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Mom Lost Her Trust & Respect

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

My name is Zarmeena Gillani. I am a student of 9th Grade and we are settled here in Lahore for the last 7 years. My dad is abroad and I along with my two younger brothers and mom are living in defense.  We are a happy family and my mom is a very strict woman. The story which I will narrate for you guys is about my MOM whom I thought to be the most respected woman till the time I saw her with my own eyes. My mom is 37 years old but still maintaining herself. She is 5 feet 5 inches having a fair complexion. She has dark silky black hair which is long till her hips.

She has figure of 38-30-36. She wears a bra of 38 D. She is very touchy about her physique that’s why she walks daily for about 2kms. It was 15th of June and the weather was really hot. Our vacations started and we were enjoying the first day at home. I was playing play station with my brothers that suddenly the telephone rang. I thought my mother is in kitchen so I rushed up to the phone but once I picked my mother already had picked up the other extension in her room. The person on the other end directly spoke… “ Zainab.. why is your cell switched off”. My mother instantly replied that she doesn’t know and said the kids are at home and she will call him once they will off to sleep. After some time we were called by our mother and she served us lunch. We all sat together and took our lunch. Then my mother said that go to sleep now and she will take us to pizza hut in the night. My brothers went to sleep but I got too suspicious about my mother. For me she was the ideal mother. Anyways my room is next to my mother’s room so I went to my room and locked the door. Mean while my mother cleaned the table and kitchen and returned to her room. Before going to her room she opened the door of my room and peeped inside but as I was pretending to sleep she closed the door and returned to her room. After waiting for almost 10 minutes I got up and took my ears close to mother’s room. To my surprise she was talking on phone. I immediately ran upstairs and picked the receiver of extension. Oh my God what I listened I could not believe my ears for several hours. I was totally lost. I could not even imagined my own mom will be talking like this. She was telling the guy that “ Arsalan.. Aaab ghar pe isterah subah key time call na kiya karoMy kids are at home and they might not get suspicious about us… The person replied … Ok Janah I wont call at your home number but bitch keep your cell phone on.  

Mom : jan you have to wait for a suitable moment now. Arsalan: No Janah I am leaving for Peshawar tomorrow.. You have to meet me today.

Mom: you pathan.. why don’t you understand we cant meet now.. My kids are at home.. Neither I can go out nor can I let you to come to my house

Arsalan: Janah try to do something for tonight.

Mom:  Ok I am taking my children out for dinner tonight. We will be back at 1130.. I will try to make them sleep at 1200 or 1 o clock… once I will give  you a miss call it will mean that main gate is open so you can directly come to my room.

Arsalan:  Ok Janah but try to be a little early..

Mom:  Ok darling take care but I wont let you for my ass tonight..

Arsalan: (He smiled and said ok)

After sometime my mom came to my room luckily I was in my room still pretending to sleep… My Mom woke me up and asked me the number of Hifsa. Hifsa is a local girl and works here in one of the beauty parlor. She is on call service for waxing. My mom called her and asked for an appointment at the same time. She agreed and in next 20 minutes she was at our door step. My mom asked me that she is busy in her waxing so don’t disturbed her. I said ok. After that Hifsa left and mom went to the washroom to prepare her self. To my surprise mom this time took a lot of time. She was looking very excited too. When she came out I saw that she was looking absolutely gorgeous. She told me to press her black kameez shalwar. I took out the clothes from Almirah and pressed it for her. She also told me to tell Shehzad and Nauman to prepare them as we have to be back by 1030.

