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Meri Chachi Maa Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

HI its Gaurav here from Jalandhar (Punjab). I am just going to lay down the incident which happened between my chachi’s family and me when I had gone to Delhi to there place. I went to Delhi for having coaching for my CA. As my chacha lives with his family there so I went to stay with them for two full years. Let me introduce the family to you first. My chacha is a very drunkard man and is out of his senses all the time. Chachi – Rashmi is very very beautiful and works in a school there. She has two children – Kunal 21 yrs. and Preeti 19 years. She is so nice lady that she treated me as her son AND I USED TO CALL HER “CHACHI MAA” INSTEAD OF CHACHI. Rashmi chachi well I should say Chachi maa – is about 39 with marvelous body of 36c – 32 – 40 and of 5’ 6″ height. Preeti is about 19 and is growing into a woman having nice body figure of 34 – 28 – 36 and is a bit shorter than her mom, 5′ 4″. She is in B.B.A. II nd year. Kunal is doing M.B.A. and is in college. Rakesh my chacha is about 45 and is in service.

The family is very orthodox type and my cousin brother Kunal always yearned after his mom. He had seen her naked on few occasions and that made him lust for her body. He also saw his sister, taking bath in nude and that too provoked him to lust after her too. Rakesh is a very drunkard man and comes home with high volumes and blasts I should say that he is a really dirty man. He just takes his dinner and, just fucks the wife hurriedly and sleeps like a dog. Kunal told me everything and just made me also lust for his mom and his sis. He wanted them to fuck them both. But due to fear was not able to do so and just have to do the hand practice. He used to fondle his sister Preeti in brotherly manner and sometimes he moved his hands over his sister’s virgin boobs and she never said anything about this to anybody. And it just gave me a chance to do this also. So this was going on for many days, months and he kept silent and just we fucked them in dreams. I never let him know that even I also wanted to fuck Rashmi chachi his mom. Well but I could also do nothing and just masturbated thinking of her.

One day in the night Kunal got up to piss and as he was passing from the bedroom of his parents, he just caught me spying and peeping in with my cock in my hands. He was astonished and came near me and looked inside. There were his father and mother fucking. His father – Rakesh seemed drunk very badly and his mom- my chachi – Rashmi lay on the floor with her legs spread wide. His Dad had his cock pushed deep in his wife’s choot and was fucking her fast as if he was in some hurry. Rashmi was moaning loudly and shamelessly and was urging her husband to fuck her nicely.

“Ohhh Chodo muze! Sale jorse chodo! Oohhhh! Main to bhooki raha jati hu aur tum aapna pani chodke so jate ho! Aaj meri choot ki pyas boozao. Chodo! Phado meri choot ko!” Chachi was uttering those very words. Chacha was unable to control himself and he came in short time and lay dead on Chachi. He just splashed his cummmmm inside chachi maa’s choot, and left her unsatisfied and went to sleep. Chachi maa was lying there on the floor very frustrated and was cursing him and rubbing her own cunt.

“Sale! Pani chod diya aur so gaya! Aab meri choot kaun chodega? Tera baap? Ohh sale harami! Muze pyasa hi chod jata hai! Ohh meri Choot! Aaaahhhhhhhh! Sali khujala rahi hai! Ohh mere bete! Ohhh Kunal !! Ohhh Gaurav!!! Tum to chodo muze! Sale apna mota lund lekar so jate hai! Aapne ma ka to khayal karo. Dekho meri choot kaise phadphada rahi hai! Ohhhhhh chodo muze. Ohh Kunal! Ohh Gaurav ! Apne mote lund se Apni maa ko chodo! Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!”

Chachi maa was imagining us both fucking her sweet freshly fucked pussy and was masturbating with her fingers deep in her. And within mins. she just came with big splashes and her cuntal juices started to flow from her cunt right to her thighs and then just getting to the floor. We both looked at each other and saw our erect cocks. Kunal said to me, “come on brother I know what you were doing and I heard our mother calling our names as she rubbed her cunt. Ohh God! I wish my cock was fucking her. Do you?”

