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Ms. Jyoti

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  • September 11, 2015

First of all I would like to give thanks to DESIPAPA who helped me to add my real story in desipapa site. Hi everybody. This is a story which happend few months ago with me. I would like to share with you with the help of this great web site. My name is Javed (name changed), 42 years, muscular built, 5’10”, very energetic, a real estate businessman from Patna, Bihar. Since my college life I always happend to get attracted towards many girls NOT one particular. After marriage my likeness remain as it is that is getting attracted towards female of other couple or any other good figured girl and I always thought of fucking married females to satiate them as well as me. For this reason I always look for the opportunity and I got the opportunity.

For my business reason we (me & wife) always make visit to meet new people. Some times I happend to visit alone to meet new people. Once me and wife visited a couple. There was a big age gap between husband (ROHIT) and wife (JYOTI). Husband age was around 43-44 also not very healthy, but wife age was just 19-20. I found the house well lavished and very good. Jyoti was very beautiful, 34/28/34 approx, very young & firm breast. They have no kids by yet. Husband was a businessman and wife was a house wife. Anyway that was none of our business BUT when we returned from their place then I thought that this young lady must have not getting satisfied by her weak husband due to this age difference & most important poor health. Then I made a plan that is to take this couple in confidence and then satiate her. Afterwards oftenly I start visiting their place and took this couple in my confidence. During visit I noted down absent timings of husband. Once I made a visit while husband, Rohit, was away on his business work. Wife, Jyoti, welcomed me very warmly. After some genuine query I returned back. Afterwards I made a gap of 15 days to visit their house and I then I visited their place. As usual Rohit had gone to his work. Jyoti welcomed me very warmly. She was wearing red saree, blouse and black bra. She told why I was not coming. I showed her my busy schedule. While talking I asked “Kaisa Chal Raha Hai Bhabhie Ji?” She told “what kaisa?” “Rohit ko mere or ghar ke liye time kahan hai?” Then I asked surprisingly “Why? You are almost new couple he should give time to you”. She said nothing. I keep telling I understand and any help you want please tell me and I kept my hand on her shoulder. She did not objected. I got GREEN signal. On keep talking with her “you can discuss me your any private problems”. And I kept my hand on her neck then on face and finally I bended her face towards me with my hand. There was small drops in her eyes. She did not tell anything still. I kissed her on her forehead. Kept telling her TELL ME BHABHIE WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? And I kissed her lips. No reaction. I again kissed her badly with my tongue piercing inside her mouth. Then she reacted and told me all this I want. Now JYOTI blasted. JAVED please satisfy me. I am hungry and holding my hand she dragged me in her bed room.

Bed room was marvellous. All the luxury things was there. Jyoti and I sat on bed. I kissed JYOTI on inserting my tongue inside her mouth and keep exchanging saliva for 8-10 minutes. On holding me tightly she also kept on sucking my saliva. Then I remove her blouse first. In black bra her balls was looking marvellous. Then I removed her saree and started kissing her stomach, neck, lips and etc just like mad and hungry man. Her body was really slimmed and very beautifui. I was too experiencing this short of body after a long time. Kept on caressing her body and licking I removed her bra. My God, a round shaped, firm breast with pink nipple was before my eye. I got mad and on taking her breast in my hand I started squeezing and with finger start giving slow message on her nipple head. Jyoti now getting excited and started moaning. Then on taking nipple in mouth I started sucking her breast vigourously. Till another 30 minutes I sucked her both the breast THEN I removed her saya (lower body clothe). She was naked before me now. A complete young girl with slimmed body, firm breast and milky white in color. I was getting mad to see a naked girl before me. In no minutes I too removed my clothes and took her in my arms. She was like a little girl sitting in my lap. She first saw my whole body and asked me that first she want to feel my body with her hand and eyes.

I lay down on bed and then she started to caress my body and on reaching my hairy chest she started to caress her finger between the chest hair for some time and on reaching my erected dick she took my dick in her hand told JAVED your dick is different look than ROHIT. She told “Oh you are muslim that is why your LUND SOPARA IS OPEN WHICH IS MAKING ME SEXY”. She kept on telling your LUND is bigger and thicker than ROHIT also and she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking like ice-cream and started moaning. My hand was caressing on her back and hip. After great suck for 15-20 minutes I told her to lie on bed and making her leg wide I saw a full glance of her pussy which was little and crack length was short. With finger I make open the crack. Reddish pussy opening was before me. I started licking her pussy slowly and then on inserting my tongue in her deep of pussy I started to suck and lick inside her pussy. She was moaning with great excitement and suddenly she ORGASM. Watery thick liquid start coming out from her pussy. She was moaning and enjoying the pleasure. One thing I always concentrate while sex “GAVE ATTENTION ON PLEASURE FIRST THEN PERFORMANCE”. Once again I kissed her and from breast, naval and start licking her pussy once again with my tongue piercing in her pussy and with both hand caressing her breast, body in slow motion. Soon see got hot and orgasm in next 10-12 minutes. I repeat the same for another twice and with my tongue I made her orgasm total 4 times. Then I widen her legs and nailed my hungry LUND in her on one great stroke. She screamed oeeeeeeeeeeee and kept mom. Slowly I started shaking my hungry dick inside choot of JYOTI. Slolwly Jyoti started enjoying and started telling “JAVED” give more jerk more jerk “JAVED” you are great “CHODU” (fucker). I never had sex like all this.

