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Meri Pyari Cousin

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

The constant ringing of the phone woke me up. I got up and looked at my table clock it was 8 am and I picked up the phone. Hi cousin!! Anju here and how is my favourite cousin and I immediately recognized the voice of my cousin Anju, Hi Anju! How are you? Where are you? I asked now completely awake and I am in Delhi getting ready for my marriage.

We had still some shopping left so mother said that we can go to Lucknow for shopping and we can meet you guys also she replied. My cock just sprang up in anticipation as my cousin was damn hot and beautiful girl just talking to her gave me a hard on. So when you guys coming? I asked excitedly and we will be there day after tomorrow by 5 pm flight be there dear and she replied.

You bet till then bye and I said bye with that she hung up the phone awesome I thought. My cousin Anju is around 6 years older than me. She is around 25 and is working as a Sales Executive with a multinational firm though we had this age difference but we have grown up together our houses being near. I have seen Anju develop into a beautiful girl with 36 D breast, long hairs and slim body she was just a goddess.

I have been in love with her since I was a sixth grade kid earlier it was just a kid crush now it with age it had grown into a full time love fantasy and I was again lying in my bed with my hands rubbing my erect 8 inch cock. It had been 2 years now since I have seen her. She had moved out Delhi with her parents but now I was going to see her once again. The two days were very hard to spend. I just used to look at the clock and wait for that time.

I was mad and I had been made for her since childhood and spent my time in gym for 2 years just to make my body attractive to her. I am 6’1 with a beautiful gym toned body which every guy dies for. Girls used to drool over me and I had huge success in getting girls but those were easy fuck. I wanted Anju and she was the epitome of my sexual fantasy. Finally the day arrived and I had been sitting in living room after my breakfast and watching the big old grandfather clock to strike 4 so that I can rush to pick her up.

Dad and mom saw my tension Sonny why you so tensed come on she is your cousin sister and mom said and I smiled. She did not know what devious thoughts were running in my mind as the clock struck 4 I literally jumped out to the driveway started my car and pulled onto the main road. I reached before the flight landed and was at the exit waiting for her with flowers. I saw her from distance God she is gorgeous and I said to myself.

She spotted me and started walking towards me. I saw her mother my aunt following her. Anju was wearing a white top which clung to her slim frame and huge breasts. They were awesome. She was wearing a skirt which came up to her knees her long legs were driving me nuts. Hey beautiful! I kissed her on cheeks when she came. She kissed me back and I greeted my aunt is not he grown into a handsome young man my aunt remarked indeed he has maybe we should find a girl for him now mom.

She smiled seeing my nervousness. We reached home after an hour everyone got busy with lots of catching up to do. Marriages have always been a hectic stuff. I was given the job to take the suitcase to the respective rooms. My mom would be sleeping with her sister. Dad will be alone. Sister was given my room and I had to do with the couch in the living room after our dinner mom and aunt went to their rooms to talk and then sleep.

Their room was on second floor. Dad went to his room after sometime leaving me and Anju in the living room. We were alone and watching TV. So dumb head managed any girlfriend? She asked me suddenly. I was lying on couch hiding my erection in my shorts. No sister and I think I am unlucky in that matter and I replied grinning aaahaan. We will see that and she smiled her nightdress which consisted of a thin gown which reached her knees was making her look drop dead gorgeous and too fuckable.

She was lying on the other couch just parallel to my with her face resting in her hands. I was easily able to see her huge boobs being held by her black bra. See anything that interests you. She eyed me mischievously and I was thunderstruck. She had caught me and I am sorry sister and I said to her sheepishly. No worries its natural guys are attracted to beautiful breasts. She said well I think I should leave now and it’s too late saying that she went to her room to sleep and I was left to jack off.

Day 2

I woke up next day to the sounds of plates clattering as I had taken 5 days off from the office I had no work to do. Dad was leaving for work and mom and aunt were leaving for shopping. I got up and went to pee and as I pushed open the door I was struck to the floor. In front of me my cousin was changing. She was not able to see me as she had her back towards me. I was like hypnotized person and her bareback was smooth as a baby. She was wearing a black panty and her ass was round.

She was really awesome looking goddess. She turned and shrieked seeing me. I backed off and closed the door and ran downstairs. What was that scream for? My mom asked me and I don’t know maybe Anju had seen a lizard and I replied and I was lucky as before Anju came down mom and aunt had left for shopping. She came down and was blushing profusely seeing me and I am sorry I should have knocked and I said

It’s ok and I should have locked the door and she replied but her image was stuck into my memory. Till now I was afraid of society and rules and law but now her nude image had made me mad and wanting her more. I slowly got up from the chair and came to her from behind. She was making coffee and I slide my hands on her waist and turned her towards me. I saw fear in her eyes. I kissed her on her lips but she didn’t responded.

