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Metro Rail

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I am Govind and have been a fan of desipapa for quite some time now. I have observed that most of the stories are either from Pakistan or form Indian states like Gujarat, Kerala, Andra Pradesh or Delhi, but I always wonder way stories from other states are less in no and so decided to send this story of mine and I am sure u will like it.

First, let me tell u about my self and background of the story. I am 24 and have done my engineering last year from Bangalore and presently in kolkata preparing for CAT 2003(MBA Entrance). I am 5’9 with and average built body (use to go to jym some time back) and a strong libido. This story started in metro rail, (u must be knowing kolkata is the only city in India to have underground metro rail). Generally during office hour there is always too much of rush in metro and generally clashes with my class timing.

One day, as usual I way on my way to my classes and I boarded the metro from Ravindra Sarovar Stn. Though I didn’t got a place to sit but the traffic was not much and I just stood near the gates. At kalighat (next station) it was really crowded and a large no of people came in, by the time every one adjusted in there position, I saw two girls standing just in front me. I was able to get the fragrance of their perfume and it was really mind blowing. Before going any further let me describe about them, both of them were wearing denim with a short top I was able see a bit of there navel portion and it was making me hot. The one standing in front of me was smaller in height but had a nice pair of butts and a average sized boobs. But the one standing next to her was really a bomb, with every thing in proper proportion face as well as base.And I could have done any thing to eat her up.

At next station, as more people got in we were pushed together and I was pressed to the body of the smaller one and I didn’t mind enjoying with any one of them. I was getting hot as my maleness was touching her back, she also realised this and I think she was enjoying it too. This gave me courage and I started rubbing my body to that of hers and touching here, but I was afraid of going any further as lots of people were around. Even the girl standing next to her knew what was going on as it was quiet evident from her eyes as it was getting red and were full of lust. By this time my station came and I have to get down while getting down I was able to cup her breast and I got down. I was not able to concentrate in my class and even in the night I was thinking of what happened in metro and even masturbated thing about her.

Next day I thought if I am lucky I will be able to see her in metro but luck was not on my side. I thought its better to forget and concentrated in studies, as exams were approaching very fast. The very next day as I left for my classes in the afternoon, metro was almost empty and I was able to get a seat. I took out my books and started going through it. At next station, a girl came and set near me and I was surprised to find the same beauty which I saw the day before (the Sex bomb one), I then noticed though there was lot many seats vacant she purposefully sat near me. I looked at her and asked her ‘you r the same girl whom I met the day before’? and she replied positively with a wicked smile. I then asked about her friend and she told me that the girl was not her friend but her younger sister. To my surprise, she asked me what’s there in here younger sister that she doesn’t have. I was shocked by that question and told her I asked just like that and didn’t have anything in mind. By listening that she told, I know what u guys have in mind? I thought its going out of boards but she surprised me once again by asking me , Do u want to try me?. I replied, didn’t got u? She asked me then r u free now, though I was on my way to class I instantly told yes. She told lets move to my place then no one is at home we will be able to talk comfortably.

I knew there was some mischief in the air and was looking forward to enjoy that. We took another train and headed back to her place. Her place was a decent looking MIG flat at 4th floor of an apartment complex. In the lift I thought of doing something but resisted my urge as I was not very sure of her intent, but when she told that no one was at home after we entered her house, I just grabbed from back and started kissing her all around and now its was her time to get surprised. Probably she was surprised at the urge of my hunger for sex, she didn’t resisted but was reciprocating the same by kissing back. I pushed her back on to the sofa near by and we were smooching now. God, she tasted great, I mean excellent and we were getting hotter as every minute passed. I realised that she was expert at all this and probably doing this for long time as I have been doing, and this made me more happy that she wont shout like virgins do in there first time. My man hood was in full length and I knew that I have to fuck her fast. I moved my lips slowly down words around neck and this made her more hot and she was now making typical type of sound and was breathing heavily.

I slowly started removing her cloths ( and she was removing mine) first the blue top she was wearing, my god she was wearing a white colour bra and her breast arrested in that was like heaven. I kissed then lightly and then started pressing then softly at this she was moaning and I was enjoying like hell those big size bosoms, I don’t know how long I have been chewing her boobs and nipples but it was all reddish now and I thought its time to ‘do the due’. I moved my hands down to her panties (she was still in her jeans) and to her G- spot and god she was wet, hell of wet. I release her of all her clothes and she was all naked in front of me, all bushes shaved off. She was looking an angel to me, her skin glowing, eyes shining and those lips, boobs & pussy of her.

We realised we r still in her sofa and at this she dragged me to the Dewan near by which bigger in size and we were in comfortable position. I started kissing her from top to the bottom and she was hot again as I was, I slowly parted her legs and positioned me in between and started rubbing her pussy with my maleness she was moaning louder now as I was pressing her boobs strongly now. I continued it for some time at this she told me what r u waiting for fuck the hell out of me, I was waiting for just that and pushed my 7 inch maleness inside her she gave a big cry and after few shots we both were enjoying that pumping and jumping along with the puch… puch sound. I asked r u cumin and she replied she will take time and asked me to cum first. I told, no baby u have to cum first and started my pace in minutes she was shouting, govind its hurting me please let me go stop it etc, but I didn’t and finally she came heavily, and holed me tight her nails digging in to my skin and I was enjoying every moment of this mischief. Since I haven’t come as of yet I started stroking slowly once again she told govind I have come please stop, I replied but I haven’t hold on for some time and now once again I was stroking her fast, faster then before and I was about to come, I told I am cumin and be ready and then I finally came all my energy also came out and that was hell of an orgasm.

I was lying on top of her not moving, my maleness in side her love hole. After some 5- 10 minutes I once again started kissing her and now took my maleness out( I looked too tired) and started liking her, she tasted good there too, though I was not able to put my whole tongue inside her love hole but I tried my best to lick her well and she came once again but this time it was a lighter one and she told me though she have mated many time previously but this is the first time any licked her and she enjoyed more then having intercourse. She asked my permission to lick me and I was happy to say yes, she was chewing and biting me, I mean my maleness I liked that style of blowjob and then asked her to lick like a ice cream and god he was a damm good sucker. I was getting hooter and knew I will come soon and told her but she told I want to taste ur juice, so I came but she was not able to take all of that, she told its not because of taste but because of the thickness of it, anyway the blowjob was great. It was already 6 in the evening she told, her mom comes around 6.30 so its better for me to leave. Before leaving I made her to masturbate me and even that was new to her, I fucked her once more time but faster this time.

I asked her to come out and leave me to the metro station. We walked all the way and then I came to know more about her, what she do etc etc.. and took her cell no and gave mine and promised to see each other quite often. That was some 5 months back and now I have joined a corporate group and travel by Bike as my office is in Salt lake, but bike has got its own advantages as metro has, probably that story sometime latter. Any female married or unmarried from kolkata may write to me for just friendship or relation whatever, at the following e-mail – and can then we can discuss and exchange cell no if u want, don’t worry about confidentiality as even I belong to a well known family. Bye and waiting for your mails

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