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Mrs. Chandigarh Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hello friends, this is Ajay. i m 22, 6’1”. I belong to Amritsar, right now doing job at Chandigarh, India .I had a lots of interesting sex experiences in my life. the one i am going to share with u here is the first one when i lost my virginity. its about a one and half year ago, the September 2000, when i got my first job at chandigarh. i had visited chandigarh many times before also and i like this place a lot. so, it was hell of excitement for me to shift to chandigarh. moreover, i was leaving home and was going to be alone at chandigarh so I was at full liberty to have fun. it had been almost a week since i joined my job.

I arranged for my stay in sec 21 in a room at rent. i hardly knew anyone in that area and did much of my pastime with my comp only. one day, i went out to sector 17 which is not too far from my place and is really a happening place, where u can find a lots of chicks around. after roaming around in the market for some time, i went to down under, which is a nice pub in that area. i drunk 4-5 mugs of drought beer and then decided to come back to the room. it was about 9 pm and the market was closing gradually. while i was crossing the road near a car parking. a maruti white colored esteem car coming in reverse hit me. the impact was negligible but as i was not alert and a little drunk, i fell down on the road. the car stopped and a lady came out of the driving seat and bent over me to see if i was alright.

Of course, i was. she said, “i am really very sorry, did i hurt u?” i said, no its okey and nothing to bother. that lady was almost 30-35 years of age and seemed to be married, she was wearing a green colored sari. i got a little wound on my right arm as i felt on the hard road. little blood was oozing out. the lady offered me to take to the hospital and drop me home. i refused at first and said thanx. she insisted me again, and suddenly i thought, it isnt a bad idea, as she is going to drop me home and it shall save my effort to go back to room while being drunk. i agreed to her and sat in the car with her. she asked me that first we shall be going to any hospital nearby to get me first aid. i told her, its not necessary and she should just drop me at my home. i told her, to take me to my house number at sec 21d. she said, her home is in the way by and she can give me some first aid treatment at her home only and then shall drop me at my place. i said, u dont have to bother. but she insisted again and again. suddenly a thought struck into my mind that might be i m having some chances to have an event with her. this thought sent shivers in my body as i never had such an experience in all my life. still, i agreed to her.

In the way to her home, which wasnt actually in the way by to my place. she told me her name is mitali sangha and her husband is a business man. she also told me that she is having two daughters who study abroad somewhere. when we reached at her place, it was well lighted up and seemed that her husband or other family members were at home. she took me inside with her and i hesitately followed her. we entered into a big hall, and she asked me to take a seat on a sofa. i agreed. after few minutes she came back with a glass of hot milk and offered it to me. i said, sorry but i can take that as i just took in a lot of beer. she smiled at me and said “Oh, i thought, that only i was at mistake” and she laughed. i smiled in reply too. then i said, i think i should better go home now as its too late. she said, just wait, let me apply some bandage to u. i asked her, where is her husband. she replied, he has gone to a busniess party and shall be back late. i said ok, then she asked me to follow her to the study room. i did. she asked me to sit there and went outside. after some time she came in along with a med box and u wont believe.

A half filled RC bottle, a glass and water. she said, i can have that stuff, as it shall be reducing my pain. i said no, i cant drink in front of her. she said, “thats not a problem, i shall join u” saying this, she left the room and came back in with another glass. without saying anything else to me, she poured that stuff into the two glasses and put some water in it. she asked me, if now can i acompany her. at that time, i felt i can really have an encounter now 🙂 i took the glass from her and drunk the whole at once 🙂 she smiled and took a small sip, and asked me to sit and take off my shirt, so she could apply the antiseptics and bandage to my wound. i took of the shirt as i was wearing a banyan. she poured me another peg meanwhile and offered to me. i asked her, she hasnt finished her first one and i shall wait for that. she suddenly drank the whole glass and smiled at me. she poured a peg for herself too and said, is it okey now. i smiled at her, and took in the second one also. in just a few seconds after the second one, i felt a kick, as i was already under the influence of the beer. i felt that the nasha was overtaking me. meanwhile she finished the first aid stuff. i got up and said can i leave now wearing my shirt on. she said, “as u wish, cmon i shall drop you”. i followed her to go outside, but suddenly her oscilating ass caught my eyes.

