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Mom’s Swapping With Friend’s Mom

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  • October 12, 2015

Coming to mom’s My Mom’s name is lakshmi, my friends mom name is swathi. Both mostly wear sarees. Very good looking women with sleek figure, great looking heavy boobs with pink nipples. My mom has long jet black shiny silky straight hair till her butts. She always trim her hair and take good care of her hair and more over her hair grows very fast. Swathi hair is in bob. Any man can get easily attracted towards their bodies to fuck them.

I also got attracted to my mom and started fucking her from last four years. How I fucked my mom, how I seduced her and all I will write in another story and will post it. Right now I am writing the story which recently happened seven months ago is how I shared my mom with my friends whom they are fucking their mom. We swapped our moms and fucked them to our satisfaction. Coming to the story……….

I have one friend named anil, from my Engg. Fourth year we became good friends he also have one elder brother named chaitu we three used to have good time. After long time once I went to their home to meet them. I called them but they didn’t responded. I am waiting near their house after some time I heard some noises from their house like someone is moaning.

I started to search from where I am hearing that moans. I am hearing those moans loudly near one room so slowly I opened that window of that room and was shocked to see that they both are fucking their mom one in ass and one pussy by pulling her short bobbed hair very hard. By seeing that seen I got erected after watching for some time I closed the window slowly and went to my home and with that full mood I fucked my mom.

Most of the time i fuck her pussy only because she rarely allow me to fuck her ass but I like to fuck her ass most. So daily I used to think of that incident which is happened in my friends house. After some days me and anil met outside and we started chit chatting. But in my mind I am thinking of how to start that topic and with courage I asked

Me: anil are you fucking your mom?

Anil: What??

Me: are you fucking your mom?

Anil: After some silence replied yes and asked me how do you know?

Me: I said him everything what I had seen before and also said to him that even I am fucking my mom.

Anil: oh that’s great even your mom was so beautiful with nice structure swaying ass and long hair.

Me: ya that’s y I got attracted to her. Even your mom is also so beautiful anil. I think she also used to have long hair na? When she had bob cut. She is looking great in bob cut.

Anil: Ya she also used to have long hair. But my brother chaitu is a hairfetish he likes hair very much and like to cut long hair of women. He only cut her long hair and every time he only brushes her hair and do all type of hair jobs with her.

Me: Oh That’s great. Anil I have one thought should I share with u.

Anil: Ya sure

Me: Anil I also want to fuck your mom. The day I saw you both fucking her I am not getting sleep at all I want to fuck her.

Anil: Ya sure one day I will ask her, but I have to ask my brother also.

Me: K. Even I have another thought. Y don’t we share our moms and fuck like group sex by swapping our moms.

Anil: Wow That’s good idea ronny. That will be more erotic and joyful. We can enjoy more.

Me: K then ask your brother and your mom and make them agree. I will also make my mom agree.

Anil: Sure dude. K will meet you tomorrow with good news bye

Me: Bye.

I spoke to my mom regarding swapping first she didn’t agree but after requesting again & again she said ok, But anil mom agreed easily. His brother also agreed. Me anil and chaitu met and planned it on one Sunday.

So on Sunday as per plan we ordered all food for lunch and dinner. Me and my mom went to anil’s house at 9:00 am. Swathi aunty greeted us and we had some tea and mom and aunty are chit chatting while we three are planning for extreme group sex.

After few minutes I came near to my mom and began to pressing her boobs while anil and chaitu are pressing their mom boobs. I took my mom near to swathi and both started to kissing each other while we started removing their dresses. We also removed our dresses and became nude.

Now both moms sat nude before us and we started to insert our cocks into their mouths. First I inserted my cock in my moms mouth then to aunty mouth like same anil and chaitu started inserting their cocks in my mom and their mom mouth. Mean while chaitu took my mom in full control and inserting his cock very deep in my mom mouth by holding her head and pulling her long hair hard. He started to make my mom gag. We made our moms drink our cum.

Then we three started playing with mom and aunty boobs. Chaitu started licking my mom pussy while playing with her hair. Me and anil playing with his mom I am licking aunty pussy and anil is fucking her mouth. After few minutes I inserted my cock in aunty pussy and started fucking aunt started moaning mean while anil inserted his cock in her ass and we both started ramming her, and chitu stated fucking my mom after fucking 15 min continuously we cummed inside them. We were taking some rest mean while my mom and aunty were licking their pussies each other in 69 position we were watching then and making our cocks ready for the next move.

Chaitu asked me that he want to cut my mom hair very short. I asked short means to which length. He said will make it to chin length bob. I said ok but in return you only have to cut your mom hair to boy cut. He said ok. I went to my mom and said mom now chaitu want to cut your hair short to chin length. I agreed for that you have to cooperate him while cutting your hair. He want to enjoy with you mom. She said no. But aunty interfered and made her agree for the cut. So chaitu told her mom that he will give boy cut to her. She reluctantly agreed.

We took both our moms to bathroom and we washed both of their bodies and washed their hairs. Before washing we three of then cummed on both of their hairs and applied cum to all their hairs and then done some hairjobs and washed their hair with shampoo and then applied conditioners to their hair. We three also took bath. W e bought our moms outside and made their hair dried. Chaitu started combing my mom hair till he get satisfied while we are enjoying the scene.

