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Meri Kavita Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

I remember when I first met Kavita. I remember trying to restrain myself. She was the living embodiment of my fantasy woman. Kavita was about 5’4 with long flowing dark hair and piercing black eyes. She wore a dark blue saree and a matching sleeveless blouse stretched taught across her heavy chest. Our introduction turned into one of those magic moments. I cracked some silly joke about something that I can not recall and she answered me with a one liner of her own. I loved how her chest heaved when she laughed. That’s how it started.

We seemed to be daring each other to make the other laugh. It didn’t take long before we realized that we could crack each other up at will. I am not sure if Kavita realized however, just how perverted, sick, and disgusting were the thoughts that danced through my fantasy-racked brain as we laughed. God I just wanted to fuck her right there on my desk. I wanted her to just raise her aree, bend over my credenza and pull her ass cheeks apart so that I could explore what I knew had to be two large hairy holes. One day I mused, maybe one day. One day perhaps she would bend over for me and let her large saggy breasts hang free for me to caress and slobber on. My meeting with Kavita lasted two hours longer than it should have. I think we were both guilty of allowing the time to get away from us. She, because she was trying to sell me and me because I was having a great time interrupting her with my jokes and trying to look up her skirt. Thank God I was behind a desk. My cock was trying to break out of my pants. God she was hot. I left my job not too long after our first meeting. I was depressed at the thought of not seeing Kavita again.

I feared I would never again drool at the sight of those hanging 38D’s and the pretty legs and thighs that had to lead to the most scrumptious fleshy labia my mind could conjure up. A large cunt with a thick protruding clit had to be part of the package. She was perfect in every way. Why would that not have been the case? I was sitting at home one day and my phone rang. It was Kavita. She called to invite me to a Halloween party. It seems that her girlfriend lived in a big old scary house and the Halloween parties were something of a tradition. I walked into the party with my wife and almost came right there. Kavita was standing in the hallway dressed as princess Xena. She wore shorts that barely covered the crack of her ass. I could almost taste her womanhood as her smell filled my widening nostrils. She was dressed like a slut. She knew it and she enjoyed it. Her tits were even more massive than I had imagined. They really just hung into a halter-top a few sizes to small for them. Little was left to the imagination except the size and shape of her nipples. Though, if one stared at her top, even this was not a mystery. The outline of a pair of two-inch diameter nipples made itself visible through the light fabric. Oh fuck! Oh fuck – “down boy” I told my cock, “your wife is standing here.” Although this was neither the time nor the place, I promised myself that one-day I would at least try.

I got a call from Kavita a week or so later. She called me to tell me that she left her job as well and was just calling out to her network of friends in her search for new employment. Needless to say I was eager to help her and we started keeping in touch. Kavita was on her way over for a swim and a discussion on job opportunities. “It’s open,” I yelled from the kitchen. Kavita walked in and closed the front door behind her. I tried to not stare but it was tough. She was wearing a short little print skirt and a loose fitting light cotton blouse. She turned and bent over to place her beach bag on the foyer floor. Her bra became visible across her back. It was one of those heavy-duty mothers all right – the kind I always fantasized about removing so that I could watch as a pair of heavy tits sagged down. I immediately bent over to grab her bag (and to sneak a peak up her skirt) and offered her a drink. “Vodka” she said, “on the rocks with a wedge of lime.” In a heartbeat, I had two Stoli filled glasses in our hands and we toasted to seeing each other again. We were sitting almost fully facing each other on my wrap around den couch. I think the bulge in my pants must have been obvious because a few seconds after we sat, Kavita gulped down her drink and placed her glass on the cocktail table. She looked at me dead on and said “Raj, do you think I’m hot?” “Hot, no, hot is what I think of you on your worst day.

I think you are more like volcanic lava Kavita. You have to know that. I have fantasized about you since the second we met.” Could this be happening? She moved her legs slightly apart. I could start to make out dark pubic hair at the crotch of her panties. “I’ll tell you the truth Raj, most guys really get turned on by my tits. I’ve had that my whole life. They want to fuck them and come on them. They like to watch me lick my nipples, especially after they come on them. I don’t mind because it makes me so hot, but then they almost ignore everything else and I get disappointed and frustrated.” “Wow, that surprises me”, I said. “To me you are such a complete woman. I would think guys would want to lick your pussy and rim your asshole for hours on end”. I felt a slight quiver in her leg and quickness in the breath she drew in as I mentioned eating her out. “Kavita, just trust me here okay? Put your knees on the floor, turn around and lay your arms and head on the couch” I coaxed her along and, holy shit! There she was the hottest woman I had ever known, in an extremely sexy position. I snuggled up next to her and started stroking her hair and back.

