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Mukesh & His Milky Maa

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Mukesh was a young boy who was living with his mom Sonali in Kolkatta. He was 18 years old and he had lost his dad when he was at a very young age. His dad passed away when he was just still young. Mukesh didn’t know much about his dad as he hadn’t seen much of him. He grew up under his mom’s care. He was studying in his 10th grade. Sonali was very much depressed after her husband passed away.

She was very worried and was unable to concentrate on anything. She felt that her life was meaningless after her husband passed away. But soon she realized that her son is the meaning of her living. She made up her mind and she decided to live for her son and bring him up. Sonali was 38 years old. She was fair in complexion, and was a very beautiful and tall woman. She measured 5.11 inches. She had a very beautiful body structure with a bit of added weight around her waist area, which made her look very sexy.

She had measurements of ‘38-32-36’. She was an educated woman and was a B.A. graduate. After her husband’s death, she decided to work for her relief. She was working in a bank for almost 1 year. When her son add years to his age, she soon realized that she should take care of her son. She had no one in the world except her son, and he was her world. So she decided to resign her job permanently to take good care of her son. Her husband’s pension money, insurance fund, and the money they had in the share market was more than enough for their living, and also they lived in their own house.

So, Sonali diverted all her attention toward the growth of her son, and her worries slowly started to subside. Mukesh was a tall buy and he was well built. He was slightly taller than his mom and measured 5.12 inches. Mukesh was a studious boy and scored good marks in his all his exams. He studied under the guidance of his mother. Mukesh did not have any friends in school as he was reserved type, and speaks to his fellow classmates, only if there is a need. His mom was his only friend. He was very loving and caring towards his mom.

As he did not get together much with his friends, he did not know any other things, other than studies and also he didn’t care about anything else. Mukesh was always a kid to Sonali. She was always affectionate to him. He was her only friend. She always kept Mukesh near to her, and even if there is a school excursion, she didn’t allow him to go. Mukesh was also very close to his mom and he didn’t care about missing the excursions. She helped him in his studies and loved him very much.

Every day after the school is over; Mukesh shared his experiences and told every happening in the school, to his mom. Similarly, Sonali also shared everything with her son. They lived in their own house, which was spacious and well furnished. There were two separate bed rooms, a large drawing hall and a kitchen. There was also a spacious bathroom in one of the two bedrooms. Though they had two bedrooms, they slept together in the same bedroom. Sonali always kept her son near to her and took care of even his basic things like bathing, feeding, combing his hair and everything.

Though Mukesh was 18, he was always a kid to her. After Mukesh gets from bed, she prepares coffee for him. She prepares breakfast for them, while he is brushing his teeth. Then she gets him ready for bath. She bathes her son, as she wanted to keep him clean, as she thinks that he might not take bath well in a hurry. Usually, Mukesh removes his dress and he will be waiting for his mom in his underwear. She also takes bath with her son everyday, as she needed him to soap her back. Sonali also removes her saree, blouse and petticoat and goes to the bathroom with her bra and panties. She always wore a sports bra, which cupped her entire breast.

Then, they both stand in the shower and take a nice bath. She soaps her son and Mukesh applies soap to his mom’s bareback. He usually doesn’t feel anything about it, as it was normal for him. Sonali usually wears saree in both home and when she goes out. She looked beautiful in saree. Both of them visit many places in Kolkatta, and they go for a Bollywood movie atleast twice in a month. Whenever Sonali purchases a saree or any clothes, she tries it on and asks Mukesh’s opinion.

Similarly, he also tries his dresses for his mom’s opinion. They did not have any secret between them. Both were very loving and caring towards one another. 10th quarterly exams were nearing. So Mukesh was totally engrossed in his studies. With the guidance of his mom, he did all his exams well. He had 15 days holiday before the restart of the school. He came back after his last exam in a joyful mood. He was discussing about the question paper with is mom. It was an easy paper.

So, they both were very happy. Mukesh asked his mom,” Mom, can we hang out today. It’s boring here.” Sonali replied, “What about shopping?” He exclaimed, “We can also go to a movie mom. It’s been 20 days since we went for a movie.” She replied, “Anything you wish dear.” Then it was around 5 PM. Both went to a movie. After the movie, they took a taxi and went to a cloth shop. They bought some dresses for them. Mukesh bought a jeans pant and T-shirt, and a pair of vests and briefs.

