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Mom Helps Me In My Slutiness

  • desipapa
  • December 7, 2015

Hello this Is RIDA. I am a horny girl with a figure of 36D-34-38 kinda voluptuous. I have regular sex with my bf, he has a 7inch boner and everyday sex with him is like new and amazing, He is awesum in bed and fucks me not less then 30 mins ever. His mother is a slut or prostitute u can say he fucks his mom every night and I envy that. We both are a kinky couple and love to have sex anywhere and anytime. We have even had a quickie session in toilets of a lounge, blowjobs and boob suck in the movies. But I was not satisfied, I had to lie to my parents and it was getting difficult to given reasons every time at home.
It had been two weeks since I had sex and it was making me crazy. I tried to find out a way. As every girl has a slut in her, and I was such a sex loving slut I just had a thought that my mother would also be the same or must have done something same in her youth. Now lemme tell you about mom, She is 53 having a figure of 36-36-36 she looks ok and not so beautiful. I thought of seducing her.

My mother is a open minded lady and so is my dad. I mean they let me wear one pieces and some tops which show a little cleavage, and also elicit pattern of bloused and dress. My mother in her youth only wore sleeveless top. All this made me think that my mom also must have been horny in her youth.

I started talking to mom boldly in double meaning talks. Whenever we talked about marriage, I would also talk to her about my first night and honeymoon.

She was a bit tensed about my marriage once and blasted on me, I calmed her down that day and gave her a hug. My boobs pressed against her boobs and I pressed them harder, I told her “ worry I will find a guy myself All the guys that you are showing are seriously not worth it. Dekhne se and baat karne se samajhta hai sab family oriented hai, and joint family wale.”

Mom: Toh tujhe kaisa ladka chahiye??

Me: I want some one who is amazing in bed, who will lemme wear short skirts and all, I wont like wearing chudidars and dresses and kurtas after marriage. Who allows me to live life the way I want. And saas sasur ka hinderance na ho aisa.

Mom: So abhi se tere bed se sapne shuru hogaye, huh..

Me: Haan, isme galat kya hai.. dekho.. mere boobs dekho kitne raseele hai..saying this I removed my tee and my one short.. my mom got surprised and was inspecting my boobs..and said… “ bilkul mere jaisi hai tu..Mere bhi aise hi the..”

Me:”Maa tumhara size kya hai?? “

Mom: “36D”

Me:” Wow tumhare dikhao na..tumhare ab kaise hai..?

Mom: “ acha ruk “ Saying this my mom got up to go to the bedroom I stopped her and asked “Kaha jaa rahi ho” she:” are neeche kuch pehen to lu.. gown k neeche kuch nahi hai”

Me: “ haan toh kya hua.. main kaunsi parayi hu.. Utardo… saying this is lifted my mom’s gown… she removed it over her head.. my mom was wearing only a panty and I removed her bra also. Seeing her I was getting wet in side.. we both were topless, I was in short and mom in panty.. I started playing with her nipple and pressing her boobs.. she started moaning… aahhmm … my plan was working…

Slowly I pushed her boobs in my mouth and started pleasuring her..she was loosing it… I got up.. removed my shorts and panty in one shot, and pounced on mom and gave her a smooch….i was pressing her boobs continuously and rubbing , my cunt on her thigh…. My mom also started responding .. I removed her panty and she dint say anything.. I licked her pussy.. it had hair on it… and mine was clean shaven… We both had hot lesbian sex with each other and were playing with each other’s bodies for more then an hour.

After that we dressed up and mom went in her room.. I was thinking that my mom will scold me with what happened but no she was cool…she came out wearing my gown which was knee length.. I also wore my clothes and mom was behaving normal.. she asked me straight.. “abhi tak tu virgin hai?”

I was like mom!! “are isme sharmana kya hai.. and abhi iske baad to sharmane ka bhi nahi.

ME:” haan mom I am a virgin, kyu?’

Mom: Toh tera abhi tak koi bf nahi bana?? Kisine kabhi tujhe touch nahi kiya hai?? Boobs nahi dabaye tere??

Me: Nahi na.. Mann toh karta hai mera… lekin jin ladko k saath main rehti hu mere group k woh ache gharke hai.. and aise hai k tumhara cleavage bhi dikhta ho to ghurenge nahi…
Mom:’ Toh woh cleavage se maanle waale ladke nahi use jyaada ki bhook wale hai, Tujhe koi pasand hai inme??

Me “ Practically sochu to in main se ek hi hai jo mere requirements k hisaab se fit hai.. HARDICK(my bf) Marathi hai and iske mom bhi kafi modern hai… Acha kamata hai.. and fit bhi hai.. sirf dark complexion ka hai..”

Jab maine mom ko photo dikhayi toh mom was like dikhta smart hai sirf dark hai… baki sab sahi hai toh pata isko hi… I don’t mind getting you married to him. Mere khushi ka koi thikana nahi tha.. ab mera kaam banne waala tha.. Fir maine maa se pucha.. “ Tumne sex karna kyu chod diya..? kyu dad abhi kuch kar nahi paate kya”

I thought she would get angry but she instead replied.. “Tum bade ho rahe the toh acha nahi dikhta who so”

“ Tumhe abhi sex karne ki ichha nahi hoti?’ “ Hoti hai na..

“toh karo na dad k saath, meri full permission hai.” …”Hatt pagli, tere papa nahi maanege..”

