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  • September 13, 2015
As a regular reader of desipapa stories, this is my first contribution to this wonderful collection. I am Chaitanya from bangalore and my only sexperience was with my sister Nithya(2 years younger). Let me describe my sister. 21 years of age, she had looks of a conservative indian girl, something that lots of boys would die for(she was the most popular girl in the neighbourhood). she had a perfect body and above all, her hair was very long reaching her ass. To be frank, I am not much of a bomb among girls anywhere I go, relying only on my intelligence to attract the opposite sex(and failing most of the time).
I was proud of my sister, especially when my friends looked at her with envied interest, but never had intentions of having sex with her. All this changed one fine day when my parents left for a marriage reception leaving my sister behind in the house(my family lives in Madras). I was away at my friends place and returned to find the house locked from inside. To give my parents a big surprise, I entered the house through another route that I managed to find without using the main door(my house was on the first floor and had an open terrace). When i got into the house, I was surprised to find nobody in the house and peeped into my sister’s room as it was lit. What I saw changed my life completely. My sister was standing in front of a mirror, with only her bra on to cover her top, and admiring her assets. Her hair was completely let loose and she looked like a goddess. My first reaction was to walk upto her and kiss her, but I controlled myself and went into my room. There I jacked off fantasizing about my own sister. That was amongst the best feelings I ever had.
Though I had a feeling of guilt, there was excitement about this new found sense of lust for my sister. I was waiting for the right day to make my proposal for sex. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait for long as my parents were going to hyderabad leaving my dear sister under my care.
It was the first day of our privacy and I decided to make my move. I saw my sister coming out of the bathroom half wet with her hair bundled in a towel. I couldn’t resist the sight of her and went straight to her and splurted out “I love you, Nithya”. She was bewildered and didn’t know how to react. seizing the moment, I grabbed her and kissed her lips full throttle. After initial resistance, she succumbed to the rising sexual tension between us and allowed me full access to her mouth. meanwhile I undid the towel that hid her lovely hair and her hair fell down with such a lovely trajectory that turned me on still. I broke the kiss and turned my attention to her neck and kissed her there like crazy. She signalled to me that she wanted her lips to be attended to, so I gave her another round of kiss on her juicy lips, penetrating into the deep galons of her mouth.
While we did this for about 5 minutes, when we finally broke the kiss my sister was smiling and encouraging me to make the next move. So I just lifted her off her feet and took her to her bedroom in front of her mirror where i first saw her beautiful body. Here  I made her stand facing the mirror and I went to the back of her so that both of us could see what I did to her. This made her hornier. She was moaning all the time. As I kissed her on the neck and simultaneously removed her salwar, she was able to see what I am doing to her and feel it too. I twitched her breasts and she gave a naughty smile. By this time, I had removed my clothes too and was in total ecstasy even though the final act of sex was not performed.
She suddenly turned around and pushed me in front and kneeled, ready to take my thing in her mouth. She had no trouble taking in my 6 inch cock and started the ritual by applying her saliva on my shaft. my hot rod’s sudden wet experience was beyond anything that I could imagine. In no time she was working with fervour to make me cum. This was a feeling that could match none as I glided through the gates the ecstasy. I was trying to hold on to my cum as I didn’t want to dirty my little sister’s mouth but I couldn’t hold on for more than 5 minutes. so I pushed her away and splattered the cum on the floor. With the _expression of ultimate pleasure largely writ on my face, she playfully asked “How about returning this favour?”. “Sure”, I replied. I made her sit on the bed and started kissing her feet and went slow and steady into “the” place. As I started moving near her virgin pussy, she was not able to sit erect and was on the bed on her back. I separated her two legs and hid my face in between the valley and played with her pussy with my sharp tongue. I found her valley’s key (clitoris) and teased her for quite a while. She started shivering and moaning with pleasure. I inserted my tongue into her vagina and started making round circles inside with my tongue. She was on top of the world and came twice during this time.
She requested me to stop this treatment and wanted me to fuck her. I too was waiting to fuck her, and with no further ado inserted my virgin cock into her virgin pussy with me on top of her. It was very tight to begin with and I had to use a lot of force to penetrate her pussy. She cried and begged me to take it off, I was feeling the pain too, but did not want to lose this moment of pleasure. After I was totally inside her, I gave a few slow short strokes to start off the fuck. My sister was screaming and i felt sorry for her. At the same time I was confident that the pain was only momentary and she would experience extreme pleasure after a while. After few strokes, she felt the pain ease and began to match me stroke to stroke. We fucked in fine rhythm and I was happy to see the smile return on my sister’s face. After all I loved her. I was playing with her body too all this while, twitching her breasts and kissing her lips. After about 10 minutes of continuous fucking I realised that I could no longer hold on my orgasm. But my sister wanted all the cum inside her. So, I pumped the whole cum inside her and lay on her body for a while. It felt like I was in heaven.
I looked at my sister’s face, so serene and innocent. It was tough to believe that she had lost her innocence today. I lay on her body for more than 15 minutes just looking at her and in the meantime my limp cock jumped up again in anticipation of another round. This time we had in the doggy style. That day I fucked her 6 times and we roamed around the house nude for the next 3 days till my parents came. It was the most wonderful period of my life, the period when I realized my sexual strength.
This happened 1 year ago and till the last month, i fucked my sister atleast once everyday. Now I am no longer in Madras as I had to shift to Bangalore due to my work. It’s been a month since I am in bangalore and living alone in a room has brought me constant reminders of the wonderful relationship I had with my sister. I am now looking for girls who are interested to have sex with me. If you are a girl in bangalore and interested to explore the possibility of a relationship with me or if you have any feedback about this story please mail

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