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Mrs. Hema

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  • September 9, 2015

Kiran is a coworker of mine. His appearance could be best described as that of a young, wears little bowties, glasses, and is generally nerdy. He is in his mid-thirties and quiet but very intelligent…sort of a milquetoast. Over the past year he and I have become friends. However, I had no idea how highly Kiran regarded me until very recently.

One day at work, Kiran was getting ready to go to lunch. In walked one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She looked to be in her late-twenties with long dark hair, an incredible body and a sweet smile. This beautiful lady walked straight up to Kiran and asked if he was ready to go. They left hand in hand, but before they did Kiran introduced the lady as his wife Hema. He had mentioned her before but I had never met nor had seen any photos of her. She could have easily been a supermodel or centerfold. Hema is tall, tan, and quite voluptuous with a perfect 36D-24-34 body. All natural…standing 5’10” and weighing about 65. Made me wonder how Kiran ever snagged such a fox. Kiran informed me that she was attending the local university pursuing a Master’s Degree in Marketing and that they had many similar interests and tastes in music, movies, and travel.

Over the next few days, Hema became our topic of conversation at work. Kiran said that she had not stopped talking about me since we met and also that she suggested we all get together socially. That sounded like a good idea to me, so that Friday night we went to dinner then a club. Hema explained that Kiran didn’t really like to dance and asked if I would mind dancing with her instead while Kiran sipped his drink at the bar. I agreed and we both spent alot of time on the dance floor. Hema wore a low cut blouse with no bra. Her full breasts swayed to the beat of the music. Every man in the club had his eye on her. No one knew she was married to Kiran, rather they thought she was with me. I later found out that Kiran was a bit of a wallflower and Hema had come up with the idea of going out dancing since I was coming along. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that I was taking Hema out on a date. Anything to help a friend…that is my motto. She had a great set of legs and I later found out she hadn’t worn panties. My hard-on rubbed against her when we danced and she had to have felt it.

The three of us had lunch a few times over the course of the next couple of weeks. I learned that they had been trying to conceive but could not. Kiran had been diagnosed with having a low sperm count and a very low sex drive. Hema, on the other hand, had a very high sex drive. One day at the office, my phone rang and it was Hema on the line. She asked me to lunch that next day and I readily accepted. I figured that Kiran would be joining us but he did not. At the restaurant, Hema dropped a bombshell on me. She told me that she and Kiran had been talking and that they had a proposition for me. Kiran was afraid to talk to me about this himself so that is why Hema showed up to meet me for lunch. It seems they had been talking a long time about the possibility of Hema taking on a lover, and they had decided on me. Hema told me she loved her husband deeply but he did not satisfy her sexually and that she wanted to be fulfilled. They had been married a little over two years and wanted to stay together but her husband wanted her to be happy so he suggested she get a boyfriend on the side. Since Kiran and I knew each other well and there was a mutual attraction between Hema and me, I was the perfect choice. While she was explaining the situation, her right foot had slipped out of her shoe and she began rubbing my stiffening crotch with her pantyhose-covered toes. Smiling seductively, she asked what I thought about helping out a couple of friends.

Having thought about it for a moment, I asked how this would all come about and if it would be a one-time thing. She replied that if things went well we could start seeing each other regularly and had set it up so we would get together at her house the next Friday evening. After we enjoyed a meal, we would have each other for dessert. Then she dropped another bombshell. Kiran wanted to watch Hema and I have sex. My head was reeling. I went from being friends with these two people to being asked to service the wife while her husband watched. To say I was surprised was an understatement. I hadn’t seen this coming but eagerly agreed. She went on to say that they had never done anything like this before and she had always been faithful to Kiran but that since it was with his blessing she didn’t consider it adultery. Hema wanted me to know exactly what I was getting into, so she also mentioned that they had not yet decided if they wanted me to use contraception. Wearing a rubber to fuck this incredibly hot woman was no problem, even though I prefer riding bareback. She said they would decide and I would find out when we all got together. That would give me even more to look forward to. The fact that I could wind up impregnating this beautiful lady made my cock even harder. Hema and Kiran had agreed to raise the child should she get pregnant from our encounter. I went back to work and Kiran smiled at me the rest of the afternoon.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I stand 5’10” with a bit of a beer gut. My cock is above average-sized, slightly above than 7 inches long, but very thick around in circumference. It also curves upward. I guess you could say I am an ordinary average guy, not some stud with a huge root like you read about in so many stories. If I could, I would have sex 3-4 times a day. Also, I tend to cum a lot, which has not diminished over the years even though now I am pushing 40. The thought of fucking the incredibly gorgeous Hema while her cuckold hubby watched made my dick as hard as a rock.

