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  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi pakistani lovers, This is my pakistani story I am a 21 years old . My name is xxx. My father is a suucessful lawer . My mom,is a teacher. i have twosisters Rubina, my pretty sister is 25 years old. She lives with her husband at karachi. My father is 50 and my mom is 44. Rubina and I are the most precious things to my parents. They love us more than themselves. Naturally, they were very sad when my sister got married and I left home for studying in engineering at lahore two years ago. Ma cried for months and wrote me letters full of words how she misses me and Rubina and how she is looking forward to the days when I will come home. Baba was gloomy too, but he didn’t let us know that. Anyway, When I came home this summer, my parents were very happy. After a week of huge happiness, we all started missing Rubina, my lovely and sexy sister. I have not seen her for last 2 years. Several pictures of her that I saw in these 2 years only makes me feel that she has become more prettier and sexy after marriage. Before marriage, she was pretty alright, more cute than sexy. She is very tall, a hefty 5’10”, has long black silky hair, two large saltry eyes and is extremely fair for a girl. Everybody at her college used to think that she is panjabi. She was very slim and thin as well, only weighed 110 lbs before marriage. In contrast of her slender figure, she had a heavy pair of tits and a big ass.

Even though I have never seen Rubina naked, I knew by my heart that she is stunningly sexy inside. Her tits were about the size of a pair of big oranges, not huge by any means but round and tight. Suddenly, I felt very horny thinking about the pretty face and the sexy body of my sister. I was so hot that I had to jurk off instantly. That night, I dreamed about how I like to kiss Rubina’s juicy lips, suckle her nipples and ram my big cock in her wet cunt. I jurked off hundreds time. They were the strongest orgasms of my life. Before going to sleep I decided to go to karachi to visit Rubina. Ma was very elated to hear that I am ready to karachi and bring back Rubina to stay with the family for a month. She called Rubina and told her about my coming. Rubina was very excited too. I took the plane to karachi the next day and reached Rubina’s door with erected cock. But my steam got out when I found that her husband’s family is very conservative and would not let her go with me without the permission of the head of the house who was out of town. Besides, Rubina looked very sad, gloomy and depressed. She was wearing very conservative clothing with thick dopatta (shwal) over her head and I could hardly see her face, let alone her body. Her mother-in-law does not let her go out as often as she likes, or dress as every modern girl of her age does. Rubina has to sit around most of the day at her room and do lot of household chores for her mother-in-laws. So, going home with me was a great escape for her, she was very excited before learning that it is not going to happen soon without the permission from her father-in-laws. She started to cry.

I was very upset too and felt more urgency to move Rubina out of her confinement. Finally, after one day the man of the house came because he had to postpone his visit to his village home for some grave reason. I urged him very passionately how my family missed Rubina and pleaded to let her go with me to visit my parents. He relunctantly agreed, but for only two weeks. I had no options to refuse, so I yielded. The next morning, the family driver of the house drove Rubina and me to the railway station as I missed the plane because of the delay. Rubina was silent. She didnot say any words to me. When the driver saw us take our seats in the first class compartment we reserved and left, only then there was a shread of smile on Rubina’s face. First things she said, “I shall go to the rest room.” I noticed that the compartment was rather small, had only one long seat and a overhead bunk and a window. It was hardly 5 ft wide and about 7 ft long. Our bags and stuff had taken all the bunk, so we will have to share the only seat for the next 24 hours. The entrance of Rubina to the compartment snaped me from my thought. I was enthralled and speechless looking at Rubina standning before me with a big smile. She has removed all clothes that she was wearing and now wearing a a tight fit salwar kamiz. It was a semi transparent shimphon kamiz and was shockingly feroza colored. All her inhibition from the conservative clothings were gone now. She was a damn sexy fuckable sister now. She still have those long hairs which she let fall freely.

