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Meri Jawani Ka Dushmaan

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi, I am Monica, 19. I am doing my graduation from a college of Delhi University. I belong to a little backward class of family, specially my mother. But, I don’t like that reserved and backward thinking and believe in living in 21st century and thinking in a modern way. The main drawback of my mother’s backwardness is that she doesn’t have trust on me and more importantly she wants me to live way she wants to. After every few days she asks me to show my vagina. Yes she asks me to show my vagina to her every few days whenever we both are alone. A lot of times in the morning if we get chance, she takes me into the bathroom and baths me, specially to clean my vagina. Though she claims that she watches my vagina to check, if I am not getting infected with any disease or infection, but the truth I feel is that she wants to check, if I am virgin or not. It sucks. The problem is not just in my mother but its in my blood. She tells me that she also had to go through such check ups from her mother and my grand mother(Nani) till the time she got married, which meant I would also have to go through such stupid check ups till the time, I get officially married.

Before, I started my graduation, I didn’t have an problems with these check ups. Sometimes, if she didn’t do check ups, I used to get curious and indirectly ask her to check. Let me be very honest, whenever she did check ups, she just touched my vagina for a second or two and parted it. In these few seconds she acted to check for any infections but she just checked the virginity. As I am little bit educated, so I knew that such infections can also be aroused in men. So I asked my mother once, does dad checks infections of brother also. To which she said, he docent need any check ups. By this, I was absolutely clear that its just a virginity test and nothing else. Now the problem was, as I entered into graduation, a very good looking and good at heart class mate, Alok, 19 proposed me and I couldn’t say no.

Our relationship started, and he was in no hurry, but all this had to come. He is a wonderful person and I was madly getting in love with him. As he was in no hurry, so I also didn’t think a lot about my idiotic virginity check up.s It was our third month anniversary. We were watching a movie in a cinema hall. The hall was hardly 25% occupied and we were sitting away from others. And suddenly he came in towards me, he had lot of times come near me but just for small pegs on cheeks. He came near me and said “I Love You.” I replied, “Me too” And he kissed me on my lips. I was surprised and I expected that. I couldn’t stop him because I think I wanted this more than him. We smooched deep. Our tongues were exploring each others mouth. As it was first time for both of us so we were a bit hesitant. He stopped and asked me “You want to watch this movie.” I said no. We stood up and went out of the movie. As I was walking I knew, what was there in store for me and I was damn confused. We went to the parking and sat in our car. He hugged me. He kissed me again. I was not able to control myself and kissing him madly and playing with his nice hairs. Suddenly his hands entered inside my top from back, I couldn’t object. He moving his hands all over my lower back to upper back. He took out one of his hands, brought them to front. With one hand he pressed my 34B sized breasts and from other he unhooked my bra. By this I came into my senses and decided that, I will not go ahead. I stopped him. I was feeling uncomfortable both inside and outside. Why uncomfortable inside is understood but I was uncomfortable outside for my unhooked bra. When I stopped him, he asked me “What happened?” I replied, “Nothing. But I cant do beyond this please for now.” He started arguing with me. While he was arguing with me, I had the fear that, he might force me to do all this. And if I do all this, I will be in trouble at home. While arguing and thinking about all this, suddenly tears came in my eyes or I should say it just got wet. He saw them and cooled down. Obviously I hadn’t told him about all these virginity test issues.

After that day, I started thinking about all these problem. I was in deep trouble. How to sort it out, I was not able to decide. Suddenly I decided to become a 21st century lady in my house as well. Now Alok never forced me to go beyond kisses. After that day he never touched my breasts intentionally. One day my mother asked me for the check up. For the first time I refused. She was amazed. And requested me to show. I refused. She started shouting that its for my benefit. I still refused. Suddenly a shout came, “Lagta hain kahin mooh kaalaa karwaa ke aayi hain.” That was the point. Even I shouted, “Lo dekh lo kahin mooh nahin kaala karwaaya.” I removed lowers and anties completely. “Lo check kar lo aaj aakhri baar. Aaj ke baad nahin dikhaawoongi. I am 18+ and you can not force me. Jo dekhna hain, jo karnaa hain aaj hee kar lo.” I myself showed my vagina. And continued shouting, “Lo aur bhi kuch dekhna hain?” I quickly removed my top as well. And looking at this she went away. I kept shouting, “Kahan jaa rahe ho? dekh kar jaao. Yahan koi infection nahin hote? kisi ki beti ko 19 saal ki umar mein maa nanga kar ke nahin dekhti, bas humaare khaandaan mein hee nangaa karne ka riwaaz hain. Aao poora nangaa dekho mujhe. Photo kheech lo.” That day i had an idea that it was last time all this was happening, but I wanted to be cautious. After that she didnt ask me for 2 months. Though she used to ask me to show my vagina almost every month. Now I was pretty confident that Vagina check up contract can now be given to Alok.