After giving jerk for another 8-10 minutes I changed the position in 69. I was licking and sucking her pussy and she was sucking my dick. After another 10 minutes I changed the style and fucked JYOTI in doggy style and again laying her on bed I lifted her legs and fully bended the legs towards her face and nailed my LUND inside JYOTI. She cried oeeeeeeeeee maaaar dala reeeee issss JAVED CHODU ne. She was telling all this and I concentrated on fucking and fucking. Lastly I felt my orgasm ready to come out I freed her leg and on JYOTI I lie down and keep continuing giving stroke and finally I blasted inside her pussy. She was feeling my orgasm inside of her pussy. I keep lying on her body for another 5 minutes and then I got up and asked JYOTI tell me how she is feeling? She told that she felt herself in heaven. Sitting both naked on bed we keep talking. She told that ROHIT never gave time in pleasure in such a way. After 10 or 15 days of gap he is having sex with her and that making her naked, fucking and then sleep beside me LEAVING me unsatisfied and naked. She brought some juices and after having that I fucked her and orgasm in her mouth and after some break I fucked her in anal too. She cooperated me very much in various KAMASUTRA positions to enjoy maximum pleasure of sex. I was feeling great from inside due to having SATISFIED sex with a beautiful girl. Finally we dressed up and fixed next week date to celebrate the same and at the time of departure she told me that JAVED you made me satify to keep me happy and I want to give you something to purchase some memorable gift for you and then offered me the some of rupees forty five thousand BUT I denied to take it and at the time of departure just I reminded her that I am coming in the next week, same time and departed.

Next week as per fixed time i.e. 11am I reached to JYOTI home. She was waiting for me. I asked about ROHIT. She told me that from tomorrow he is out station for his business tour. Without wasting time JYOTI called me in her bed room and in a minute both were naked and asked JYOTI to lay down on bed and on spreading her leg I was taking position to fuck her in the mean time ROHIT entered in bed room on opening main door by duplicate key and told us loudly WHAT IS GOING ON HERE in my bed room. JYOTI got up quickly and sat down alongwith me and when ROHIT again asked JYOTI, What is this? She got up and told “you bloody old man, married me a young girl and kept me burning in this jail. You do not know how to satify a young woman. You are old, do not have sex power. You are not a complete man. If you say any other words then I will make hue and cry in this mohalla and among your friends that you are NA-MARD.

Just sit down here and she show how to satisfy a woman and asked me “JAVED” show him how to satify a young lady and laid down on bed beside me. ROHIT helplessly sat down on bed corner. First I started sucking her breast with chapar chapar chapar sound for 10-15 minutes then I licked her choot on piercing my tongue deeper and deeper with chapar chapar chapar sound till she ORGASM and then I took the position and on lifting her legs, making apart and I nailed down my hungry dick in her choot and start giving jerk and jerk. JYOTI started moaning and crying ooohhh JAVED where were you, why did not meet you earlier, mmmy Gooooood give me more thrust and more thrust and I kept on giving jerk after jerk. After 10-12 minutes I changed the poisition in 69 and enjoyed too for another 10-12 minutes. Again changed the position I fucked her in doggy style. JYOTI was screaming ROHIT see how to satisfy a girl and why did you marry me if you had not sex power to satiate a woman? I will forgive you if you join us in our all future pleasure meet. I was licking JYOTI pussy and made her orgasm before ROHIT. I asked JYOTI to come up on sofa and in different position I fucked her there too. THEN I asked ROHIT come and join us to maximise your sex power, life longevity and freshness. I pulled JYOTI again on bed and kept pillow beneath her back to lift her pussy up and on widening her leg I took position and nailed down my LUND in the deep of her pussy and start giving jerk. JYOTI was moaning aaahhhh ooooh aaaahhh aaaahhhh and I kept on giving jerk and after 15-16 minutes I felt like blast and told oooohhhhh dear I am coming I am coming then pulled me on her and I blasted inside of her choot. Motionless I was lying on JYOTI body for another 5-6 minutes and then I got up. JYOTI sat down beside me and told ROHIT that this is the real sex. Either you join us or become looser all the time. ROHIT finally told ok dear I am ready and I have to learn many things from JAVED. Really he is good one in fucking and got trumendous sexual power. JYOTI helped ROHIT to become naked and he, me fucked JYOTI once again together and one by one and we both man always blasted inside JYOTI’s pussy. We all enjoyed for another hours. ROHIT told initially I was angry but thought deeply and then points started looking practical that instead of wife fled away with some muscle man or getting fuck on someone else’s bed what is the harm in sharing wife with someone else who is giving best pleasure trip in secret manner i.e. without knowing anybody. We all laughed and had lunch together and we made plan to celebrate this on every Sunday between 10 to 2PM and we are following this routine and we all three are very happy. One day JYOTI told me JAVED you know one my BHABHIE is muslim named “SHAMA” and she will try to convice her to join our group to make our meet more enjoyable. Read my another story for this episode.

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