The evening of our get-together had finally arrived. My coworker met me at the door. There were a few surprises that night, the first of which was Kiran showing me his new video recorder. He had purchased it specifically for our escapades and wanted to be able to relive Hema’s pleasurable evening (and future ones) for many years to come. Kiran wore the same outfit he had on at work that day, bowtie and all, and had a shit-eating grin plastered on his face. Hema came downstairs and was wearing a dress that clung to her and showed every curve along with high heels. She looked even more ravishing than the other times I had seen her. No bra or panties, just her sexy body underneath her dress.

We all sat down to dinner and had a wonderful meal. Hema outdid herself and showed she had culinary talent as well. They offered me a drink but I politely declined, explaining that I wanted all my senses unencumbered for the fun and games that were to follow. We all went up to the bedroom and Kiran sat in a corner chair, video recorder in hand. Hema French-kissed me deeply as my hands roamed over her sexy body. Suddenly, she stopped and whispered in my ear that they had decided it would be best for me not to wear a condom but that it was her fertile time of the month so she might get pregnant. I assured her that I would pull out before I ejaculated and that I was honored to be allowed to fuck her unprotected. With that, she grabbed my cock through my pants and asked if I would be ok with having her tell me how she wanted me to make love to her, since it was our first time and that way she could let me know what she likes. I responded by kissing her passionately while nodding my head yes.

Her perfectly manicured hands began to undress me as I sat on the bed. Soon, I was naked as a jaybird as my hard cock proudly stood at attention. Hema smiled warmly as she removed her dress, letting it fall to the floor, then took off her shoes. Her body was exquisite. She had an all-over tan which accentuated her shapely legs and her breasts were full but not saggy. A hard nipple with an areola the size of a fifty-cent piece topped each magnificent mound of all-natural flesh. A small patch of dark hair was visible between her legs. The only thing that adorned her sexy body was the bright pink polish on her toenails. For a lingering moment, I drank in her beauty as she slowly turned around to give me the total view. Her heart-shaped ass was the finishing touch to the hottest woman I had ever seen, let alone was about to fuck. Luckily, Kiran was capturing all of this on video as I was sure I would want to keep a copy also.

Hema sat on the bed next to me and began nuzzling my neck while rubbing her hands all over my chest and back. Her soft caresses and kisses made me even hornier. Here I was about to fuck the hell out of my friend and coworker’s gorgeous wife while he was not only watching but filming it. Does life get any better??? By this time, Kiran had his puny cock in one hand and the camera in the other. Just as Hema had described, it was thin and a little shorter than mine. I guess seeing his wife with another man boosted his low sex drive as he seemed quite aroused. Hema and I French-kissed deeply and she smelled so good. Next, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs out wide. Her pussy glistened with moisture and her meaty lips revealed a very large clitoris. She instructed me to eat her out and make her cunt happy.