She was wearing heavy make ups on her face, dark mascara on eyelids (also feroza) and very hot red lipstick. Her pauty lips seemed to me two fresh orange loves to suck on. Obviously she was not as slim as she used to be. She gained some weight. But most of the weights have accumulated on her tits. They are huge now. From two shapely apples they had become two huge cocoanuts. Still amazingly tight. I could easily make out the trace of her flowery bra through her see-thorugh dress. That bra must have been made of some very strong elastic material, because her salwar kamiz was almost exploding at her chest. Every thread of the kamiz were streched to their fullest. To make things worse (or better), the kamiz was very low necked, so a considerable portion of her tits were bursting out of her kamiz clearly showing the deadly cleavage. Very reluctantly I moved my eyes from her tits and looked down. Her white and fair belly with the deep naval was visible through the kamiz. No she does not have any or very little fat on her abdomen. She was wearing a skin tight salwar pazama of the same feroza color and a long high heel. In fact she is even taller than me with these high heels. I do not remember how long I ogled my sister like that. May be it a was only a few seconds, but to me time has stopped counting. And my old hardon has come back with enormous vigor. It was so hard that it ached and it made a visible tent over my pants. I had no control over it. My cock only dreamed about a sweet slim sister who is just sexy. But this new sex bomb that Rubina has visibly become was really unaccounted for. It was difficult not to notice the reaction her return has created on my cock and Rubina noticed it. She smiled at it and said, -What happened to you? Have not you seen a girl before? I was back to reality and only managed to say, -No, I mean yes, I have seen many girls but not as beautiful as you.

I never thouht you become so pretty and beautiful lately. Rubina smiled again and said, -Ok, you don’t have to flatter me. I can not get chance to dress like this often. My husband gave me this kamiz last year, but never got the chance to wear it. It seems a bit tight as I have gained weight. But, don’t worry I am happy to be able to go home and meet my little brother. Then she did something which she always used to do when I was a kid and I hated it then. She pinched my cheecks with her fingers like I am only two years old. I only protested saying, -You know your brother is little no more and he does not like to be pinched by his sister. -No, my brother. You are still my little brother who likes to hug his adorable sister and always will be little too me. I was imagining the consequences of a close hug at this stage. With her bulging tits and my exploding cock it might be disastrous. To escape more embarassement I dicided to pay a visit to the food compartment for a change. It was a very hot day, about 100F outside. Winds was blowing, but it was still very hot. I started to sweat a lot. I got a pepsi for me and bought one for Rubina too. When I got back after 15 minutes, Rubina was reading a film magazine with some sexy photographs of Madhuri and Urmila. Rubina was sweating too.

Her transparent shimphon kamiz was virtually pasted to her body. My cock came back to his usual hard on again. Apparently, the pepsi could not cool it off. Rubina took the pepsi and began to drink. Then we began to chat about mom and baba a lot, my study and so. And off course hindy movies. Rubina asked, -Do you watch a lot of movies, Anu? -Not a lot. But watch the good ones. -What are your favourite heroins? -I think most of them are very good looking. I like Madhuri a lot. And Kajol and Karishma. – So you like Madhuri, ha. Why? do you think she is sexy? I blushed at this question, but answered, -Off course Madhuri is sexy. Kajol is more pretty than sexy. But Karishma is all sexy. Then I realized that Rubina looks very similar to Karishma, only a little taller and has at least double sized tits. But both of them have almost sister like faces. Rubina was a bit amused at my view about Karishma and said, -Do you know that lot of people say that I look very similar to Karishma Kapoor. May be I am not as pretty as she is, but you have to agree that we have familiarity. -Rubina don’t be modest. You have some trace of Karishma’s face, but you are far prettier than Karishma. If you went to bombay without getting married, You would have been the most beautiful hindy film star of modern time. -Wow, hold it brother. Don’t get carried away. Only tell me one thing. Since, you think Karishma is very sexy, do you think your sister is sexy too. I was stunned at this question, could not think much to arrange my words, but expressed my true feelings, -Rubina di, if you knew how sexy you are, you would think twice traveling alone with a young boy even if he is your brother. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen, far more sexier than Karishma or Urmila.

Rubina pinched my cheek once again and said, -Don’t act older than you are Anu. You are still a little brother. She started to laugh loudly then and said, -Off, it is very hot that makes me sleepy. Would you mind if I take a little nap. -Off course not. but where? since, we are left with only one seat. -Don’t worry I will put my head on your lap and lie easily. Without giving me any chance to oppose she put her head right on my bulging cock, raised her feet on the seatt, closed her eyes and began to sleep. Now I was really in a tough situation with my rock hard cock. With the worm touch of her body on my legs, her silky hair on my hands, sweaty and bare white snowy flesh of her tits just 10 inchs away from my nose and above all, her very strong prefume mixed with the husky smell of a sexy sweating lady made my cock trying to jump out of her confinement. The thing it needed most at this time is a fresh air and several brushing of hand strokes and it will burst into flood of ejaculation. My cock was rather big, a hefty 10″ when fully erect and very fat too. It was trying to virtually lift Rubina’s head off the lap. Then the weight of her head gained on the cock and it backed down a little before jurking her head up once again. Rubina seemingly was deep in sleep, oblivious of the yo-yo effect my cock is playing on her head. Rubina was breathing heavily now with rythmic motion of her huge tit mounds. Beads of sweat have gathered on her neck, shoulder and her exposed tits. Her skin was so fair that I could see her blue veins running through her white tit flesh. I greatest impulse was to right away dive my noze in those deep white cleavage and tear away her flimsy kamiz.