“Are aap unke saamne nange ho jaao, khada ho hi jaayega unka.. fir kaha mana karenge..” My mom was seriously giving it a thought I could see that.

I changed the topic to hardick.. “ Maa lekin main isko patau kaise??” Bohat seedha ladka hai..

Mom:-“ are ye seedhe ladke hi utavle hote hai, tu uske saamne thoda expose karna.. thoda usko tera cleavage dikha, gandi baatein kar.. aj kal ladko ko aise gandi baatein karne wali ladkiya pasand aati hai.. tujhe ab yeh bhi batana padega??”

I was shocked seeing my mom like this.. she was taking very openly and so slutty. When I told my mom that hardick earns 80k a month has a 2bhk flat and owns an expensive car, my mom got behind me since that day.. I was very happy with this,, my plan was getting successful, now I could very well go to my bf and get fucked.. and the best part was I could wear all revealing dresses.

One evening my father was out of town, only me and mom were at home.. I told my bf to call me exactly after an hour, and I went and held my mom from behind.. I was just in my bra and panty.. I was playing with my moms boobs, pressing her.. I got her hot.. she pushed me.. removed her gown and got naked.. and we had a nice session.. just then as per plan hardick called and I told mom that he was asking for a pub, she was feeling so horny that she said ok go… I told him to pick me up within half n hour..{we had actually planed to go to a pub in grant road, it was a private pub where PDA was common and even people would be seen doing more.}

My mom told me to take bath till then she would remove a dress for me.. When I came back I was surprised to see the dress my mom had removed from me.. It was one piece which my aunt had got from the UK, Deep neck was showing my deep cleavage and she had altered it such that it came just till my thighs,… if I bent in it my panty would be seen such… My mom gave me a kiss and told me “NJOY. Give these (holding my 36d boobs) to him to play… let him feel them.. and winked at me…”

She gave me a smooch while leaving and said “ Use protection!! Don’t do it without it..” patted my ass and I left.. It was a great feeling for me, I was going to get fucked with official permission from my parents!!!

That Night that private pub had a Halloween party, I was as suched dressed so sexily that it was turning me on, Hardick told me that it is a Halloween party where you have to be naked… I was so horny that I unzipped his pants..and pulled his dick out…. I started sucking it…and he was driving.. he had great control over the vehicle, We reached there. I saw girls were just in bra and skirts.. some where in bikini, I saw a couple kissing in the parking lot.. all this was turning me on… When we parked.. hardick pulled me behind the car and started smooching me madly… he slowly pulled the one piece up and I let him pull it over my head… he gave me a transparent dress, he wanted me to wear this… I removed my bra, and wore that dress.. it was deep, 60% of my boobs were clearly visible and rest was as such visible…

When we went up, there were couples naked!!! It was an open sex party, and I was surprised to know that these were high society call girls also.. I looked at him, he had a naughty smile and said.. don’t worry, here no one touches each others girl, else the people will throw them.. I will fuck you…saying this he started to press my boobs from behind… I was pressing his cock.. he pulled me to a dark corner, there was a room, he removed my clothes as soon as we went there, I also removed his cock out, I was so horny for a fuck…I lowered down and started sucking his cock.. he held my head and started fucking me in the mouth.. he pulled me up, turned me around and started fucking me from behind.. I was just moaning hard…”aaahhh yes ye …… aaaahhh ahahaha …..”

“ Ye le chinal.. kya maje se chud rahi hai… majja aa raha hai na?? Randi… kya chut hai teri…”

Me: Aaaahhhh/… haan madarchod… teri hi randi hu main.. chod aur jor se…. aaaaahhh aaahhh..

He kept pounding me for half an hour and came inside me… I sucked him dry.. he pulled his pants up, it was then I realized that he had not worn his inners.. We went to the counter and got drinks for us.. the room was quite isolated I asked him the reason.. he said it is for us.. only you and me here… we both lifted the glass and drank it in one shot..

I was sitting in his lap, with his dick rubbing my cunt and my boobs out of the dress… just them mom messaged how is it going?? I felt so kinky that I took a pic of him sucking my boobs and sent it to mom… she just replied with a kiss smiley.. and messaged me to have him inside me….

I replied here sure, but place not good…Mom replied “bring him home.. your room is all yours” I wanna watch him fuck you.. let see what has he got…” and sent me a wink… all this while when I was chatting with mom…. Hardick was getting hard… I was high after the drinks… I asked him to let go home… and fuck the whole night…. We both went to the lift and I could not control.. I was playing with his cock and he was pinching my nipples…. When we reached the parking.. he took me to the back seat of his SUV… made me naked and mounted me…”aahhh aaaahhh bitch… u so hot inside… and squeezing my cock…”

I m your slut.. your whore…. Fuck me baby fuck me.. aaaahh aaaahhh m all yours…. I am your slave… fuck me wherever you want to… aaaahhh aaahhhh yes…

WE both fucked there for 30 mins… forgetting every thing… we both were so horny… he came in my mouth and I drank it all… I rubbed his dick with my boobs and made it dry….

I wore the dress mom had given and we headed home… we had fucked twice but we wanted more… how we fucked at home and how my mom fucked my boy friend I will tell you in the next story… till then keep posting your comments..

Any aunty or lady who wants some action, I don’t mind sharing my bf with you all…

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