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Meri Pyari Behena -2

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

It’s Sachin again. I got a good number of responses about my first story (My Loving Sister) from many desipapa readers. So I am writing my other half of the story. One thing I must say, anybody can refer my stories. These are all real experiences. Also any female want to have secret fun they are most welcome.

Now coming to the story, after going inside she closed the door. Then she came near me and asked “How I am looking”. Then I took a breath and started looking at her entire body. That day she was wearing a pink color capri (3/4th, a pant whose length is just below knees) and a white color top. Both the top and the capri were very skin tight and thin. As I have informed you the shape of her boobs, they were out bulged from the thin material of the top like two big mountains. The top’s neck was V shaped and was very deep cut. In the normal standing position also her cleavage was clearly visible. From the thin material of the top the outline of her bra was visible but still I can able to see the shape of her nipple. From that view also anybody can guess that those two kismis are rock hard. Similarly the capri’s material is very thin and the black color panty was clearly visible. The tops length was little short and the capri was low waist, as a result in her normal standing position also there was a gap between her top and capri. As I had the opportunity to say about her, I don’t want to miss that and said “stunningly beautiful and ready to be fucked”. She smiled and said you naughty and moved to the kitchen. I followed her to the kitchen and stand a little far from her. She quickly started finishing her cooking and I started looking at her. After sometime she bent down with her back towards me for searching something in the lower rack. I was just standing behind her. As I have already mentioned about the length of her tops and capri. The moment she bent down the top goes further up and my friends you can better gauss about the position of the capri position. My god, the capri goes so down that half of her panty came out and the panty also goes down a little and crack of her ass was in front of me. I was not stupid enough to waste the chance and immediately insert my fingers inside that. She suddenly stand up, as a result my entire palm goes inside her panty. What a touch, what a master piece her ass was, soft like a balloon. She said please dear don’t do anything today. I have already worn these sexy clothes for you to see, but nothing more than that. I also didn’t want to do anything forcefully. So I remove my palm from her panty but in the process of removing my hand I press those soft mountains and slowly take away resting my entire palm in the center of those two, with my middle finger measuring the ass crack completely. After that she smiled and said you are such a naughty boy, you completely measure my entire ass. I replied saying lot many portions left for future.

That time it was summer and it was very hot outside, also there was no current in her house. Standing in the kitchen I started sweating. As I was in formals and I had to go to office, so I ask what to do as I was sweating badly. She suggested me to change those dresses and wear one of her hubby’s night wear from cupboard. Then I went to her bedroom and started changing my dresses. In the cupboard I found 3 pairs of dresses, out of them one was a short pant. I decided to go for that. When I wore that it was very short for me, as her hubby was a short gay. Then I decided to play with her and removed my underwear as well and wear only the shot pant and didn’t ware any shirt. In my previous chatting with her I knew that her hubby was a thin gay. I had a nice figure, so I prefer to be in bare body. Then I moved towards the kitchen and stand in my previous position. She was busy in cooking. Suddenly for something she turned around and finding me in only shorts she become surprised, and keep on staring at me. Then I ask her what happen and she replied “you have a nice physique dear”. I replied back saying not good enough than you. She smiled and turned around.

Then I moved to her side and asked her for any help, for which she said no. Then after sometime I decided to tease her and asked her didi don’t you feel hot as she was also sweating. She said yes it’s too hot that to standing near fire is terrible. Then immediately I said then remove the tops, you will feel better. She smiled and said no it’s okay.

Then she said go to the hall and put some paper on the floor, I am bringing the foods for you. Then I went to the hall arranged everything and sat on the floor. She served one after another item, but only for me. When I asked she said she has not yet taken her bath, so after bath only she will eat. After serving me completely she sat in front of me. Ooh my god…her cleavage to wide open in front of me. I just gave a look at those and plant a flying kiss to that. She smilingly grab that in her hand as if she catches that and then to my surprise she insert that inside her cleavage as if she taken that flying kiss from air and placed it in the right place. Okay the food were very delicious so I started eating faster. My dal was finished so she went to the kitchen to bring more. Then she brings the dal in a small plate. While she was coming her leg stuck in the chair and become completely imbalance. She manages to fall on the bad nearby without any harm but the hot dal from the plate split everywhere. As I was wearing that short pant and was sitting on the floor. The pant was covering a very few portion of my body.

