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Meri Maa Jaab Soi Hui Thi

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

My father works in a multinational company on managerial level. He has lot of responsibilities with many people working under him. Many times he has to travel abroad sometimes for longer durations like 1 to 2 months. It wasn’t like that until he got consecutive promotions. My mother was proud of his achievements in life but she and I missed him more and more as the years passed by.

I was 20, mom – 35, dad – 40. They had an early marriage. Times when dad was not around I noticed that mom looked very sad and lonely. She was too beautiful to be seen like that. She had a damn sexy figure. She was neither excessively fat in any part nor disgustingly thin; just a perfectly proportionate sexy female body. I pitied that she had to be my mother. She always wore dark color sarees.

Often she even slept in the saree. Sometimes she would wear a night gown, the two piece type. An overcoat when she was with me or anyone else was home, and while in her bedroom she took off the overcoat staying in the lingerie that covered her only from the boobs down to the knees, which was hanging on the shoulders on two thin straps. I had been observing her sexual frustration for a long time and didn’t know how to help her with it or approach the matter at all.

My own desire to see and feel her beautiful body made me go mad. Her boobs and ass were so huge and tempting I couldn’t resist any more. One day, finally when dad had gone again for another 2 month tour to Europe, I started to plan to take the initiative which would satisfy at least my needs if not hers; I was still not sure if she would accept the idea of me fulfilling her physical needs. However, I went ahead to fulfil my needs first.

I had some nasty friends who had lots of experience in getting females involved in sex, often without the female knowing about it. I asked one such friend what kind of chemical makes a woman go into deep sleep where she can’t realize anything and I could freely use her body. He gave me a name and where to get it.

He said it was in a powder form and when I place it near the girl’s nose so that she could breath it in, she will go into deep anesthesia. I ran to the store and bought some. It was pretty costly so I bought a small doze with whatever I could afford. I decided to use it on mom tonight itself. When I returned home it was noon time and she was having her afternoon rest.

When she sleeps, she usually goes into deep sleep. So without any hesitation I opened her bedroom door to study her sleeping habits so that I could run my operation smoothly that night. I stood in a corner and watched how she moved in her sleep. Her saree-fall had drifted away exposing her boobs tightly captivated in the peacock blue color blouse matching with the saree.

I took a closer look at the blouse; it had about four metal hooks in the front. Her boobs looked so uncomfortable in that extremely tight blouse; they appeared like as if they were trying to burst out for freedom. She turned with her back to me. The blouse on the back side had shifted up pretty high, giving me a glimpse of the hooks of her light pink bra sticking out. Her legs had folded very deeply forcing the lower half of the saree to fly high above the knees.

The shining skin of her silky legs became too irresistible for me to hold myself any longer. I knew I had to step away before I messed up my whole plan for the night. But with all this at least I knew exactly what she would be wearing in the night which I had to work on. Now I was pretty confident to venture into my mom’s erotic secrets.

Soon it was dinner time. As usual she and I sat to eat at the dining table all by ourselves. She asked me a few things about my college and studies etc. I pretended to be preoccupied with college and studies as she continued to eat her meal. When she was not looking at me my attention kept going to her peacock blue saree and blouse.

Every time she bent even a little forward to eat the food the blouse would give way to show the light pink bra strap. I found it difficult to get my eyes off it. She was too busy eating her food and maybe thinking of something else, perhaps fantasizing. Immediately after my dinner was over I hit the bed to get whatever rest I could before the long night ahead.

She really thought I was asleep but I could hear her watching TV till about 11pm. Then the lights went off and she also retired to bed. I waited till it was 12.30am hoping that was enough time for her to go into deep sleep. At 12.45am sharp I took the chemical powder and walked into her room. The windows and curtains were wide open so there was enough fresh air and sufficient light from the street for me to see as much as was necessary to enjoy discovering her great body.

I sprinkled some of the powder on a small piece of cloth and held it close to her nose while covering my own nose with another cloth so that I don’t get affected. I couldn’t tell whether it was having any effect on her. To make sute I touched her lips lightly; they were partly open as happens in deep sleep. Her lips were very soft and beautiful.

Then I placed my whole palm to cover her face, lightly in the beginning and increased the pressure just to be sure that the chemical was worth the price. I was quite confident that she will not wake up till morning. Yet to double check I pressed both her eyes real hard with both my hands.