I asked her why so early Mom and she replied that law and order situation in Lahore is not good so we must be back earlier but only I knew why she is doing this. I thought in my mind for one instance to call my dad and tell him the complete story but then some feminine feelings came and I realized that after all my mother is a woman and she has also some desries and feelings. She wore the black shalwar kameez with a matching dupatta. She had kept her long hair loose which fell up to her ass. She was looking really hot and sexy!!! I said to her, Mom, you are looking very beautiful!!! Mom just smiled at me and thanked me for the compliment. After that we went for the dinner to KFC. My brothers were playing in the play area while I and mom were sitting there. We consumed the food and there everyone was starring at my mom. I felt a bit jealous as well from my mom as all young mother fuckers were starring her. We reached our home at 1100hrs. I told my mom that I am not feeling well as that day my menses period just finished but I still pretend to my mom that I still had so I excused for an early sleep. My brother are also early sleepers. My room is separated from my mom room by a wall which has a common ventilator. I switched off the light in my room and tried somehow to reach the ventilator. I succeeded and I was able to see clearly my mom room as light was switched on in her room. Tv was on and she was sitting in front of the dressing table refreshing her make up. She reapplied deodorant on her body. I saw that she frequently glanced at the wall clock. She was looking very anxious and impatient.

It was almost 1145 now. Mom was getting impatient every minute…She got up from the sofa and started to move around in the room…At 1200 she took out her cell phone and called some one. She asked him to come inside after 5 minutes and come straight to her room. She went outside her room to open the main gate. After two three minutes she came back and again wore some perfume. She finally brushed her hair. After three four minutes arsalan entered her room and they both hugged each other as they are meeting after decades. I was astonished to see arsalan. He was a handsome man. He was about 6 feet long. Later I came to know that he was a captain in Pakistan Army. Any young girl could easily fall for him but I don’t know why he was interested in a woman of almost his mother age. My mom immediately asked him ..Jan did you locked the main gate and he said yes. On hearing this mom again hugged him tight. They both started kissing each other passionately. He then put his lips near mom’s ear and said something to her which I couldn’t hear!!! He then started to plant small kisses on her neck to which mom slightly moaned. After kissing her for some time I saw that Arsalan put his hand on mom’s ass to which mom suddenly shook a bit. He started moving his hands all over mom’s back and kissed her all over her neck…I saw that he then put one of his hand inside mom`s ass  and started to rotate it…Mom just twitched her head from one side to another and made a noise like ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssssssss…I guess she liked it! She asked arsalan…Januu please switch off the light but he replied..Janah I wanna see your lucrative body for which I am dying for the last two weeks…. They inserted their tongues in each other mouths and started exploring each other mouths…She now getting more and more horny and whispering to suck take off each other clothes.. Mom lift her hands and arsalan unzipped her zip of the shirt and took off her kameez…

Mom was wearing a black silk bra  showing off her brown hard nipple through her bra. When he pulled off her bra, her two big boobs were in front of him…They were really round and big…Her areola was very dark and her nipples were really long…They had become fully erect by now!!!

Arsalan couldnt control for long and as predicted, soon he put his mouth on one of mom`s boobs and started to suck it hungrily…Mom initially tried to push his head away from her boob but I think soon she lost control…now she herself pulled his head more into her boobs and after sometime she started to moan like …oh While he sucked one boob, he squeezed the other with his hand…

Suddenly, Arsalan caught one of mom`s nipple between his teeth and bit her, due to which mom suddenly screamed like After sometime he did the same to her other boobs.She couldn`t control her feelings anymore and started licking the chest and belly of arsalan.

Arsalan took her in his arms and threw her on the bed. He then removed his jeans and opened the NARRA of Moms shalwar. She assisted him in removing her shalwar. To my surprise she was not wearing any panty.

Mom then slowly got on the bed and sat down…He came near her and suddenly he grabbed her head and locked his lips with hers…Due to the sudden force, mom fell down on the bed…He was kissing her vigorously while mom was restless and breathing really high. He caught one of her boobs and started to squeeze it really hard. Arsalan then unlocked the kiss and started to suck her boobs…He started licking all over her neck and slowly progressed downwards…Mom was moaning like …… aaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee……….Januuu andar a ajoo aur na terpaoooo…

He forcefully pulled apart her legs, Mom`s pussy lips were shining due to her vaginal juice…HE then put his one finger on mom`s pussy and immediately mom moaned like hhhhhmmmmhhhhhhhhhh and closed her eyes.