But I had to restrain my animal urge. The smell of her sweat seemed to increase as she is sweating heavily now. I don’t know, may be, people sweat more when they are in sleep, but the smell of her sweat was very strong and husy and sexy. It was a kind of saltry smell that makes one to feel slabbering the body that emanating such a smell with tounge like a dog. Then, Rubina raised on of her hand to my shoulder and grabbed my neck like a child grabs her mom. Her hand felt very worm and this position made half of her left boobs be pasted on my chest. The touch of her soft tits was unnatural. Above all, now I could see her wet armpit through her very transparent kamiz that was pasted to her armpit and left no cover to conceal what is inside. To my utter surprize, Rubina had some black hairs on her armpit. As evrerybody knows that armpits sweat a lot and sweating makes them smell, Rubina’s husky odors were mostly coming from her armpit. The wet black hairs were so sexy that I was about to collapse. I always thought armpit hairs are very sexy. Hardly any modern girls entertain hairs on their armpit anymore that was the tradition for pakistani ladies for so long. I once read an erotic book that says that pakistani women always were proud of their thick hairs on the armpits.

It was considered an out-of-fashion or prudish conduct if any lady shaved them at that time. Very few women who knows what is cool have ever shaved their armpit. But now, almost everybody shaves their armpit leaving the great tradition of panjabi culture. Anyway, I was hot like fire with the sight of my sister’s sweaty and smelly armpit from so close. My cock had almost become numb, still like a rock and pulsating. Somehow, I could not resist anymore but move my nose as close to Rubina’s boobs as I practically can. They were only 2 inch away from my nose and they too were smelling husky with sweat. I then moved my noze closer to her armpit. Oh god, I have no way to describe the pungency or erotism on that smell. It will hardly suffice to say that right now if the sexist girl of the world like Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek or Brittney Spears come to me and offered their cunt to fuck them, I would gladly trade the opportunity for a chance to lick Rubina’s sweaty armpit and the snowy flesh of her tits that were bare. I had no idea how long it has been. It may be an hour, two hour or just a minute. My cock was still hard like steel and will explode the very first chance it will get. Rubina, meanwhile, rearranged her body a little, now her juicy pauty lips with bloody red lipstick were only a few inches away from my mouth. Her lips looked so kissable with some beads of sweat over her lips, I brought my lips almost over hers and was about to kiss her, then suddenly she opened her eyes and found my face just inches away from her. I was very startled, but Rubina didn’t care. She asked, -How long did I sleep? It is very hot today.

I need to change my kamiz it is almost wet. She the asked me too take down her suitcase and bring out a new kamiz for her. But the key could not be found anywhere. She must have forgotten them while leaving in hurry. It was a big break for me. Now when I think about the incident it still puzzles me at what would have happen (or not happen) if the keys were not lost. Rubina was sweating so much but she had no way to change. She finally said, -Atleast, I will have get rid of this nylon bra. It is killing me in this hot day. I did not have the time to realise my luck. But Rubina added, -Just do not look at me while I am changing, my little brother. It won’t take long. It would be better if you close your eyes. I did close my eyes and after a minute she uttered, -Ok, its done. you can look now. Oh God, what did I have to look on then. Her flowery bra is gone and also her dopatta. Her creamy tits were clearly visible through the semi wet shimphon kamiz. The tits were amazingly holding up their shapes, very little sagged out of their bra prison. But they have increased in size even more. Now they seemed atleast like two big round volleyball. There are a lot of sexy statues at the Konark temple with very tight, round and perfect boobs. But I have never seen any as sexy as Rubina’s. Her nipples were not very big, but seemingly become erected by the brushing off rough shymphon kamiz. And her nipple were potruding like two cute little grapes on a cake toppings. The breasts are little pinkish and dark around the nipples.