All these days Alok was absolutely cool and calm and didn’t force me ever. Our relationship was close to 6 months old and it was surviving on just kisses. When I used to hear from my friends who were into relationship, I came to know that they used to lie down with their boyfriend on first month anniversary itself. Anyways my problem was solved. Now I wanted to give Alok, what he wanted. But I also wanted to make it special and kind of surprise also. I was not getting a proper chance. His birthday arrived. His parents were out of town for some marriage I guess. He is the only son. So only he and his parents live in his home. So, I planned a surprise. I decided that, we will make plans for his birthday in afternoon or so and I will reach his home in morning itself. The day arrived. At night, I wished him. We talked till around 1.30. We were very romantic. IN the morning I woke up early and left for college officially. From the way, I collected the cake. I had already kept his gift in my bag. His gift was packed in lots of boxes i.e. one big box, inside that smaller box, then smaller box and smaller box and so on. There were exactly 10 boxes, which were packed in such a way that you have to open all 10 to reach the end. The gift was “CONDOM”. I purchased 3 different brands of condoms i.e. Moods, Kamasutra and Kohinoor, all in chocolate flavor. Because chocolate is “our” favourite flavor for desserts and cakes. Let me tell you that it was very embarrassing for a girl to buy condoms and that too three packets and all in particular flavor and from one shop. Oh shit that was shameful. But anything for Alok.

I reached his home. While reaching, I instead of getting sexual arousal I was getting lot of negative feelings, not of my mother but of Alok. I was just praying that once I reach his home, I find him alone and not surrounded by sexy girls wearing revealing clothes as we see in movies. I reached home. He opened the door. He was surprised and had a big smile on his face. The smile proved that he was alone and not with those bitches I was expecting. I entered his house. He closed the door. I wished him Happy Birthday, hugged him and kissed him. He was stinking in his mouth. I laughed and said go brush your teeth. He smiled and went away. As soon as he went away, I quickly removed all my clothes to change, as I had brought some nice sexy clothes and lingerie for added fun. I quickly wore the lingerie. And then wore absolutely short denim shorts with a cleavage and belly revealing top. Alok was taking time in washroom. So I arranged the cake and the gift. on the table. Suddenly I got a negative feeling and ran away towards washroom to ask Alok, “Is someone going to come? I mean I am with you. I hope, it will not create problem?” He replied, “No dear, its absolutely safe.” He came out of the washroom. He had a big smile on his face with his eyebrows raised up. He came near to me. Now check the smell. And hold ed me tight and kissed. It was mint smelling from his mouth. Wow it was amazing. He was into very deep kissing. I had to stop him and said, “I hope you remember your limits?” I knew that today, he can cross all the limits but still had to be a surprise. He replied, “Unfortunately I do remember my limits.” I showed him the cake and the gift and wished him again, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” He quickly picked up the gift which I didn’t want him to. Whats in this? That was his question. I replied, later and asked him to cut the cake first. I lighted the candle and we took a few photographs of cake and ourselves. It was a bit risky to take my photographs because of the attire I was in but for Alok , anything. Then he cut the cake. And offered me, I ate. Now it was my turn to give him the cake. I took the cake in hand and put it in my mouth and took close to his mouth. He took the cake in his mouth and kissed me and also finished the cake. I then said, “OK. Now check the gift.” He said, “No. I want to have all of this chocolate cake in similar way.” I said, “Enough. Now open the gift. There is also a chocolate for you.” He started opening the box. First he removed the wrapper and opened the box. He found one more box. He saw at me and smiled, he opened the second and found the third, he smiled again. He opened the third and found fourth. The smile reduced. He kept on doing this and reached the small box in the end. He was excited as well as frustrated. He opened the last box and found three packets of condom. He saw at them for a few second and laughed very loudly. I also laughed with him. He got silent asked me, “Are you sure?” I was feeling shy and my eyes went down. He came near me, lifted my face and kissed me. I stopped him and said, “Thank You.” He asked me why. I said, “For understanding my problem and not going beyond your limit and at the same time maintaining the relationship with no complaints. I Love You.” He replied, “See you are very sexy. You are damn hot. And I proposed you first just to have fun with your bloody breasts but now I love you more than your body.” This flattered me. This made me in love with him again. I hugged him. He praised me but I realised, how good he is. We came back again and started kissing again. Kisses were very deep. We wanted to enter each others mouth actually. We were very close. It was a hugging kiss. He separated. He bent down a bit and lifted me into his arms. That was a surprise for me. He carried me to his room.