Few of the hot dal split on my thies close to my pant. You can very well guess the portion. The dal was hot but not that much. A male body can withstand that but still I cried in pain. Didi suddenly recover herself and come near me and started saying sorry and started consolidating me. Then she asked me to get up and she took me to the bathroom. There she washed that area completely.  Still I was crying in pain. Then she took me to her bedroom, lay me down on the bad. Then she rushed to the other room and brings some ointment. Without asking me anything she moved the pant quite up, may be after 2 more inches my treasure will come out. Till that time my panis was in normal position without my underwear. Then with a towel she slower wiped out all the water and started applying the ointment in that area. She was slowly moving her hands on my thies in the affected areas. But those areas were too sensitive for a female hand touch. Also while applying she had bent a little as a result half of her boobs were visible to me. So my dick started reacting and started moving inside my pant. Within no time it reaches its maximum size, around 7’. She looked at my face with a smile and asked me pointing there what was that. Without any shame I replied with your hands touch I am getting exited, and that is the result. She smiled a little and continues applying ointment. But now she gradually started moving towards my panis. But now my pant was creating problem for her. Then she holds the pant in one hand and continues applying in other hand. Then I took the initiative and told her to remove the pant if it is disturbing you. She said its okay I will manage in this way. To this I said don’t worry. I am 95% naked in front of you. I will not mind if you see the rest 5%. Hearing this from me she started laughing, and said very eager to show your dick to me. After that she had a final look at the tent created below my pant in a smiling face and then slowly started removing the only obstacle from my body. When she completely removed my pant, my full sized panis was completely in front of her in a perpendicular position. Then she again started messaging the affected area, but her eyes were fixed on my dick. From her eyes it was clear that she was dying to take that inside her love hole. But she was controlling her feeling. Many a times she indirectly touches my dick, but never tried to touch or hold it directly.

In the mean time I had decided to take a leave for that day from office, because no way I want to miss the opportunity. Her massage continued for a long time. She started becoming tired. Then I asked her why don’t you go and have your lunch? She said she had her breakfast very late and not yet feeling hungry. Also after bath only she will have her lunch. Then I forced her to go and have bath. She got up from the bed and started preparing for bath. She went to the kitchen and brought some oil, sat near the bed I was sleeping and started applying on her hair. I asked about the oil as the oil bottle was not familiar to me. She said it was olive oil, a very costly oil and good for health. Then I asked her why did she keep it in kitchen? She replied it can be used for cooking, hair oil, body massage etc. Then I ask her did she apply those in your body? She replied yes I usually do. Then I immediately offer her a body massage. I said since last half an hour you did a great massage on my body and now it’s my turn and you are tired as well. Initially she hesitates a little, but after seeing my unhappy face she agreed.

She then left the room saying wait for a while. After around 5min she came to the room, wrapping a towel around her body. The towel’s one end was just above those two melons and the other end was just above her knees. So guys I think you can very well guess my situation at that point of time. I immediately praise her saying you are looking very sexy. She thanked me and said we better do this on the floor or else the bed well be damaged. Then she put a bed sheet on the floor and sat on that. Then I said first I will finish her hair then body. She agreed. Then I sat on the edge of the bed spreading my legs and she sat between my legs. I took some oil in my palm and started messaging her head. Her hairs were not too long. So I quickly finish her head message and slowly slid my hands to her bare shoulders. So smooth those were like heaven touch. I was very hot at that time. Also the towel she was wearing was just above her breast but her cleavage was wide open and was clearly visible. Now in that position as I was sitting on the bed and she on the floor I can very well able to more portion of her breast. Through cleavage I can able to see almost 40% of her breast. That view of her half nude breast made me hotter and my medium erect dick reaches its optimum. As a result my bare dick started touching her back. She can very well fell that. With that she also started getting hotter. Then she jokingly said your dick is getting mad. Tell him to calm down. To that I replied the poor dick is searching for something and not getting. Then she asked what he is searching? After that I slide     hand towards her breast and inserted my two fingers deep inside her cleavage and said holes like this. With my sudden movement she jerked a little and said you naughty boy, better you focus on your duty. Then I again started massaging her shoulders then neck then both her hands. She was feeling very cool and relaxed and was enjoying my massage to its best. Then I told her to lie down on the bed sheet so that I can continue from her legs. Then she obeyed me and lay on the floor. I also went and sat near her legs. At that time she was sleeping showing her back to me. Her towel was just able to hide her panty. But both the smooth hairless thies were right in front of me. Those were damn fair and sexy. Then I started massaging her legs. I started from her toes, then knee portions and then to her thies. Gradually my hands were moving upwards while massaging her thies. Initially both her legs were closed. When she started enjoying my massage she herself separated the legs and made it wider so that I can easily massage the side portions of her legs. Then I completed all the portions shown to me. Then without any hesitation I started lifting her towel to massage the remaining areas. Since she was sleeping I found it difficult to lift it. But she understood what I was trying to do and lifted her back a little so that I can lift her towel. Then I lifted her towel all the way to her waist. Her round bulky ass was right in front of me inside the thin material of the black sexy panty. Her as chicks were so big that panty was only covering 50% of her ass. Rest all the melons were bare in front of me. Still I didn’t found any resistance or word from her. She was sleeping their closing her eyes.

