowing him easy entry.

Darshan sat up trembling with lust and mounted her buttocks. He positioned his slim hard penis on her arsehole and pushed. She opened her anus making it soft and he was inside in a flash, buried up to the hilt. Trembling with eager anticipation, Darshan lay down on his mother’s body and buried his face in her mass of gray hair, smelling and kissing them with an overflow of love. He also passed his arms around her and caught hold of her soft breasts.

Then taking a deep breath, he started fucking her arse with great joy and delight. Radha let him bugger her for some time till he was humping her steadily. She repeated her warning and Darshan pleaded with her to let him go all the way. She sternly told him that he should not ejaculate and Darshan tried to hold in his reigning lust by pausing for some time, content to just crush her breasts. He caught his breath and then started buggering her again.

He was doing an admirable job of controlling his orgasm and also fucking her arse with great energy and Dr. Sudha let him enjoy himself for about fifteen minutes. Then she gleefully waited for an opportunity to test his control. As Darshan launched into another bout of buggering, she suddenly clenched her anal muscles, and caught his penis in her sphincter. As Darshan tried to continue buggering her, he encountered a stiff resistance.

As his glans felt the sweet increased friction of her flesh, he felt ready to come. He desperately tried to freeze his movement but Radha clenched and unclenched her arsehole repeatedly, almost milking his penis with a sweet rhythm, impossible to resist. With a sob, Darshan’s control gave way and he launched into a frenzied buggering of his mother’s arse. He suddenly came with a grunt and collapsed, panting and sobbing, just conscious of the unbelievably sweet delight in his glans as he ejaculated his semen deep inside Dr. Sudha’s bowels.

Radha waited patiently till he finished coming and then rolled over. As the limp penis came out, Darshan was now afraid of the consequences and cowered. This happened many times and he knew the beating that was in store for him. He was slapped hard by his mother twice on both cheeks. As the stinging blows landed he cried and begged forgiveness but now Radha was inflamed, both with lust and a contrived anger. She pulled him off the bed and made him stand on all fours on the floor.

As he waited trembling, she went to her desk and returned with a cane. It was a special flat cane, made of flexible plastic and lined with rubber. She positioned herself and swished it experimentally. Darshan’s heart leapt with fear at the sound and he again started crying. He was still a young boy of only fourteen and afraid of her. Dr. Sudha hit him hard on his buttocks with the cane.

As the cane landed with a thuck, it left an angry red mark on the white flesh of his buttocks. Darshan flinched and sobbed with pain. Radha hit him again, on a different area this time. Soon she was in full flow, flogging him hard on his buttocks with all her strength and telling him that this would teach him to disobey his mother. As the blows landed, his buttocks slowly became red and he wept with great racking sobs, unable to bear the pain and humiliation.

His mother continued beating him and slowly as he sobbed, he was conscious of a warm glow of desire in his penis. It increased rapidly till he was erect and quivering. Dr. Sudha also noticed it and licked her lips with anticipation, even while increasing the power and frequency of her blows. Darshan bore her assault as much as she could and then collapsed on the floor with an anguished cry.

The Radha pounced on him, dropping her cane and turned him over. The slim red penis was quivering with lust and she grabbed it with both hands and started licking the glans with her tongue like an ice-cream cone.As the wet soft tongue ran over the silken skin, his body quivered and jerked with the unbearably sweet sensation. Radha soon gave up licking as she was herself dying to suck her son off and simply swallowed the whole penis like a candy.

Then she sucked and chewed on it, feeling the firm young flesh crunch under her teeth. Darshan sobbed as he grabbed her head and pressed it to his crotch and also started humping her mouth, in a bid to end this sweet agony. He pleaded with her not to bite her as her teeth repeatedly bit and chewed his shaft, but she continued as if she wanted to bite off his penis and swallow it. Unable to bear this frenzied feeding any more,

He ejaculated with a scream and flailed his legs as his penis gave up its sweet thick cream in another powerful squirt. He lay panting and sobbing and felt his mother gobble up his cream avidly. Even when he was empty, she continued to suck him, unwilling to give up.The mother and son lay for some time enjoying the relaxed satiated sensations in their genitals after this rollicking bout of sex and then they got up.

Radha pulled him to bed and clasped him in her arms lovingly. After the beating, she was extra sweet to him, repeatedly running her hands through his soft hair and clutching him maternally to her bosom. She applied soothing cream to the red bruised shaft of his slim penis and kissed it affectionately. He also kissed her breasts and then took one nipple in his mouth like a small kid.

He went to sleep in this position, happily sucking on the nipple. Radha was also soon asleep, happily planning next day’s sessions. As usual she would get her cunt sucked off in the morning by her son, while still in bed and then suck off his penis, full of fresh semen from his night’s rest. Then Darshan would go off to school after suckling at her breasts to get his morning milk while she would get ready and go to her parts later give me feedback on

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