Nalini bought a saree and blouse for her. She also bought some inner wears for her. As they came out of the shop, it already started raining heavily. Before they could get a taxi, they were fully drenched in rain. Then they got a taxi and came home. Then they both went to the bedroom to change their dresses and try on their new dresses. Sonali was looking completely sexy as water dripped from her hair and her fleshy navel was revealed due to rain. Sonali dried her son’s head with a towel and also dried her head. Then

Sonali went to the bathroom with her new bra and panties that she had bought. Meanwhile Mukesh was trying on his new vest and brief. The bathroom door opened and Sonali came out. She was in her new bra and panties. She looked stunning and sexy. Her whole waist was revealed and her nipples were visible through the lining of the bra. And her bareback was a treat to the eyes. Mukesh had already seen his mom many times in such a posture, but today he found his mom very beautiful and he got an instant erection. He had never felt like this before, with his mom.

He said, “Mom, these bra and panties fits you amazingly mom!” “You are completely stunning.” But Mukesh didn’t give much attention to his thoughts. She said, “Thanks dear, you too look very good in this new inner wear”. But she didn’t’ notice her son’s erect dick.” Mukesh thanked his mom and then they tried on their new dresses. Then both changed back to their normal wear and started eating their dinner. They were discussing about the movie and the climate in the dining table.

It was 10 pm by the time they finished their dinner. They usually went to bed at 10.30 pm. So, they thought of spending their time watching T.V. The T.V. was in their bedroom. Mukesh switched on the T.V. as his mom was sitting in the bed with the remote in her hand. Mukesh came and sat near his mom. She was changing the channels. While changing she suddenly paused on seeing a particular show. It was a bra fitting tutorial which was telecast every week on that particular channel. But this was the first time they she was seeing it. Some foreign models wore different types of bras and were explaining the measurements.

Mukesh asked,”What show is this mom?” Sonali said, “Oh I was expecting this type of show for many days, dear. I have some doubts about my measurements and the different kinds of bra available in shops.” Mukesh was having an erection seeing the models in lingerie. But Sonali was treating her son as a kid. As the show was going on, Sonali noted down some points that were needed to be followed while choosing a bra, as instructed in the show.

She asked Mukesh, “Do you like the bra that I bought today dear?” He replied, “Ya mom, it’s very good, but I didn’t know that there were this much different types available mom” as he was looking at the T.V. She said, “I think that I should try a different kind of bra, as I have been wearing this sporty type for many years now. Can you select one for me dear? ”Mukesh was very much happy that his mom is asking his suggestion. He replied, “Definitely mom” with a smile in his face. At the end of the show they displayed the address of the shop in

Kolkatta, and all the different type of bras were displayed by the models. Mukesh was checking out for a new type of bra for his mom. Suddenly, a certain model caught his attention. The model was wearing a low neck revealing bra and a thin lined pantie. He told his mom about his selection. Sonali said, “Dear, do you think this bra would be nice for mommy” as she was looking at the particular model. He replied, “Yes mom. I think this bra would fit you perfectly than that model.” She replied, “Thanks dear. I have noted down the name of the bra. Let’s buy it while we shop tomorrow.”

He said, “Ok mom”, and both bid good night and they went to bed. Around 11.30 PM, Mukesh heard some moaning sounds. So he woke up to check out. Sonali was having a stomachache, and she was sitting in bed and was moaning in pain. Mukesh asked, “Mommy, what happened?” She said about her stomachache. He exclaimed, “Mom, lets visit a doctor immediately.” as he was worried to see his mom in pain. But she said, “No dear, it’s almost midnight and its jut a normal pain that is due to heat. So don’t panic.” He asked, “What shall we do mom?”

She said, “Oil is in the kitchen. Bring it here, dear”. He immediately rushed to the kitchen and brought back the oil. She said, “Dear, apply this oil around mom’s navel. It will provide relief.” Mukesh took the oil bottle in his hand as instructed. Nalini removed her saree and she lay on the bed. Mukesh poured a small quantity of oil in his hand and as he was about to apply it, Sonali stopped him and said, “I think I should also remove my blouse, because it might be stained by oil.” So she unhooked her blouse and took it off. Now she was just in her bra and petticoat.

