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Mom Caught Son And His Friend Act

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  • November 6, 2015

Hi , everybody I am Nani . I am new to Desipapa. I like incest. This is a real incident which happened in my life. How a mother caught their child act.First I will say about myself . I am nani my height is 5.11 my age is 25.

This incident happened at the time my age 19 . Let me tell you about one thing about me. I am not a gay but my friend suri and I masturbate others while watching porn. We are neighbors we used to masturbate while watching porn. One day we got a bra of my mother then we both ejaculated cum on the bra.

Actually to my friend and me don’t have any feelings on my mother or on his mother. But one day my mom went to market as soon as my mom went we locked the door its a central I just pushed the center button . And I am my friend removed pant and underwear. We took two bra and started stroking others in hall.

As there was a wedding going on besides to my house there was a huge noise pollution. Suddenly mom entered into house as she has keys and I just central.Locked. We are nude down just t-shirts put on. And having bra on our penis. We were literally shocked and mom.Was shocked and shouted.

U idiots what are you doing ? Do you got that much age or what?. . And started screaming at us. We are frightened. We were standing nude and bra in our hand. She saw it and got more angry. She came near to us took bra and started bearing us. She also screaming at suri. That I thought you are a nice guy but u are doing these things what about your future

Let me tell you few things about my mom. She is typical south Indian and traditional women. Who. Wears saree with blouse and bra. No panty. She has 34 breast , 32 hip and 34 back.

After she started beating we are begging and saying we will not repeat this. After sometime she got.Cool down. Started staring our dicks. But they are not erected.

Suddenly she said show to me. What you do. We are not in a mood. She screamed at us do it fast. So we started stroking each other penis . She said u rascals u r using bra at that I came. Use that.

I kept bra on suri penis and he kept one more bra on my penis and we started stroking. But as we feared we didn’t erected as expected but liked both penis mom came and said stop don’t do like that. And he kneel down and started stroking with hands for both of us. We were shocked. Now she removed pallu. We can see cleavage too. She slowly started kissing my penis and kept into.Mouth after sometime I ejaculate in her mouth. Same did to suri also. She caught suri dick and started stroking and she put his 8 inches in her mouth and giving blow job.

Then I got courage and I went back and I hugged her and press boobs. She was enjoying. After suri cum spilled over. Then he lifted mom and sprayed on bed. He removed saree. I started removing blouse and panty. Sure caught petticoat knot and released it and pulled it forcibly. Wow there is panty she stark naked suri started pussy licking. I was pressing boobs and lip kiss after sometime she said stop playing and start fucking we were shocked to here such words from her. My dick is 6 inch but suri was 8 inch. I pushed my dick into her lovely cleaned pussy she said ahhh son u are lovely. Please be gentle.

Meanwhile suri gets blowjob .After few mins suri started stroking. Mom started screaming my god is the lengthier one ahhh please suri fuck me deeper. I.Love your dick she crossed her legs on suri ass. Meanwhile I poured oil an mom ass . She stopped shouting and asked what are you doing? I said I will fuck your ass she said no. Until now you father also didn’t entered there. So I said it is virgin. I said mom please . Shea said ok but slow.

I started inserting dick but it didn’t enter. Finally after sometime it entered she shouted you mother fucker bastards ahhhh I least bothered and started stroking. Now her pussy and ass are getting fucked. And next we exchange the holes. Now she was in heaven as suri dick was in ass and she is enjoying she got 2 orgasm. Finally we both came in her this our first fuck.

We slept there as nude until evening. Evening mom woke-up early and started breakfast. I and suri wake up and walked nude into hall. I went to kitchen and hugged from back. I asked mom hope you enjoyed? Yes beta I was starving sex since from months as you know your father was. Thanks beta .We started kissing I started breast pressing. She stopped and said wait I can’t handle now. And dad will come now. Both of put college leave we will continue tomorrow. I said ok mom and pressed pussy and went away.

Next day we put leave as soon as dad went to office. I went to near to mom and lifted her and thrown in couch and lifted petticoat upto belly upto started licking her pussy . And remove her clothes and mine too.

Now I started fucking in doggy position. That full day we enjoyed a lot and we enjoyed later also. We threesome enjoyed a lot. Even we once put both dicks into her pussy. She shouted. But later she enjoyed it. Once my daddy went to out of town. Then suri said that he will sleep in our home. He bought a pack of porn videos. We put on tv and started fucking as like in videos. Mom was enjoying more than us.

Hope you guys enjoyed a lot. If you liked it please comment below.

Mom Caught Son And His Friend Act

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