I raised my head back and saw her on the verge of tears but those turned me on more don’t ever do that to me again. I am your sister and we should not do this.” saying this she moved away from me and I backed off and went straight to my room. I was horrified at my mistake. I should not have done that. She was my sister but the more I tried the more she captured my mind and finally I decided I had to fuck her in anyway and I came downstairs and apologized to her.

It’s ok and if you had been not my brother I would have married you. So chill and have breakfast she assured me in the evening I was in my room going through my reports when my sister knocked the door can I come in she asked. I said yes and she came and sat beside me. What are you doing? She asked me and nothing just going through my reports and I replied but my eyes straying to her cleavage. She saw me looking there and just smiled her smile electrified me.

I got up and kissed her on lips fully. She responded by kissing me back at first I was shocked but soon we were kissing passionately. She pushed me back bastard saying that she ran away from my room and I followed her. She went downstairs and sat beside my dad. All were glued into TV and I came down and was standing in the kitchen from where no one can see me. She looked back and saw no one. She thought I was still in my room after sometime she got up and came towards kitchen. She did not know I was hiding here.

I pushed myself behind the door and let her enter the kitchen as soon as she entered I went behind her and cupped her boobs she shrieked in surprise but I put my hands on her mouth so that she cannot shout and I turned her towards me and pushed her back to the wall. I removed my hands from her mouth and started deep kissing her. I forced my tongue in her mouth at first she did not respond but soon she pushed me back and slapped me without uttering a sound.

What was that sound Anju my mom asked from living room nothing auntie I tried to kill a fly. She replied her face was red and her lips were quivering from the previous assault. She had slapped me hard but I was not to back off so easily. I again pushed her to the wall and started pinching her nipples and assaulting her boobs get off me you bastard and I am getting married soon don’t do this to me and she screamed but she kept her voice low so that only I can hear.

I stopped doing anything and backed off. She was eyeing me suspiciously waiting for any other attack but I thought that was enough for today. I knew she wanted me but I had to break her moral wall cousin I will fuck you and will fuck you very soon. I said and moved away from the kitchen and came to the living room. She also came after sometime and sat across me after sometime we made eye contact her expressions were blank.

I knew I had to try harder after dinner we all went to sleep as it had been a tiring day at about 1 am I got up. It was time for some fun. I had become bold after the kitchen incident. My cousin had not shouted so it means she had some kind of fear. I slowly climbed the stairs and went to her room and opened the door slowly without making any noise. She was asleep her long slender legs were glowing in the faint moonlight coming from the window her gown was barely covering her huge boobs.

I touched them slowly and she did not wake up and I then started pressing her boobs harder. She woke up with a start hi dear! I just came in to check you were sleeping well or not? I said to her with a smile do you know you are asshole? She said to me pushing me back. I know and I just wanted to show what were you missing” saying that I pulled down my shorts and took my cock out. It was whole 8 inches glory and I saw her face.

She was surprised and shocked eeee take that thing away please. I am committed girl and you are my brother” she pleaded me. Ok but I need release just keep quiet and I said to her and started stroking my penis. I imagined her boobs and her pussy. She was looking at me awestruck. I was stroking my cock harder each time and soon I felt the familiar tingling sensation in my balls and I started cuming take my cum sis. Take it. I will make a baby in you. I will fuck you I was babbling and cuming hard.

My cum landed at her hands, her legs and at her gown after I was exhausted I pulled up my shorts. Goodnight sister. I kissed her cheeks and she was still surprised and didn’t have the courage to do anything. She just looked at me and said you are the cheapest fellow I have ever met and I smiled and closed the door and went to sleep.

Day 3

Next day was a uproar and dad had to leave early for office and as the other car was not starting so dad said he will drop mom and aunt at the market and will pick up back at 4 pm. I had the whole day. Anju was still in bed. I got up as soon as mom, dad and aunt left. I prepared the breakfast and was eating toast when Anju came downstairs. She blushed seeing me.

Good morning I greeted her and she just smiled and started making coffee for herself slept well and I asked her and yeah. I had a wonderful night and she replied without making an eye contact. Me too that release made me sleep pretty well and I said trying to get her reaction. She kept down her coffee mug and looked at me straight. We need to talk” She said to me straight. I was a true asshole and I also behaved like nothing had happened.

Sure sister anything you say and I replied to her innocently. Last night was awful. Please don’t ever do that. You are not my husband. The one I love is waiting for me somewhere else and I am getting married to him shortly please don’t do this and she was pleading to me ok sis. I said to her and she looked at me surprised that I had given up so easily. I got up and went to her and she looked at me suspiciously without saying anything I kissed her.

I started massaging her boobs as I kissed her and I forced my tongue in her mouth and started exploring her mouth with my right hands I was holding both her hands and with my other hand I was massaging her tits and tickling her nipples and I removed my lips from hers and pulled her top up to her neck. She was sobbing but it had no effect on me. I started kissing her boobs. My tongue found her nipple and I started teasing it. A moan escaped her lips. You love that don’t you and my tongue at your brown nipples and I said to her.