“Yes Kunal! I am watching this for last few days and every day our mom sleeps unsatisfied with your father’s fucking. She often calls our names and imagines that we are fucking her. What do you think we should do? Shall we fulfill our mother’s desire and fuck her? OR should we wait and keep quite.”

“No Gaurav! We have to do something about it. Ohh Your cock is hard and big. Ohh its about 8 inches long and longer than mine! I think let’s fuck our mother right in her bed room and that too right NOW. Come on remove your clothes and lets push us inside and fuck Rashmi – the slut – he said. She seems to be great slut, wanting to be fucked by her own sons! Come on lets fuck mom!” And we both entered the bedroom of Kunal’s parents. His Dad was snoring and Rashmi lay beside him with her hand still on her cunt. The dim light showed everything of her big fleshy cunt. She had nice bushy hair on her choot and it was real fleshy. The slit was longer than the average one which I had ever seen and at the tip of the slit the clitoris peeked out. It was about half an inch long and looked like kalegi in the plate of butter chicken.

We both looked at the fleshy cunt and then at the huge black boobs of Chachi Maa. The boobs were loose, sagging but really very big and fleshy. She had big areolas with big long nipples that looked like shrunk grapes. Her face looked frustrated and it seemed that she really needed a nice fuck. Rakesh was lying on his back with his shrunk cock looking like a small bud and I felt pity of our mother. Kunal lay beside his mother and asked me to join him. I just immediately lay on the other side of his mom and we both took hold of each breast of chachi maa. Our hands felt the softness and we just started to fondle and eat them up.

Rashmi moved and shivered in her light sleep and feeling the pleasure over her boobs moaned slightly. We both were a bit afraid at this but started the game again. Now Kunal took one nipple in his mouth and started to suck it like a baby on breast-feeding does suck. While I licked the same breast. This made us real hot and we wanted more. Kunal went down to his Mom’s cunt and placed his mouth on the sticky cunt. Rashmi stirred again and spread her legs more. He just pushed his tongue in his mom’s choot and started to taste the combined juices of the parents. He pushed his tongue deep in his mom’s choot and moved it in and out. She stirred again and this time thrust her ass up to take more of her son’s tongue in. She was not aware it was her own son sucking her pussy.

I took her breast in my mouth and started to suck it as if I was a child. I tried to swallow the entire breast and in the process of swallowing I bit chachi maa’s gentle sagged boob. This made Rashmi moaned loudly and she looked around and was surprised to see her two young sons totally naked, one sucking her pussy and the other sucking her breast. She never expected this to happen and she shouted at us, “Ohh No! Go away! What are you doing? I am your mother and you are my son. This is sin! Please don’t do this!” Kunal was feeling very hot so he just said boldly and asked chachi maa to be quite and enjoy what was going on. He said to her, “Mom! You were calling us when dad slept, leaving you unsatisfied. You wanted your son to fuck you and satisfy your lust. So why are you hesitating now?

We both want to satisfy you and we wish that you should be happy. We know dad! He is useless. So spread that cunt for us and enjoy. See our lunds! They are hard for you!” And just listening to it chachi maa kept quite and spread her legs wide for us. Kunal was now in a mood to fuck his mom. He had been dreaming and thinking of it so long. And now after a long time he got the chance to do it. So he got up and came between chachi maa’s wide spread legs and inserted his hungry cock in his own MOM’s pussy. Chachi maa moaned loudly and accepted the incestuous fucking, thrusting her ass to take her son’s cock as much as possible in her hungry pussy. I was watching Kunal fucking his mom and got so hard that I immediately pushed my cock near her mouth and asked her to suck it while Kunal fucked her choot. “Chooso mera lund – chachi maa! Suck it while Kunal fucks your pussy.Ohhhh! Sali Randi! Do do Lund ek sath leti haai!. Chal mera Lund choos aur Kunal ko chod! Sali lund ki pyassi!!! Randi!”

“Ohh Muze Randi mat kaho bete! You know I am unsatisfied with your dad. He just fucks me and drops his cum in my hungry choot and sleeps. Muze Lund chahiye! I want some cock! I don’t bother if it’s my son fucking me. Its Lund that matters. So shut up and fuck mom! Sale tum khali chodo! Randi samazo ya maa!!! bus chodo aur chodte jao!”

