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  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hi friends, I am (salman ) not real. I am student at the age19 yeas. I want to share with you my real story o f life not story of just simple fantasy. I am from Pakistan and living in some 100 Km from Lahore. I am living in my uncle’s big house as his two sons were foreign countries from last few years and they come only after two years just for a month. As my uncle has no other male child and he his self over aged. So he adopted me as his son. I am living there is an important member of the family with his two daughters of law and his aged wife and their grand children. One of my elder bhabi has three children while the other has two. We were living very happily, as there was plenty of wealth. But our home private life was very simple. My both bhabies were only housewives. They used all of their time in house. And as my uncle was an outmoded so they are not allowed to go put side from home.

My elder bhabi Shamim was in the age of 34/35 and the younger Sadia was nearly 28/29. They both were matured women. My elder bhabi was much attractive than younger. She was looking very sexy to me, but I never tried to act to be unpleasant. But some time I felt that Shamim appa was acting like seduce me but, as I never thought in my solitude. She was not wearing duppata on her head when we were alone and she always tries to show me her cleavages. She always tries to jerk her. This is fact that both of these parts of her body was her treasure She has a very pair of big firm breast and a big round soft ass which was swinging when she walked. She is not very whitish but has a nice fair skin long hairs and dark brownish big eyes. She has a normal height with a little huge belly. Let me minimize it.

Once when it WA hot summer noon and Sadia bhabi was laid in her room due felling not well but all of the family members was in their rooms. Shamim bhabi came in my room and said me that what am I doing? I told her nothing bhabi. Have some work to do? She said no nothing is serious but I fell headache if you have some tablet to give me. I gave her the tablet and asked her bhabi if it its feel not good may I apply balm and massage it. You will be feel good soon. She agreed and I asked her to sit in bed as she was still standing. She sat on the edge of bed. I took balm from the table and stood before very close to her. First I applied some balm on her fore head and then started massaging it. As I was standing just close to her and as usual she has no duppata so her breast cleavages in deep was in my glance which were made me exited and I was feeling not good because my penis was started getting hard. I was unable to hide it from her as it was just before her eyes. I glancing her but she was staring to my cock, which was getting hardness.

I asked her how you feel bhabi now she replied well. Do it. She moved little close to me and my semi erected was now touching her breast little. I was massaging her and then suddenly she holds my cock and asked me what is this? I didn’t replied and she repeats her question. I said you don’t know it? She smiled and said I know it but was not expecting from you like this. I said her sorry bhabi but I don’t know how it got it like this. She said no I know that why it became like this. She has still holding my dick in her hand and was now massaging which became now full erected. She put it in her mouth with cloths I have worn. Now I under stood her intention. I bent over her and kissed her cheeks and put my hand inside of her neck to reached her breast her bra was so tight but I made my way to touch her tits flesh and at last her nipples they where too hot like heater. I touched her nipple for the first time. As I was standing just before her so it was very easy for her and she unknotted my pajama string and it fallen on floor. She took my hand in her hand she told me that you have a big one. Saying this she put her lips ion it and started licking and then she took it one forth in her mouth to suck it vigorously she you all my 8″ cock in her mouth. She was sucking it very badly. I was squeezing, rubbing her tits. She her self untied her shilwar and slid it now I was able to see her half-pussy and upper thighs. I moved my hand to her pussy and rubbed it and inserted one my finger in her hole. She asked me that she is need this big cock in my cunt give it me as soon as possible. We will do all every thing in sex but latter.

She lay on bed on her back and I slid her shilwar from her legs. I put my lips on her cunt and licked it I inserted my tongue in her pussy hole but she asked me insert your cock in it. She opened her legs wide and said it is all will for you but put your cock now in it I was seeing the woman pussy first time in my life so I became very happy. I told her that this is my first chance to see the woman pussy and she told me please fuck it to celebrate your first seeing. I was between in her thighs that she took my cock and put it on the proper place and asked me to push. As I pushed forward a little my half dick went in her pussy. Her pussy hole was so tight with some hair on it. It looked like she never had a big dick into her pussy. I asked her bhabi your pussy hole is so tight I think you have never a big cock. She told me no I never have sex except my husband and he ahs too little than you. You have a big one and you are relay sister fucker you are fucking you own bhabi. When you are fucking your bhabi then fuck her so hard. I have never taught about Shamim bhabi like this. Her words made so hard. Now I was pumping her with my full power, and my cock was going in and in her pussy like a shuttle. I said to her bhabi that your cunt hole is very hot. She said yes it was burning and now it became hot due to your cock. She was now moaning ahh ufff ohhh, salman, give bhabi’s pussy that sweet, hard prick.

Tear my cunt, baby, pound it Bruise bhabi’s fucking cunt with your sweet, hard cock! Fuck me…fuck my cunt!”, she was screaming. Shamim was jerking her ass up and down, my balls banging upon her hot ass cheeks. She was screaming Fuck it, fuck it! she urged hotly. Oh, , fuck that hot cunt! Baby, I need it! I need your sweet cock ,bhabi’s cunt needs your hard cock .she was crying in low voice I sensed her that she was about to cum. Her whole body was stumbling and struggling with great emotions. after few moments I felt her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now I felt that my dick was going not in cunt but a bottle of glue. So whenever my cock entered in to it a strange sounds started coming. And after a few minuets I asked her that I am too coming in her pussy , she shouted no not in me yet please cum out side me. It will not safe. And I pulled my cock out from her pussy and exploded my cum on her belly. And I laid down beside her. We were laid in each other arms for 20 minutes. I was feeling guilty to fuck my bahabi. and I told her ,but she said there is no need for me to be guilty. Because she her self wanted that and she knows better. She said me don’t take it so hard yourself .and don’t think me as your bhabi but treat me as a woman. she also said that is not our first and last time we will do it or ever. And after that I fucked her once again. Then she went to her room. And at the dinner we meet as usual. After that day it became our routine that when we get a chance we never missed it and she was coming in my room at late night.