Her breathing became heavy but her sobbing continued. I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom and threw her at my bed please I beg you don’t do it she pleaded me but she knew her begging will have no effect on me. I took out my shirt and pulled down my shorts. My thick 8 inches cock sprang out in full glory. She was looking at my cock with surprise and I bet your boyfriend does not have a cock like me? I asked her stroking my dick and I came to her and opened the buttons of her gown and within seconds.

I had stripped her naked and she was covering her boobs with her hands and pleading with me to stop but I had no effect and I will fuck you like you have never been fucked because I said to her and her pussy was shaved completely. I looked at her marvellous body. She was indeed blessed and even saints cannot stop themselves from fucking her and I pushed her legs apart and put my face at her pussy. She smelled delicious. I started kissing her pussy as I started licking her clit she started thrashing and moaning.

We should no stop she was moaning and screaming as I continued licking her clit. Soon she was jerking due to her orgasm and her juices were all over my face. Lick me you sister fucker. Lick my dirty cunt which wants it brother’s cock she was moaning and shouting and I had never imagined she can be so vocal after her orgasm has subsided I kissed her. She responded and our tongues met and we were kissing and her tongue was licking juices from my mouth.

What happened because you did not wanted me and suddenly you are thrashing in orgasms and wanting me and I asked her and I had loved you since you were in 10th grade. You had awesome body and I wanted it but you are my brother so I had to control then I was getting married to someone else but I persuaded mom to come to Lucknow for shopping she replied and I was surprised by her revelations but nevertheless I was happy. I stood up on my knees and made her lie down.

I kept my cock head at her pussy entrance and started rubbing it. She was moaning and I deliberately started teasing her clit with my cock head stop that fucking teasing and put your cock inside me you sister fucker. Fuck me like a master fucks his slave she screamed. I obliged her by ramming my cock deep inside her cunt. She was very tight. Her vaginal muscles were expanding to adjust to my huge size and thickness never been fucked? I asked her and my soon to be hubby has a 4 inches cock and so he has never been able to fuck me like I want.

Now stop talking and ram that thing into me hard she said wrapping her legs around my waist and I started fucking her hard and she pushed her buttocks to meet my thrusts. My thighs were slapping into hers while she pushed me deeper with her legs. Fuck me you sister fucker. A sister can only be fucked truly by her brother. Fuck me my hard harder and she screamed as I rammed her again.

I took out my cock and let only the cockhead remain inside her pussy and then rammed back ohh my god yeah that it. I am a slut fuck me. My hubby is no good you should be my man and make me yours fuck a baby into me she said hoarsely to me and her breathings short and heavy and she was enjoying this sensation. Do you like my cock sister? The big fat cock ripping your cunt and I asked her while ramming into her.

Yeah I love your big hard cock. Look mom your nephew is fucking me. He is giving pleasure to your daughter marry me to him aaaaaahhhhh fuck me hard” she moaned and I pulled my cock out and made her bend on all fours. I wanted to fuck her like a bitch yeah fuck me like a bitch ride me like a bitch I am and she screamed and I pushed my cock all the way in and started fucking her madly. I held her boobs in my hand for support.

It was a very erotic scene and I fucking my sister in doggy style and she was moaning. The bed was creaking because of our hard fucking ohh fucking God! I am going to cum and ram that brother cock into me. Rip my cunt aahh fuck me and she shouted and soon she came all over my cock but I was soon from spent. I continued pumping her and as my cock rubbed at her clit she had another massive orgasm and she fell on the bed her face buried in the pillow and she moaning loudly.

I held her by hear hairs and continued riding her. You are a slut take my cock and I shouted. Yeah give me I am a slut and brother fucker and I will roast in hell but I love my brother’s cock she shouted back soon if was on the verge of Cumming and I am going to cum soon baby. I shouted trying to last long don’t cum inside me. I am not protected and she screamed in fear.

I pulled out of her and forced my cock into her mouth. She was shocked and her eyes grew wide in surprise but I held her head and continued pumping load into her mouth. As there was no other way she continued to drink my cum after I was spent I pulled my cock out cum was running from her lips to her massive breasts. That was a good fuck but u did nasty thing to put that thing in my mouth. I never drink cum she said to me wiping her mouth.

Well there is always a first time for everything” I smiled and got off from the bed and went into the bathroom to wash.

Rest of the days.

Our fucking continued whenever we found time at night I would slip into her room and fuck her madly. On the day she was leaving I fucked her in the garage with her mother and my parents in the living room. She was one hot fuckable piece and I was trying to get my share. She left after spending 5 days three of which were spent in mindless fucking before going she handed me her wedding invitation and smiled towards me at night when everyone was asleep I opened the invitation and found a letter addressed to me.

Hello dear brother and these 5 days have been most charming the best of my life. Your fucking has truly changed me and I can’t live without your cock try to get a transfer to Delhi so that we can fuck anytime as I want your baby not my husband’s. And I also want that cock inside me on my wedding day.

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