I walled a little distance after her and after that i dared to lay my right hand on her ass. i wasnt a big deal in that condition when i was under the kick of two different brands of alcohal. she just freezed at my touch. i pressed her ass hard, then took of my hand suddenly. she looked at me nervously. i said “i am sorry” but as these words were coming out of my mouth, my dick was getting up and creating an increasing bulge on my jeans. suddenly her nervous looks changed into a smile. she said, “your sorry wont work for me, you enjoyed that, i also will enjoy you” and she just came to me and hugged me with her thigh pressening gently on my dick between my both legs. the next thing i did, i took her lips into my mouth and sucked all the lipstick off them. she replied to it by inserting her tounge into my mouth as a free gift along with her lipstick. oh man, it was the first time with me. and i was shiverring with excitement. for moments i was freezed by what was happening. the next thing she did was, ripped my shirt apart popping off one button after another. then she lifted my banyan and inserted her head inside it. she was running her tounge furiously on my chest and the warm and hot touch of her lips and tounge on my chest provoked me to cup her breasts with my both hands. oh, they were so cute!!! not much big, not small, but perfectly fitted into my large hands. suddenly i felt her hands on my hips and the zip of my jeans opening. in the next two seconds, she pulled down my jeans to my knees and my undies after it and did not waste another moment to get a hold of my half wet hot erect rod. oh her hand was so smooth, it made me feel in heaven.

I just took my hand on her sari’s pallu and pulled it to all the sides to let it unwound off that beautiful body. suddenly she stopped me from doing so. she asked me, this is not the right place and took me from hand to her bedroom. and made me sit on the bed. she asked me to take off my shoes, as she was having a lots of time and we are going to do it properly. wow, it was so wonderfull. without wasting any time, i took off my shoes. meanwhile she undressed her sari and now was standing in her undergarments. she was looking like an angel, sending in alternate hot and cold waves through my body. i bent down to take off my sox and jeans and the underwear compleatly. when i was done with that, i looked up. she was there completely naked. oh shit, i missed it , i thought. i wanted to take off her undergarments myself. but anyways. the full nude view of her body was not letting me think of anything else than just to go on to her and hug her tightly pressing all of her body with mine. at this, she screamed with pleasure. she took off my banyan at once and pushed me to the bed. i fell on my back on the soft bed, holding her in my arms. she fell along with me and on me. i was holding her tight in my arms, as not to let her go. but she struggled to free her self and she succeeded. then she started sucking licking my body hungrily on my chest. on my thighs and then gave me a smooch of my life.

Oh she was tasty and hot. she held my dick with her hand and did not let it go for even a single second. i again pressed her in my arms tightly with her boobs pressing on my chest. oh it was so pleasurable. i could not hold longer, so i got her under me and took her left nipple in my mouth. oh my God, it was so tasty!!! i cant explain it. the furiously i took her other nipple in my mouth and sucked that. that time, i felt, God must have given me two mouth, one for each 🙂 i did not want to miss anything. she just pleaded me to treat her cunt with my mouth. oh what an oppertunity, i thought!!! i sat between her legs and pulled her knees on my shoulders and adjust her back on a pillow to elevate her whole body. i pressed in my mouth into her cunt and i was driven mad. i sucked her cunt hungrily. my face was wet of her vaginal juices. it was so good. she started moaning and then screaming. her screaming made me get more furious and without wasting another second i dropped her off, and inserted my red hot dick into her cunt. she just closed her eyes at this and gave out a loud scream in pleasure. my dick went insider her just like a hot knife presessed smoothly and gradually into butter. oh it was exciting like i was riding on a roller coster and pleasureable like, i had never experienced before. i started inside outside movements furiously. she stopped her breath and closed her eyes, and was absolutely quiet. just in a few seconds she gave out a hot cry and started shaking her pelvis. oh, she was cumming… i was mad at this thought. i made her cum. i caught her body in my both arms and held her tightly so as not to let her shake on her orgasm, and this made my body shake along with her.

I stopped my pull push until she relaxed and i caught my breath again. then i continued fucking her. she asked me not to cum insider her. she repeated that again. but i was in no mood to listen to her, and as the pressure inside my dick built up, my ears got deaf to her pleading, and oh i brusted inside her. as i was cuming, i fell on her body and oh, it was so good. i heard her. she was saying “u should not have done that”. i felt i had done something really wrong, and i said “i am sorry, i could not hold it” then she smiled at me, and said “its okey, no problem, u r really good” i smiled at her and asked her to go for another session. she said, no, its already too late and her husband can be home anytime and i should leave now. i was having no choice so as to agree with her, it was almost 12:30 am. we got dressed hurriedly and she droped me in her car to my destination. i asked her, that can we meet again. at this she game me her phone number and asked to call her the next Monday noon. i called her at her mobile and arranged for another session that day.

That’s another story. another of my best experience was fucking a virgin chinkie gal from vivek high school in sec 38 of chandigarh, on request of her elder sister who had a very long affair with me which started through yahoo chat 🙂 . my life was full of fun for a whole one year as long i stayed at chandigarh for the job work. now i m back to amritsar for some business but shall be going back to chandigarh again very soon. any gal or lady of chandigarh is interested to share drink or have the ultimate fun with me, she is most welcome. i never break hearts 🙂 my email id is

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