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Mooh Boli Behan Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hii! after a long time I m writing a sexiting story.hope u all will like it. and don’t forget to respond ok? It goes like this….. I was living alone at my rental home and my mooh boli behen was also living next door.well,now you all must have got the idea what the story will be about right? well u all have guessed correctly.

Savitri was nice looking lady aged between 32-35.bhara hoova sharer but not that fat. shyam badan achchhey naak naksh aur very nice skin. that I came to know after I fucked her. But she was living next to my home. Her hubby was a business man and was on tour for almost fifteen days a month. and she used to call me “bhaiyya”, since she doesn’t have any brother and she wanted me as her bhai. she even tied rakhi for two three years. so when her hubby remains out of station for too long, she desperately wanted some work to keep herself busy,she discussed with her hubby rajiv but they both were out of clue. they where discussing the same when I came down to their home one night. so suddenly I got an idea,” didi, why don’t u start a tiffin service. u cook well plus u got a rasoiwali. she has to cook for you only. give her some more bucks she will cook for few more people.” they both agreed at once.

Rajiv made arrangements and went away to Eastern India for some work. So, I was alone so I told didi that I will become your first customer and u have to take money from me. She said no but then agreed to take some token money, actually half of what she is taking from regular customers. On Sunday s I used to help her. But by doing this our touching was more frequent and I also started to feel something in my body. then I noticed that some times she touched me intentionally but I thought its just a “vehem” . One Sunday evening around 7 I felt hungry and went to her home. The door was half open. I gone inside and amazed that there was no customer, but soon realized that it’s a Sunday and there wont be any customer on Sundays. But by seeing the door ajar I thought is every thing ok with didi or not? I went straight inside her bed room where she was lying, wearing her nighty, which was up towards her thighs. Showing her beautiful legs and off course thighs. It was totally waxed. She was even messaging them slowly, and watching this made me uncomfortable. But then I went out side of her bedroom and knocked. She put her nighty down and came up from pillow and said “ya, whos there?” I replied “ its me didi” “ pleez come in tarun”. “Kya hoova didi? not feeling well ?” She said “yea” “Whats the reason?” I said. “Well, u cant understand even if I try to make u understood, u wont” she replied with a very mild voice. I said “ didi, tell me frankly, if u don’t mind. any prob with jijaji?” “no and yes” she said. I said “what that means?” She smiled and then replied, “ well, tarun, when he is out, I cant help my feelings u know.

When he is around I feel good but certain needs are more forcing me when he is not around and it cant be fulfilled with out him, hope u have got it what I am saying.” I said “ya, but that’s the life,didi. you have to adjust with it, isn’t it?” she replied “but, if some one can help me, then I think I will be cheerful again” I shyly said, “ r u looking at me? for the help?” thousand heart beat was experienced by my heart till she replied with smile “yes” ooooh my good luck.i said to my self. the lady whom I loved so much and fantasize almost every night and whom I had to made a sister by compulsion is inviting me for the dream come true. So, by taking no chance, I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed it. she closed her eyes. then I put my right hand at the back of her head and took her lovely face towards me and started to feel her breathings,she also got the idea and started to feel my breaths as well. We both were enjoying this to the fullest.then I put my face closer to her, she has closed her eyes till now. and I put my hot lips on her softer and slim one and started to enjoy the juices flowing from her lips. ummmm ummmmm ummmmm was her voice then gently I put my tongue inside her mouth and my tongue was searching her partner there and when she realized that she gave her tongue too and we both were getting fast now. there was no gap between our mouths and we both were enjoying the moment so much. while kissing she took my left hand from her right shoulder and put it to her left boob. I got the signal and started to press it gently dheere dheere dheere ek dum dheere then gave more force. thoda zor se zooor se zzzzoooooor seyyyy. then she took her lips out and hug me. I too took my hand from her boob and back of head and hug her tightly. we both remained in that position for two mins. then she unbuttoned her nighty and took her right boob out. I was amazed to see that she was wearing nothing.