Arsalan put his first finger inside mom`s pussy and mom suddenly groaned like aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa……He started to rotate his index finger inside mom`s pussy…mom was moaning loudly like aa After sometime Arsalan took out his finger from mom`s pussy…He then put his head down to her pussy…He took out his tongue and touched her pussy lips with it and mom suddenly moved and moaned like waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…

He then again put his tongue on mom`s pussy and started to lick it…Mom started panting and shaking…She was also moaning like. As the speed of his licking increased, mom`s moaning also increased…now she grabbed Arsalan.s head with both her hands and pulled it more into her pussy…She was mad with lust…She was also moaning loudly like aa. After about 15 minutes mom`s moaning became tremendous…Probably she was about to cum!!! And after few seconds, suddenly she screamed likeooooohhddddd!!!!!!!! and she came…She ejaculated a lot of water from her pussy which hit directly on his face…

She started making more erotic noises like oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. ssssssssssss & had just reached the last limits of enjoyment  which was clearly visible from her tummy the way it was shaking n making movements.

He took his tool towards her face & tried to force it into her mouth. She looked confused & asked him why. He told her to suck his cock which was hard by now. He again made her lie down on her bed & started planting kisses on her tummy & slowly moved his hands to her love hole again. This time he started finger fucking her & her moans got louder. This was really inviting  me & I inserted my finger in my hot pussy. She started making more noises & screamed yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss………… pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeasssssse dooooo itttttttt slowwwwwwwwly in my language. He never cared & started tweaking her nipples very hard. She had closed her eyes & was enjoying the pleasure that she was missing in her life as her husband (my poor dad) had failed to give her beacause of his job Now he was really hot & hard but didn’t have any plans of hurrying. He smelt her cunt. My mom was at the verge of excitement, She was now making loud noises and her expressions were clearly visible as she was bitting his chest n shoulders. He put out a packet from the pocket and to my surprise they were condoms..

Mom laughed and took it from him… She opened one and hold it between her lips and was smiling at him in a naughty way… She fixed it on his dick with the help of her lips and fingers and slightly rolled it down. Again he licked her cunt once & sent shocks to every part of her body. She arched her body & her mountains raised higher in air. She asked him to fuck her soon & I wanted the same.He placed a pillow below her ass & slowly inserted his protected tool into her dripping cunt. She suddenly screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….noooo as it was pretty tight. Even I felt the pain while just watching my mom, but she started pushing in slowly. Her screams continued & he was still for a minute with his dick in her cunt, waiting for her cunt to expand to his cock’s size. Thenhe I started fucking her slowly & it was paining for him which was visible from his face expressions as her cunt was tight, as she had no sex for the past few weeks. After a few slow initial movements, she asked him to be faster & he picked up his speed. She started screaming aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….fffffffffffffuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk me fast & haaaaaaaaarrder. For the next 10 mins, he was at his peak speed & she came continuously twice. I could see some kind of satisfaction on her face & even he was ready to shoot. But he continued with the same pace & by now she had come thrice & was immensly satisfied by the pleasure that he had given her. When he found hard to hold anymore, he took out his fully loaded cock out of her cunt, removed the condom & forced his lund into her mouth. She took it heartily & he came like a volcano in her mouth. She drank most of it & a little was dripping out of her mouth. She liked it very much. Both of them lay exhausted for a few minutes & then she voluntarily started sucking his cock which she seemed to be an expert in handling.

