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Mrs Malhotra

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  • September 9, 2015

Hi to all my desipapa fans. This story dates back to almost 2 years there was a couple in staying in our neighbor Mr & Mrs.. Malhotra in MUMBAI. Mr. Malhotra worked in a bank & Mrs. Malhotra was a housewife. Mr. Malhotra was a punjabi & very orthodox. Unfortunately despite 10 yrs of marriage they did not have any issue. Mrs. Malhotra was tall, say 5’6″ and had nice body. Her eyes were of light color, making her look sexier. She had nice figure, towards plumpish side. 38-32-36. Her breasts were high on her chest which was not common. Her ass was plump and jiggled as she walked. She had nice style of walking. As she walked her boobs bounced and made our eyes go up and down with this. She always wears tight sari & blouse. The way she wears them her boobs and ass just protrude out. I was often tempted to touch them and feel them.

I am sure she can seduce any man with her sexy looks. She was a sexy doll! Being neighbors we often used to talk & exchanged smiles while passing. I had always felt an invitation in her eyes but never had courage to make any advances as it was matter of neighborhood & also i was under watchful eyes of my wife. I still remember it was a long weekend with Friday a holiday & Saturday & Sunday my off days. Lady luck smiled on me on that long weekend. Mr. Malhotra had gone to Chennai & my wife was away to my brother in law house. I was alone at home & making tea when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Mrs.. Malhotra standing there. Alarm bell rang in my head, i knew if i had to go for the kill today was the day. Mrs.. Malhotra invited me for dinner, as my wife is not at home. I immediately accepted & offered her to have tea with me, as i am making same. She sat on the sofa in drawing room & i went in kitchen to get tea. While handing over tea mug to her i intentionally let the mug fall in such a way that some of tea fell on her blouse. She cried out and got up making me fall with the tray. All the mugs fell to the floor and i fell on the hot spilled tea. I immediately got up & taking handkerchief from my pocket tried to help Mrs.. Malhotra to wipe stain over her blouse, in turn feeling her firm boobs. To my surprise she didn’t object & let me feel her in process of wiping. I offered to apply burnol & went to my bedroom to get the ointment. As i turned back after taking the burnol from cabinet i found Mrs.. Malhotra standing behind me. She had unbuttoned top two buttons of her blouse her paloo was fallen and her breasts were clearly visible and bulged out more than half. The moment was decisive; we were staring at each other, our eyes locked. And then next thing i knew our lips met. We started kissing tenderly at first. Our tenderness melted into rage of hungry wolves attacking at there pray. She was a tigress cut loose from her cage. She grabbed me and attacked me with her lips. Reciprocating every twist of my tongue inside her mouth with her own twist of tongue. The heat was already on into our mouths and the saliva tasted like some love portion from heaven. My kissing was arousing her more and more and she was beginning to clasp the hair on the back of my head.

The breathing was heavy and we felt every breath of each other. The heat generated in the mouth was boiling hot and Mrs.. Malhotra was making sounds of pleasure. Now she was really feeling the heat and i could feel that from her rubbing her legs. I made her lay on the bed & began by moving my finger tips from her lips touching her stomach, navel and the middle of her breast on the way. I moved closer and turning her head kissed her right ear & began licking her ear and her body kept moving like a snake and leaping up once in a while, i could feel the heat of her body. I kept sucking her ears and lips fully into my mouth. Her legs were wriggling in excitement and her sari was half out and one side of her leg was visible till her thigh. Her left hand was moving over her breast in excitement and in between she even had her hand moving towards her cunt from within her sari and petticoat. Now moving my palm onto her breasts i started caressing her breasts the nipples were hard and the full breasts bursting, my hand moved down to her navel and she urged me to suck her breasts and navel. I started sucking her nipples through her blouse. My mouth cupped her breasts fully and i clasped my teeth gently around her nipples and moved up at the same time. I moved over to her left and now took the same action on her right breast. The sari she was wearing was half out because of her movements and turning her over i unhooked her blouse with my teeth. The white bra strap was left untouched she helped her blouse out and there it was her cleavage a full and fabulous sight. I kissed her cleavage licked her valley and pushed her bra upwards with my teeth, i repeated cupping her breasts in my mouth and moving up with my teeth gently around her nipple. The bra was fitting her tight and i pulled and pushed at it until half of her breasts were in and the other half out. I licked the outside part of her melon and the green veins were firming up with every lick, because of the tightness of the bra, i loosened her bra from under her back and took it aside with my teeth. Now i had her boobs in my full view and they were waiting to be worked upon red with the veins full of blood moving in either direction. I cupped her tits into my mouth while i tortured her right nipple with my fingers my rhythmic tongue action made her scream aaaaaaagggg aaaaaaagggg and her body was moving in all directions i continued relentlessly at her tits shifting from left to right and right to left just then she groaned in excitement and i knew she was cumming. I pushed her sari off and inserted my fingers into the valley of love feeling her. She had her legs wide open wanting me to explore her valley, the wetness showed on her petticoat.