Her milky white navel was beautiful and her huge boobs were cupped by her bra. She was looking damn sexy in that posture. Mukesh started applying the oil in his mom’s navel. He drew circles with his hand. As this was the first time, he was touching his mom’s navel, though he had touched her back many times while bathing. He immediately had a hard-on, and he was feeling the heat as his fingers touched her navel. Sonali was also feeling the relief as her son’s hand was on her navel. Soon she fell asleep. Then Mukesh also went to bed. It was the next day. He woke up and enquired his mommy about her pain. She thanked him and she said that she is relieved and it’s better now.

Mukesh was also relieved on hearing this. Then they both drank coffee and got ready for bath. As usual Mukesh was in the bathroom waiting for his mom in his brief. Sonali stepped in and latched the bathroom. She was in her bra and panties. Seeing his mom gave Mukesh an instant erection. On seeing her navel, suddenly a thought struck in his mind. He was eager to touch his mom’s navel once again. But he had been only soaping her back for all these days. She started applying soap all over her son’s body. She remarked, “Dear, you are looking quite athletic. I think you are doing your workouts regularly.” He replied,”Ya mom”.

She said, “Good”. So, this made it easier for him to ask his mom. So, he asked his mom in a low tone, “Mommy, you are cleaning my entire body every day. So, today can I apply soap on you navel and legs.” Sonali paused for a second and said, “If you wish dear” as she smiled at him. He was happy on hearing this, and so he started applying soap on his mom’s beautiful white navel, stomach and her hips. His hard-on increased with every touch. Then he started applying soap on her legs and arms. He was enjoying himself as he touched his mom’s thighs. Sonali was also enjoying this with fun.

But Mukesh did not touch his mom’s bra and pantie, though he was gazing at it. Then they finished bathing and came out and their day went as usual. Then it was evening 6 pm. So they decided to go for shopping. They thought of buying the bra that they saw on the T.V. the previous night. So they went straight to the location, and told the shop keeper about the type of bra and its name. Then after a few minutes, they decided to buy three bras of that type in different colors. Next, they went to a restaurant and finished their dinner. It was 8 pm when they came back home.

They went straight into the bedroom, as they both were eager to see the new bra. Sonali went to the bathroom to change. So, Mukesh was waiting to see his mom in her new bra, and he was waiting in the bed. The door opened. Mukesh was stunned to see his mom; she was in her new bra and pantie. She was looking damn sexy in her new bra. It was extremely revealing and it showed the upper half of her cleavage. This was the first time he is seeing his mom’s milky cleavage. That moment onwards, he developed an obsession towards his mom’s milky tits. He remarked in joy, “Mommy,” You are looking damn sexy in this” with utter joy in his face.

She was taken aback on hearing these words from her son’s month. Because this is the first time he has heard such a comment from her son. At the same time she became proud of her, at that instant, and thanked her son very much and she said that she is going to wear this bra hereafter. Then they went to bed as usual. But Mukesh was unable to sleep well that night, as he had framed her mom’s cleavage in his mind, and he was anticipating seeing those milky boobs again. He had to sleep with an erection. The next day, it was their usual bathing session. But this time Mukesh had something else in mind as he was waiting for his mom in the bathroom.

His mom entered the bathroom in her new revealing bra. Seeing this, Mukesh’s dick started to grow in size. First, Sonali started to clean up her son. Next it was Mukesh’s turn. He had his eyes fixed on his mom’s beautiful cleavage. Usually, Sonali cleaned and soaped her breasts and her genital region after Mukesh goes out of the bathroom. But Mukesh was very eager to see his mom’s beautiful tits. So he asked his mom in a soothing voice, “Mom, for a change can I clean your breasts today?” Sonali didn’t expect this from her son. She replied, “No dear, it’s ok”. But Mukesh insisted, “Just for today mom, I want to soap you as you are cleaning me every day.”

She paused for a second and replied, “Ok dear, you can clean my breasts if you wish” with a smile on her face. Mukesh became extremely delighted hearing this. Sonali said, “Just go back and unhook my bra dear.” as they both were standing in the shower. Mukesh unhooked the pins that were holding her bra in place. He came in front and removed the bra cups and made his mom almost nude, except her pantie. Mukesh had a hard-on like never before seeing his mom amazing milk beauties. Sonali’s 38 D massive breasts were hanging a bit though they were quite firm. He was totally amazed by the sight. Sonali was still treating her son as a kid.