Soon I was rubbing my hand across the cotton fabric of her panties. I rubbed one cheek and then the other and sometimes traced a finger down the middle towards her warm cunt. “Kavita, Kavita, Kavita, I whispered to her, “you feel so divine, why would you think men would ignore your beautiful asshole and pussy, they feel so nice to the touch?” Kavita started to squirm. “Maybe it is because I have a lot of hair down there and most guys are used to all of today’s clean shaven porno queens?” “Well, we’ll have to see about that won’t we. You just relax,” I said as I slid myself to the floor behind her. I pushed Kavita’s skirt, what there was of it, over her back as I continued massaging the globes of her round ass. Slowly, I hooked my fingers on both sides of the crotch of her panties and pulled them away about an inch or so. “God Kavita, your so wet back here, you feel so good.” I held her crotch back with my right hand and slipped the thumb and forefinger of my left under her panties. I played with a large tuft hair as I ran my thumb down her slit from her just under her anus towards her clit. I was careful not to touch either extreme. I rolled Kavita’s panties down to her knees and then off completely. I was on fire. I thought my skin was going to simply ignite from spontaneous combustion. “Kavita”, I groaned, “You are gorgeous. You are simply magnificent.” I knew I would always remember this moment.

Slowly, I coaxed her knees a little farther apart. Kavita’s breathing was noticeably more labored. I continued to caress the flesh of her ass cheeks while running my fingers through the thick bush that tried to hide her waiting cunt. I stroked her ever so teasingly, running circles around her thicRajing labia. With the thumb and forefinger of each hand I began to stretch her large cunt lips – first out, and then apart. Hmmm this was so sweet. I saw Kavita’s clit growing as I pulled and rubbed and teased. Kavita was writhing against my hands and fingers now. Her cries of “Oh yes, please tease my cunt – please please please” just turned me on all the more. “You fucking whore” I muttered. “Look at you, your big hairy cunt exposed and wet, you fucking slut – you love this don’t you? I rammed two fingers into her soaked pussy and continued to talk dirty to her. She started to whimper as I finger fucked her hot hole. “I am a whore” a soft voice answered me. “Reach back and hold your cheeks apart Kavita” I commanded, “I want your asshole exposed to me. I want to study it for you. I want to study your sweet little brown creases of asshole flesh”. Kavita started to breathe really hard as she pulled her asshole open. She didn’t just pull her cheeks apart with the palms of her hands.

There were three red fingernails from each hand digging into her anus as she pulled herself apart for me. “Do you see me she moaned? Am I exposed she whispered” I moved my face closer to her now gaping pussy. I started to roll her fattened clit between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand. I crammed my tongue as far as I could into her hot vaginal opening. My nose was flat up against her rectum. She writhed wildly. She was trying to have her engorged clit rubbed, her pussy sucked out and her asshole stimulated by my nose simultaneously. I knew Kavita couldn’t hang on that much longer (for that matter I was about to explode as well). I couldn’t wait ant longer. I moved my tongue along the flesh between Kavita’s cunt and her still spread asshole. Up, up, a little further, and then – ugh, my tongue was lapping at her asshole. “Open it bitch” I groaned between licks. “I want to suck your asshole” Kavita went absolutely nuts. She was moaning, groaning, and writhing against my face. “Shove your tongue in” she begged as she tried to pull her already stretched asshole apart even further. “Ass fuck me with your tongue” she screamed. I pushed in for all I was worth. My right hand was being drenched my Kavita’s dripping snatch. I alternated between fingering and pushing my stiff tongue up her ass, and simply gently licking its insides as she held it open. I spit in it a few times as I ran my fingers and tongue around her rim. I couldn’t take much more. I changed position and placed my throbbing dick at the entrance to her pussy. Kavita just kept groaning as I pushed it into her. She was so wet and so ready. Her smells set m eon fire.

I pressed my thick cock in up to the hilt. Kavita reached under herself with one hand and cupped my heavy balls as I started to rock in and out. Kavita grabbed a throw pillow off the couch and threw it on the floor. She now took are arms and head off the couch and lowered them to the pillow on the floor. I could take the hint. With her head down low and her ass high in the air, I continued to ream her hot cunt. Kavita reached back and spread her ass cheeks again as I drooled spit onto her asshole. I brought two fingers to her waiting brown passageway and pressed. Her sphincter tried to keep my fingers out at first. But, with a little more spit, a circular opening motion, and a little more force they slid past their gatekeeper and up her hot rectum. “Oh Raj”, Kavita was truly on the edge. “I’m up your ass Kavita. I’m up your exposed hairy cunt hole Kavita. I’m finger fucking your big asshole Kavita. Do you know that makes you a dirty little fucking cum slut. Do you baby? “FUCK ME” she screamed. “FUCK ME HARD. I am a dirty fucking cum slut and I’m cummmmmming now!” I rammed in my hard cock as hard as I could, withdrew it slightly, and rammed it home again. Kavita was squirting cum all over my cock as my fingers continued their thrusts up her ass.

With that, I exploded. My cock started shooting my hot creamy cum up her thirsty pussy. “Oh Kavita – Oh fuck, oh yes, oh my God I was sure I died and that this was heaven. I shot my load as I tried to muffle my own screams. My mind and body seemed to float off to another place. I came back down to earth to a smiling Kavita. Actually, it was more like an evil grin. “You know Raj” she said, “I think we are going to get along.” “You know Kavita, I think you’re right.” “Raj, did I mention the toys that I have in my bag?” “No”, I replied. “Did I ever tell you the story about a really good young lady friend of mine at work who says she has always fantasized about a threesome?” Well, we agreed. The topics would have to be explored. I have not told Kavita about sending this story to desipspa and I hope she will ejoying reading it the way it all happened. Readers comments are welcome ..write me at

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