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Mommy Received Joy With Son

  • desipapa
  • December 28, 2015

Hi Friends, this is Rinku once again with new story. Hope you all have enjoyed my last story. This is my 14th story on this site. This story is about one mom and son. This is not my experience. So don’t take me wrong way. I wrote this story as third person. You all will enjoy it.

First introduction of characters – first is the son, 20 yrs. Old and other one is mother 40 yrs. Old. Mother is horny and hot but not a wrong lady. She is having a great figure 38, 32, 38. Father usually went to office in morning 9 am and return at 5 pm

Mother is taking bath after father departure. Son is peeping in the bathroom. Son is watching her ass. This is round and very fleshy. Suddenly mother turned front and son become speech less because mom is cleaning her pussy with hair remover.

Now mom pussy is clean and fair in look. Son started masturbating at the gate of the bathroom. After some time he released all his cum at the gate and put foot cleaner on the material. Mother’s bath was complete so she is also drying her body and about to come out from bathroom.

Mom dressed herself and come to the kitchen and called the son for breakfast. “Come on son come down take breakfast.” Mom was busy in presenting breakfast. Son sits down and trying to see inside her dress from down. Mom yelled “what are you doing stupid boy”. Son said “mom I want to see you nude. I want to see female organs”

Mom gave a tight slap to his son. Shouted on Son – “what are you saying, do you know this is sin. And you want to see your own mom nude. Stupid I tell this to your father”. Son left the breakfast and went outside the house in anger and sadness.

He hadn’t returned on lunch time. Son was wondering on road. At evening father came asked about son. Mom replied he have gone to his friend’s birthday party might be return late. Now mom is worried. Son didn’t return in night even. He slept in near by park bench. Mom had taken slipping pill for sleep because she is very worried for his son.

Next morning father asked then mom again said lie that he slept at friend’s home and will return within some time. Father went to the office. At 10 AM in the morning son returned home.

Mom said to son – “Son its ok about your yesterday’s behavior. Don’t be sad”

Son said – “mom what you have decided about my yesterday word.”

Mom – “I am your mom are you sick I will tell to your dad yes so stop these nonsense”

Son – “no one loves me what I want which you can’t give me. You tell this to Dad and he will kick me out of the home. Do you think I am smart enough to earn money and survive? I have to sleep in the park like yesterday night”

Mom – “no don’t say like that….. I love u so much no no no”

Son started crying.

Mom – “Don’t cry son”

Son was become senseless and fell on the floor because of starve for last 36 hrs.

Mom holds him and trying to keep him in sense but in vain. He took him to his bedroom and keeps him on bed for rest.

Son awoke at 3 pm and went to Mom and said that Mom please give me some food. I was food less form last 2 days. Mom said oh son I am giving you come to the dinner table. But son said I want to take bath first. You please bath me as you were doing in my childhood. I am feeling weakness.

Mom agreed and told son to open your cloths and come to bathroom wearing towel I will bath you. Tent was arisen after seeing kneeled Mom while bathing son. But mom was not noticing this. She was busy in bathing his 20 yrs. Old son.

After bath Son has dropped his towel. Mother saw his big tool but more her face other side and left the bath room and saying that come down after wearing your cloths. I am serving you food down at dinner table.

So took lunch and both were quite. Son went outside for walk in the evening. Mom said I love you son. Return soon I will wait for you. Father came at five and he also saw his son back home. So no question for Mom he is having now.

At night after father slept Mom went to son’s room and asked – “what u want from me”

Son: “where is father slept?”

Mom: yes he has slept

Son: “Mom I am starving for sex but from you I just want to see female organs from very near sight”

Mom: are you sure

Son: yes Mom (son is convincing mom but his mind knows he want to fuck her)

Mom: not fucking me I will show you my body naked don’t dare to touch ok.

Son: I said ok

Mom strip there and am naked in front of son

Son: Mom please show me pussy lips clear

Mom came near son and now son can see. Son sat down and keeps his face near mom’s pussy lips. He doesn’t touch it but he smells it from his nose. Mom allows him. Now he is running his tongue on pussy.

Mom: no don’t do that

Son doesn’t stop he is running his tongue now inside her pussy very fast and like dog he is licking your pussy walls. Mom went away and get dressed. Son’s tool was get hardened so he done masturbation remembering Mom’s pussy.

Mom went to dad for fucking but he denied. Telling he is tired today. She slept off.

Next day morning scene

Son wakes up and comes down for tea. Mom saw in his eyes which are red.

Mom: how was sleep son?

Son: can’t sleep as usual because of last day incident. I was thinking that I have not to do like this.

Father is taking bath so he can’t hear our conversation

Mom: oh son you are so great……

She came near son kisses him

Son’s mind is clever he want her to careless from his side because he wants to fuck her today at any cost. Then Mom gave son tea. He drinks tea and after some time at 9 o clock father went to his office and Mom went to bathroom. Son is Mom in the bathroom while taking bath.

Mom was just bathing… after some time she feels that son is peeping and shouts at him. Naughty boy go away. Son went to his room. Mom was hungry for sex from last day but she don’t pretend it

Mom took more time in bath and washes her pussy and boobs long time. She wants her pussy to be cleaned by son.

Mom comes to breakfast table and her internal desire to be raped today by her son.

Mom: son! Come down.

He came down. She gave him food. Son is taking break fast. Both are quite but both want sex.