After some time I became sceptical that Sadia knows about our relation. Because she used to talk with me every time double meaning. I discussed it to Shamim but she said me don’t be worry this is only my doubt otherwise there is nothing and that she has never felt like this from Sadia. And at last one night Sadia caught us red handed as my cock was Shamim pussy while she was riding on me. We became very feared, Shamim thrown on me down. Sadia asked directly from Shamim that appa (as she says her appa ) this is not right what are you doing . we were looking with downcast eyes of shame for a movement. Sadia said us that she is going to tell all about this to her father in law. I was myself near to die but Shamim jumped and took Sadia from her arm. She requests her to sit for a while and listen us after that you are free to do as you want. We were still naked so Sadia said me at least you should hide yourself you shameless. And I just rolled the bed sheet around me. Shamim also tried to hide herself half. First she requests her and implores her that she should not do like this . and when she saw that Sadia became soften as Sadia was also kindhearted. Then Shamim became bold and asked Sadia I want a question then you if you don’t mind tell me the truth are we not human being we have no desires as they both bastred has gone to earn money and what do you think they will be honest with us ? I can not say about your husband and as I know my husband he will fuck every night a whore as he had never forgave me in my menses and when I had he always fucked even my ass. And these words were efficacious. Sadia replied impromptu that no he was also lust full and rake. They were talking while I was totally silent. after some time Shamim asked Sadia to let go to their room and they lift. I was alone and was thinking that what will be happened. I was sleepless and restless then after half an hour some on came in my room, as it was dark. It was Shamim she asked am I sleeping or not? I told her that who can sleep situation like this and in hurry asked her that will happen? She whispered in my ear nothing. But you will just fuck now two than one.

I became surprised and asked her what say? She told don’t ask question just go in Sadia’s room and fucked her. I was puzzle but she told me don’t give her time as she is ready to fuck this time if we give her a chance to think she may be changed her descussion. I went to sadia room she was laid in her bed and when she saw me she smile and said come on in my bed. I lay with her very fearly. She said tome you are very dishonest you, didn’t think that you have two bhabis. As I am not pretty? She wrapped her arms around me as I was too nerves and told me be in sense. Don’t worry. I am not eating you. I have also all these that Shamim has. She put her lips on mine and kissed me. Now I became little bold and I also kissed her and caught her breast. I squeezed and rubbed it. She has no bra. So I slid her qamiz up and there were her nude tits before me. They were too beautiful firm and lovely than Shamim. I took one her nipple in my mouth and sucked it a lot while she has unknotted my shilwar and was playing my cock. Her hands was so soft and hot and she looked more expert than Shamim and my cock got erection with in a minute and was like steel rod. Now I moved my one hand to her pussy and rubbed and caressed it so hard. She was moaning loudly. She asked me don’t made me restless please hurry up and fucked me extremely, and fuck like you are fucking Shamim and don’t be dishonest. I went between in her thighs and said don’t mind I will fuck more than she will as she was my teacher and I was fucking her I had no experience now I am expert and you also expert. I spread her legs enough wide and first look to her pussy it was so nice the lips of her pussy was pink and there were a litte hairs on it. I bent on it and kissed and licked it I inserted my tongue in her pussy fuck her pussy by my lip for a while which made her mad. And she begs me to fuck her immediately.

Then I took her legs on my shoulders and I took my cock on her wet pussy hole and I entered my cock in her and I started it slowly and headed up with speed and steady. When it went all in her then I started my moving in and out in her hole. It is relay tight than Shamim I told Sadia. Yes it should be. I was fucking her now very fastaly and hard as she was asking and asking for it. I was also eating her tit one by one and was licking her nipples. I kissed all part of her body where my mouth can reach in that position. She was not uncontrollable and she caught my ass and squeezed it that was giving me more stimulation and in return i was giving her strong stroke. Now she held my arms tight and started to jump under me. I was moving from up to down and at the same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her buttock against the bed to accompany my moves. My cock was parted her pussy and she became wet. As my stroke became harder due to squeezing my buttock by her after a few moments she started ” Please slow down ahh its hurt me. But I was not in mood to listen her. I said her no I am not dishonest I will fuck more than Shamim. She said oho no she has a big cunt she can accommodate so big dick but you look to me as I have a little pussy. No it is not a little it has been screwed so many years by my cousin. As she was begging for me to slow down but she never stopped responding to my hits. I little more wide her legs open in V shape and she was hugging me real tight. And at least she screamed that she is coming and her pussy flow. While I was giving her more hard time to her pussy and she has hugging me tight real and began her pussy mouth tight. After a few minute I pulled out my cock of her pussy and sprayed my cum all over her belly and tits. We both were really tired and I laid down close beside her.

After some time Shamim came in and saw us she became very happy that her planned has been succeed. She told us that this is your night do your best and she kissed both of us and went out of the room. From that night till last night I fucked every night my Sahmim and Sadia by their number. They have compromised that one night Shamim come in my room or I go to her and one night Sadia come to my room. We have fucked so many times in-group. I have fucked a dozen time their asses. This is going from last five years with us. And when my cousin comes then her wife didn’t come to my room till his stay.

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