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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

HI readers Myself Vivek working in a company at Mumbai. I don’t have any special attraction. I am a typical south Indian guy. The story is about me and my new office colleque. The company management placed her to work under me. She has done her degree and fresh to industrial experience. I didn’t had any bad intention over her. I used to explain technically, role of work, Sometimes about general things, How to behave with officials, How to interact with people etc. I used to define her briefly about her days work everyday; she used to ask me more times, when she is unable to understand.

Without any hesitation, I used to explain her. At the end of the day most of the days, she used to do mistakes. I used to explain her everything clearly and used to tell her not to repeat mistakes. Whatever she does, I have to recheck again and it’s a double work for me. Since, she is a fresher I used to be cool and explain her. Not willing to bore you mocha ha haaaaaaaaa. I travel to my room to office through bike. One day I asked her, want to come with me? I will drop you in station. Without any hesitation, she sat behind me; she worked a sari on that day, so she sat one side on my bike as pillion holding the rear balance rod by maintaining distance.

I am an expertise driver and I am riding bike for past 12 years. Unfortunately when we were traveling on that day, all of a sudden one fellow from right side touched my handle bar and I lost control and shook the vehicle and mean while she lost her balance as she was sitting one sided and felt in road. I was riding vehicle in the left of the road. She lost and felt on platform path and badly hurted on her forehead. She felt unconsciously, I parked my vehicle before a shop and took her to a nearby hospital. She lost blood and finally admitted in Hospital. She is staying in a guest house and I am staying with my friends. She was in unconscious state. I didn’t inform to any of her friends nor parents. First aid was given and Doctor told that she requires blood. My blood group and her Blood group are same. So I donated blood to her and whole night I was at Hospital by taking her.

Mean while we both didn’t went to work by telling different reasons. Those two days I was totally concerned about her needs and gave medicines at time and finally she is back to normal. I told her it was my mistake. If I would have not asked on that day to come with me, by this time nothing would have happen. She replied its fate. Whatever happens it will happen and no one can avoid. From that accident things begin to change. She used to be very close with me in work place and everyday I used to pick up from her home to office and in evening from office to her home. Initial days she used to have a gap between us in bike while traveling, gradually she used to hold me from one hand and as days she used to sit crossed legs and she tuck me between her both hands by pressing her two globes hard on my back. My manhood used to become like hard and hot rod within no time. In a day I used to masturbate twice. Vivek at coolyork dot com one in office at morning and at evening in room, because of her hard press of her globes with nipples on my back. One weekend I asked her for first time with no intention, is she interested to visit Alibagh? She was delighted to hear that and with no time she has bound with joys and accepted. One fine weekend on Saturday we headed for Alibagh in my bike. All the way her hard melons made me hot and ride my bike with full horse power.

I came to know that Mind and sexual urge has no inter connections. Finally we reached the spot with me in great hard-on. I got ready to get in into beach, but she was afraid of water. I forcefully held her hand and dragged her into water. She was wearing a tight T-Shirt and Jeans. She landed into water and started enjoying small waves by holding my hands. There was often I brushed her boobs with my hands in behalf of sea waves. The water was nearly at her neck level, for me it was around mid of chest level. All of sudden a big wave and she was afraid of seeing that and she held me tightly from front. Her breasts were hardly pressed against my chest and I can’t describe my feelings in words. She was breathing heavily after the wave ends. My rock hard penis was hitting her area above pussy and below her belly. It was a great sensation for me. Then she released me and started playing in water. Mean time I started playing with her by going underneath water and touching her. She really enjoyed the moments there. I decided to go beyond this play and started some silly play with her. Finally I went behind her and caught hold of her with both my hands from back by pressing her boobs from my hands and lifted her and made her to swing in water. In whole process I made ensure to press her boobs. When the game was over she turned towards me with a kind of innocent face by seeing eyes to eyes in water. It is the best romantic event happened in my life so far in pretext of wanting some thing from both the ends. I slowly lifted her face with my hands and told that you look so beautiful and my eye lids are ignoring to close. She held me tightly across her hands and pressed hard against her boobs. I lifted her face again and planted a tender kiss on her chin. She said that she loves me from the incident of accident and the way I took care of her. After hearing this I had no words. The environment around us made us both in need of further rather than words, but I made myself control and we enjoyed the moments. Now she was keen on me and made her attempts by having more physical touches on me. We took snaps there and moved away from water and we were changing our dresses.