Afternoon at 3.30 PM

Son: Mom I want to lick your pussy once again today

Mom: no I can’t allow that

Son: please mom I don’t do anything more

Mom: hm k. only licking not any more only today

Son: ok

They went to sofa. Mom raises her nightgown and removes her panty. Son has started licking fast and faster than yesterday. Mom just allows him. Son is licking Mom and she was dripping now and son was drinking all the liquid.

Mom: haaaaaaaaa

Now Mom want fuck but you can’t say so she is making her body more open.

Mom: I can’t control if it goes more……….. So she says enough stop

But son doesn’t stop and rubbing his hands on her ass and holding her tight. Mom gets up and goes to kitchen. Son ran and catches her there and keep her down on there floor. Mom tries to escape. But son doesn’t want to let her go. He holds her tight and started tearing her night gown.

Mom: don’t do this to Son please

Son torn her nightgown and ride on her. He also tore her bra. She ran to hall Son holds her there. Mom dropped on floor.

Mom: leave Son. She began to scream

Son has started pressing her on the floor. She is crying with pain. Son holds her hard and throws her on the sofa.

Mom: ha oh leave Son plz

Son rides on her. Mom is pushing him. Son is pressing her boobs hard like beasts. He holds her hands back. Her both hands are locked back. Son’s tongue is running on her body. He is sucking her boobs for 10 minutes. Mom began to moan.

Son left her hand and with that hand his fingers are running on her clits. Mom ahhhhhhhhh it’s too good. Her pussy is wet now. It is dripping once again. Now she can’t stop herself to hug Son and now she is running her hand on son’s head in joy and sexy sound is coming through his mouth. Haaaaaaaa ammm. Now Mom wants a hard fuck and now she is holding son’s dick.

Mom: fuck Son. Son …………. ohhh can I suck u

Son: ok mom, suck it

They are in 69 position. Mom is sucking him harder even biting. Son is moaning now Yes mom yes. Like this Come on mom come on uuuuuu Mom is sucking deeper

Son: mmmm qhhhhhhh

Mom: ahhhhhhh

Now son’s tongue inside mom’s pussy and fucking her they are doing this 5 minutes

Suddenly the door bell rings. Oho father will come. Mom ran to toilet son check the door its 5.00 PM.

Father came back. He asks you why you are sweating so much and where is mom. Son said she is in her room. Why you are sweating. Son said ac of my room is not working and I m trying to repair it so Now it’s all right. Father goes in.

Mom went to kitchen for making coffee for father. After coffee son went outside for walk

Returned home at nine O’clock. Mom was thinking what to do after that she called son for dinner. Today father is also in mood to fuck her wife.

Mom was in kitchen son went to her and kisses and smooches her. And she says papa will see. But he says papa is watching match on TV today is Final of IPL between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. So papa is glued with TV

Father is also in mood to fuck you because he is happy Chennai won the match

All moved to hall when match was over. All took dinner. Then all went to their room for sleep. Son went near mom and said in her ears that he will wait. Son slept because he knows Mom will take time to come to him.

At 12 Mom came to Son’s room. It was not locked, she came inside. Son was sleeping

She called him. But he slept Mom will awake Son after giving Son blowjob.

Son woke up and hugged her.

Mom says you can’t fuck me today we will have tomorrow morning. But Son kept his dick on her pussy and pressed hard.

Mom: ahhhhh

Son is running his dick hard

Mom: ha ha. Fuck me son make me your slut I am your whore

Son is fucking hard and holding her hairs she is shouting. Now mom reached orgasm 1st.

Son: Seat on my lap mom, Fuck me. On his lap she is riding on him.

Son: fuck me from up and down hold my back.

Mom was fucking him hardly. Son is holding her ass and keeping her up and down

Up n down up n down. Son is now inserting his finger inside her ass hole.

Mom: ahhhh son I am Cuming.

Son: now I want to fuck your ass

Mom: fuck Son in doggy. Your dad never done this my ass is virgin

Son used some oil. Son is now pressing his dick slowly in ass.

Mom: please be gentle am virgin

Son: I m pushing my dick slowly

Mom: it pains please remove

Son: Please mom, bear some pain

Mom: no I cant

Son is slowly running his hands on her boobs and pressing it gently. Son is now doing to and fro action in some distance.

Mom: do fast

Son was giving one hard jerk with every 4-5 moves.

Mom: I am coming I am coming

Now son’s complete dick is inside her ass. And he is fucking her very hard.

Mom: come on my ass, fast your dad will wake up

Son is running his dick very fast in her ass. She is moving forward after each stroke.

Mom: come inside Son.

With each stroke mom’s body move forward and she came back for taking each stroke.

Son’s strongest jerk and she is on bed. Son released his liquid on her body.

Mom: ahhhhh I am so satisfied

Son is also falls on her body and lay on her body. Mom gets up n clean her body and goes to bedroom.

Both went and slept.

Next Morning

Mom as usual wakes up and went to kitchen and after that she came to son’s room and gave him a blowjob wakes him up… she left her room when he came in her mouth.Son went to bathroom and freshens up. Mom went to kitchen and busy with daily work.So friends this is the story. How you liked it or not please keep informing me on my mail I am waiting for your comments and valuable suggestions and guidance. Thanks with love Rinku. Enjoy reading fucking stories.

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