He threw me on the bed. He also jumped on the bed. He hugged me again in sleeping position and was kissing me all over again. We both parted and sat on our knees. He wanted to remove my top. I helped him and removed. By the time, he removed his t shirt. He quickly kissed my cleavage. He got what he wanted. He was very aggressive. He was playing with my lingerie also. He was pressing my boobs. His presses were making me really horny. I can not express how I was feeling. I was moving my hands all over his upper part of the body. Feeling his back and chest through my hands and body was good. He was not very hairy. He had a good physique. He was sucking all over my breasts and he then removed the lingerie. He said, “Wow” and went on to suck my right breast. Initially he was sucking the whole mountain and then he tried to conquer the tip, i.e. my nipple. He was giving a great time to my breasts. He was kissing them, sucking them, licking them, biting them and pressing them. That was amazing and I was pressing his head harder over my breasts. Once we achieved partial satisfaction of breasts, we moved down. I removed his lowers, which he was wearing. It was big. No, I had not yet seen his cock. But the bulge showed that, it was big. I removed his undies as well. It just sprung out. And he was watching his cock, I was watching his cock and his cock was watching me. Amazing. I went down and took it my mouth. Initially I just took a little bit, I was confused. But slowly, I started sucking it. It was very nice. He stopped me for a second and slowly pulled the skin of his cock back. I again sucked it, concentrating more on the head, which was a little bit wet and was shining. It tasted better than the cock with skin. I sucked it for a few seconds. Then he turned and acquired position 69. He opened the buttons of the shorts. And tried, pulling them down. I was on top of him, so he somehow removed them. He again said, “Wow” and touched my thighs. He kissed them a little bit and then removed the panties as well. He then started licking pussy(now it is pussy and no more a vagina). He was licking them from top. He tried inserting fingers but it was really tight. So he started rubbing the pussy area and above it. He was kissing also. he withdrew his cock from my mouth and turned me on the bed. I was lying on the bed facing skywards. He went down and kissed and licked my pussy. He got the pack of condoms. He asked me “Do you know how to use it?” It was first time for both of us. I said no. He checked the packet and read instructions and applied it on his cock. I noticed one thing, his cock had got a bit smaller when he was distracted to check the way of using the condom. But when he was putting the condom on, it got normal, I mean abnormal, He asked me, “Ready?” I said, “Yes” He inserted cock in missionary position. He had trouble inserting it. It was not going in. He applied some force, I shouted, “FUCK. OOOOOO” He still applied force, I was feeling the pain, and was shouting but he kept on applying force and his cock almost went inside. He then started moving. As the moves were increasing, I was coming back to normal. I slowly started responding. Though, I was not in a position, where I could respond but still, I was trying to move a bit. He was pushing up and down. I noticed that his cock was fully inside my pussy. And his cock was banging deep inside my pussy. Feeling was amazing, a feeling, I might not forget even till last breath of my life. His thighs stomach was banging my thighs. His balls were banging my lower pussy and ass area. The speed was increasing. He was banging me. He was fast. In between, he removed, the speed, a little bit and came down and kissed me. And then sucked my breasts. He then holded both my breasts and increased the speed. I was moaning. He was also moaning, but my voice was very audible.

We carried on like this for sometime and then he got tired, so he came down on bed from sideways and i was also on sideways position, facing each other. Though we didn’t want to separate during this procedure, but is cock slipped out and he inserted it again. This time, there was no pain,. Rather there was pain of pleasure. He was pushing up and up. i was pushing down down and down. We changed this position soon, as I was not enjoying a lot in this. We turned again,and this time he was down and I was at top. The cocks didn’t sip but, I intentionally did allow the cock to come out because last time, I enjoyed when cock entered the pussy. I guided the cock inside my pussy. It was amazing. I was pushing up and down. he was relaxing on the bed and, I was doing extra efforts. While, I was going up and down, his cock went out as my orgasm sprinkled all over his tummy. It was a shower. I inserted again and went up and down. After getting the feel of my orgasm, he also started moving up and down. After some time, I again got an orgasm and was not able to stay on my knees. Alok, withdrew his cock, and turned me again. We came back to missionary position. I was frequently getting orgasm. When we got in missionary position, he gained his top speed, he fucked very hard for a few seconds or a few minutes. Meanwhile, I attained another orgasm. It didn’t matter him and kept fucking me. After some time he removed his cock and removed the condom. I was satisfied.

He got his cock near my mouth. And started masturbating. Initially, I was moving his cock up and down very fast but that was not enough. He took his cock in his hand started moving cock up and down and shot a load. I say shot, because, he was holding his cock around my chin and his load travelled all the way to to my hairs. I wanted to taste the cum. I wasted no time and took some cum from my forehead and around my cheeks and put it in my mouth. He pushed his cock in my mouth, I licked it clean. He kissed me. I stood up and saw that bed sheet was red. It was my blood. I realised the pain but didn’t realise the blood. I travelled to the washroom to clean myself, as it was very difficult to handle. I took a quick shower to clean the cum and blood from my pussy and came out. Alok was lying on the bed. I also jumped on the bed and got in a very romantic position with him. He kissed me and asked, “Did you enjoy?” I said, “Yes. Did you?” He said, “Yes. And promise on my birthday that we will make love at least once a week.” I said, “Just once a week? I want a break up.” He smiled and said,”What happened Monica? A girl who didn’t like his boy friend even touching his boobs, wants to get fucked by him so frequently.” I shied. We stayed in each others arms for sometime and fell asleep. After a couple of hours, we woke up and did one more round of sex and then I went to home.

Now we have a very good sex life. Now we have had sex at his home, my home, hotel rooms, car, car parking, washrooms, college, highways, farms and even in a truck. My mom has never asked me to go through such stupid check ups. These days, I feel my life is like a Hindi movie, in which all problems have solved suddenly and husband-wife are living happily ever after.

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