I lowered her and undid her petticoat with my teeth and pulled it down, next i took her cream colored panty in my mouth and started dragging it out she helped me and i pulled it down too, while pulling i looked upwards and saw the most heavenly sight a clean, wet and red hot pussy the scanty vegetation gave her cunt a swollen look. I moved up and continued my work on her breasts, sucked the rim of her tits every inch moving in all direction and my sucking left a cherry red mark on the rim of her nipple. She helped me remove my t shirt & shorts (i was not wearing underwear) and thus my rock hard cock was out in a flash and it was twitching in anticipation. Mrs.. Malhotra rose to take a peek at my rock hard strong cock and made a sign that she wanted to suck it. I stood up and she came forward to envelop my hammer into her mouth she kept moving her tongue over and over it while i was groaning in desires and excitement. After a few minutes of absolute magic i directed my cock into her eyes, ears and nose and she kept groaning all the time. Her red-hot clit was twitching and her crack, now opened & was inviting, wasting no time i headed towards her cunt. I licked every drop of her juice and started my exploration of her cunt. My tongue found its way into the deepest possible part of her fruit and i started sucking her cunt like i suck grapes, leaving the skin and sucking the juice out. She was moving her ass up and down in excitement and her hands were pushing my head deeper into her valley.

I kept sucking as if there was no tomorrow, my head was buried in her valley and she was now making sounds of a cry, cry of sex, cry of pleasure, cry of pain, cry of heaven. Mrs.. Malhotra had tears in her eyes and she turned herself over and urged me to fuck her. Please fuck me she said please do it. Raj please fuck me, i wanted her to wait a bit more and instead of fucking her clasped her boobs together and tried fucking her there, she would have none of it and once again with her legs spread like east and west begged me to enter her valley i moved down and anxious as she was rose to guide my hammer into her valley once in she heaved a sigh of desire. I made my moves slowly and picked up pace, the pace was driving her mad and she clasped my head in a groan and kissed and licked every inch of my face while i was in motion. Her ass moved up and down in motion giving me a rhythm and we kept banging each other for eternity. After having sweated every drop from my body my hammer wanted to explode, the explosion took time because the previous night i had shacked in a fantasy. As i screamed about my explosion she shouted don’t come in, as i was to come she rose pushed me and came over me in a 69 and gobbled up my cock into her mouth. She even gulped my cum as i was licking her cunt which was wet once again. I licked every drop of her sweet cum and my rod was deep into her throat she swallowed every drop she could. Mrs. Malhotra started kissing me on the neck, lips, well, everywhere she could. When we had calmed down, i got up, got out blankets and covered us up. Next thing i knew, Mrs.. Malhotra fell asleep in my arms. I lay there thinking about had happened and how much more will happen. My wife was not coming back till Sunday evening & we had full 2-1/2 day and we had only been there for 2 hour only. Both of us fell asleep in each others arms.

