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  • August 19, 2015

When I was in my 12th standard. iam16 years age at that time, In our apartment I my brother, my sister in-law, my mother, and my nephew 5 months old were living . till then then it was not known to me about a women/girl. my sister in-law is very beautiful, and charming and she is very careful to me. because we were living very happily respecting each other. One day I entered in my sister in-law’s room for some money, ( because my brother and my mother was not in home).

At that time my sister in-law was feeding my nephew, she smiled and welcomed me and asked how are you ? replied ok. and asked some money. she smiled (beacuse it was my first experience of asking money to her) and told me to take from her purse as much as i need. but i brought her purse to her. she insisted me you are my brother in-law and you are free to take money without her permission as much as i need from her purse. but i still given her purse respectably. She smiled and gave me 100 rupees. ( ac! tually i was in need of 10 rupees. ) but she told me i am asking her first time so she is giving me this much amount .by saying thanks to her, i turned back. Suddenly she called me to keep her purse on the dressing table. i was going near to her she raised her hand holding purse to give me mean time my nephew turned because of my sister in-law’s voice. as soon as it left the breast and my sister in-law’s hand was up-side and i was looking her, her breast was open to my look. suddenly i took her purse and kept over dressing table and ran away for the college. But that day was my fist look over the female anatomy. I was totally out of control. and nothing was interesting for me . my sister in-law’s breast was comming in mind. It was having some attraction for me.

I come back from college early. i was not having any interest in any work or in studies. even not interested to take food too. my mother asked me about my health. and she was worried too. And here my sister in-! law was much aware about my situation, laughing asking me what happened to you ? . It was second day after dinner ( sunday ) after complete vouching about me, my sister in-law came in my room and told me i know what happened to you and i can care you. i replied really can you ? she replied yes , and said i am very sorry because of me you loose your concentration. And she told me don’t go to the college tomorrow. !!! I accepted her advice, and i didn’t go to the college saying i am not feeling well so my mother told me to consult the doctor. My brother went to the office , and my mother went to my aunty’s appartment for a keertan. now only three persons were in the home, ( i , my sister in-law and my 5 months old nephew ) . I was laying in my bed room, it was around 11:00 am my sister in-law came and asked me about my health , she kept her hand over my fore head, and told you are almost al-right. so better come with me and she hold my hand and took me with her to her bed room ,! my breath started abnormally, she told me to get relaxed. she gave me glass of water, after finishing water she asked me, now ! shall i start the treatment ? I was confused about the treatment , she kept her hand over my head and gave circular motions , and told me again i am sorry , because of me you are in this situation. and told me , because you saw something new but didn’t see full sight untill your desire finishes.

I understood what is she saying and i feel this is the right thing , now she told me you have to follow what ever i told you. i agreed , . She was just three feet from me, we were both on the bed. She told me if you see full sight over me then only you can get normal , i agreed ( because , this situation was due to this only ) my sister in-law removed her saree and opened her arms and called me come on i kept my head over her shoulder and arms around her , she hugged me , and kissed alot. i replied positively. now she left me and told me to sit comfortably! , and start oppening her blouse hooks, and remove her blouse i was expecting i can watch directly the breasts but she was wearing bra, now she called me to open the bra i helped her, she smiled and kept her blouse and bra aside, she was nude infront of me, she hugged and kissed me again .we were sitting position she told me to have look over her , aah ! she was looking very beautiful, my breath were abnormal for the whole time, i saw her beautiful Breasts these were erect , round and perfectly shaped, i couldn’t stop watching , i asked her you are great you have done so much for me , she told me yes because i am responsible to take care of you, your education , your health and your every need by your brother’s order. and she also told me that she was afraid when i loosed concentration because of her. so she did form me. to say thanks i got closer to her i kissed over her shoulder & neck . she was also replying me positively, and she was not opposing any of my action. i lay! ed over her lap ( thigh )and my hand was around her waist and one over her shoulder. she welcomed this position and gave me great kiss. as she bent down to kiss me her breasts touched me , having some hesitation i touched her breasts , oh !aaah ! what a sweat touch was !!! her breasts were hot and hard, her nipples were tough and erect almost half an inch long and thick like finger.

She was also pleasuring me so she didn’t oppose me., suddenly i fondeled her breasts lying in her thighs (lap) after few fondeling actions the milk came out and i decided to drink as soon as i opened my mouth she told me i want to taste the milk , so suck some milk and pour in to her mouth , i done it for about three, four times , she enjoyed and i didn’t leave her untill she cried holding my hair stop leave some for your nephew. i left some but my desire was some more and i started sucking other breast , she was crying stop, stop if your nephew asks then i can’t arrange for him, . i left ! her , and start watching over her top. Her breasts were still erect and i felt they are smiling at me, she told me now your treatment is over go and concentrate over your studies . i left the bed and moved to go. but my penis was still complaining that i didn’t cared about it. as sood as she was going to wear her bra i attacked her from back. she cried , laughed , and told me will you leave or want to be here untill maa comes back. I was from her back spread my legs to occupy her in me and hold her tighter from back covering and fondling her breasts . she felt my penis force, and pulled me down she was over me her petticoat was up untill her knees, and she was over my stomach. I turned her to the down and now i was over her now my legs were between her legs, and one of my hand was spreading over her thigh, she told me now go . it is over. after kissing alot i left her take the shower and start studying hard , my sister in-law helped me to reach the top in the class , daily she! brought one glass of milk for me , and she feed from her breasts while going for the exams , apart from the glass of milk. Really she helped me alot. i suck her lot of times when ever we get suitable time. After few days.

