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Merlin – Complimentary Service At Kolkata

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  • October 16, 2015

Well friends hope you have enjoyed my spicy life episodes that I shared earlier. If you haven’t read them then check at I love your encouragement. My life is like a open book, you can find everything about me in my disqus profile. These stories make me ruminate past sweet memories. Some of you have shared your life details with me which have made my experience better. My special thanks to the secret friend who have given me a nice adventure in park. If she allows I will share that story. In my earlier story, I promised to tell you about Merlin. I met Merlin in a hotel in Kolkata.

It was a nice and sunny day and some political party had called Bandh. For those who are not aware, Kolkata is famous for its Bandh. On some silly pretext almost any party can declare a bandh and it becomes successful in Kolkata. As Bandh has become part of life people of Kolkata has found to live with it, just like rain and storms. Before bandh people will stockpile all edibles in their home. People normally try to take a leave on this day, those who can not has to spend the previous night in office. People of IT sector normally will work from home on a bandh day. Frankly, bandh seems to enforce lot of fuel saving. When I was in Kolkata, I got a brainwave that Govt should declare one day as bandh day every week. This will save lot of fuel and encourage social interaction. If you feel the idea good, then form a political party and make me its president.

I was posted in Kolkata as Delivery Manager of an IT company. Band or not I had my project deliverable to be met. Being a bandh day I had a lazy breakfast in morning and then started my work from my room. As I had no meeting or anywhere to go, I was in my shorts.

Around 4:00 I completed answering most of the mails and started making daily status report for client management. Once this is done I could call it a day. Being a bandh day I had nowhere to go in the evening. The day before I purchased a bottle of vodka, I made myself a drink and was contemplating whether to watch some stale movies on TV or chat with some model in LJ. As I was sipping my vodka, I got a knock on my door. As I opened, I found myself facing a very beautiful lady. She introduced herself as junior manager and explained that housekeeping staff has not turned up due to bandh so she will do housekeeping for my room herself. A metal tag on her jacket gave her name as Merlin.

Well, Merlin was not like her namesake – Marilyn Munroe but could have come close. She was about 5ft 4 inches tall, very fair with an oval face. There was a tiny mole on her chin. Very fair. Boy cut black hair. Her eyebrows looked like painted, but it was real. Overall she had chinese look but her features were sharp. Most notable thing was Merlin’s skin. It was smooth like wax. She was wearing black trousers, white shirt and a black jacket, which was the hotel uniform. She was wearing high boots with pencil heel. There were two tiny diamond studs on her ear.

Merlin had a kind of efficient air about her. She did not notice my gaping look. She just came in, put the housekeeping trolley in front of the door put her jacket on rail of the trolley and went about doing the housekeeping work. First she replaced the toiletries in bathroom. Next she started to make the bed. It was clear that Merlin was not very accustomed to do these work. She was struggling to tuck the bedsheet inside to I tried to help her.

As I turned, I was gifted with a view of Merlins boobs. She had a slip below her shirt but not wearing any bra. As she bent down her nice and plump breasts were clearly visible from the gap near her collar. Her breasts were shapely and about medium size. Her nipples were pink. and large. If Merlin had noticed my staring, she did not show it. She adjusted her shirt and came towards my side to adjust the bed sheet. Now the hotels in Kolkata are quite cramped. I was sitting in one corner of the room, there was a table in front where I kept my laptop. Merlin was standing just in front with her ass moving up and down in front of me. My position was rather ridiculous and I asked Merlin to let me go out so that she can do her business properly.

As I tried to go out, I found there was hardly any space between the table and bed. Merlin tried to bend towards the bed and I had found that I could not keep my balance and had to hold Merlin’s waist to steady myself. By this time my cock was rock hard and it went inside the crease of her trouser. I somehow got out and was very embarrassed. I mumbled sorry, Merlin Merlin thought that I was trying to molest her, she turned around but saw my face and realized that I am really embarrassed. She giggled like a teenager and asked how’s experience?

Pankaj: Sorry madam, I should have asked you to step aside. The place is very cramped.

Merlin: Never mind, it was my fault also. Now let me finish rest of my work.

After making the bed Merlin moves over to mop the floor. I thought, it is not suiting her position.

P: Madam, please leave the mopping. It does not suit you and I can live with unmopped floor for a day.

M: Are you sure? Do you want me to clean the toilet?

P: NO PLEASE NO. I feel ashamed that you had to make my beds. I know it is not your work but I let you do it as I was feeling dirty in that unkempt bed and do not know how to do the bed in hotel. In my home I would have covered it with a bed cover. Thanks for it.

M: OK, if do not want me to do anything more then I am done. Bye!

P: I did not say I do not want anything more. I am sitting here alone for the whole day. I would like if You have a cup of tea with me.

