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Meri Maa Ki Gaand

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Dear reader. My name is Ravi. If you want to know more about me read this story “How I fucked my aunt”. Any ways after fucking my aunt that week I ended fucking my mom too. Even now as I am writing this story my mom is sucking on my dick like a lollipop. Ever since I and my mom started fucking, there was no stopping the three of us. My mom my aunt and me used to fuck whenever it’s possible like wild animals. My aunt loved sucking my balls and my mom loved my aunts shit hole. To tell something about my mom, she loves ass holes. Whenever i come out of the toilet she licks all the water from ass hole. She puts her tongue all the way in my ass and gives me real pleasure.

I married my mom in a temple, a few weeks after we started fucking. That week my brother was out of town because of some tournament and we were alone in the house (My dad left my mom a few years ago). We went to a temple far away got married and came back. My aunt was the witness for the marriage; she even made all the arrangements for the marriage. We came back in the evening, I gave my aunt a quickie in the ass (My aunt loves getting fucked in the ass) and she left telling my mom that she can have me all to herself. That Night we had our first night. My mom decorated the bed with flowers.

Instead of the conventional milk and sweets I had whiskey and my mom’s ass. My mom came in white sari and touched my feet. We both drank whiskey that night and fucked like wild animals. That night around three o clock the current was gone. The transformer was blasted and there was no power. My mom was on top of me and bouncing off my dick and I was clinching her ass and sucking on her boobs. We both were so hot that night because of all the alcohol. That night we fucked like pigs, sucking the sweat of each other. My mom even licked the sweat off my ass hole, she really loves my asshole. I ended up sleeping on top of her that night around five o’clock with one of her boobs in my mouth and my dick in her ass.

One day i was sucking my mom’s boobs as she was feeding me food at the same time. I slowly started to reach for her pussy over her sari and started to finger her, she was moaning slowly and said ”ahhh… son I have to tell you something (even though we are married now we still call our self-mom and son… for us the incest makes the sex more kinkier)I have to go to a marriage next week to a friend’s house for a week”. Hearing that I was devastated I told her I can’t let her go. Ever since we started fucking we were fucking at least once every six hours. I told her I could not stay without her pussy or her monster sized boobs. My mom then said “Don’t worry baby I’ll be going the next week only. You can go to your aunts for that week as your uncle is also going out of town for a week. You can fuck your lovely aunt that entire week”.

Even though I enjoyed fucking my aunt but it was not same as fucking my mom. In the end I had to accept but I said I had a condition “If I let you go next week then you should let me fuck you this entire week in the ass”. Even though we fucked almost five to six times a day my mom rarely let me fuck her in the ass. After lot of thinking she accepted to my proposal. The moment she accepted I got up and told her to turn over. She told me wait a second let me wash my hands and went to the sink.

As she was washing her hands I went from behind lifted her sari and put my cock deep inside her tight ass. The moment I put my dick inside her she yelled “Oh my god what are you doing Ravi, don’t fuck me in there without any lubricants. You are hurting your mother”. I didn’t care, I put one of my hands in her pussy and with the other I grabbed her boobs. Her boobs were already out open through her opened blouse. My mom let out a small moan when I put my fingers in her pussy. ”please baby, do it slowly. Your dick is too big for your mom’s ass”. Her cry’s made me even hornier. As I continued to fuck, even my mom got used to the speed. Occasionally she moaned with pain a bit, I immediately dug my fingers deeper in to her pussy. Slowly I let go of her boobs and her pussy and started fucking her, with both my hands spanking her ass as she yelled “spank me you motherfucker. Spank me like a cheap slut. Ohhhhh……. Ahhh Yes baby!!!! Mommy likes your big giant dick in her shit hole….. Yes baby fuck me make me cum all over the floor…. “. Soon my mom was in doggy position on all fours with me fucking her ass from behind. We were both nude next to the washing basin.

My mom already came twice and the floor was filled with her cum. As I kept banging her from behind I slowly reached for her boobs and started to play with them. Whenever I went too close to her face my mom tried to bite me. I used to spank her on the ass every time she used to try to bite me and she used to yell “Spank me you dirty bastard. Spank your bitch nicely. I bet you love fucking your mom in the ass, don’t you…. Now I truly am your bitch, with my legs all spread and me on all fours… yes baby yes spank your favorite bitch like that…. Sssss yes baby I love it. Mommy loves it when you spank her like that. Yeah baby!!!! make your mommy cummmmmmm”. Soon I came in her ass and we both ended up sleeping next to the washing basin.

The next day we were having a bath and my mom suddenly asked me to sit and started to give me a blow job. I was as usual catching my mom’s head while she was blowing me and enjoying the feeling when I saw her holy ass move as she continued to suck my dick. I immediately asked her to stop and made her sleep on the wet bathroom floor; I couldn’t control myself when I saw her ass move like that. I put my tongue inside her ass hole and started to lick her anal wall. Slowly I put my dick inside my mom’s hole and started to fuck her anally I just loved fucking her like this. Her ass is so tight compared to her pussy.