I can even make out some blue veins through her kamiz. It was one of the most sexy sights of my life. My cock was at the end of its restrain and I felt the need of the strongest ejaculation of my life. But Rubina completely unware of the effect of her almost naked body on me, said, -You are a good brother Anu. Let me sleep a little more. Then she looked at my face. Probably seeing the sweats on my face or something, she said, -Why are you still wearing that wet shirt of yours. Put it off. You will feel good. I removed my shirt and my well worked out body was in full view. I saw node of approval at her eyes seeing my body. She only said, -You worked out lot, Anu. Thats good. I like strong males. Then she dropped herself on my lap and laid down like before and closed her eyes. This time not only 25% of her bare tit flesh, but another 75% of her tits underneath the transparent kamiz was visible too. The sight of the sweaty nipples potruding like mini cocks was too much for me. And her armpits, they were still smelling like crazy. Speaking of armpit, My armpit was full of hair too. I only shaved my armpit once in my life and that was at my boy scout camp 3 years ago. I had atleast 4 to 5 inches long hairs on my armpit. When wet with sweat, they came out of my armpit like hairs of Himalayan saints. I usually washed my armpit good, but for the last 3 days I was on the roads, so did not get the chance to clean them. My armpit was smelling too. With my shirts off, I can smell it now. I was kind of worried that the armpit odor might draw Rubina away from me which I would not let happen by any means. But my solace was in that Rubina was sleeping deeply then and was not aware of any thing else.

But I must admit that my armpit smelled a lot, but Rubina’s armpit was not lagging far behind when comes to tickling the nostril nerves. She was smelling pretty heavily herself. But her odors made me dying in desire to lick all over her body and suck clean the sweats from all over her body. My cock already started dripping with precum juice and I could feel wetness on my pants. But I had no control over it. It is beyond the wildest dream I have ever have. My sexy sister whom I desired for long time was lying on my laps with her semi exposed tits and sweaty armpit hair within inches of lusting toung or nose is not something a boy like me dream even in his dreams. And it is reality. I only prayed that I do not come in my pants. Because then Rubina woul know how bad I am and would go away from me forever. Anyway, Rubina then turned side wise and directly pasting her tits on my belly and her lips on my bare flesh. Seemingly she was sleeping. When I saw a little stream of sweat from my left armpit started to run sliding my bare flesh directly towards my sister’s open mouth, I was frozen. Now what shall I do! If the salty sweat got into her lips, she would surely taste the bitter sweat of my armpit with all those unclean armpit smell. But I was dumbfounded and without any idea what to do. Eventually the stream of sweat gets more sweat on its way and falls right into Rubina’s partly open mouth like a waterfall. I closed my eyes and was waiting for her shocking reaction. But when I opened my eyes what I saw was too great. Rubina is awake and smiling while she is licking her lips that were just being wetted by my sweat. She smiled vey sexily and said, -I never thought you smell so manly Anu.

My God, you have really grown up. You even taste like a sexy young man. Would you mind if I lick the sweat out of your body, because you are sweating like hell. I will just lick your body clean. She did not wait for my reply. I guess she already knew the answer. So Rubina put her toung right on my belly and with a big sweep run her toung over my bare flesh. I was in heaven. She then moved upwrads with sweeping my body with regular strokes. Each of them making me desiring to fuck her even more. She then reached my nipples and licked one of them while touching another with her long nails. She uttered, -Omm, brother you taste so sexy. I should have lickd you way before. Now, show me your armpit that makes such a good smelling sweat. I was shocked realizing that my armpit aweat and smell did not offended her, rather it made her wanting more of them. I just raised my right arm exposing a big bush of sweaty hairs and stopped thinking. Rubina right away plunged her noze and tounge into my armpit. She first took a big sniff and then run her toung very fast on my whole armpit. The tickling she caused me was very very horny and I just raised the other arm and her second hand reached there fingering the hairs there. Then she swapped the armpit and did the same licking and sniffing manuver on the other armpit. After some minutes of random licking, Rubina finally raised her head with still licking her fingers full of my armpit swell. She said, -It was simply refreshing too lick a yound armpit full of sweaty hairs.

You never shaved there brother? -Only once. Why? -Because, I hate the ladies and especially guys that shave their armpit. The guys look silly without them and ladies lose their dignity and faminity with clean armpit. I am glad you have such a full grown hairy bush on your armpit. I really enjoyed licking them. At this point I managed to say, -I am glad you liked my armpit hair. I could not help noticing that you have hair in your armpit too, Rubina di. -Off course I have. Ma taught me well that a lady should never shave her armpit. At this Rubina looked at my bulging pant and said, -Brother, do you like to smell my armpit too. -Please, didi, let me taste your fantastic armpit hairs. -I knew you would like them, because we are same blood. Rubina raised her arm and brought her sweaty and odorous armpit close to my nose. I just put my toung on her wet hairs there over the thin layer of cloths. Rubina then moved her armpit away and said, -Let me remove my kamiz, so that you will lick it directly. Since I licked your armpit without any obstruction it would not be fair to give you mine like this. So she unbuttoned her kamiz and within flashes Rubina my khanki (horny) sister was half naked with her huge volleyball like boobs swaying. I actually had seen them over the kamiz already, they only looked a little fairer without the kamiz, but with same size and attraction. Only her nipples became more erect and more dark.