Chachi maa was now enjoying the act being done by us both – one fucking her cunt and the other thrusting his cock in her mouth. She moved her ass in a circular manner to churn Kunal’s cock in her pussy and moved her mouth over my cock. She had to bend back to take my cock in her mouth and her teeth scraped my cock as she tried to swallow it fully.

I loved it a lotttttt! I held my cock at the base and started pushing it in chachi maa ‘s mouth. Kunal was fucking chachi maa like a dog and was thrusting his cock faster and faster. We all were making lots of noise, moaning and shouting at each other and forget that Rakesh chacha was sleeping next to us. He moved in his sleep and his legs touched mine. I got a bit afraid and whispered, ” Chachi Maa! chacha is waking up. I think he wants to piss! Let’s stop this till he is sound asleep.”

“No! Don’t stop fucking me. Let him wake up I don’t mind. Fuck my pussy and mouth! Fuck me! Chodo muze! Aaj kitne salon baad aaisa mouka aaya hai! Ccchhoo dooooo!” And we just continued to fuckkk her. I was now very eager to put my tempting cock to enter my chachi’s fudi and also wanted to fuck her too so I told it to Kunal. He was now fucking his mom’s cunt and did not want to stop. He said, “Come on Gaurav! There is plenty of room here. I will take mom on top of me and let her ride my cock and you come behind her and fuck that big ass hole of hers! Yeh sali randi ek saath doo doo lund le sakti hai!!!!”

Kunal lay on his back and asked Chachi Maa to ride his cock. She was crazy for her son’s cocks and immediately sat on Kunal’s cock, taking it all the way in her choot. She lay on her son’s naked body and moved her cunt over his cock, rubbing both of her boobs on his chest. Her ass was thrust up in the air as she rode the cock and I just came from behind her and admired the solid ass. I kneeled behind her and put my mouth to her ass hole, licking it.

Chachi Maa felt me licking her ass and was out of imagination and said, “Ohh Chat meri gaand! Ohhhh sali ko masti aa gayee hai! Ohhhhhhhh! Ek beta meri choot me Lund dal raha hai aur doosra meri gand chaat raha hai! Ohhhh how lucky I am! Both the sons pleasuring their mom! Ohhhh Chodo! Chodo aapni Randi maa ko!” My sucking and licking had made Chachi Maa’s ass hole slippery with saliva and was ready to take my hardening cock. I took my cock in my hand and put it at the ass hole of Chachi Maa and tried to push it in. Her ass hole was tight and Rakesh her useless husband had never fucked her in the ass and hence it was virgin. She shouted at her me, “Ohhh! Please don’t fuck me in the ass. You will tear the poor hole. Oohhh GOD! It’s not possible. Please don’t fuck me there. Bring that cock here and let me suck it instead of taking it in my gaand. I will swallow your entire cock, but please spare my ass hole.”

Kunal got annoyed at this as she was disturbing him fucking her choot and he wanted her to be double fucked so he slapped Chachi Maa as she rode his cock, “Randi! You don’t have any choice! You are a whore! Keep still and let Gaurav tear your ass hole. Push your cock in that shit hole – brother! And fuck her gaand! Sali Randi nakhare dikhati hai! Dal aapne lund ko. Chod!” I was sooo aroused that I just took no time after those words to enter Chachi Maa’s poor ass hole. The cock head entered easily and Rashmi shouted in pain. This made me more aggressive and I pushed my cock more, making her cry in pain. Kunal thrust his hips up and pushed his cock deep in to the cunt of his mom, trying to make contact with my cock in her ass. I just managed to push 4 inches of my cock in her ass in spite of her loud cries.

The room was filled with loud moans and shouts and was sufficient to make anyone awake. Rakesh stirred in his sleep and called Chachi Maa, “Rashmi come here! Where are you?” he could not see her near by and so he sat up in his bed and looked around. He was surprised too see us both fucking his wife!!!. He shouted at us, “Sale! Yeh kya kar rahe ho? Aapni ma ko chod rahe hoo!. Ohh what a shameless way to fuck! My slut wife is taking all the cocks my sons are giving her. Ohh She is whore” come on stop that! I will beat the hell out of you!”

