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MFM Experience In Bangalore

  • desipapa
  • August 25, 2015

This is Rahul 26 staying in Bangalore. This is my first story in DesiPapa which is a real incident i am putting it here with the permission of the other 2 persons involved.

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The relation i am sharing is 4 month old. In the September i returned to Bangalore from my US trip and I just had my first mfm with a Indian cpl there for 2 months. I will share about my US experience in a diff thread if you guys interested in 3some funs. After 3 weeks in India I started to miss the thrill and kinky fuckery i was part of with my couple friend.

I just wanted to see if I can get the same mfm thrill and excitement in Bangalore. I just posted about my interest in one personals section in add sites. No response for 3-4 days next Saturday morning i received a reply from a guy named Varun. The reply is like he is not sure if they want to try it but he want to meet me to talk about stuff on mfm. He was clear that it may be just talk and may not go forward. He just provided me a number to call. About him and his wife. He is 32 and wife(Nethra) 28 married for 3 years. Few names and identities are real few changed based on the real persons approval.

I just dialed the number and we didn’t wanted to discuss much on phone. He said he can meet me tomorrow afternoon in common place and it will be we he only as he has not spoken to nethra about this. We met in 1st floor coffee day near jyothi nivas kormangala. He was interested in involving a guy or couple in bed and they both have spoken or done similar role play in bed. His main concern was how to start it and rules of it. I explained him the fun part of it all things for safety and secrecy. After talking to me he was sure of secrecy safety and real spice in mfm. But he wanted to speak about it to Nethra and decide on next course.

I had received 2 more replies for my add but i decided to wait for Varun reply before checking next couple. After 2-3 days I got a call and he said he had talked to Nethra but he said he only spoke of meeting stranger guy for lunch n shopping movies etc outdoor activities. I said I am fine as also didn’t want to put things in fast forward mode. We agreed to meet Sunday for lunch.

I was early at the restaurant or they were late by 15 min to restaurant than agreed time. I seeing Nethra for first time so about Nethra. she is a average looking with decent figure. Not a disappointment nor excitement. More she was in loose clothes keeping all inside things properly hidden. Not sure why she choose such a non sexual dress for first meet. We had our lunch talk was not so great as Nethra was still reserved mood. Varun was asking me all question about me so that Nethra can know about me. We had light lunch in and Varun suggested can we do some shopping as its nethra birthday in 2 week. I was ready and Nethra also agreed and looked happy for shopping. i just spoke Varun when Nethra went to get fresh and put plan for shopping.

When we entered the parking of forum koramangala Varun said he has to call office colleague and asked Nethra to continue shopping with me. Nethra was bit hesitant and on lets wait mood. I forced her lets get started shopping and Varun can join us. She agreed and we went to west side. she chose some tops few sleeveless and exposing type. i messaged Varun wait more time in parking. She was waiting with selected top to trial for Varun. I said you can try and i will help you decide.She agreed as she was bit comfortable with me now after talk during dress selection. She tried the tops she was looking hot in few sleeveless body tight tops. I couldn’t hide my hard on seeing married lady changing different clothes and I waiting outside trial room. She chose 3 tops n 2 jeans 1 skirt and we finished shopping. I wished I can ask her to pick lingerie. But i decided against it. We had ice cream and left to our homes. Nethra thanked me for helping her choose nice fitting dress.

I just got thanks message from Varun for the things we achieved today. As he was excited and both had long session in bed room and enjoyed fucking and role-play involving me. I replied I can join immediately and add more thrill. He replied he want to keep it surprise for her birthday. I replied lets plan the surprise this week.

I just cleanly shaved my body and got ready for the day. we had booked for movie at 7 in forum. We enjoyed the movie with Nethra in the middle seat. I did lot of touching of her bare arm and touching boobs over cloth. All looked like unintentional or 3 of us pretended it as unintentional.

Once movie over we had dinner in food court and they left to their home. Varun signaled me to reach his house in 90 min.

When they reach home Varun just got started kissing nethra in hall and moved to bed room hugging lip locked position. Both were fully aroused and removed each others cloth in a fly. Both were just engaged in fore play. Varun told neha he want to add spice and try some kinky stuff from the book he read recently. Nethra was surprised and wanted to know the plan. He was just implementing my plan. He told nethra that he will plug ear phone with music on ipod to her ears and he will tie her hands backside so that she cant stop him and reach the highest orgasm. He will even blind fold her. From this she will not know where Varun is and what he doing. She will only know when he touch her.

Varun just did this and started playing surprise biting over her body boobs and licking pussy. Nethra was super charged now and fully wet and hot.

I had reached there apartment and waiting in the parking floor for Varun message. When i got message I just walked into there home and Varun lead me to bed room. On seeing the hot 34c boobs on nice shaped body my dick saluted her with 7″ salaam. I just wanted to jump and grab her but that will spoil the fun so i controlled and came to my birth dress. Varun signaled by hand that i got a nice cock and nethra will enjoy it.

I just went and started licking nethra pussy with my expert circular motions. As her hands were tied she just kept on claiming the peeks. Her moans kept on going more louder as she was wearing headphones. Varun just increased the music. I just went to kitchen and brought the lindt chocolate balls I gifted them earlier from fridge. I just put the cold dark chocolate lindt ball in Nethra pussy and started licking it. Nethra went crazy and started to shout uffffff cant control please release me of ties. I just kept on licking and slowly as Nethra started to raise her hips i moved licking to her asshole. Shivers went her body and she just stood up. As Varun never licked her there she was just couldn’t handle it.

Varun just went and released her hand cuffs and brought her hand and put on my dick. She got the presence of other male and opened her blind fold. On seeing me she just covered her boobs with hand looking at Varun with anger. Varun just smiled and said rahul has seen u nude from last 20 min given you nice lick why you angry and covering your assets now. She was just blindly looking and me than my body. I just forward and kissed her she resisted but gave up and open her mouth slowly. Slowly I moved my hand to her boobs and bums. She started to cares my tool which was fully hard by now. We moved to bed and Varun joined us in bed. Both of us took one each boob started sucking with my hand playing with Nethras pussy and her each hand with 1 dick. That scene was one of the erotic scene i can remember. Than nethra guided my tool to her pussy with condom and Varun moved his dick to nethra mouth. We just moved on this position for 15 min with Nethra excited and biting Varun dick hard twice.

Than we reached climax in sometime with we both spraying cum on Nethra body. We continued for whole night. And i met them 2 times after that in there bed room. We had trip to Pondicherry to. We still need to try the DP which i promised Varun. Will update more about it in next stories.