After changing dresses I told her that I have taken a intimate pick of her while changing dress(I didn’t took, to see her expression I told) , She was very excited to see that , but my phone was not in reachable for her as I hold high while standing in my hands. She jumped to get my mobile, every time making ensure that her globes brush against my chest. The surface was filled with dry leaves and not hard, finally she pushed me to get my mobile and ended up myself falling on floor and she lost her balance and we both crashed on ground. Myself on bottom and herself on top of me by crushing hardly her boobs on me. A great sensation which cannot be described through words aroused in me. Now we are no more interested in mobile and pick and we landed in some other world. The sensation and environment was great for everything. I can’t control no more. Her hot breathe was zing on my face and both heart beats raised drastically. In that position I gave a kiss on her forehead and I rolled and made her to lie on ground and myself on top of her. Then showers of kisses I gave her from forehead to eyelids and then on her cheeks and to her lips.

She held me with her hands. I parted her lips and started sucking her lower lips and then started opening her mouth widely and wildly swirling our tongues and madly. Then I lowered myself by giving soft kisses on her neck, earlobes and then I came to the big, Hard, stiffened boobs. I was pressing them over her T-Shirt and pressing them, massaging them. Then she cooperated to open her T-Shirt and now her top with pink bra. I removed her bra; there she lied with half nude exposing her shiny boobs. Her boobs along with her brownish nipples were glittering. I was maintain patience as gave as much foreplay I can by sucking her boobs and pressing alternately by pinching, tickling and kneading her boobs and nipples. I made her wild with my actions and she gave a strong organism. She was shivering and held me very tightly as hard as she can. Her nails were making tracks on my back. She got relaxed after her organism and meanwhile pre cum started oozing from my thing. I continued my process by moving towards her belly region, I placed my cheeks sideward and enjoyed her softness for a while.

Then I removed her jeans pant and now she is with her panty. The sight was excellent with dry leaves below, Long tress around and the sounds of waves and chirping of birds and before me with an angel, closing her eyes with half satisfaction in her face and soft moaning of her. It was an excellent sight for me. I started circling her pussy area on her wet panties with my fingers made her wilder and her moans increased with my every touch on her. I removed her panty till her knee and started eating her pussy with my tongue drenching in her wet pussy. Her body was swirling like snake. I was enjoying by sucking her pussy with my tongue for sometime and started inserting my fingers and I finger fucked with my three fingers. I was in only shorts for till now. Now I removed my shorts (I didn’t wearied underwear beneath shorts) and took my average 6 inch rod. In the whole process I had cum med twice and it got hard again with my process I did. She was moaning all the time with no words from her. Finally after doing foreplay for so long time, I tried to insert my penis, It was tight and due to her wetness for my third thrust it went half of my penis.

Then I made slow moments of to and fro and after few acts my full size went into her pussy.It was hot, her hot outer skin inside made my penis warm. I enjoyed her warm for few moments and started pushing to and fro slowly, she started moaning heavily and I started increased my pace gradually. After few minutes of fuck it started Cumming from my penis and loaded fully inside her hole (Unknowingly loaded my cum inside her, later found out she is pregnant and made Abortion). We then lay there collapsed and laid my head on her breast and rested for sometime. She told that I am the first person and first experience is always remembering able and never forget this. We then had several sessions like this in office rest room and smooching at labs and at all possible times and places. Hope you have enjoyed the facts of my sexual experience. Feedback to is valuable.

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