Mukesh’s hands were very excited to touch his mom’s massive milk beauties for the first time. He slowly brought both his hands towards his mom’s breasts and touched it. At that instant he felt happier than ever, and it was a great feeling to touch her bare beautiful white fleshy skin. She was damn sexy. He felt her massive boobs and slowly started kneading it. Sonali was also enjoying this, as she felt like a massage. Now both son and mom were just in their underwear’s. Mukesh said to her,” Mommy, your breasts are beautiful and huge” as his hands were on her tits. Sonali thanked him and said,” I used to be quite lean before your birth, but

I gained weight only after you were born and also my breasts became quite bigger. With an enquiring expression, he replied, “Oh, is it mom? How did your breasts grow in size after my birth?” as both were enjoying the shower. Sonali burst into laughter on hearing this, as she thought, that her loving son was still childish as she replied to his question. “No dear. It’s usual for women to gain weight, after they give birth to a baby. And the breasts also increases in size and shape during pregnancy, as it secretes milk for the baby. He replied,”

Oh I see. Mom, can your breasts generate milk now?” with an eager expression, as his eyes were embedded over her sexy boobs. Sonali replied,” No dear, mom cannot generate milk now though my breasts are huge, because I am not a pregnant. Mukesh was a bit disappointed on hearing this. But his doubts were cleared. He then cleaned his mom’s entire body. His dick was always in an erect position. After bathing, they came out of the shower. Mukesh was always thinking of his mom’s beautiful boobs, as the day wore on. It was the next day and

Mukesh was waiting for his sexy mom. But he was amazed at the sight of his mom, as she came inside, almost nude with just her pantie on. Mukesh didn’t expect this, because he thought that his mom had granted his request for just 1 day. He was spellbound seeing her. But Sonali didn’t bother to hide her breasts from her son, as it was not a new thing for him and he had seen it the previous day. So she decided to bath without her bra thereafter. Mukesh was anticipating cleaning her milk beauties. Her boobs juggled to and fro, and her hips were swaying as she walked towards him.

Mukesh thought to himself, that his mom’s boobs looked like a ripe fruit hanging from a tree, as he was smiling naughtily at his mom. Soon, they started their usual cleaning session, as his hands were all over her body. Similarly, Sonali was also cleaning her son’s entire well built body. As Mukesh started cleaning her breasts, she had an unusual feeling about her son, and she was feeling the heat as her son’s hand were over her massive boobs. She bent down to clean his legs, and was amazed by the sight she saw. She saw the outline of her son’s 8 inch erect dick through his underwear.

She actually felt proud of herself and her beauty, and the first time she realized that her son was a grown up boy now and he was no more a kid. Both were enjoying themselves as they were bathing together almost naked. Mukesh’s love for his mom turned into lust. He hugged her passionately as her bare breasts were pressed against his chest. He said, “I love you very much mom.” as he was enjoying hugging his naked mom. Sonali replied, “I too love you dear, and you are the only person I love in this world.” But

Mukesh got back to his senses and he removed his hands from his mom. But there was no doubt that their intimacy had increased. After bathing, Sonali went out of the bathroom. But Mukesh could not keep his eyes off his mom, as he followed his milky mom towards the bedroom, as his eyes were fixed on her round ass. He lost his control and began to hug his nude mom from behind, and started kissing all over the back of her neck, as his dick was firmly pressed against her ass crack through her wet pantie.

Then he caught his mom’s boobs from the back. Sonali started enjoying her son’s smooching and cuddling, and his erect dick against her ass crack. Mukesh came before her, and both started kissing passionately. Both were more loving than ever and became very intimate. He brought his sexy mom to bed and made her lay on the bed. He pounced on her and both started to cuddle together as his chest was pressed against her breast and their legs were twined together. He slowly started enjoying his mom. He was planting passionate kisses from her top to bottom.

He kissed her mom’s forehead, then her eyes, nose, lips, neck and he stopped kissing the breasts, as he knew that those ripe beauties needed some serious pounding. So he moved downwards and started kissing her navel, waist, then all over her beautiful broad thighs and leg. Sonali was enjoying the pleasure of her life as her young boy started to turn her wet, with all the smooching and cuddling. Mukesh then brought his mouth towards her pantie and started kissing all over her pussy region over her pantie.

