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Molested In Library

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello everyone! This is me Bhavna, with a another experience after my first one that was “Best cinema experience”. Well I was preparing for an interview for a teacher’s job and I needed a book for a topic so I went to a library!

After my experience at cinema it’s been a long time and I wanted a similar experience so was really looking for nice public orgy. Well I found my luck in library itself!I was looking for the book in shelf. A bald man came close to me started searching the shelf. He must be trying to get some book like I was. Well in order to look on shelf he used to come closer and for a time his mouth was so close to my neck that I could feel hi warm breathes over my neck. I was a bit aroused by that. Well I was wearing a tight t-shirt and a skirt till thighs. Soon I felt hot breathes on my leg!

It was a guy of 20 maybe trying to find a boy at lower shelf close to my legs. I found him peeking inside my skirt. Soon they were touching my body here and there by mistakes or purposely! Well soon I felt a hand over my ass. I thought that I should not let him but I found this quite arousing that getting used in public once again! So I let him doing what he was doing and this surely encouraged him. Actually I was standing in front of book-shelf and behind me was the wall! So we were at the end of the library room. There were maybe 3-5 people in total present scattered around! So chances of getting caught were next to zero. Soon he raised his arms and grabbed my boobs and started pressing them hard.

Now the boy also started to act! He came and planted a kiss on my lips! I too replied by sucking his lower lip! He entered his tongue and I sucked his tongue and his saliva. It was enough to let him know that I am ready for everything! The bald man raised my t-shirt and cupped my boobs over my white bra! Well he was now squeezing them quite softly now! The boy raised the skirt and pressed his finger hard over my pussy over my white panty. A moan escaped from my mouth and they got now that I am enjoying their acts!

Now the bald man asked me to remove my bra but keep wearing the t-shirt. I unhooked the bra and managed to take it out with t-shirt on. The boy took off panty keeping skirt on. Now my erect nipples were touching the cloth of my tight t-shirt. My 36D boobs were popping out with their erect nipples. Now the bald guy raised my shirt and took my right boob’s nipples in his mouth. He licked it first and then bit it softly. He was literally chewing it. I was in deep pleasure and moaning when the guy inserted his two fingers in my pussy. Now my right nipple was red due to the biting and chewing but the bald guy was not done he took the left one which he was squeezing yet.

Till now my pussy was wet enough as I already got my first orgasm. Then the guy inserted his tongue in my pussy! Ummmmaa! This was all I could say that time! I was letting a bald stranger to have my boobs and a guy my pussy! The guy was licking deep and deeper inside my cunt. And soon I got another orgasm and squirted all in his mouth and some on his face. Now the bald guy took out his dick. I was already prepared for it so I bent and took it in my mouth. I licked all of his 7” cock and started giving it a blow-job! I unzipped the guy too and started masturbating his 6” cock. For a time I forgot that I am in a library, a public library!

The guy shot his cum deep in my throat and I swallowed all like I was hungry for it! Then I took guy’s cock in my mouth and gave it a blow-job too. He too came soon while the baldy kept playing with my boobs. Now the bald man’s cock was standing again. He took me in his arms and the boy helped him by holding my waist. Actually now I was facing the baldy and the boy was on my back. Then baldy took his cock and entered my pussy and the boy behind me entered my tight virgin ass. I tied not shout and the baldy planted his lips on mine to make sure that. Now the baldy started fucking and with the rhythm the guy also started fucking my ass. I could feel both of their cocks going deep inside my holes.

All the while the baldy was kissing so that I don’t shout. Soon the pain faded and a flow of pleasure started. I was enjoying this double penetration so much. Soon I got my third orgasm of the day. The baldy took his lips back and asked where to cum. I said “ummm no fucking way inside! Please out of my pussy!’Till the time the boy came in my not virgin anymore ass. His hot cum sent a shiver from my ass to whole body. The baldy took his cock out and made me stand on four. I took his cock in my mouth and swallowed all his cum. I thought they are done but actually they wanted to molest me now.

The baldy moved his fingers on my boobs to find the nipples and once he found them he licked them over the thin fabric cloth of my t-shirt and bit them softly which highlighted the nipples. The boy whispered in my ears that I have to go to each man present in library and ask them to touch and play with me. I was on the highest level of ecstasy and insanity which made me agree with not a single argument. As already said there were 3-4 men – exactly 3 – in library.

I went to first one who was middle-aged. I went near him and as he took a look on me I took his hand and landed it on my right boob. For a moment he was obviously shocked but then praising his luck he fondled me breasts and raised my t-shirt and started fondling my naked boobs. Fortunately, other 2 men were in the same row and enjoyed this little show came by started exploring my whole body now. One was figure-fucking my ass, one was licking my pussy and one was pinching my nipples and playing with my boobs.

Soon I reached another orgasm giving me a feeling beyond satisfaction. I just wanted to reach home and take a sleep but the men wanted pleasure too. So I gave hand-jobs to two guys by my two hands and blow-job to one. When thrice of them came I left library greeting bye to all 5 men __ the baldy, the boy and the other three. I took a taxi and reached home. I slept for 8 hours that day. In whole incident I forgot for book and my preparation for interview but fortunately I got the job.

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