As I continued to fuck her she started to yell “you dirty mother fucker look where mother is lying . Do you like this you ass fucker, fucking your mothers shit hole while she is lying on the bathroom floor covered with you??….ahhh…. yeah spank me like that yes baby spank your mother like that… your dirty mother likes it when you spank her like that….” My mom really was acting like a bitch in the heat she started to scream louder as I continued to fuck her and spank her sweet ass.

We then switched and she started to ride me. I loved the way her boobs where bouncing as she continued to ride my dick. My dick was in her ass hole while I was fingering her with one hand and playing with her boobs with other hand. I later lifted my mom in the air as she held on to me, both her legs where rapped around me and I grabbed her ass, as I kept banging her hole with everything I had. My mom shouted as I kept banging her. “Oh my goddddddd this is the best sex ever………. Oh baby just give it to me ….ahhh I can’t take it any more… ohh baby put your stick in my pussy… mommy needs it badly.. Please baby just make mommy cum.” Even I was on the verge of cumming so I put my mother on the floor and put my dick in her love hole. Within seconds both my mom and I came. We were both spent so we ended up sleeping naked on the bathroom floor itself.

Next day I woke up brushed my teeth had some breakfast and went to the kitchen see what mom was doing. She was cooking some dish and simultaneously reading some article in a magazine. They was she bent forward to read the article especially with her cleavage visible through her nighty and her huge ass just waiting to be taken I couldn’t take it any longer I just stripped my clothes, went in and pulled her nighty up and put my dick in her shit hole in a swift way. I guess she got used to taking it in the ass now, even though I expected a little cry from all she did was give out a small moan “ahhh……. I see my baby is up and already stiff for his slutty mother.” Saying this she slowly took of her nighty. We were both nude in the kitchen and my mother held on to the kitchen basement as I kept fucking her in the ass. She kept fingering her pussy as I was playing with her boobs. I kept biting her back as I couldn’t control myself any more. Slowly I picked up one of the karandi (Big spoon) and started spanking her ass with that as I continued to fuck her.

She yelled “yes baby spank your mom like that… mommy loves the feel of steel on her body…. Mommy loves the way your big dick moves in her tiny ass hole… fuck me baby… fuck your horny slutty mother in her ass… keep your mother satisfied like that… that’s it baby … yes baby spank your mother like that…. Yes baby mommy’s about to cummmmmm……ahhh”. Just when she was about to cum she took the plate beside her which had onions in it and came all over them.

She then turned around and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. This came as a surprise to me as she usually never blows me in the morning; she usually sucks my dick only in the night before brushing her teeth. Soon I kept both my hands around her head and started fucking her mouth. Soon I was about to cum when I yelled “mommmmmmmmy I am about to cummmmm….” She sucked every drop of cum from dick, for a second I thought she was going to suck out my balls by sucking my cum. She stood up gave a slutty smile and said” sorry baby I am not going to share that with any one, not even with you”. I kissed her and put my middle finger deep in her pussy. My pushed me back said “go and sit in the dining hall I’m coming in a few minutes”. I spanked her on the ass, went to the dining hall and pulled a chair and sat in the dining hall all naked waiting for my beautiful wanton mother.

After fifteen minutes she came in the dining hall with plate which had a dish in it. She spread her legs over me and asked me to insert my dick in her pussy. She was sitting on top of me with my dick inside her pussy as she fed me the dish that she just made from her. The salty dish was made from her come did taste really good. She then told me “darling u have fucked mommy enough in her ass, now moms pussy need some attention too. Now suck your mom’s boobs, while she gives you the ride of your life” saying that she started to ride me.

I caught her ass cheeks with both my hands as she continued to bounce on top of me. I guess she really wanted my dick really bad in her pussy. (Now days all I do is fucking her in the ass. The other day I woke her at midnight and started to fuck her ass). Her bouncing boobs made me very horny soon I caught her boobs and started to suck them. Soon my mom came all over my dick; I could feel her cum even on my balls. She was still not done she slowed for a bit but slowly started to gain her momentum and was soon in her full force, faster than before. She kept yelling “yes baby… give it to me… give it to mommy…. Mommy loves her son’s dick in all her holes… yes baby play with mommy nipples like that… mommy likes it when you play with her boobies… “. “ Mom I about to cummmm…” soon we both came. Mom licked me all clean.

The next day my mom left for her friend’s house, I gave her a quickie in her ass just before she left. She didn’t let me remove her sari so just had to lift her sari and fuck her tight ass. The next day I went to my aunt’s house. How the events turned out in my aunt’s house and what I ended up doing is in my next story

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