I could not imagine that my mom would be an expert cock. He came again after about 15 mins of hot sucking & this time he shot loads of sperms all over her body. Both of them laid there for a while and again they started hugging each other. They were laid and were kissing each other passionately. His one hand was on her right nipple while other was moving on her ass which was too big and soft. He tried to insert his finger in her ass hole but it was too tight and he couldn’t succeed. She became very frightened and shouted… No Arsalan you PROMISED not to do it. Some how after sometime due to insisting her she agreed. She said that for a women it is too painful jan. But he told her that this is his wish. She reluctantly agreed with him. she asked him that you should apply some thing on your cock to lubricate it. He went to dressing table and took a bottle of ponds cream. She turned her over and placed two pillows under her belly and opened her legs apart wide . Her beautiful, wide and soft ass cheeks were now before him. He bent on her buttocks and kissed her both ass’s cheeks.He moved his tongue on her whole ass and pulled it in her ass hole. She said don’t lick there his is dirty place but even then he was licking her ass hole. Even he tried to insert his tongue in ass hole. Then he applied some cream on his cock head and all over his cock.

He laso put some cream on her ass hole.  She said you did this good, thus my ass will become lubricated. He inserted his finger in her hole to be losing it. He did this for a while. Now he massaged her ass and put his dick in her ass hole as he pushed it slowly she cried loudly. He asked her that why she is crying as his cock is still out from her ass hole. She laughed at this and said that as she is too fear of ass fucking and when you put your cock on my ass hole I thought that it went in me, so I felt pain. She said to him please do it with a great care as your Zainab’s ass is too tight. He said don’t worry Zainab, I will care about it and you will not at all feel bad about it. He was pushing it very slowly and she was moaning and screaming. He entered slowly it was tight and his dick was all in her asshole. She was screaming loudly he was also having hard time but was enjoying much. He was pushing it very slowly and she was moaning and screaming. He asked her that is there too pain Zainab? if there is too pain then he will pause it. But to my surprise she said to him no that lets do it. As I was seeing now his all cock was in her ass till his balls. And his balls were between in her ass cleavage. She was now crying and screaming, but he  didn’t care her moaning or screaming. He moved one of his hand on her thighs and searched for  her pussy, which he founded soon. He started rubbing her pussy for a moment and then inserted his finger in her cunt hole. Now he was fucking her from behind her ass and under her pussy, She was now enjoying it much and was screaming.. oohh uufff its right, you did this nice.

Fuck my ass, fuck it hard and fast u pattan. It is not so tight and painful, as I was worrying. Its gives me a lot of pleasure I love you  a lot. She was now in great pleasure as she was enjoying it very very much. Now he was fucking her ass hole with a great stroke and she was pushing her ass towards him on his every stroke. She was now sreaming really high with immence pleasure and told him that these are screaming of happiness. I am very lucky to found Dick like yours in this age. Her these abuse-talking were making him wilder and his stroking became stronger. her cunt overflowed twice, and all his hand became wet of her juices. He fucked her ass for some time and when he felt that he is near to coming he grabbed her on both her shoulders, and gave her a strong, hard, and fast stroke. which really put her in pain and she shouting loudly saying you are going to tear your zainab’s ass. Yes tear it, it’s your ass you discover its hole you have right to tear it. She was moaning and I too was breathing heavily. Till this time I also came twice due to my own fingering. After sometime a full blooded stroke took place in her ass hole and filled his cum as he discharged in her ass hole. He fall on her, as his dick was still in her ass hole. He put out his cock from her ass hole and laid on bed and she also laid with him. She was too happy and was kissing him. She said to him that she is too pleased with him.

After this they both went to sleep in each others arm… I could not sleep for a while.. I could not imagine that my mother would be such a slut… She would be such a sex hungry…any ways I don’t know when I went to sleep and once I woke up in the morning my mom was still sleeping. It was 11 o clock in the morning.. I dum know what time he would have left.. I asked my mom to prepare the breakfast but she replied that she is not feeling well. Only I knew why she was not feeling well.. Later in the evening she was not able to walk properly.. Once I asked her reply was that now she is a mother of three grown up children. So pain is very normal but I knew how she was rding him in the bed.. I wash I could not have seen all this… Now I don’t trust and love my mother the way I used to do it…


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