She also got my thinking and said. “ neechey bhi kuchh nahi hai”. I smiled and started to press her boob gently again and again. she just moaned. she started to unbutton my kurta and by seeing hairs of my chest she got made. oh tarun, kahan chupa rakkha tha inhe?” I said “tumhare liye hi chupaya tha shayad! abhi peechhey dekho, peechhey bhi hai bahut saare” she said “sachhi?” I said yaaa” she took my kurta once and came behind me. got absolutely made when she started to play with my hairs with her tongue.. I said “savitri didi, want to have more fun?” she said “yea, why not, for that we r here, don’t we?” so I went to kitchen and took bottles of tomato sauce, butter, pineapple jam, carrot, few cherries. As she was running the food services, these things were in their lots. By the time I came with these things, savitri didi was completely nacked. She again got the idea and with a naughty smile said “ muje khaa jaana hai kya?” “ agar khana hota to aise hi khaa jata, yeh sab kyoon lata?” I replied. I opned both bottles of sauce and jam, told her to lie on bed on her back. she did so. so I started to apply sauce on both of her boobs, gently verrry gently.she closed her eyes again and said “ooooohhhhh,like itttttt!!” then I applied jam on her entire tummy, which was quite long and flat. and then applied butter on her pussy and cunt. at that time she gave a quite a big moan. oooooohhhhh mar gayiiiiiiiiii, tarooooooon! but I ignored and applied it fullest. then I came aside her and took one cherry in my mouth with half of it was out side of my mouth. I woke her up from her moans and told her to take that half part inside her mouth and she did so. we were kissing each other while eating the cherries. what taste! I never had such cherry before. we finished almost five cherries one after another like that only. then I came to her left boob and started to lick it.with tomato sauce on it, I was enjoying and because of the wetness of sauce on her boob she too was getting more exited. I twisted my tongue on her nipples bite it gently and again licked the boob. then went to other side and did the same with her right boob. not to mention here that her boobs were great and big. she was not that fat but her boobs were big. a size of 36. I finished the boob section and went down. it was a turn of tummy. which was full of pineapple jam. the sauce was khatta and jam was sweet. well every thing on that body was became sweet, hey u can imagine that na? I started to make circles on her tummy while eating the jam. oooooh she said.

Love u tarunnnnnn. I was still making circles. lyuk, lyuk lyuk lyuk lyuk. then I came down to her belly button, which was so deep. I put some jam inside and started to lick it as well. Now its time for butter. ummmm yaaaa ,ooooooooohhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhh ooohhhhh uuuuuuuuuu,aaaaaaaaa maarrrrr gayiiiiiii. these were the sound didi was making while I was going deep and deep inside her pussy. I licked every inch of it and she seems to have enjoyed it as well. then she said, “tarun, ab meri baari.” I said why not. she made me sit on the bed and started to apply butter on my dick. from top to bottom, on the balls as well. my dick was full of butter and she started to lick it. from top to bottom.looop…….loooop………loooooooop. and then my bolls. one after one. then again to my dick.gave me a fantastic blow job. going forth and back forth and back. then we went inside the bathroom and took bath together, by doing normal sexy things. she wrapped a towel around her boobs,which was just hiding her thighs. and I wrapped towel on my west. we both came out of the bath room feeling very relaxed and fresh. soap fragrance was coming out of our bodies. she stood against dressing table and started to do comb her hairs. after a while when she complete it I gone near to her and gave a long kiss on her left shoulders. then started to lick it and went to her ears, started to bite it. at the same time I was messaging her boobs and when I saw this on the mirror, once again her eyes were closed and then she also took her hands on my back and started to press my thigh cheeks. then I took her to the bed. she lied on her back. her wet long hairs were all over the pillow.

I kissed her gently and took the towel out. I also took my towel off and kissed her boobs. I came over her and started to give her deep kisses. she was playing with my back hairs. tearing them some times. then I licked her neck and she spread her legs. I thought that this is the time now to enter in her. wasting no time, I did just that. she just moand, aah! and I was in, first time half and then full. started to make efforts then. forth and back, forth and back. aaahh aaah aaah was her moan. huuuuummmm huuuummmm was mine. we both then took speed. she was responding from her side too and we both were getting exited more and more then with a deep long thud we both came and she hug me tightly and I was in total perspiration kissing her ear and licking and biting it gently as well. oooh what a feeling. fucking my dream lady. she too enjoyed a lot. as she told me after words. she said she has no complaints for her hubby, but just he is 8 years old and I m 8 years young, that’s the difference. so, I m waiting for your response. if its good enough, I will write second part of this story which is highly exited because, while doing all this thing, main door of didi’s home was open and some one was watching us, who was he or she? well that’s second part. if u guys and gals like this first part, do write me at these e mail addresses and bye for now. happy sexperiencies to all.

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