One day my sister(own) was admitted to the hospital forher pregnancy and my mother was to be with her in the hospital. And my brother was reported he will be out of town , for three days. my mother telephoned and told to bring lunch to the hospital, my sister in-law prepared lunch, she told me to take lunch with her i replied no, i will take after returning , she replied she is very hungry and want to take lunch with me. i agreed to take lunch with her , she prepared the table and we were taking lunch suddenly she give some food in my mouth it was too pleasureable for me that i forget to take my food , i got closer to her and asked untill i finish, mean time some times i feed her too. and during this i told her to go to her mother and father. she ag! reed and told me to take permission from maa on my own , don’t tell maa about i am asking the permission, i agreed . untill i reach to the hospital my mother took lunch and kept that food for dinner, and told me don’t bring dinner, during this i told to mother , there will be no other person will be in the home, so i think better to leave my sister in-law to her mother’s home, . my mother got angree , idiot who will serve us in the hospital. she is responsible to take care our home .

I agreed and came back to the home. my sister in-law took shower , bath and had make-up , keeping in mind that she will go to her mother’s house. but i explained everything about my mother’s decision. she agreed and thanked me. she was still happy. we took dinner together, now i was lying in her lap (thigh) she was feeding me and she was taking dinner for herself simultaneously. after finishing dinner we gone to our rooms , i was not having sleep so came back to watch TV, she came in the hall f! or same the reason, i was over single sofa , she sat over double sofa and called me , come here , i sat beside her , she was spreading her hand over my chest , and over my head , . after some time , she switched off the TV. and brought me to the bed room saying idiot , you are missing this opportunity. i replied oh, suddenly my nephew wakeup , she told me go and come after 15 minutes till then i will feed your nephew. i came back and prepared my self for a big task. after 20 minutes i entered my sister in-law’s room ooh ! aaahh ! she smelled the room , and she wore her wedding dress having red wedding cloth over her head and body, she was looking as same as she is bride, i entered the room and shout it is un-imaginable she didn’t reply, i sat near to her over the bed. and saw around everything was sexy, even she changed the bed-sheet, i slide her red cloth , aaaha ! she make-up for me again , i hugged and she laughed and kissed me in reply.

We were hugging each other ! for few moments. then start kissing , i started removing her cloths she was smiling and laughing , and she also started undressing me, i was happy for this situation, she was almost nude, it took almost 45 minutes to make her partial nude, now she was wearing bra and petticoat, and i was having only under wear, she stopped and kept our cloths aside , and start making love , we were dominating each other, during these moments i removed her bra, she was happy, and again i saw her hot , naked , round , hard breasts and erect nipples waiting me, i start playing, i forget everything, i suck laying beside , she was spreading her legs over me, and becoming closer and closer to me, after emtying her breasts from milk , i got full energy, i kissed almost every part of her body and she done so i did. now i tried to open her petty coat , she suddenly kicked off me and pushed me away, And told me , i am not your wife, i am your sister in-law, it means i am your half wife not full, and you! are my half husband , as i was out of bed she was angry and lying in the bed. her situation was un-explainable, she was nude from waist , stomach, Breasts, and head , i other side her petticoat was covering her from waist to the legs , but during our lovemaking actions, some part of the petticoat was gone upside and her knees were open t eye, and the part of the pettycoat which tieds over waist was open , i was very afraid about this un-successful mission, Then i decided to say sorry , and i got closer to her and kept my hand over her shoulder and said sorry , she pulled me over her and again i was in the bed. now she taught me in detail about half-wife and half-husband responsibilities, she also told me the things we are doing are also illegal , but these are legal in my opinion only.

I apologised , and promissed i will not hurt you , i will follow your rules. she agreed and we start playing, because i had opened her pettycoat already , it was slipping down , i felt! and decided to uncover this part un-knowingly. i left her to the top having touching her hips to the bed, it worked her pettycoat was almost 9 inches down, it was good sign for me , she didn’t noticed that i done it willingly, i didn’t see over her thighs, i kept my eyes always over her Breasts and over her face. she was closing her eyes some times, i was over her top. i brought her to my top, i was lying and she was over me.

