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Mom Told Me To Fuck Her

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Being an ardent fan of DESIPAPA it is my duty to tell my true story to all desipap’s fans. My name is MOHAN I am 18 years old boy living in DELHI (India). Now I am studying in I.Sc. first year. Five years ago my dad passed away from severe heart attack. My mummy is 48 years old widow, teaching in a girl’s high school in DELHI. she still looks extremely beautiful. She has D shaped heavy hips, big and firm boobs and has great figure. Her bulging boobs and swinging hips deeply excites every male.

It all began the day I came home from college and caught my mummy playing with her. She got all weepy, and yelled at me, and she was embarrassed as hell. But before long she confessed that she’d been really horny ever since my dad passed away. I was nervous, because she came out of the bedroom dressed only in a loose fitting rob that kept falling open, but I said, “well, why don’t you start dating around then? Any woman as good looking as you will have no trou! ble getting dates. “Do you really think i am good looking, raj?” she asked. She turned and look nearby mirror.” I don’t know…I am not as young as I once was.” I went to her and put my arm on her shoulder as we stood at the mirror together. it was then that, much to my surprise, my mummy turned and took my face in her hand for a hot tongue licking kiss. Then it was my turn to be embarrassed, but I had to admit it felt great kissing my old lady like I do one of my girlfriends, because she was a lot more responsive. Her housecoat fell open, and I could feel those big jugs of hers pressing against my chest. I didn’t time to think about what I was doing–that it was my mummy and all–and before I knew it, I was putting my hands on her big, firm buttocks and pulling her closer. I dropped my head to her breast. My mummy’s head fell back and she moaned as I took each of her nipples between my lips and sucked. Only this time the payoff wasn’t milk to drink, this time it was huge erec! tion that was straining to get out of my pants, it was so hard.

I led mummy over to the sofa after trying real hard to get my fingers inside the sheer panties she wore. She kept pulling the elastic band back up, no matter how hard I tried to get my fingers inside. I laid her down on her back on the couch and I knelt beside her, sucking her tits. After this mummy got between my legs and sucked me off. I watched as she pulled off my pants and freed my extended penis. She parted her lips and moved them lovingly over the head of my penis, and i groaned watching her head bob up and down, i noticed a few gray hairs on the crown of her head, and i thought to myself that this was the first time i ever had sex with proverbial older woman–my own mummy! I was stiff as a ramrod as mummy built up the pressure in my balls to unbelievable proportions with the touch of her hot, sucking mouth. she had both of her hands around my penis too, squeezing it into her mouth. She! looked up at once in a while, her eyes wide open and fill with love.

I began lifting my hips off the sofa to fuck her mouth, and mummy slipped one of her fingers in my ass. Just then I came, shooting a hot stream of cum into her gulping gullet. She tried to get away, because obviously it had been a long time since she’d given a blowjob, but spurts of it splattered all over her face and chin. I was still hot as a pistol and pulled her to me for a kiss. Just as I’d hoped, sucking me off only got her hotter for me, so I had her suck me some more in the 69 position, while i ate her snatch. Then i switched around and got ready to ball her. She still put up some resistance, whimpering that it just was not right and we’d both regret it, but I didn’t bother me. I slid my big penis into her hot wet vagina and watched her entire body was wracked with spasms of pleasure beneath me. That shut her up all right, and she didn’t give me any more grief. I started sliding ! my penis in and out of her hot, soupy snatch, grabbing a hold on her tits as I did it. I came right inside her and it was great. Mummy hung on me for a long time, and I knew she loved it.

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