M: You are drinking Whisky and offering me tea?

P; Oh my! I did not know that you drink and did not dare to offend you. Please join me for a drink.

M: I had to clean many toilets and feeling dirty. I would prefer to take a bath before taking any food.

P: If you do not mind, you can use my toilet for bath. There is an extra towel also that you have just put.
M: Thanks! Actually I needed it.

M: Normally I take bath in some empty room as there is no bathroom for the staff. Today, the staff who has the master key has not turned up. Nobody has vacated a room since morning. I was wondering where to take my bath.

P: Please go ahead.

M: Not now, my duty ends at 5:00PM, I will join you after that.

P: OK, thank you for accepting my invite.

M: Bye!

I was very happy with the prospect of spending my evening with this bombshell lady. I finished my work quickly, took a bath and got ready to meet the lady. Around 5:00 PM there was a knock on my door. It was from room service. They brought some chicken kebab and fish fingers. Told me that Madam had ordered it for me. As I reached out for my purse the waiter told me, it was complimentary. Merlin came around 5:10.

P: Thanks for the snacks

M: Oh! I thought it will go well with whiskey

P: Actually I was drinking Vodka, I don’t have whiskey

M: Oh! I just got the smell. Vodka is better. But, I’ll have bath first. Feeling filthy after cleaning toilets etc.

P: Go ahead; do you want to change your clothes

M: Not a bad idea, but I haven’t brought any change. I came in the hotel at 5:00 AM to avoid the bandh and thought of leaving after my duty. Felling stuffy wearing this jacket and shirt all day.

P: You can use my dress, they are in the cupboard. Choose whatever you like.

Merlin tried a shorts, but that was way to big for her thin waist, there was a pajama hanging. She took that.

M: I am taking this pajama you were wearing, hope you don’t mind.

P: If you don’t mind putting my used stuff on your lovely skin, why should I

Merlin winked and vanished in the toilet. After about 15 min She came out wearing my pajama and her slip. Merlin had rolled up the legs to knee height and put some safety pins to keep it rolled up. She had done it so neatly that it was looking like a new dress. Her slip was just till her navel, it was showing up tinney winney as she moved. Her legs were visible and it was very shapely and smooth.

P: Merlin, you look gorgeous

M: Thanks, do you like what I had done with your pajama

P: Oh! you made it look like a glamorous dress.

She went and got some orange drink from fridge and said, vodka goes nice with this, try. I poured vodka for both of us and settled to nibble the snacks.

M: Pankaj, why don’t you tell me about you

P: Well nothing much to tell actually. I grew up in Lucknow then went to IIT to study Engineering. When I was in second year lost both my parents in meningitis. It happened during my exam time so I reached a couple of days after they had this bad fever. We have some relatives living around, but none came forward to help my parents during crisis. By the time I came, it was gone beyond recovery. They dies within a week. I am single child of my parents. Don’t feel like talking to my relatives after that. I finished my studies and then joined this job.

M: Sorry to hear about your parents.

P: What about you Merlin?

M: Well I am also single child. I wanted to be doctor, after schooling I did not get a seat for Medicine in India, my parents send me to Russia. I was studying Medicine in St. Petersburg. When I was in first year my parents had a car accident. They were going somewhere a truck hit them from behind. I came rushing. There were multiple surgeries but ultimately both died. Hospital bill was Rs. 70 Lakhs. Insurance company claimed that my father had alcohol in his blood and did not pay a single paisa.

We had a leather factory. We did not had much money in bank. I did not know how to raise money to pay the hospital bills. My father’s partner offered to clear the bill on condition that I sell father’s share to him. I had no other option. After selling the business there is no earning for me to pay my college fees. I had to quit. Owner of this hotel, knew my father. He gave me job. I am working here for about one year now.

As Merlin was telling, she became emotional. My heart melted see this beautiful lady cry. I did not think anything, went and put my arms around Merlin and gave her a tissue to wipe her tears. Merlin somehow regained her composure. Put her hand on mine.

M: Thank you Pankaj, I feel OK now.

She removed her hand from mine.

P: I understand Merlin, you lost everything in matter of week. I must have been very rude shock to you. I did not know and sorry to bring such bad memories back.

M: You are very sweet Pankaj, wish I had known you earlier. I have no true friend out here. All friend I had earlier now avoid me as I am no more a rich person

P: What do you do in your free time?

M: Well, I have black belt in Karate and have got got my Sensai status. I teach kids in the evening. Rest of the time I love to cook and watch movies.

M: What do you do in the off time, Pankaj?

P: Well, nothing much. Read some books, chat with friends that’s it

As I was talking to Merlin, I notices her arms. They were thin near the shoulder but thick near elbow. Typical of Chinese, I thought. Her boobs were shapely and I could see outline of her nipples through the thin fabric. As the realization came in mind that I actually had this bombshell in my arms, I started to get a hard on.