I was spreading my hand over her waist and back, suddenly i decided to do something new , i scrolled her over me , now she was lying over me fcing the roof (ceiling) now i was speading my hand over her stomach, abdomen, and over her breasts, i got full pleasure during this situation, and mean time , i stood up holding her legs was touching to the bed , and i found her petty coat is comming down , i was looking her face only, just to say everything happened unwillingly if she complains against her pettycoat removal. she noticed my face that i am unawar! e about her pettycoat , she bent down and brought me closer to her, now she was free from pettycoat but i didn’t see, i was over her and giving unsuccessful strokes, i start kissing as soon as i reach the waist area and didn’t find the pettycoat , i suddenly stopped kissing and tried to cover her with pettycoat, but she told me continue and leave that pettycoat, i removed it myself. I said her thanks and start kissing again , i can’t forget that moment, when i saw her pussy from the panty without removing that panty, i was embrassed, and kissed alot that area, and tried to see from the panty, she was laughing by watching me doing this , i gave some toung strokes to her pussy from her pnty, she laughed and she enjoyed very much by this action, as again i rach her Breasts , she worked over my waist, and romoved my underwear giving warning don’t miss use of it. i agreed and i was totally free from cloths, i was happy, my penis got freedom. She was also happy by seeing my penis, i! t was small , thin (because i was just 15 years old) she laughed at me and complained me by holding my penis, oh it is too small . i afraid , but she replied me, don’t worry i just joked , you will get it longer after few days , you are in growing stage, and gripped me in her legs, now i was stroking her pussy from over her panty. she also enjoyed these strokes, and i felt comfortable. i was making new and new strokes, some times very hard, and with extensive force, she told me if you rupture this panty you will be free to do anything, anytime, . i was trying to rupture the panty, but i failed to rupture we were tired and i relaxed holding my sister in-law , after few moments she asked me are you tired, i felt she is challenging for the big task.

I replied it is not easy to rupture your panty, so i am sorry, and start again trying this hard, this time my penis stroke her thigh she and i felt enjoyment, i decided to strike this area only, she was feeling good , and sho! uting , crying, suddenly i got an idea, why don’t try to take entry from other side, i start hitting over her thigh just the place where the panty starts, it slipped for a while , now i was watching over her panty for maximum time, some times in between to kiss her breasts and to hold her tighter i used to see her, now i got an idea, i sat in between her legs and opened them very wide, she shout what are you doing , as soon as i spread her legs very wide i started kissing her knees , thighs , and near the panty i kissed alot and spread my tonge over her pussy and then again spread my tounge over her thigh and inserted my toung in to the space of panty and the thigh and i wet that area , by keeping her legs wide open , i made few penis strokes suddenly my penis got the entry in between thigh and the panty i didn’t remove my penis i exerted extra force to send it deeper and deeper, she cried what are you doing, i told you to rupture the panty and you got entry some other way, an! d laughed , and told me you are genius, then she told me get out, i accepted her, and removed my penis, she can do that also by scrolling or by any moment but she was wanting to know whether will i accept her command or not, she laughed at me and told me no you are not permitted to do so , i accepted her words , and i replied it was in just your challenge.

She kissed me proudly. and she told me ok, the game is over , go and sleep, i begged her please show me your pussy, she smiled , and replied yes, otherwise again you will your concentration as it happened few days before with that of BRESTS , and she told me to wear my underwear, i wore. and she signaled me to remove her panty, i said thanks , then start kissing her from her head , and i took circular moments to her moving around her from head to face and around face and around neck and and spent lot of time over breasts and back and waist, and again Breasts, breasts and breasts, and moved tothe stomach, abdomen and final! ly reached her panty i kissed her that area alot, and again thanked her and open the pussy, removed the panty and kissed alot that area , she was emberrased , i intrduced my tounge, and made inside outside momets, she was licking and , she was well for this , she hold me and brought me to up i started making strokes, i was wearing underwear she was 100% nude, i spent lot of time seeing her , everything was new for me, i enjoyed alot, she too. the night was almost over i slept with her in her bed. morning , we took shower together, Since then when ever we get opportunity we enjoy. now she allows me to keep my penis in her vigina without making any strokes, she opens her vigina for me , she feed me , when ever i go for any exam or interview she feeds me.

When i need her milk. i tell her in advance which day i need her Breast feed. she comes in the morning she brings a glass of milk, wearing night gowen nothing inside the gowen, she comes and open her breast with her hand and the! other hand over my head, i sit in the chair, and she stands, i suck untill my desire is over, and i cover her breasts saying thanks, she smiles and laughs, . and goes , back , really i love her very much, she have done so much for me since then, she really cares me. no one is so beatiful like her. i feel comfort in her thighs, lap, shoulder, neck, and in her breasts. i forget everything after seeing my sister in-law,she even allowed me to fuck her we had relatioship still she moved to mumbai,iam alone if you are secretive,want discrete relatioship contact me with your ,IF UR ONLY STAYING IN DELHI OR ITS NEIGHBOURING PLACES ONLY. mail me at

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