Kunal said, “Keep quite dad! Let us fuck our mom. Your cock cannot satisfy her and that’s why she is fucking her own sons. Just watch and don’t try to stop us. Here see your whore wife fucking us.” And we both increased our speed even more. It was impossible for us to move back now. We were so hard that if anyone tried to stop us we could have even killed him. Our cocks fucked her cunt and ass hole alternately. Rashmi moaned loudly, Ohh Harami! Aapne lund me dam nahi aur badi badi bate kar raha hai! Dekh tere bete kitne jorse chod rahe hai. Choopke se dekh aur so ja. Oohhhhh chodo muze! Fuck me! Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Fffuuckkkk! Fuck me! Ohh my sons! Fuck your mom! See how your dad is watching! Let him watch!” Rakesh Chacha got annoyed and kicked me on my ass. I fell down and tried to get up but he hit again. He then hit Chachi Maa and then Kunal too.

We all three stopped fucking and then Kunal stepped further made the first move. He grabbed his father and gave him a blow on his face. Then he called me and asked me to hold his father. He just took the bed sheet and tied his hands at the back with it. Then he tied his legs near the feet. Poor Rakesh chacha was not able to move and stood helplessly watch around. Then Kunal told his mother, “come on mom! Bite that swinging dead cock of dad!!!. Punish him for spoiling the show. Slap his balls and take the hell out of him!”

Rashmi Chachi crawled near him and slapped his balls. His balls just moved and swinged in air high and he cried in pain. Then she took hold of the two balls and pressed them. Rolling them over one another made chacha cry out in pain and I hit him hard on his face, “don’t cry you bastard! Sale aapni bibi ko chod nahi sakata! Hijada kahi ka! Chal maa! Sale ke lund ko kha ja! Kat usko! Come on mom do this while we start the unfinished game.” Kunal got below mom and pushed his lund in her choot while I pushed my lund in her ass hole and we both started to fuck her simultaneously. Poor Rakesh just stood there helplessly and watched her wife being fucked by us. Rashmi took her husbands cock in her mouth and bit it, rubbing the cock head in her mouth. He cried out loudly and begged his wife to stop.

But she was biting his cock and making him cry out louder. We were fucking Chachi Maa fast and soon we cummed in her ass hole and cunt. Chachi Maa shouted as we came and she too had orgasm. And we three lay on each other’s body with mom in between the us. The sounds of our moans and Chacha’ shouting was soo much that he made Preeti wake up. The door of the room was opened and Preeti came in, in sleepy condition to see what was going on. She could not believe her eyes! There in front of her were her brothers and mom totally naked and lying on each others body. Her father was tied up and stood there helplessly and naked too.

Preeti could not understand what was going on here And so she called her mother, “MOM what’s the matter? Why are you all fighting and who tied up dad? I don’t understand.” But dear what could her Mom say? She was still hot and flushed with the fucking of her own sons and she was breathing faster. Kunal and me were too what to say…….. feeling awkward at that time. So we got up, with our cocks still dangling from our body and moving like a pendulum.

We went near Preeti and asked her to be quite. We asked her to sit near Chachi Maa. Rakesh looked at his daughter and said, “Preeti! You saw what was happening! Your mother was fucking with your brothers. She was fucking both Kunal and Gaurav. They beat me up and tied me here to watch the dirty act. Please help me!” Kunal asked Preeti to keep quite and not to do anything other then what we say. “Listen sis! Yes we fucked mom! Our father is drunkard and cant satisfy her and she goes on begging for any cock available to her. So don’t worry darling sis! Its family matter and our dad deserve what we did to him. Come here let us all enjoy. Come on Preeti. Do what we tell you. Let’s fuck and enjoy in the family”

“NO! You all are dirty!! Mom Please tell them to stop! Ohhh GOD save me! Ohh NO! Please don’t make me do those dirty things! Ohhhh Noooo!” Rashmi looked up with lustful eyes at her daughter. Preeti stood near her feet asking for mercy. But her Mom was thinking of something else in her dirty mind and looked at Preeti and said us “think of how beautiful Preeti is and also how her cunt will taste”. She did not think of anything other than sex and she got up and embraced Preeti, kissing her full on the lips. Preeti was unaware of the intentions of her mom and allowed her to kiss her.