M: Have done with your sight seeing

P: No, I have not gone around Kolkata

M: I am not talking about the city. I see your eyes are wandering around my body while you are talking to me. Don’t pretend that you are that innocent.

P:Merlin, you are very beautiful and this is the first time I saw you. I find it irresistible not to enjoy the beauty. Forgive me if I offended you.

M: Pankaj, before coming to Kolkata I was posted in Pune. There I used to visit OSHO ashram frequently. I learnt one thing there, that this body is different from me. You have been very nice and kind to me, if my body can give you some pleasure, I do not mind giving it to you

P: Thank you Merlin, you reduced lot of tension from my mind. I like you very much and would like to have as my friend rather than just enjoy your body

M: (She smiled at me) Good Pankaj.

Merlin reached out to hold my hands with her both hands

M: I like you Pankaj. Let’s be friends. Now let me show you something, do not get up till I ask you to.


Merlin gulped the rest of vodka that was left in glass and got up from her chair. She went to the other corner of the room, put her hand on her waist and winked at me. Then she crossed her arms and grabbed her slip at the middle. While grabbing the slip She crossed her arms across her boobs in such a way the bottom of the slip was raised till her boobs, exposing her midriff. Oh my god, what a beautiful body she had. Her belly was strong with a hint of abs, but at the same time it was feminine, soft and smooth. She had lovely elongated navels. Merlin was slowly thirsting her belly like a belly dancer.

After few strokes, she dropped the slip back and slowly tugged pajama string. The pajama was loose, it fell down slowly exposing Merlin’s sexy legs. She was wearing red color hot pants below the pajama.

Merlin flicked the chair towards her. I was amazed by her strength. The chair was wooden and quite heavy but she turned it with a flick of her wrist. Merlin raised her left leg on back rest of the chair so that I get a good view of it and slowly bend forward. As she bend her boobs popped out of her slip halfway. Half of her milky white boob was clearly visible. She remained there for some time so that I can get a good view and then lowered her leg and raised the right leg on the back rest. This time Merlin bend backwards. Her pussy was pressing against her pant and made a camel toe. In this position She bent further to touch her hips. Then she turned side ways and lowered her leg. She looked at me. I must have been cherry red with excitement. She winked at me and blew a kiss.

Next Merlin slowly lifted her slip from below. As it came near her breast she turned back and tucked bottom of the slip near her neck. She turned towards me with her hands covering her breasts. In this hand bra posture she was pressing her boobs to tease me.

Then she bent forward so that the slip fell back to its proper place. After this Merlin turned back and removed her slip completely exposing her beautiful back. Her back was quite muscular with out any fat. Her soft white skin was visible fully. On her white and strong back thre were drops of sweat, like dew drops on fresh leaf. Merlin was swaying her hips beautifully. I was enjoying the sway of her red pant. She folded her slip and now turned her topside towards me. Her hand was on her neck and she kept her hand in such a way that I could only see outline of her breasts at the bottom.

Then she turned and picked her slips. Holding the slip in her hand in such a way that I cannot see her boobs. First left then right. The she turned sideways, lifted the slip for a pickaboo view of her breast from side. Then Merlin walked with a gait like a flamingo, lifting her legs high before taking a step. All through she kept the folded slip in a way to cover her boobs from my view.

After she reached the other corner she bent backwards and kept the slip on her boobs. Now she unbuttoned her pant and pulled the zip down. Now Merlin was standing right in front of me. She stood straight holding her folded slip, her pant was open and I could see her shaved pelvis clearly. It was waxed clean. Cleavage of her labia was clearly visible. Merlin winked at me and asked “do you like it?”. I was in seventh heaven and totally aroused. I said Merlin you are goddess. Merlin laughed and said “wait!”

She then started to shake her hips and her pant started to come down slowly. As the pant reached near her labia, Merlin held strap of her slip on her thumb and let loose the slip. She lowered the slip so that it was covering half of her boobs and her pussy. She kept the gyration on so that her pant reached floor. Now she took her legs out of the pant and kicked it on my face. I touched it, the pant was wet with Merlin’s cum. I smelled it and liked the smell of Merlin. She was also very hot. Once she took of the pant I saw the pussy juice trickling down her thigh.

Merlin then went to the bed with knees and then she twirled her slip like a flag and threw it towards me. Now Merlin open her arms inviting me to join her. There was a small mole on her pelvis, just beside the lip of her cunt.

I got so hot with Merlin’s beautiful striptease that my cock was aching without even fuck Merlin. I wanted her badly. I got rid of my shirt and shorts and jumped into Merlin’s arms.

Well, this story has gone quite big so I will cover the rest in next story. So hold on I am coming. 😉

Merlin – Complimentary Service At Kolkata

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