She raised her arm and asked me to stand up and lick her armpit. I was dumbfounded by my luck, but did get on my feet and put my toung on one of her armpits and began to lick them. Her hairs there tasted something like a very strong wine, but too much sexy. My cock is now got even bigger with some additional room while I am standing. After some licking and sucking at her armpits, Rubina said, -Oh, Anu it is so great that you liked my armpit hair. My husband does not actually care for them, but I kept them hoping for a day like this. -Rubina di, I am very happy for you. Your armpits tastes like elixur from heaven. I will do anything to have a chance to lick on them. -You can lick them whenever you want.i lick her tits. she was pressing my cock. After a long deep kissing on tits , I took off her and her bra. i see niples. The nipples were pink. I sucked one nipple in my mouth and pressed other with my hand. She moaned and sighed, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Nasir Bhai, Chuso Aur Kheloo Meray Mummay.” After sucking her boobs, I started to lick her beautiful white body. Then I put off her SHALWAR, she was not wearing any panty, and now her sweet pussy was before me.

She was having a little hair on her pussy. My sweet little sister was virgin. Her cunt lips were pinkish and they were joined. The pussy was wet. I inserted my finger in it and she screamed, then I started licking it and she cum. After she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, she enjoyed the taste of my pre-cum. She did all of this because she had read about it in my story and the scene of the movie was now of oral sex. She put my cock deep into her mouth and shoved it again and again. She pulled my dick from her mouth and looked at me. She put my dick between her tits. “I love you”, she told me. “I love you too.” I replied. I felt pressure in my testicles and told her that I was Cumming. But she said, “Mere Mouth Main Chorna, Main Ise Peena Chahti Hoon”. I ejaculated all my semen deep into her mouth and to my surprise she swallowed all of it without dripping it. The movie was playing and the scene was of pussy-fuck. She saw the scene and started fingering, she was moaning, I couldn’t control and started licking her pussy. My cock was still hard than before, she pressed it with hand many times and asked me that she again wanted to suck it. I put my cock again in her mouth and she started sucking it. I started licking her cunt; we were in 69 position. After sometime she said to me, ” Bhai, Ab Jaldi Se Isko Meri Choot Main Dalo, Main Marree Ja Rahee Hoon.” “Zara Aahista Ghusana, Tumhara Lund Bahot Mota Hai”. I lifted her legs and opened her pussy’s pink lips, pushed my cock slowly. The lips slightly opened and absorbed the head of my cock easily because it was already wet. I pushed my cock to insert it more, but she cried, “Bhai, Aahista Se Karo, Mujhe Dard Hota Hai”. I pushed slowly but all in vain. Her pussy was very tight.

Then I had to push my cock faster and it went deep inside my sister’s pussy and I felt something tearing under her cunt. And she felt pain very much and cried, “Nikalo Ise, Meri Choot Phat Gai, Aah! Mujhe Dard Ho Raha Hai.” I saw that there was some blood on the carpet. She was now weeping. I pressed my lips with her lips and started kissing to forget her pain. Ten seconds into the kissing she opened her mouth and licked my lips. I returned the favor and continued until our tongues were swirling around each other. I removed my cock from her cunt to relax her and again inserted it went easily full into her pussy. After sometime she felt an enjoyment. She was no more virgin now. My cock was in her pussy and I was ramming it in and outside. Now she said, ” Bhai, Ab Mujhe Maza Aa Raha Hai.” “Aur Zor Se Chodo Mujhe, Phar do Meri Choot. Main Ab Tumhari Hoon”. She was smiling now. I slowly started to pull out and push in to my sister’s tight pussy. She met my slow thrusts with her own. I kissed and licked her lips while she grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around my waist. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking my sister, and she was the best I ever had. I remembered something though. I thrusted my cock faster and faster, she was moaning with the feelings of enjoyment. She said to me, “Bhai, Tum Ne Apni Behan Ko Khush Kar Dia Hai” “Mujhe Tum Se Bahot Pyar Hai’. I felt Cumming and my load came deep into my sister’s mouth. She also cum and was feeling happy. i fuck my sister i was very happy . any one femail want to contact me emailto me .any woman who can not get seduction from her husband ,any widow and any girl want that i fuck her i am ready speasilly from all cities of bahawalpur .and lahore .my e_mail is by i will wait for horny girl. who want sexual seduction ,chat etc.

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