He made her hair to braid and kept band at the end. Now he started pulling her hair as hard as possible and licking near neck area. We also joined them and aunty started licking mom pussy and anil inserted cock in mom mouth to control her moans me pinching and biting her boobs. Chaitu went to the cupboard and brought the scissors. Now he made my mom in doggy style pulling her hair very hard and inserted some amount of hair in her pussy and started fucking while her hair in the pussy. Me and anil inserted both our cocks in her mouth and aunty sucking and licking mom pussy and chaitu cock which is coming out of my mom pussy.

Chaitu took scissor in his hand and pulling mom hair very hard me and anil hold my mom head to accommodate for chaitu to cut the amount of hair which he needed. Chaitu kept the scissor near to the mom neck where the braid plait starts and slowly started cutting her braid. Slowly step by step for 10 min he cut that braid.

At last the braid was in his hand and mom remaining hair fell forward covering her cheeks. It was an awesome movement watching that scene. He made my mom lie on the bed and kept half of the braid in my mom pussy and remaining hair in his mom pussy.

He now started fucking my mom in her pussy with hair in her pussy and me started fucking aunty pussy with hair in it. Friends it was an awesome felling fucking like that. It gave me an excellent feeling meanwhile anil is watching all this scene. Chaitu told not to cum on hair he told to remove cock before cumming. So I removed my cock before cumming and inserted my cock in aunty mouth and cummed in her mouth same thing did chitu. Now chaitu took out all the hair from both their pussy that hair is all messed up. He kept that hair in one cupboard and he also showed me his mom hair which was cut earlier. My mom hair is more longer and thicker than his mom hair.

Now he made both the moms to sit on the chairs he now bought the comb, trimmer, razor, shaving cream and water sprayer. First he trimmed the extra hair of my mom near neck area and then applied some water and he started shaved the nape area clean. Again he applied some Gillette shaving foam and again shaved till it get smoothed. I touched my mom nape it was very smooth like a baby skin. The he sprayed some water on her hair and made it to chin length bob.

Now my mom was looking so gorgeous. He showed her face in mirror she got excited by touching her short hair and her nape stood up and hugged chaitu for this wonderful cut. Mom was looking gorgeous. He again made her sit on the chair and told her that he will make her look more gorgeous by cutting front bangs. She agreed for that, he kept some amount of hair front and cut her hair above eyebrows to short length with short bangs she looks more cute like a little girl she is looking more young she is just looking like a hot chick. He said her make over is over and told her to see his mom make over which he is going to cut her present bob hair to boy cut.

Me and anil are just watching his brother haircut skills and his fetish of cutting long hair of women. He took trimmer and set the size 12 number and started trimming her hair. He trimmed sides and back to small hair around 1 inch and at top he left around 10 inches. Her hair is looking like pixie cut rather than boy cut. He dusted the hair near neck area and took razor and shaved the neck part clean like he shaved my mom. Swathi aunty is also looking so cute in that pixie hair style.

I asked mom to cut her hair same like swathi aunty mom smiled and replied next time I will sure go for that cut baby. Now chaitu said both of them to clean themselves and take bath. Meanwhile we cleaned that hair on the floor. We also received the lunch and we arranged it on dining table. Both moms took bath and came out chaitu took the towel from my mom hand and rubbed her hair and dried her hair and aunty hair. Then he combed both of their hairs to his satisfaction. We all had our lunch and slept for some time in nude.

Time was around 6:00pm mom and aunty went to kitchen and made some coffee for all of was and waked up. We got refreshed. Myself went to swathi aunty and kissing her lips chaitu and anil are playing with my mom. After some time I started fucking aunty and they both also started fucking my mom. Chaitu in mom ass and anil in her mouth.

After some time I got exhausted and taking some rest by watching my mom. Now aunty went near mom and asked anil to fuck her pussy while she licks her pussy. Chaitu said no to anil and told to insert his cock in my mom ass along with him. Mom was about to say something but aunty stopped her and said let the children enjoy our bodies let them fuck how they want we are their sex slaves and told her to lick her wet pussy Wow I got excited hearing that and told to give my mom a super painful anal sex and don’t stop till you both cum in her ass.

Anil slowly inserted his cock in mom ass to which my mom not able to bare pain and shouting to remove the cock. I went near her and inserted my cock deep in her throat to make her silent. Aunty went under my mom and licking, widening and fucking her pussy with her fingers. Anil and chaitu started fucking her ass very hard with rough strokes. My cock got very hardened I told aunty that I want to fuck my mom pussy.

I started fucking my mom pussy, and aunty kept her pussy in mom mouth. We three started giving rough strokes sometimes my mom is shouting loudly to leave but we are getting excited and giving more rough strokes to her. Anil and chaitu cummed in her ass. I am not over so I inserted my cock in aunty ass and fucked her till I cum.

Like that whole night we three fucked mom and aunty in all three holes we even triple penetrated mom pussy and aunty ass and double penetrated mom ass and aunty pussy. We all enjoyed that day.

From that day whenever we like to have sex we three fucked their mom are my mom depending on mood and sometimes group sex. Mostly chitu used to play with their hairs by pulling soo hard even they like the most even me and anil also became hair fetishes because of chaitu and want to try some haircuts on both of their hairs once grown.

Mom’s Swapping With Friend’s Mom

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