She didn’t budge one bit. I was so thrilled that I could actually do whatever I wanted to her body with absolutely no one to disturb me. I felt on top of the world. I was only wearing my Bermudas and a loose t-shirt. Since I knew she was not going to wake up, I just dropped my Bermudas and the t-shirt on the floor. Now for the big action with nothing to stop me.

I saw her saree-fall had again gone astray sweeping the floor. I picked it up very confidently and brought it up to her abdomen from where I’d have to struggle pushing it under her heavy ass as many times as it had been wrapped around her waist. Step by step I managed to completely discard the whole long saree off her waist. I just couldn’t believe that even with such vigorous moves of mine she was totally unaware of the whole thing.

I thought in that case I might as well turn on her bed lamp so that I could see her body more vividly. I turned on the bed lamp and there was she, the seductive beauty lying only in the blouse and petticoat now. The hooks of the blouse were glistening in the light pleading me to release them and free the world’s most beautiful globes.

One by one I gently opened each bra hook revealing the masses of her breasts bursting out of the light pink bra. When all the four hooks got opened I gently slid the blouse off her shoulders, raised her arms over the head to shed the blouse completely. With her arms up over the head, her boobs stood up even more proudly showing off their power to ignite a man’s dick.

True enough, I was standing naked over her so all my cum spilled on her belly and breasts. Since she was far from her conscious state I took full freedom in kneading her breasts thoroughly to my soul’s content. I pressed her hard in every part massaging every inch of her body.

I turned her over with face down, grabbed the bra and pulled it off her in a jiffy. Now the only garments on her were the petticoat and the panty. I kissed and licked her back hungrily through the long hair from her head spread all over the back.

She looked really sexy. I turned her over with face up again to see the full bare breasts. They glowed gloriously in the light of the bed lamp. Nipples large as cherries poking up firmly. Impatiently I pulled open the string of the petticoat along her wait and dragged the whole petticoat down her legs.

Mom was almost fully naked except for the panty which I kept as dessert until I tasted all the parts of her body to my mouth’s content. I licked, chewed, sucked, bit and anything else I could with my mouth on every inch of her juicy flesh from the legs to the ass, to the back, and boobs, cheeks, navel and what not.

She was a true delicacy. Finally I slid down her purple satin panty as well. The sight of her clean smooth and sweet cunt knocked me out of my senses suddenly. I was possessed by the devil himself. My dick was at its optimum. Without wasting another second I banged my rod into her cunt and kept pushing it deeper and deeper. Her cunt was already quite mature so it wasn’t at all difficult to push through it.

In fact my dick was moving like it was greased. Suddenly mom started to regain her senses. I was damn nervous. I thought that the doze of the drug was not enough since I had got very little from what I could afford. I didn’t know what to do next. At first I tried to stop and pull my rod out, then suddenly my mother grabbed my hips and pulled me more inside of her. I was thrilled about her activity but at the same time was  little taken aback. Then I pulled a sheet on my back which covered our naked body. Mother was breathing heavily and moaning. Her moaning was getting louder. Suddenly I heard my father’s name being uttered inbetween her moaning. She was thinking that she was having sex with her husband and her hips were bucking heavily.

Slowly she opened her eyes and a flash of my face went before her, “Oh! My God! What the hell are we doing my son?” she cried out. “Stop! my son please stop before it is too late, you can’t do this to me, please stop!” she begged and closed her eyes. It was already too late as we were on the verge of our most forbidden intense orgasm. Her body was completely betraying her words. While her mouth was aying, “No”, she was caressing my back. I began to really pound into to her, but the harder I rammed the big rod in, the more fiercely she humped and bucked, demanding even more.

I would never have dreamed that my prim and proper mother could move her big ass so fast and fuck so lustily. Then all of a sudden her body started to shiver uncontrollably with orgasm. She scratched my back with her nails. I felt as if I had a blackout and then suddenly realised that my rod was spurting semen inside my own mother’s cunt. I raised my head and cried out, “My God! What a mess. What have I done?” But it was too late by then. I collapsed on top of my mother’s body and started crying; she was also sobbing. Soon the exhaustion made us fall into deep sleep.

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