Chachi Maa held Preeti tightly in her arms and put her mouth on her tender lips, kissing her like she was a man. We both the brothers saw this and kept quite and knew that our slut maa will make us fuck our darling sister – Preeti. Poor Rakesh looked at Chachi Maa indulging in incest and lesbianism. It seemed that he had never seen two women doing it and was looking at them both with lust and interest. His cock, which was shrunk, started to swell up with the show his wife was putting up. Rashmi’s breasts crushed against the solid and firm breasts of Preeti and maa moaned with the feeling it gave, “Ohhhhhhhh! Come on sons watch your sister’s boobs. See how solid and firm they are. Come on Rakesh! Sale dekh aapne beti ke mamme! Ohhhh my sweet little girl how nice you have developed! Come on lets enjoy! Kneel before me and suck my cunt – Preeti!!!. Lick my pussy! Show your brothers and father how two women can enjoy. Ohhh! Ahhhahhhhhhahhhh! Come onnnnnnnnnn sssuusccccckkk mmmeeee!”

Preeti was new to this and did not know what to do. Her own mother was asking her to suck her cunt! She could not digest all this. Her body was shivering with something, some sort of pleasure she never felt before. And instinctively she sat on her knee before maa and pushed her mouth in her wet silky slit. The pussy hair tickled her nose and chin and she again shivered. Due to kneeling her gown rode up and showed her nicely shaped thighs and the shape of her well-developed round firm ass, which made our cocks to grow hard. Rakesh chacha too was lost in looking at them with incestuous lust and forgot that they were his wife and daughter. Since his hands were tied he could not do anything but watch only.

Seeing this – Kunal said, “Come on daddy! Watch this! See how your lusty wife is getting her cunt licked by her own daughter. Ohhhhhhhh! You are having an erection watching this! See brother our dad’s cock! Ohh its small just 5 inches and useless. Come on lets untie him so that he can suck his own daughter’s cunt. How nice it will be to watch Preeti sucking mom’s pussy and getting her own pussy licked by her Dad! Come on dad you want to lick it! You want to lick your daughter’s cunt! Yes come on do it!” and he immediately untied Rakesh. Rakesh looked help less in the hands of his grown up sons but shook his head saying no! I pulled his cock and Kunal hit at his balls till he cried and continued to torture him by doing this alternately and then Kunal went behind his father and pushed his cock in his ass hole.

His ass hole was dry so Kunal’s cock could not go in. I asked Rashmi Chachi to lick Rakesh chacha’s ass hole and make it wet for him to fuck. The poor lady obliged us and licked her husband’s ass hole and wetted it with saliva. She whispered in my ear that – she had a secret desire to see her husband taking a cock in his ass hole and take revenge of his poor fucking skills. So Chachi encouraged Kunal, to fuck her husband’s ass hole. “Yes come on! Fuck your father’s ass. Sala chodne mein nakam hai! Dalo aapna mota lund saale ki gaand mein! Fuck his asshole! Ohhhhhh! And you suck my pussy – Preeti! Your tongue feels so nice! Come on give your pussy to your father. He will suck it. Ohhh make this poor father suck the pussy of his own daughter! ”

Rakesh was terrified and afraid to do anything as we both were powerful than he was and Kunal managed to push his cock head in his father’s tight ass hole. The ass hole was dry and he found it difficult to push his cock in, so he took out his cock and spat on it and on his father’s ass hole too. Then he pushed his cock mercilessly and Rakesh cried out loudly, “No! Remove your lund son! It pains a lot! Please don’t do it! Ohh I am dying with pain.” Rashmi enjoyed this and said, “come on fuck the bastard! Fuck your father. Let him understand how it feels to have a cock inside! Fuck the bastard.”

