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Mom Spices Up Her Daughter’s Sex Life

  • desipapa
  • December 4, 2015

Hello all, Please read my other set of stories Conservative mother turns whore.
This story is how my slut mother has interfered in my sisters married life and made her a complete sex maniac. Let me describe my sister Lina she is 30 married and having a 3 year old daughter. He is not as voluptuous as my mother is (38DD-34-40) and my sister’s figure is 30-28-34 she was lean and a horny girl.

I have seen her naked photos and masturbation videos which she used to make for her bf then (husband now). And her husband is an equally horny guy name deven 34 years old has his own business.

Coming to the story. My sister had come home with my niece. It had been 3 days only that she had come and it was getting difficult for my mother as since three days she dint have a fuck. And was wearing full clothes which she was not used to. In the night we could sneak through and mom came to my room after my sis and niece were asleep.. we locked the door and had a hot fuck, She removed her nighty and started sucking my cock, we both pleasured each other in 69 position for 15 mins, she made me rock hard and wet. After which we fucked like animals for 25 mins. I cummed inside her and we laid their naked and talking.

Mom: “ Kay karaycha..asa jar challa tar me marel, hi ase paryant tar majha chudta nahi aala tar”

Me: Ka evdha tension ghetes?

Mom: Tu gapp Madarchod, tu kay jaaun RIDA la jhavtos tujha lavda shant kartos.. majhya chut cha kay.. 3 divsaat mala koni jhavla nahi…

Me: “Mag tujhya muli la pan randi banav na.. mag doghe milun jhava jhavi kara. Tujhi mulgi ashi pan chuddakadch aahe. Phone bagh ticha.. tula Deven ani ticha jhava jhavi cha video milelach”

Mom: “Kay boltoys”

Me: “ Ho lagna aadhi khup vela chudli aahe ti.. tyachya kadhe jaaun nagdi basaychi ti, kiti photos pahile aahe me tiche , tu ek kaam kar mi udya late yeto, tu tila seduce kar ani chod tila, ekda ka tila chaska laagla k mag saangun tak, tila pan aplya madhye gheuya magh..ti avadine yeil asa mala vatata..

The next day it all happened as we had planned.. My mom talked dirty with her about her sex life and the conversation went very personal and my mom seduced my sis and had lesbian sex with her. When I reached home I opened the door with my keys, and I could see my niece playing alone, and hear the moans of my mom and sis.. When I went in I saw that mom was bending and licking my sisters cunt..

Man it was so erotic, I got so hard that I lowered my pants and went near mom and started fucking her in the ass.. She was moaning loud, aaaaahhh aaahhhh bhenchod aala bagh…. Tujha bhau kay jhavto…aaaahhhh yess yess madrchod ajun jorat… My mom bent and started smooching lina.. when she went to suck her boobs she found it too small.. It was a very erotic scene..i was fucking her with full force my sis was surprised for a while and then came back to her senses.. We changed position my mom started riding me in reverse cow boy position. And I was also pumping her hard.. we fucked for 20 mins and I came in moms ass..

That nite at dinner we all were just in our inners and undergarments. My mom was talking to sis.

Mom: Tujhe ball vadhatch nahi,.. majhe bagh.. he aai jhavade jhavun jhavun 36 che 38 karun takle. Deven dabat nahi ka?? Cholat nahi chokat nahi??

Lina: Nahi na, tyala pan chote watatat.. karto pan sodhun deto.. Jhavto pan kachakach.. pan ball mule thoda udas hoto..kay karaycha khush karayla samjhat nahi mala.

Mom: Silicone, silicone transfer karun ghe.. implant kartat ani ball size vadhat doodh pajayla pan kahi problem nahi hot tasa tar..

Lina: Karta yeil?? Kiti divas lagnar?

Me: Ek divas.. eka divasat operation hota.. next day sodhtat ani 4 divasani take kadhtat..

After this discussion my sis was very happy. My mom took an appointment of the doc and she had a silicone transplant done in her boobs..Every night she would remain topless after the operation and her size was increased from 30 to 36DD. She was very happy. Two week after the implant my jija came to my house to pick them up. He went mad looking my my sis her figure had transformed to 36D-28-34.

My mom was also extravagantly dressed that day showing her cleavage, the gown was transparent and half her boobs were visible. Deven was shocked looking at all this, but he couldn’t take his eye off from the girls boobs. Mom gave him a juice to drink and added a Viagra tablet in it. Within fifteen mins the Viagra was taking toll now, and my mom told my sis to show him his boobs have big they have become now, and my sis removed her tee and bra and stood naked in front of him..

It all started with touching and Deven dint even realize when did his dick came out of his pants and my sis was sucking it. He watched in my direction and I was smiling looking at him just and then he looked at mom and was stunned!!! My mom had lifted her gown up, her boobs were out from the top and fingering her pussy.

My sis got up and told him to just enjoy and that we all are fuckers here.. Soon we all were naked, my mom was sucking my dick and sis was getting fucked in cowboy style.. her boobs were in his mouth and his lund was fucking her chut.. My mom was getting horny looking at my sis getting fucked by her husband and she sat on my dick, we both were sitting out lips locked and were fucking like animals..

There my sis was moaning loud.. aaahhh aaaahh deven aaaahh.. fuck me baby fuck me.. Chod mujhe madarchod… aaaahhhh… make me pregnant.. suck my boobs.. aaahhh aahhhh…yes…

We all were exhausted and lay on the floor naked after the first session. Then I asked him want mom?? He just nodded in agreement and my mom simply moved towards him shaking her ass and boobs and gave him a smooch.. she started sucking his dick and he was enjoying her sucking to the core… she was sucking his dick and he was sucking my sisters boobs… I couldn’t control myself and I went close to my sis.. she started sucking my cock rite in front of her husband’s eyes.. But he dint say anything, he was in his own world of ecstasy.. he came over my mom and started fucking her,

I turned my sis and started fucking her from behind.. she was amazingly tight for my 7 inch rod. I inserted inside her and started riding her like a dog… she was also moaning loudly and saying bad words…

Sis: Aaahh aaahhh aai jhavadya…madarchod …. aaaahh kay lund aahe tujha… aaaahhh… tuch banavlas mummy la randi,….ssssiiii.. aata samjhla tu ka randi banlis mummy…aaaaahhh jorat ajun jorat… aaahh

Mom: Ho ga chinal… ashe laude aadhi milale aste tar kadhich randi banli asti mi …. aaaahhhhh tujhya navrya madhye pan dum aahe,,,..chod aur jor se… aaahhhh chod bhadve….
Aaahhh.. yess

The whole room was filled with noise of moans and pach pach.. we were sweating tremendously, all four of us were naked and we all came nearly the same time.. we laid their exhausted…

That night we again had a session and my Sis and her husband left the next day.. But since then.. my sis and her husband fuck everyday.. he doesn’t let her wear clothes at home.. she is naked after he comes home… He also had orgy parties with his clients and they also host naked fuck parties at their place…

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