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Mom Took Off The Condom

  • desipapa
  • December 2, 2015

Hi, I am Piyush. I am 21 years old. I live with my mother, Renu. She is 44 years old. We belong to a rich family. My father does his business in Singapore and India. Me and my mother used to live earlier in Singapore but due to some issue, my father and my mother split up, not divorced. My mom used to look after our business with my father. Suddenly with in few weeks we came back to India after spending 8 years in Singapore. This incident dates back to 4 months ago .
One of my father’s friends came to India and stayed at our home. His name is Khalid and he hails from Iran but used to live in Singapore. He is a well built and attractive young guy. My parents and him were good friends back in Singapore.

When he arrived at our home, my mom was delighted to see him. She did all the bits she could to make our housed look fancy. He arrived like 4PM in late afternoon. My mom made lunch for him and we all ate together. He then discussed about the business and the surroundings and talks of Singapore. He then went to sleep and me and my mom watched a English serial series. When he woke up, mom made tea.

While drinking tea he said that he wants to go to a pub or disco as he never went to one in India. We all three got ready and left our home by 10, we enjoyed a lot in disc and I drank a lot. Khalid then drove us back at home at around 1. He said that he has got a champagne and wants to open it. We 2 sat together and then my mom joined us in her black top and shorts. She was looking to me like a fuck. Khalid and mom sat together and me in front of them.

While drinking, Khalid said to mom you are still hot and admired her legs. He used to do that casually so I did not mind it. He took out some weed and we smoked up. He was touching mom on thighs and her face.

He then suddenly kissed my mom on her lips. My mom resisted for the first kiss and suddenly she herself planted one on his lips. He laughed at it. Then we began to drink. I went to washroom as I was out and was feeling Pukish. When I came out, day both were not there. I heard deep kissing from the kitchen and the door was closed. I was totally in shock. All my alcohol got evaporated with my sweat. I thought lets see whats happening there.

We got a back door of kitchen which opens up in our garden. I thought that might be open and yes it was. I saw those 2 kissing like anything and Khalid was pressing her butts. He ran his hands in her top and dropped its straps. My mom was in bra and shorts. She took out his t shirt and starting sucking his dick. He was moaning and she was crazily stroking that in her mouth. He took out his dick and beaten her face with it.

He then placed it her tits and started fucking them and after 6-7 strokes he asked her to take it in mouth and cummed in her mouth. She shown him his cum and asked her to swallow it and that crazy bitch did that. She then sat on the slab of kitchen and opened her legs wide and he undressed her all and started kissing her thighs and legs he then made her to sit like her legs were on his back and he could see her glory hole in which he inserted finger and fucked that very fast. She moaned heavily and grabbed his hand as to control that but he was insane and did not stop and she screamed. He took those out and placed his fingers in her mouth and she sucked the juice on them.

He then took ice cube and inserted that in her pussy. She moaned more heavily, this time he grabbed one of her tits with ice in his hand and other one in her pussy. She went mad ans started saying just fuck me like a bitch now I want dick in there.i Was in shock and excitement. He kissed her pussy then and she pushed him away stood up and hold his dick, khalid took out condom from his pants and she helped him with that in his dick.

She placed her leg on one of lower slabs and khalid slowly placed it in with her moaning and screaming. She scratched his face when he was placing it in. Khalid than started fucking her and gave her few strokes, she made him to stop and started jumping on his dick. She then asked him to lay down on floor and she sat on his dick and started riding it.khalid hold her boobs and helped her with riding after few stroked khalid told her that he was about to cum. She quickly got down removed condom and took his dick in mouth and stroked it. Khalid cummed and she again swallowed it all.

She then cleansed her mouth and khalid was laying down. She went to him and said to him that I want to fuck you again and tickled his balls. Khalid said to him that she was bitch and a whore he would like to fuck again and again. She sat down with her ass in his face and asked him to lick it and he did. She moaned and started sucking his dick in order to erect it. She kissed it and started to run her tongue in it. It was coming into action and with her mouth that bitch erected the pole for the glory hole. Khalid pushed her away and wore condom and made her sit in his laps and this time khalid was driving her. He fucked her in a violent manner and biting on her tits chewing them and slapping her buts.

They both were sweating and khalid put her in floor and licked her pussy and finger fucked it heavily and she was going crazy. Khalid placed his dick in her pussy and stroked her with both of her legs in air and kissed her. She moaned and moved away her head as she was getting pleasure. He grabbed her tits and stroked her very fast for like a minute or 2. Her turned her so she was in his dick now. She started riding him and after 5-6 stroked she said I want it without condom and this time u r going to cum in my pussy. She rode him heavily and that sound of chap chap chap was increasing as they both were now pushing into each other now.

After 2-3 minutes she stopped and asked him to lick her and he slapped her pussy and finger fucked it again and started kissing her pussy and she was going crazy and he did not stopped his finger fucking and kissing and suddenly placed his dick in it and started fucking my bitch mom and she was like khalid you are the best fucker and because of u my stupid husband left me bit I want u to make love to me and fuck me like this. Khalid increased his pace and kissed her heavily.

After few minutes he cummed in her pussy and laid down on her body kissing her and sucking her boobs. They both laughed and talked about doing it again tomorrow and khalid walked out to washroom.

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