When my eyes opened i saw of the watch it was 6:00 pm in the afternoon. Mrs. Malhotra was lying next still sleeping; i was overcome with her beauty. Her beautiful face was angelic. She was naked under the blanket and her nipples were peeking out from under the blanket, the perfectly shaped breasts looked very inviting to me. I could not resist placing my hand on one, softly kneading it with the palm of my hand, feeling her nipple harden from my touch. I took the nipple and pinched it between my fingers as i continued my massage her breast. A soft, sleepy moan escaped from lips, but she was not awake. I bent my head down, and placed my lips for a light, sensuous kiss of love. Mrs.. Malhotra lips parted slightly as i moistened Mrs.. Malhotra lips with my tongue, and then kissed Mrs.. Malhotra again. I did not want her to wake up yet, but i could not resist. I moved to her neck, kissing it just below the ear, and nibbled ever so slightly on ear lobe. As softly as i could, my lips moved around neck, feeling soft, smooth skin. I allowed my hand to roam down side, pushing the sheet down, revealing more of her body. I continued, rubbing, massaging her hip, and moving my hand up to the side of her chest. She began to stir; not yet awake, but becoming sensitive and aware of my touch. I took my finger to her lips, touched them and then ran them down the chin, to neck, between her breasts, down to her perfect flat stomach. I flattened my hand and rubbed my hand across skin, admiring perfection. I kissed her belly and then to hip, kissing it and massaging it together. I ran my hand underneath and took her ass into my hand, pulling her closer to me, my erection touching her. I moved back up to chest and kissed her nipple, already hardened, and then took it between my teeth and massaged it with my tongue. Next, i moved to the other and took it into my mouth, enjoying the taste. I looked up to and saw that her eyes were now open she was smiling at me. She pulled my face to and kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwining, wrestling with one another. Then she rolled over and got on top of me, her legs straddling me, my hardness trapped between our bodies, her chest pushed into mine, and our lips locked. She began to move kissing down to my chin, onward to my neck, and then to my chest, she began to tease my nipples. She took one between her teeth, nibbling and kissing it at the same time, while her hand’s teased the other. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my leg, getting more wet with each movement. She continued kissing down my body, maintaining contact between her pussy and my leg, down to my rock hard cock. She took it into her hand and slowly moved hand up and down my shaft, then to my balls when she began to take me into her mouth. She just took in the head of it and began to suck and lick it with her tongue, concentrating only on the crown of my cock. She began to rotate her lips around, still licking and still sucking, the intensity was driving me over the edge. She concentrated on the very sensitive ridge around the head with her tongue. I bucked my hips, trying to get further inside her mouth, but she would not allow it, enjoying the feeling of control she had over me. She was driving me nuts. Then she once again took me out of her mouth, blew a warm breath on me. She moved up & reached out for her lips with mine, and she placed her mouth into mine. As we started to kiss, i held Mrs.. Malhotra tighter and wrapped my other arm completely around. We must have laid for about 10/15 minutes when Mrs.. Malhotra suggested that we take a bath together. Her lips met mine repeatedly as we made our way into the bathroom room. I open the tap of the tub slid into bathtub. She followed me & sit between my legs with her back to me, leaning back into me. I put my arms around her and the two of us just relax in the water. I start massaging her breasts and nipples, and kissing her neck.