Then he turned her back and started enjoying her bareback. He explored all her back and ass region with his mouth and her legs. Now it was the turn of his favorite region. He found his mom’s boobs beautiful and sexy. He turned all his attention towards her milk beauties. He started fondling both her boobs with his hands, as though he was preparing dough. Starting slowly, he increased the pressure of fondling, as she was moaning in pleasure, as she felt her son’s hand enjoying her ripe breasts. After a few minutes of fondling and smooching,

Mukesh brought his mouth towards his mom’s breasts and started sucking wildly and intensely. He was kissing and sucking her boobs with his mouth. After sucking and enjoying her breasts, he started squeezing her boobs to obtain milk. As he squeezed harder, Sonali was moaning in pain, “aaa aaa aaa aaa.” But it was in vain, as he was unable to obtain any milk, as it had all dried up in her tits. Mukesh asked his mom,”Mom, can’t I drink even a single drop of milk from your breasts?” in a disappointing tone. She replied,” No dear, I can secrete milk, only if I become pregnant.”

So Mukesh made up his mind and he removed his mom’s panties with rage and set his sights on her cleanly shaved pussy. He started kissing all over her pussy and once again started cuddling her. He removed his underwear and let out his 8 inch rock hard dick that had been waiting for a long time. He had never masturbated before, and so he was very hungry to pound his mom. But on seeing her son’s fully built cock, Sonali took control of the situation and he caught his dick and kissed all over his dick. Every kiss made him out of control.

He again got back in control and started teasing his mom’s ass crack with his cock. But he did not insert it, because he felt that was unnatural. Sonali was already wet, and all her love juices were flowing from her pussy. She wanted her son’s cock into her desperately. She caught his cock, and guided it towards the entrance of her vagina. He slowly inserted his cock into her. He didn’t find any resistance as she was already wet. He deposited his full 8 inch dick into her pussy. Sonali enjoyed her son’s huge dick inside her.

Mukesh started pumping his mom in a to and fro motion, and he gradually gathered speed, and was pounding her mercilessly. He was making sounds of , mmm” with every pump. Sonali was also moaning in pleasure, “aaaa”. Mukesh gathered full speed as he was reaching his climax. Sonali’s moans of pleasure turned into moans of pain, as she literally started screaming, “aaaaa aaaaa”, as the pumping gathered pace. She was also reaching her climax.

Mukesh shot his entire high sticky load of semen into his mom’s pussy in his final pump, and she scream ,”aaaaaaa”. His hot load of semen flowed around her pussy and his hairs were spread with his white fluid. He became very happy, that he had deposited his first load of semen into his mom. Both were sweating in heat but Mukesh was a bit sad as he was unable to drink his mom’s milk, even after trying desperately. Both were very tired and they started to cuddle together and after some passionate kissing, they had a nice nap, as they were hugging together, and their naked bodies mingled together. The next day 7 am Sonali woke up, while

Mukesh was still in the bed. She softly kissed his lips, and then she started doing the household works. She didn’t bother to wear any clothes as she had no secret with her son now, as he had totally enjoyed her. She opened the refrigerator and took the milk to prepare coffee for them. Mukesh woke up and he entered into the kitchen and he slowly crept behind his nude mom. He suddenly started hugging her from behind, and started fondling both her boobs with his hands. She said,” No dear, lets make love afterwards.” But Mukesh was in no mood to hear his mom.

He carried her in his arms into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. Then he went to the kitchen and took a packet of milk and he came back. Then he started pouring the milk all over her mom’s naked hot sexy body. Then he thought as the milk were flowing from her boobs, and started sucking the milk flowing on her tits. He was sucking her hard and wild and he also bit her nipples, and enjoyed the milk. Sonali was moaning all the time. Then he inserted his already erect cock into his mom’s pussy and started pumping her in full speed.

He was pounding her mercilessly and fucked her like an animal day and night. Seeing her son’s desperation for milk, Sonali decided not to take any contraceptive pills. She decided to give birth to a baby, because she knew it was the only way, she can satisfy her son’s starvation for her milk. Within a few months, she became pregnant, and the next year, they had a baby boy. Soon, Mukesh desperation for milk was satisfied. He started drinking and sucking his mom’s milk everyday and fucked her every day.

They started fucking in the bathroom, kitchen, and every part of the house. Sonali started taking healthy foods, as she had to feed both her kids. She had to secrete more milk in her breasts, and also she took good care of the baby. As she was subjected to merciless pounding and fucking, their bedroom was wholly filled with her screaming day and night, as

Mukesh pumped her real hard every day. Soon she gave birth to another baby and he was enjoying his mom’s milk and relished it. But Mukesh remained studious and soon started doing his undergraduate degree. Thus a relationship between mom and son that started as love, turned into a life filled with love, lust and sex. And Mukesh and his milky mom lived happily ever after with their two kids.

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