Didn’t have to tell me twice!!! My head slid between her thighs and I began gently licking her honey hole. My fingers rubbed her inner walls as my tongue circled her folds. She began squirming and moaned as I worked on her wet pussy. Her breathing quickened as I picked up the pace. My index and middle fingers pushed on her g-spot area as my ring finger stroked her asshole. I could tell she was getting close. She bit her lip and told me how good it felt as she began cumming. Her tangy juices bathed my tongue as I licked her clit while massaging her nether regions with my fingers. I continued to roughly massage her g-spot while running my ring finger over her rosebud. She tensed up and her sopping wet cunt tightened around my fingers. Using my other hand, I spread her clitoral hood so I could keep licking her engorged love organ. Hema began shaking and convulsing then babbled incoherently as I took her all the way through her orgasm. Her legs locked around my head as she moaned that she was cumming and for me not to stop till she was through. After what seemed like an eternity, Hema’s amazing body went limp as her orgasm concluded. We were both tired from our first activity but there was more to come.

After resting a few minutes, Hema rubbed my hard cock with her foot. The sight of her pretty painted toes on my dick made me seem even harder, if that is possible. Precum was dripping from my cockhead as she used her foot to rub it all over my cock, paying particular attention to the blood-engorged, mushroom-shaped head, which was a deep shade of purple…almost a crimson red from my being so turned on. I had shared with Hema that I loved a woman with sexy legs and pretty feet so she made sure she had a pedicure before our date. In one swift motion, she kneeled between my legs as I sat up on the bed. Her beautiful hair brushed against my abdomen as she began sucking my cock. A couple of minutes passed when she looked at me lovingly and told me how good my cock tasted. She made a point of taking my entire cock into her mouth down to the balls and swallowing hard when she was at the base. As she slowly moved up my hard dick, she sucked in hard with her pretty mouth. It would only be a short time before I would be shooting my load so I told her I was getting ready to cum. Her tongue began licking my wet cock as she tickled my balls. Gazing into my eyes, she told me it was time for us to become one as lovers and that she wanted me inside her.

Getting on all fours, she raised her bubble butt up in the air. Juices flowed from her cunt, which was cherry-red. I couldn’t resist and tongued her pussy and anus for a couple of minutes. She had the most beautiful genital region I had ever seen. Looking over her shoulder, she whispered for me to fuck her good. Glancing over at Kiran, I noticed he had already shot a meager load of cum on his pants. Apparently, being a cuckold was going to be a huge turn on for the nerdy fellow. He zoomed in with the camera as I prepared to penetrate his lovely wife. Rubbing the head up and down her juicy slit, she moaned and wiggled her butt in anticipation. Grabbing the base with my hand while steadying her with the other, I inserted the head into her opening. Since I am quite thick, I wanted to make sure she was able to get accustomed to my size. I pushed into her all the way as I felt the intense heat of her slick cunt.

My hands moved to her waist as I began plowing into her, first slowly, then gradually increasing speed. Her large breasts swung wildly as did her long dark hair. As I stood at the edge of the bed, fucking this absolutely beautiful creature, her husband watched intently. I had died down somewhat with wanting to cum but could tell I wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. In only a few minutes, I could feel Hema’s cunt contract around my cock as she had another intense orgasm. Turns out she wanted it doggy style so her clit could have a rest. The sugar walls of my temptress enveloped me as I pounded her into submission. My cock seemed to grow even longer and harder as I fucked Hema’s brains out. Pumping her all the way through her latest orgasm, I was surprised when she told me to pull out. Obliging her, I removed my cock from her crevice, wet with her secretions.

Hema then laid back on the bed with her feet apart and spread her legs wide yet again. She hoarsely told me to fuck her and make her cum from her clit this time. Kiran had shot another load since I last looked over at him. I thought perhaps he should dress differently when we all get together in the future. His pants were a mess and his hand sticky from his semen as he delighted in my pleasuring his hot wife. Very briefly, I wondered why he couldn’t take care of her. I suppose some men can only get off from watching instead of actually participating.