Then I directly focus on her ass and started the uncovered portions of her ass. Those feeling were great. After that I didn’t control my hands from going anywhere. I started massaging all the nearby areas of her panty when I slid my palm to the inner sides of her thies just near her panty few portion of her love triangle was touching my hand. She severed a bit but didn’t say anything. I massage those areas a lot.

Then I said didi I need to massage your back. So please remove the towel. She without saying anything rose little bit untied the knot from the front side, remove the towels portions those were stuck below her and again slept. Now the towel was just there above her body without any restriction. I simply take it away. Now all her back was bare open to me. She left only in her bra and panty. What a master piece that was. I was feeling like fucking her back right there. But I controlled my feelings.

Now I changed my position moved up started massaging upper portion of her back. That feeling was amazing, moving the hand on a bare smooth surface. Only “Kabab main haddi” at that point of time was her bra strip. After few time I unhook that as well. Still didn’t find any reaction from her. She was in the same position. Now I freely move my hand all over her back. In between I was sliding my hands down to both the sides to have a touch of her breast. This continued for around 10min. Then I moved to her waist region, and started massaging her waist and both the belly sides. She was enjoying each and every bit of it. In between she was whispering bro you are the best. You have magic in your hands. It feels so good etc. Then I slowly inserted my fingers inside her panty and started massaging her hip portion. When I didn’t find any objection I inserted both my palms and started massaging both her butts. You people can very well guess the feelings when you slide your oily hands on hairless bare butts. I kept on sliding my hands everywhere on her hips and butts. Then I started moving my fingers in between her butt’s chicks, and after that she started severing.  Still the panty was in its place so I was unable to view the things. So I decided to remove that and started sliding it downwards. She immediately interrupted me saying dear please don’t remove that. You have my entire body except that portion. Let that portion be there for my hubby. I replied didi your butts and hips are all oily and if I remove my hands over those then your panty will be all oily and will be damaged, also I said why to keep things for a person who don’t know the value of those. Still if you want to cover that area then let me bring an unused cloth. She said okay with that. Then I happily remove the entire panty from her body. Now she was completely bare in front of me. Her entire back was wide open to me. Then I started playing with her back. Since I was also naked I apply some oils on my butts and sat on her butts. The moment I sat on her butts and slipped to her thies. What a fun it was. I continued this process for quite a number of times not because my butts were touching her. Of that was a great feeling, but the main reason is I was sitting facing her head. As a result my dick was getting rested in between her butt chicks, and when I slipped to her thies my dick is getting rested just near to her pussy hole as her legs were little separate. She also enjoyed that play a lot, as in between she was also tightening her butts as a result they were becoming harder and moving upwards and helping me in slipping. Then I apply few more oils on my dick and after that I hold my dick in my hand and started massaging her entire butts in my dick. She again started severing as well as enjoying. I continued this for next 2-3mins.

