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Mom Is Mine And I Had Her Body

  • desipapa
  • October 29, 2015

I am from AP.I dont want to reveal my name as it is a real story.

Here the story begins.At first I never had a thought of any bad intentions towards my mom.But after I read some of the stories of this site , I came to know that there can exist such kind of relations with no problems in life.Coming to my mother,she is a normal lady of medium height but very fair in colour.I like it very much.She is exactly 42 right now.But her boobs are so small which will be fit in one’s hand exactly.I dont want to mention her sizes because it is my personal property and nobody in this world knew them except my father.

She has the habit of wearing only sarees .But as a typical indian lady, she never used to expose any of the body but I used to have a sight of her pussy every sunday when she goes to sleep at afternoon and spreads her legs such that her saree goes up.I will view this from a corner when door is open which can be seen from hall.I sometimes jerk seeing this.That will be a very nice scene.This is how my sexual lust started and I am fond of the goddess from then to unite with her to be one.

One day when she went into bathroom when I was about to sleep(nobody was there in home),she did not lock the door thinking that I fell asleep.I found it was the right time to initiate feelings in her.So as soon a I heard the sound of piss of my lovely goddess,i immediately went near the door and opened the door suddenly, with my track pant little down .She was shocked to see my rod. I behaved as it happened unknowingly and kept my rod inside the pant and went to sleep.After she coming out before she started , I shouted at her “door enduku veskoledu?”(why didnt you close the door).

She felt ashamed and went to bed without speaking anything.At night I didnt sleep thinking of the incident.At around 1 30 am , I heard the sound of bangles very frequently.I guessed that ny parents were having fun of intercourse but I couldnt see as it is night but could hear by keeping ear on door.It immediately raised me . The following holiday ,when no one was there at home,i planned to fuck at any cost what might happen. I partially closed the door in which I was undressed and was waiting turning back for my mom.After five minutes she entered by opening the door. Again I pretended as I happened suddenly and went near the door ,closed it.She was now seeing at me only.I then took the chance and took the saree away from her body and covered mine .

She is in a state of confusion.Now I threw her on bed beside and climbed her before she knows what was happening.Closed her mouth by kissing her.I tore all the clothes and the only piece was on my body(the saree).She then regretted by slapping me but I didnt care.I caught her hands and rubbed my penis around her pussy so that she also gets aroused.After sometime I inserted my rod into her mouth and she bit it.Now in anger I bet on her pussy very hard and she cried very loud with rod in mouth.Now she understood that there is no chance other than to accept me.

I slowly inserted in my birth place and banged on continuously for five minutes and cummed inside her.I tied her hands and legs with saree and closed the mouth with my underwear and went to small nap as I was feeling tired.After I woke up,i found my heaven once again in her womb.Removing my underwear from mouth I slowly said in her ear that I recorded all this and I am going to show this to dad and showed the hidden camera.

But only the first part was recorded because the memory was less.She begged me not to do that for her.For that I demanded that she should be my sex slave from now onwards.She agreed for that and the session went on till evening 7 pm.My father was in at that time.

At night after they enjoyed their fulfillment, I went near her and slowly called her to come out.She came out and I took her into hall and again cummed into my birthplace after my dad did that.I sent her away after the session.The next day morning I did not go to college saying that I am not feeling well for today to my dad.

After my dad had left to office immediately I locked the door and was going near her.She was looking me with fear in her eyes.Suddenly I caught her ass from front with my right hand and pulled towards me.Now I felt the warmth of her body.

Mom:please son,please forget what all have happened yesterday

Me:what?What are you saying?What to forget

Mom:please son .I beg u

Me:but on one condition

Mom:yes son please say it

Me:you should forget my dad as I will show the video to him

She was shocked to hear this

Mom:please dont do that son for me .I’m your mom.U should not try to separate your parents.Its a sin.

Me:then be mine.No extra demands.Remove the clothes.I’m having lot of work in my birthplace.I need to go there.

She was totally dumbstruck to hear those words from me.

I removed my shirt and slapped her on left milk mountain.

She didnt remove now also.

So I tore all the clothes(even mine)and seduced her until she asked to go into her deep inside.

Then we had a lot of fucking sessions.

It happened about six months back.Now she is enjoying me instead of hating it.I have showed some of the porn videos of incest and she completely fell in love with me.We got married at our home only with only two of us when my dad was on vacation and it was my birthday too.We enjoyed that night like nothing before as if we were eating each other.Now I gave an idea of threesome to her and she agreed for it but was finding no one except my father such that we can believe them whole life.

In the next story I am going to say how did I convince my dad for this and had threesome also

So ,my dear readers,if you are really interested to join me n mom,please mail.We r interested in all(single,threesome ,foursome also).Mail me at

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Mom Is Mine And I Had Her Body

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