Taking an ankle in each hand, I started to mount Kiran’s sexy wife. But first, I took time to suck on her toes, one at a time. She had the most beautiful legs and feet I ever saw on a woman. Very respectfully, Hema told me to stop and fuck her. Yes, maam, I know how to take an order!!! Lovingly I gazed into her eyes as I squeezed her beautiful breasts. Pushing her legs up and apart, I reached underneath her and placed a pillow under her ass. Lifting her up, I braced her heels on my shoulders as I plunged my cock into her tight, wet pussy…balls deep with one stroke. She groaned as I rooted her deep to the core. The pillow had enabled me to go even more deeply inside her than when I had fucked her from behind. I pounded her hard, sometimes going deep, sometimes shallow. My rhythm varied from fast to slow. She had a glazed look in her eyes and a blank look on her face as I continued hammering her. The angle of penetration made it such that my pubic bone rubbed against her clit with each thrust. This is exactly what she wanted and I had planned. I sucked on her hard nipples and kissed her neck as she moaned. Her knees ended up on her breasts as I pinned her on the bed. In an instant, I felt her cunt grip my cock tightly as she began to orgasm. Her feet were over my shoulders and she began screaming. When watching the video later, I noticed that when she came this time her toes had curled. She begged me to keep fucking her that same way. I did and her body tightened as every muscle in both our bodies tensed while she nutted on my cock.

Kiran had moved closer and was kneeling next to the bed. He had the camera up close so he could get some really good shots. Hema bit my neck hard as she continued to cum. Almost like a vampire, she brought blood, but I was so turned on it didn’t matter. My cock kept plowing her pussy as her orgasm began to die down. My balls began to twitch as I knew I was ready to shoot. I began to pull out but Hema wrapped her legs around my head. She directed me to cum inside her and Kiran said he would wanted me to shoot inside her also. At this point, how could I say no??? My penis spurted into her over and over as her cunt muscles milked me. Wads of my seminal fluid began oozing out of her cunt even though I continued pumping. Hema began Frenching me as I shot what seemed to be a gallon of sperm deeply into her fertile womb. After we had both cum, Kiran got a close up of her cum-filled pussy as we uncoupled. Our sex cocktail began to drip down onto the pillow and bed. Exhausted, I fell back onto the other side of the bed next to my new lover.

My next surprise was when Hema told Kiran that it was his turn. Hmm…sloppy seconds, a sure sign of a true cuckold. However, I was not at all prepared for what would happen next. I figured Kiran would fuck her but he had another idea. Diving between her legs, he began lapping up my semen from her dripping cunt. When he had licked it all up, he tongued her clit. She was still turned on and had her final orgasm of the evening. He had set the camera up on a tripod so as not to miss his excursion into our lovemaking session. I got up and sat in the chair Kiran formerly occupied while he and his bride rested. We were all completely worn out. Kiran later informed me that he had never cum so much in one evening and that the only way Hema had orgasmed since they had been together was by using a vibrator. After 2 years of marriage, Kiran had finally made his beautiful wife cum.

I started to get dressed but Hema said to stop and that she wanted me one more time. She got down between my legs and began fondling my limp penis. In a few minutes I was hard again and she began to suck me off. Once my dick was covered with a thick film of her saliva, she began to jack me off with one hand while squeezing my balls with the other. Yes, Kiran had commandeered the camera and was getting every moment on video. Several minutes passed before I felt the familiar itch in my testicles. Hema sensed I was about to cum and as I did she sucked my cockhead really hard. I shot load after load of warm, wet sperm into her mouth and stomach. She had literally drained me dry as she gulped down my load like it was nectar of the gods. My orgasms with Hema that evening were the most explosive and intense of my life.

Finally, I got dressed and headed home. We still get together every week so I can satisfy Hema. My friend Kiran loves being a cuckold as well as a cum hound. In case you are wondering, no, Hema didn’t get pregnant from that first encounter. It was a real turn-on to know that my inseminating her could possibly impregnate her. I have more stories of the three of us and will share in the future. And yes, Kiran still wears that little bowtie!!!!!!!

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