I can feel she is totally relaxed and absorbing the pleasure i am provide. One of my hands moves between her legs, gently massaging her inner thighs. Slowly i move my hand to her pussy, just brushing against the labia, never penetrating at all. One finger pushes in, just slightly, working the slit, up and down. She is mine now, completely engulfed in pleasure. I continue to work my finger, then two, then three, into her pussy, teasing her. My cock is starting to hardened now, pressing against her back. I reach for the sponge, which had surfaced between her legs, and proceeded to scrub her neck, shoulders and breasts. Gently scrubbing her back, till it was covered in foam, i could feel that’s she was getting quite relaxed, because she was sliding further down in the bath, and light murmurs of delight were being issued from her lips. “you are so good” she whispered to me “thank you” “its time i repaid you for doing my back, pass me the sponge”. I handed back the sponge, i couldn’t see what she was planning, but it wasn’t long before i felt her hands stroking the inside of my thighs. “is that good?” she asked “oh yesss” i said, feeling her hands getting closer to my aching balls. With my fingertips i drew circles on her back, getting wider so eventually i was stroking her sides. I slipped my hands round to her breast as she took my balls in her hands.
She lean back, so she was resting on my chest, all the time caressing my balls. I started to gently squeeze her breasts, teasing her nipples with my fingers. Finding a clear spot on her neck, i placed a kiss, and moved my mouth toward her ear, so i could nibble on her ear lobes. I want you to fuck me now, she said. I removed my hands from her breast and pussy, raised her by her hips and gently lowered her on my cock, which was now standing to attention. With Mrs. Malhotra holding on to the edge of the bath, i slowly inserted my hard member in to her wet hole, lowering Mrs.. Malhotra an inch at a time, “this is sooo good,” she said i dropped her the last couple of inches, so that her pussy was finally impaled upon my cock. She started to rotate her hips, her pussy tightening around my pole. I could feel it squeezing my cock, and it’s a sensation i would never forget, with my hands now free, i returned them to both her breasts and her clitoris, stroking both, keeping in time with Mrs.. Malhotra. Leaning against me, she started to slide up and down, taking the full length of my cock. With her back and my chest well soaped, we moved easily, i could reach her neck and ears with my tongue and proceeded to lick and kiss both of them. Mrs.. Malhotra breathing started to quicken as she moved up and down faster, her eyelids fluttering, as she seems to be close to cumming. “oh god…oh god… Oh god” were the only sounds to come from her lips.I continued to rub her clitoris, applying a firmer pressure, with my other hand, i pinched her nipple hard. Her pussy tightens around my cock and held it as she orgasm. As the experience subsided, she relaxed on top of me, releasing her hold on my cock, “that was so good” she whispered. As Mrs.. Malhotra stood up to get out of the bath, she noticed my cock was still standing to attention. “we can’t have that poor thing standing around, but you will appreciate that coming inside me is risky. She stepped out of the bath and held her hand out to me. I took her hand and got out of the bath. Reaching for a towel, i draped it over her shoulders and started to rub her dry, taking extra care with her breasts and pussy, softly patting them. Mrs.. Malhotra then took the towel from my hands and started to dry me, from the neck down, to my balls and then kneeling in front of me, she took my cock with both hands and guided it toward her mouth.

With her lips around the tip of my cock, she sucked gently, slowly feeding the whole of my cock in to her warm mouth, wrapping her tongue around it. Sliding her hands up my legs till she reached my ass, she held me in position, squeezing my cheeks. I reached down to her hair and held a handful. Moving her head backward and forward along the length of my shaft. With each suction, i could feel my cock grow harder. I lowered my hand to Mrs.. Malhotra breast and squeezed each breast in turn. Releasing her hair, i bent down and pulled her up, kiss her upon her lips and turned her around. Mrs.. Malhotra seemed to guess what i wanted and lean forward across the bath, spreading her legs. Her breasts were dipping in to the bubbles still on the surface of the water, her nipples bursting them. I stood behind her, and with my cock in my hand i pointed it toward her pussy. Gently inserting the tip, i slowly guided my cock back in to the warm wet pussy, sliding it in deeper, deeper, deeper, till my balls were hard up against her clitoris. As i started to pull back slowly, Mrs.. Malhotra moved her ass toward me. Not wanting to let go of my cock. I thrust hard in to her, causing her to arch her back, taking her by complete surprised. Kissing the nape of her neck and reaching round to cup her breasts in each of my hands, i pumped my cock deeply into her pussy, thrusting harder, deeper and faster with each movement of my hips. Mrs.. Malhotra moved her ass in time with me, not letting me totally withdraw my cock to keep rhythm and we kept banging each other for eternity. After having sweated every drop from my body my hammer wanted to explode, the explosion took time because the previous night i had shacked in a fantasy. As i screamed about my explosion she shouted don’t come in & gobbled up my cock into her mouth. She even gulped my cum and my rod was deep into her throat she swallowed every drop she could. When we had calmed down, i got up, got out blankets and cleaned us up.

This relationship continued for 2 yrs and then Mr. Malhotra got transferred to Delhi and they shifted.

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