Then I stopped and told her to turn around, I will finish rest of her body. She said then first brought something for me to hide my pussy from you. Then from the nearby cupboard I found a very thin hand towel, and become happy with the size of that. It was a very small towel and can max hide her lower belly and pussy. Then I give that to her. When she saw that, she gave a smile and said didn’t get anything smaller than this. Then she turned around placing that towel on her pussy, but in the process she didn’t care for her bra, as it was unhooked from behind, it just fall aside. Her entire upper half was completely bare to me. Both her melons were just in front of me. Without wasting any time I put a lot of oil from the bottle directly on her breasts, started massaging instead, started playing, squeezing, pressing, beating both her boobs. I did all I can do with those two. She was just moaning and moaning and moaning. Her breath started becoming heavier. Both her nipples become deep pink color from brown and were standing proudly. Now with my abstract way of massage she became completely mad and restless. She started changing her sleeping positions, moving sides and then started bending her legs, moved her hips upward, bits her lips, hands were trying to grab me.  In this process when that piece of towel fall apart from her body nobody knows, but when I take away my focus from her boobs to her belly and she her dead naked sleeping in front of me my dear I only know my situation at that point of time. A clean saved virgin pussy was right in front of me. At that point of time it became very difficult for me to control me emotions and placed my oily fingers right on her pussy and started massaging that. Initially she started resisting but stopped and started moaning heavily. I inserted my middle finger and started finger fucking. Oh my god… so hot that was inside there and simultaneously filled with her love juice. When I increased my speed, she become completely mad and started screaming and started crying. Then I immediately stopped and ask the reason for her crying. She said dear please don’t stop doing that. Don’t stop at all. It feels so good. I feel like I am in heaven. I can’t explain how I am feeling. I am so unlucky to get such a husband who deprived from such pleasure and many more things. At that point of time she even didn’t know what she was telling. She was uttering all possible word that can be possible in sex. When she become closer to her orgasm her eyes gradually closed, she tightened her hands, body become stiff and started smiling in utmost pleasure. Seeing all this anybody can say that this is going to be her first orgasm.

Suddenly I realize that if I completed her orgasm then she will be deprived of the real pleasure, and after that she may not be agreed for a real fuck, as for a virgin all these are also extreme. Then I stopped immediately, and in a fraction of second she opened her eyes and asked what happened, why you stopped? Please continue. I smiled and said massage over. Then in a very requesting voice she said please dear continue for a little while. It feels so good I can’t explain. I said didi this is just a dummy fucking session, and asked if she wants a real experience. She immediately nodded her head in yes. Then I suggested her better we both take a bath then we will have a nice fucking session. She also agreed to that as we both were too much oily.

We both getup and went to the bathroom. I was following her to the bathroom. When she was walking in front of me both her ass chicks were swing at full speed as there was no protection for those. It was very much exiting to see her walking naked. As we entered into the bathroom, she took the initiative and told me to stand at a place. I obeyed her and stand in that place. Then she started pouring water all over my body standing very close to me. While pouring water she was coming close to me, so close that her boobs were touching my chest, so that when she poured water it should fall on both bare bodies. After that she took the soap and started applying that on my entire body, and finally stuck on my dick. Then she started playing with my dick. Started rubbing with the foam hand. Slowly my normal size dick slowly became a grown up boy. When I reached 90% of my orgasm and was about to cum, I stopped her saying don’t waste these. They have lot to do now. Then I took the soap from her hand and started applying the soap on her body. Anybody ever experienced this. It was a real fun. When you move the soap on a bare smooth body of a female, it feels amazing. Starting from her breast nipples to her pussy hole, I filled the foam in her entire body. With the foam hand I tried to insert 3 fingers inside her pussy but when she cried a lot I remove them and inserted only 2 fingers. From that you people can guess the tightness of her hole. At that point of time both our bodies were filled with foam. I grabbed her in the standing position. We stay like that for around a minute. At that time her boobs were completely pressed on my chest and my dick was rested on her pussy. After that we wash each other completely finish our bath and then came out. Then she said she is feeling hungry. I told okay but don’t eat much. Then she went to the bed room to dress herself and I followed her. When she took the dress out for wearing, I stopped her saying; until I left your place you are not going to wear anything. Then she smiled at me and went to the kitchen. Bring a very little food and completed her lunch. In the mean while I was sleeping in the bedroom without anything on my body.

