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Mom’s Teasing Leads To Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

This is a real story. I Sameer am a 18 year old boy staying in Mumbai. I am the only son of my parents. From childhood I and my parents have very friendly relationship. We were more friends than family so I was very jovial and friendly. This happened few months back in the month of Jan 2015. Me and my mom (Rashmi) are very friendly, from childhood when I was kid I mom used to bathe me, by the time I got young I used to bath alone and most of the time I used to come out with towel wrapped on my waist.

My mom always used to tease me by trying to pull my towel though she never did, but it was fun for her and me. Sometimes she would do it in front of her friends also for fun and everyone used to laugh, I used to shyly laugh and go to the room. Mom was gorgeous she was just 38 but looked like 30 with figure of 36-28-36.

I have an athletic body so at 18 I have a muscular body and also a nice dick. I used to regularly shag reading the stories on ISS and watching porn videos. So this story happens on a Sunday in Jan.

On that particular Sunday, I took bath in the afternoon and came out of the bathroom. My dad was away on a business tour. My mom as usual tried to tease me by pulling my towel, the towel was tucked loosely that day so as soon as mom pulled and before I could react the towel was in her hand and her eye directly went to check my limp 4 inch dick with circumference of 2 inch which was hanging down, quickly she threw back the towel to me and I covered myself.

She quickly said oops and went back to her room. I also went to my room and then went out with my friends. That evening when I came back, I saw my Mom Rashmi in sari and her usually low cut cleavage visible blouse. I saw her cleavage and boobs which were seen in the deep cut blouse and went to her and said Mom you are looking good, she thanked me. I then told her I am going for bath.

When I went in the bathroom the first thing I did was to turn the shower on and started thinking about my mom’s boobs and started to shag. It was the first time I ever thought about my mom, but by then I was more curious to touch her boobs and show my dick to her.

Fortunately in excitement I forgot to take my towel, so I called up my mom and asked her to give my towel, since I was still hard my dick was at 8 inches fully erect. Mom came and knocked on the bathroom door, I opened the door hiding, and extended the hand to take towel but mom was teasing me by not giving towel. Under a fraction of second my mind reacted to it and I just open the dorr fully and came out naked to take the towel. My Mom Rashmi just freezed looking at my 8 inch boner. I quietly took the towel from her hand and hid the boner. I could see mom breathing heavily, she went to kitchen. I wrapped myself in towel and went to kitchen and asked Mom to give her hand.

Mom-why you want my hand

Me- to handover something nice to you and in return want something

Mom- ok here is my hand and extended her right hand

I quickly opened my towel and kept her hand on my dick, she did not removed it but kept staring, meanwhile I lowered her pallu and touched her boobs.

Mom- I wanted your dick so much, and want you to fill my pussy

Me- Mom I also want to make love to you.

Mom just kneeled and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blowjob, she was licking my dick up and down and sucking. I mean while opened her blouse and bra and was touching her erect nipples.

Then I started pressing her boobs. After sucking for a while she got up, I started sucking her boobs and pressing them. I then removed her sari and her petticoat. She was not wearing panty, I looked down and went straight to her pussy and started licking it, she was so excited that she squirted and I drank the juice.

Then my mom asked to go to the bedroom but I refused and wanted to fuck her in the kitchen only. I laid her down on the floor, kept licking and sucking her pussy, She could not control and asked me to enter her. I took my dick and pushed in the pussy, she screamed with pleasure, and with each thrust she was enjoying it. I fucked her for in missionary position for 15 minutes, then mom wanted doggy style so I fucked her from behind for nice 10 minutes again and climaxed on her tummy. She was happy and me too, That Sunday we both stayed naked. Mom could not get her hands of my dick. While cooking in the kitchen she wanted me to stick my dick in her pussy and keep it there, so I did the same thing.

After dinner, we both retied to mom’s bedroom and she started giving me a blowjob, she also turned the tv on.

After sometime she went to kitchen and got olive oil, I asked mom why oil, she said that she want my 8 inch in her ass. She applied and massaged my dick with olive oil, I then fingered her ass hole with olive oil, then she got in doggy style and I entered from behind, she screamed then I asked her to relax and then again pushed, in 2nd time I entered her fully and began fucking her ass.

After 20 mins of fucking I climaxed in her ass filling it with my cum, I could see satisfaction on moms face and then we slept. Till dad arrived I was in Moms bedroom fucking her and she did everything for me. Today also when ever Dad leave for his business trip, the first thing we and mom do is suck and fuck. I love you Mom.

Mom’s Teasing Leads To Sex

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