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  • September 18, 2015

Dear readers,the following is not a mere story,it is a challenge from me to all the readers that such a hot story never ever came into light. It is a real experience in my life.I am a boy of 19 years,well built and not only handsome,but extremely cute too.When ever I go to any public bus or any public place I realize girls of various age staring at me constantly and they become spellbound, just for my cute glamorous appearence.The story is –

The richest couple in our locality was a reporter and his rich wife who managed her big paternal business. This rich woman’s name was Bishu, aged young and newly married in our locality.She was more than the very word beautiful.Tall,fair,deep black hair ,large eyes, hypnotic smile and perhapes world’s most sexy queen.She is tall and sexy,with thick round thaighs,large,well shaped hips and perhapes,have the most flabby and large breasts.She is a typical bengali woman.Her large and flabby breasts are famous all over our locality. When she wears saree and walks through the street,her fat hips and flabby breasts  shakes and  get prominence by the jerk of her foot steps.When ever she is in our lane,all the boys in our locality keeps on watching her like a statue.One day she was wearing a very fine saree,in which her flabby breasts were giving a very hot shape & vision to the boys in the street.By that very vision, my penis became rock hard,and I told one of my friend there,

That she was the most sexy woman whom I had ever seen.By my mistake,my voice was a bit loud and she managed to hear my sayings.She walked to me and slapped me strong infront of every one and walked away.In shame,my  hard penis went down immediately and everyone in the street was making fun out of me.I needed revenge to my lost honour in the public.Just the next week I heard that her reporter-husband was going out of station for 2 months.I was struck with a brilliant idea. According to my plan,one evening,I went to her house & pleaded for apology and forgiveness from her.She said its ok and accepted my apology.But I told her that ‘No,even if you forgive me, I am still repenting on my behavior and bad words said to you, hence I want to do something for you. I sat on my knees and requested her to join me for dinner the next day and consider me as her son.'(She was elder than me and I was only 19 years) She accepted and told me jockingly,that I was the most handsome boy who offered her a dinner.Next day she came with  a finest saree and was looking extremely beautiful and sexy.I sat with her in the dinner,and according to my plan,her cold drinks at the end of her dinner contained strong sleeping tranquilizer. Just as she finished her glass, she reeled and her head was on the dinner table and felt asleep.

I took her to my bed room,opened her saree,her navel was pretty large,then I opened her blouse,bra and her panty.I just could believe in my eyes,I had seen many blue film and lots of nude women,but the kind of sexy that she was,I just started shiverring like malaria in nerveousness.Her breasts were as large as 2 footballs and her pussy was so hot that it was enough to set fire in the room.Any way,by controlling my self,by my plan, I took 30 nude pictures of her (bcos,my plan was to show those nude pictures to her husband and cause divorce between them, by which I would be satisfied against my insult in the street.).Then I was about to dress her back,but I could’nt control and started masterbrating and ultimately I cummed. Then just to experience,I laid my 6.7 inch hard dick into her vagina.(Believe me,I did’nt have any wickedness to fuck.I just wanted to experience the feeling).I started pumping,and suddenly she woke up .She screamed “what are you doing?Aaaaaaa-sasa-aha-aaa-ahaa-aa !,.To avoid her loud scream,I kissed her lips and shut her mouth.But she started crying,resisting.Then out of an unknown fear,I left and got up.

She dressed up quickly and went away by saying that I have to pay for this. Then after developing the pics, I thought to keep it to myself and show to her husband when he would return, but her beautiful sexy body always floated infront of my eyes and mind and I could’nt resist. I went to her and showed her all the pictures and asked her frankly to give her sexy body to me only for 30 minutes and I would return her all the pics.She became nervous and her whole body was shivering,her fair chicks became red.I told her that if she allowed to fuck her sexy body,then she would not only get the pics but also garunteed pleasure of the world that she had never got.After a while, she closed her eyes,took a deep breathe and told ” Do what you want to do ! ” .She was wearing a silk saree. She stood by closing her eyes. I moved towards her. I pressed her boobs,started massaging over her saree.Her boobs were just floating in my palms.I removed her saree from her shoulder,opened the hooks of her blouse,and she was wearing a synthetic bra. I masaged her boobs well.They were extremely flabby and soft,I just could’nt wait to open the bra ; my god it was shiny and her nipples were black and wide.Her boobs were soft,round and very much fleshy.I started kissing them.She was silent and only moaned uuuuummm uu-mm-uuummm ! I kissed her well,from boobs to neck and then down to navel. I slowly moved my hands to her vagina and rubbed it from over her saree.She was going hot.

I opened her saree and,made her naked and laid her on the bed. I again started kissing her flabby boobs but this time,I was sucking them.They were realy big and her large nipples were getting harder and harder. I sucked and cut it with my teeth.They were now really hard.She was moaning badly and shivering too. Wow ! what I did to those flabby breasts ! The whole breasts were soft and shaking as I rubbed but only her nipples became strongly hard and straighten up.I went on sucking it for about 10 minutes and made the nipples totaly hard. Then I started sucking her pussy.It was already violently wet.I licked it with my cold tongue and she gradually increased her moarning. Then I started fingering.She started screaming as she started cumming profusedly.Gradually her vagina became so soft and smooth that I started fisting.Then I could not believe that there was a moment that my full arm, upto  a little lower to my elbow was inside her hot vagina. She was crying and scearming so badly that I became afraid that my neighbors would not come by hearing her loud voice. I took out my hand and forced my strong hard penis into her vagina.Her vagina was so much wet that it took for me no effort to push it in.My tool went inside softly and smoothly.I pumped it violently.

But gradually after so much screaming,  she became a some what kind of frenzy and laid down as an unconscious girl, only at certain times she was moarning a bit,whenever I pumped her herder. Then I was about to cum, I told her that I will be cumming. She started resisting and telling ” please do not spo-o-0il my-y  li-fe, lea-ve me, please  aaaaaaaa ! don’t do this to me !  don’t do this ! Please !” but I grabbed her hard and injected my thick cum into her vagina and she became badly pregnant,and was screaming violently by her pleasure. She started crying and did’nt spoke a word as I left..
– – – – – – – Still today, she is under the impression that she is fertilizering my baby in her womb and she is pregnant by me. Often I see her in the street very much depressed and perhaps thinking that she was raped and is pregnant.
But I am going to tell the truth only to the fans of desipapa that she was not impregnant by me in reality bcos, while I was raping her and I was about to cum,I cummed in her vagina in such a manner that she did’nt become pregnant. I learnt this method at Australia while studying my chapters on sex engineering,by which I can fuck and  cum in anyone’s vagina,without making her pregnant. This woman in our locality,whom I raped,thinks everyday that she is pregnant but in reality  she is’nt,and today,this fact is known only to me,desipapa and the fans of desipapa.

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