She then came and slept on my side, putting one hand on my chest and one leg on my thies and dick. We remain in that position for few times as we both were taking our time before proceeding further. Both her boobs were rested on my chest. Everything was quite normal at that point of time. Then I took the initiative and started kissing her on her lips. Slowly I opened my mouth guided my tongue outside to her lips, and started playing with her lips. Then I started inserting my tongue inside her mouth. She opened her lips and gave enough room for my tongue to enter inside. Also gave a warm welcome by bringing her tongue close to mine. Then both our tongue started playing. Then after sometime she broke the kiss and asked me “dear what can I do for you. Morning you gave me a very good massage, and now it’s my turn to give you something.” I asked are you sure whatever I tell you, you will do that. She happily nodded her head in a yes. Then I asked her for a blowjob. She smiled and said anything for you dear. Then she getup and went inside my both the legs and within a fraction of time almost 70% of my dick was disappeared inside her mouth. What a feelings that was. It was the first time I got my hard cock taken inside by the soft mouth of a woman. When her soft lips started moving on my dick my whole body started responding to that. Previous to that I never had a blowjob as normally girls don’t like to do that, but friends those were such good pleasures. Slowly she increased her speed and with her one hand she fondled and played with my balls. Within a very few time I reached near my ultimate ejaculation. I was flying in all heaven. But I stopped her as I don’t want to lose my energies before giving her a good fuck, and said didi I was about to cum. She immediately stopped and said but I want to do more.

Then I said okay to her and told her to turn around and sit on my chest. She obeyed me. Now she was in a position where her ass was just near to my face. Then I told her to bent down and continue what you are doing previously but for little time as I was in no mood to ejaculate before fucking her. She bent down and again started sucking my dick. Now in that positions when she bent down her fucking pussy lips were completely visible to me. They were very near to my face. I didn’t wait and place my lips on her pussy lips. She jerks a little but didn’t let my dick from her mouth. This time she was doing very slowly, but I started kissing and licking her pussy. With that she started moaning. Her moans became heavier but with my dick inside her mouth. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and start moving them up and down. Within no time her love juices started flowing. She was completely become mad and started giving me a faster blowjob. Gradually we both started enjoying each other’s movement and became crazy. I was in no mood to cum but at that point of time I was unable to control that situation and within no time we both ejaculate.

Both of us became very much tired and slept in that position for few time. Then after some time she get up and sit in-between my legs and start playing with my dick again. She was also rubbing her boobs on my dick. At that time my dick was paining a little. But with the soft touches of her boobs slowly it started standing up, and within a few moments it reaches its maximum. She smiled at me and then she get up, come over me with her two legs across my body, on my dick, her pussy just inch up of my hard throbbing dick. She caught my dick and placed it in her pussy. My whole body electrified. She sat on my dick and my dick entered deep inside the hot triangle. So soft and wet her pussy was. It was damn tight as well. Oh I felt I like dying. I was drowning in pleasure, ultimate pleasure, which I can’t say. She started giving jerks on my dick and I started responding. With her love juices my entire dick became wet.

After some time I told her didi it’s my turn now. Saying so I lift her up and let her sleep on the bed and I came over her. With pleasure she wide open her legs giving me a clear picture of each and every part of her pussy. Then in no time I placed my dick on her pussy lips and gave a strong push. My entire dick goes inside her pussy. Then I started giving jerks by moving my dick in and out, and she was screaming with pleasure, closing her eyes. I was holding both her boobs in my hands and was squeezing them hard. Continuously her hot juices were flowing all over my dick. Then after a few time I reached my ultimatum and was about to cum. But I immediately stopped thinking if I shoot inside her then any problem may happen. With my sudden stoppage she opened her eyes with exclamation and asked what happen. I said I was about to cum. She smilingly said don’t worry my sweet little bro, my period has just completed, so no fear of pregnancy. I become very happy and also became crazy. In happiness I pinch both her nipples very hard. She screamed in pain and said you naughty boy. I again started fucking her and this time very hard, very very hard. Simultaneously I was folding her boobs as tight as I can. With that both her boobs became red in color and nipples dark brown. Then after a few minute I ejaculated. When you shoot the hot cums deep inside a pussy that feeling was incomparable. At that time we both hold each other very tightly, allowing my cums to go deep inside her love hole. After that we both were completely tired, and slept in that position. When I slept completely I didn’t know. I got up when didi weak me up. At that time she was in a long gown. She informed me that the time was 5pm and within a hour her hubby will reach home. I quickly get up and freshen up. Then we had a cup of coffee and we had a small round of kiss. After that I left her place.

After that we didn’t get a chance to meet till she was in Bangalore. 3-4 days latter I receive a call from her. At that time she was in Chennai. She called me to be on line at around 11pm in night. After that at least 2-3 times a week we do chat. Every time we chat in different ways. Sometimes she strip up, sometimes I. Sometimes I masturbated, sometimes she. We tried many different ways to enjoy our sex life. Sometimes she sent me her photos to me. Those photos range from sexy dressed photos to bikini photos, sometimes also sexy nude photos.

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