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Mrs. Sirisha

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Here I am writing my experience of having sex with a young woman (Mrs.Sirisha) of around 33.Before we go further into my story, I would like to tell u that I like the young beautiful sexy women with good inviting figures like 36-28-36 and above sizes, having strong urge for sex. I have a special fascination for well shaped, well developed, opulent, protruding, pointed, fleshy, spongy, firm and bouncing breasts of women. And I should again mention here that I get hot and sexcited to see woman with big, heavy, curvaceous, hunching and swinging hips.

The real story of fucking the woman in question now started when I was a tenant in HYDERABAD for about seven months as I was doing a project there. I was living alone there. It was the house of a business man Mr.Mohan. He had two sons. Mohan had a export unit at HYDERABAD. Mohan had to visit different places in order to monitor and promote the sales of their products. Mohan’s house was big. On the ground floor they had engaged three rooms for their business purpose (office, etc.) and Mohan’s parents were living on the same ground. Drawing room, kitchen, dining hall all were also on the same floor. On the first floor four rooms were there of which rooms were reserved for sons and the rest rooms were in being used by Mr.Mohan and his beautiful wife Mrs.Sirisha.

I had got a big room on the second floor attached with a bathroom with all luxury fittings, and of course the terrace was very big. There were two stairs. One had the access from the left side while the other was coming up from their big dining hall. I was told to use the stair which was on the left side of the house and there was provision also to separate it from the internal or main part of the house. In fact I got that accommodation on the very strong recommendation by a person known to me and was very close to Mohan otherwise they were not in favor of letting out that room to any one simply because they did not feel it necessary and the room used to be closed generally except for the occasions when some guests came to them. Now I will tell you about Mrs.Sirisha. She was around 33, so there was some ten years gap between them. Mrs.Sirisha was stunningly beautiful woman by all means.

She was very fair. She had very proportionate figure that made her look was very inviting. Sirisha look was as sexy as her name. She looked very sexy in the sense – her boobs were well developed, amply swollen, luxuriant, quite shapely, bulging, protruding, opulent, curvaceous, firm looking and what not. She always made it a point that her breasts should be projected well and should look firm so as to attract any young man, as I felt to look at her boobs. So In all, Sirisha boobs were very muck captivating, inviting, tempting, and luring. Her figure was some what like 36-28-36.

She had a pair of pouting lips too, looked very fresh and juicy. Thus altogether she looked gorgeous, sexy, exciting, inviting young woman. I always tried to stare at her from tip to toe when ever I got chances, particularly her boobs. But at the same time I also took care that no body should watch me doing so. I used to prepare my breakfast myself in the beginning and took the tiffin on monthly basis in the office which the tiffin-boy used to carry every day and very often took the dinner at the nearby Hotel. I kept my conduct normal as well as co-operative with the landlords.

So they gradually started liking me. On seeing my conduct and behaviour Mohan’s parents gradually started relying on me and I started doing many of their personal works particularly when Mr.Mohan used to be away on tour. And after three months or so his mother herself offered me to have food at their place only and not in any hotel. So from that instance I just used to take my food at their place. I used to pay for my food which they reluctantly accepted. They also used to give me the lunch for the office with me every day. I was also allowed to use the other stair also which they used to keep open for me from then. And I most of the times, and later usually came and go through that stair only. In the process I had more chance of seeing Sirisha. And with the pass of time I started talking with her also. No body took it otherwise, not even mohan.

I called her Sirisha when other people were around and I called her sirishagaru(ji) when no body used to be around. Sirisha always gave some special smiles when I called her Sirisha garu, so it was clear that she appreciated the way I addressed her. And thus I came closer to her gradually. We used to exchange jokes. I liked her smiles and laughs. I also started giving her story books, novels, magazines, etc. Several times I had the opportunities to touch her hands which I found to be very soft and silky. She did never mind it. I some times praised her for her beauty also. She had blushed at the first instance, but she thanked me afterwards. I always tried to look at her cleavage through the her low cut blouse, or her kurta which she wore normally. She was educated, so she had the exposure of the university environment and she had the interactions with many fashionable young girls and women.

She used to wear especially designed blouses and kurtas. Many a times her kurta used to be tightly fitted down to her waist and log side cuts further down Her firm looking breasts always tempted me and I tried to measure the size of her roundness. But women are very much conscious about their breasts of being stared at by men. So I was also caught unaware by her many a times while I used to stare at her shapely and protruding boobs. But I found Sirisha giving some meaningful smiles on such acts of mine. She looked more sexy while she gave such smiles. Later I found that Sirisha used to deliberately lean forward with some pretext or the other while I used to be around and let her chunni or the pallu of her sari fall in order that much of her globes should come to my sight and she used to be in that posture for maximum possible time. I observed that she did so when no other people used to be around and finding the proper opportunity she tried to show me the roundness of her opulent boobs through her low cut dresses. She used to wear nighties also as her sleeping dress which used to be normal as all women wear.

But on some occasions I saw her wearing ‘sleeveless nighties having very deep low cut neck revealing the upper halves of her full sized shapely boobs ‘ particularly when her hubby used to be away from the city. While going up or coming down the stair I had the chance to brush her boobs with my arms

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