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  • August 31, 2015

Dear Friends,
Hi! I’m Raj shah, Mumbai. I am a great fan of stories. and i would like to share my experience with all the fans of this site.

My bhabi name is Nishi. I was attracted to her since I saw her before this marriage. She was so beautiful, so shaped that she made me always erect when I saw her.

My bhabi was too young and smart, her boobs are too big and her gand (butts) were round like football. I like her gand very much. Mostly she used to wear a saree with most of the times a transparent blouse from which her bra was clearly visible. My bhabi is the sexiest woman in the world.

My bhabi and me were fond of each other. We used to feel for each other every night.

One night when all were asleep I went to her room and started fondling her boobs. Her boobs increased and she became hot.

I could see her black bra. Without wasting any time, I slowly opened the hooks of her bra and took her naked breasts in my hands. I started to pluck her light brown nipple. It slowly became big and it was hot too. I started to press her boobs. I was experiencing the biggest bomb of my life as i held a young woman completely naked in my hands.

I also tried to kiss her lips, but she turned her face away on the other side. I stood up and removed all my clothes. I removed her panty too and, I could see her naked from behind. I nearly fainted to see her beautiful ass and the pink hole that was hardly visible.

We both were naked now. She was in my arms. I was feeling her warmth. Our bodies were in constant touch with each other. She was still holding my dick in her hands. Then I picked her up in my arms and placed her gently on the bed. And I started kissing her from her forehead, kissed her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, her nose, her ears, her lips again, her neck, down to her boobs, sucked her nipples, down to her belly, and then I moved further down and kissed her pussy lips. She was moaning softly. It was the first time that I touched the pussy of my bhabi. i saw her well shaved pussy. I started finger fucking her & tickling her from inside at her started moaning in pleasure.

I went on to bring her in the heavens by just freeing one of her legs on the bed. Now I could see the opening of the mystery with which all women have made men crazy. The pink hole was hairless, which I like most. Now, I was licking it so as to open her leafs and make my entry easy. I was taking long licking strokes up to her anus, which made her hips up and down with my tongue going inside little by little. I could see her juices flowing from her pink hole. I understood it as a right movement to have me inside her. I could not forget the moment and joy I felt while entering her beautiful and tight pussy. I spread her legs so wide that I could enter my 7 inches dick deep into her with one stroke. Her juices were bathing my dick from inside.

She was smiling again. I was feeling myself in paradise. Then I pulled my penis a little out and pushed again in her. She screamed “aaaahhhhhhhaaaaa” with pleasure and kissed me full on my lips. Then I started moving in and out of her pussy slowly and slowly. She was also enjoying it now. She was caressing my body here and there. Sometime she put her hands on my ass and pulled me down to her. I started moving in and out of her pussy a little faster. We both were enjoying it. After a few minutes. I felt my semen boiling inside me. I increased the speed. And she held me more tightly. In a few thrusts I blasted my load inside her pussy and fell on top of her. She wrapped me in her arms very tightly. She seemed to be satisfied with the pleasure. I was also feeling very happy.

I ask bhabi she said tum bhi gand marna chate ho i said yes then she again undressed me and herself and started kissing my cock and my ass then I also kissed her ass hole and then she bring some cream and apply it on her ass hole and my lund and told me this is my first exprience of fucking ass ok do it i put my lund in her gand then started fucking her and by one hand i press her big boobs making direction on her mouth so her milk fall on her mouth and the other hand is on her cunt rubbing her cunt and putting fingure in his cunt after some shot i started monaing oh bhasbi iii oh uh iam cumming in ur gand ahh bhabi also started monaing ahh aja mer jan ahh umm oh then i filled his gand with my cum. after that i have fucked her cunt and gand many more time.

I looked her at face and was surprised to see tears flowing from her eyes. I did not know of the reason, either from the pleasure she must have gotten in her own life or getting fucked from a man, who was not her husband.

I pinched her Breasts, she laughed . Then I put the pants for her, then the tops of a chudidhar. I felt like a complete man that day. Then I again kissed her in her lips for five minutes. It was really a memorable night for both of us.

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