Kunal did the same and pushed his cock deep in his father’s hole. Preeti was watching this and did not know what to say. But she enjoyed what was going on. Preeti pushed her ass up and said, “Ohhhhhhhh! What a family! Come on my pussy is itching. Somebody suck on it. Ohhhhhhhh my mom’s cunt is ssoooo sweet! Ohh god! Suck my cunt! Ohhhhhhhh yesssss!” saying so Preeti threw her gown in the air and got naked like all of us. I made Rakesh to suck the pussy of his daughter and kicked him in the stomach. Rakesh stumbled and was about to fall, but the cock in his ass supported him and he just bent forward to lick his own daughter. Rakesh pushed his tongue upon the virgin piece of flesh of her daughter and was soon rewarded with nice flow of pussy honey. He just stuck to it and swallowed as much as he could and pushed his tongue in the slit to take out as much as he could. Rashmi my sweet chachi was watching this and was beyond herself with lust and urged me to fuck her asshole. I was already waiting for it and just went behind her and spread her ass cheeks.

Preeti watched the activity above the cunt she was licking and was fascinated by it and her tongue traveled upwards to lick the shit hole of her mother. By now Kunal’s whole of the cock was in his father’s ass while Rakesh licked the slit of his own daughter. Preeti saw my cock travelling against the asshole of her mom, and lovingly moved her tongue on my hard flesh. I pushed my cock in Chachi maa’s asshole and started to fuck her. Here was the entire family fucking and sucking. The father was sucking his daughter’s pussy while getting his asshole banged by his own son. And the mother was getting her cunt licked by her daughter and getting her step son’s – nephew’s cock in her asshole.

Sounds of moaning and fucking filled the entire room and it smelled of sex. Rashmi chachi moaned loudly and pushed her cunt on Preeti’s mouth and took her own boobs in her hands and started to squeeze them. Preeti could see her mom’s lust and pushed her tongue deep in her mother’s cunt hole and started to tongue fuck her. I had my cock buried deep in Rashmi chachi’s asshole and was fucking her furiously. Kunal was fucking his dad’s asshole and this made Rakesh’s cock swell with lust and he was dying to put it in any damn hole available. “Oohhhhhhhhhh! My cock is hard! I want some hole to put it in. Ohhh Please my sons allow me to fuck. Give me hole to fuck. Ohhhhhhhh! My slut wife is getting her ass fucked and cunt licked by her own blood and I am licking my daughter and getting my ass fucked by my son! Ohhhh Its sin! Ohhhh god! But I love it now! Please allow me to fuck.”

Kunal and me being the organisers of the show looked at each other and saw Rakesh’s hard cock. So we wanted to be good to him now as he was enjoying all this we they asked Preeti to spread her legs for her own father. Preeti too wanted something in her hungry cunt and was more than happy to oblige. She spread her legs and showed her father her cunt hole, spreading her own cunt with both the hands. Rakesh licked his lips and fell on top of his daughter. His cock rubbed against Preeti’s naval and Preeti took it in her hands and placed it on her cunt hole. Kunal has thrusted his cock deep in Rakesh’s ass and Rakesh chacha stumbled forward with his cock going in Preeti’s cunt like a bullet in cream.

Preeti cried out loudly, “Ohhh Dad! You are tearing my cunt. Ohhh slowwwwwwwlllyyyyy! Push it in slowly! Ooohh Myyy gggooodddd! Oohh Mom! See this. Ohhhhh dad’s cock is in my cunnttttttttttttt and he is fucking me! Ohhhhhh fffuuucckk meeeee! GOD! Aaiiiii! Oouuccchhhhhh! It is paining but that pains are along with pleasure and I am loving it. Give me the cock! Ohhhhhhh! Ffucckk me!” Chachi Maa watched his husband taking the virginity of her own sweet little daughter and she was enjoying it.

Maa moved her ass and squeezed my fucking cock tightly between her ass that I could not control myself and shot my juices deep in her asshole and lay panting on her back. Kunal too immediately deposited his come in his father’s ass and lay on his back, making his cock go deep into Preeti’s pussy. Now all three of us – the beginners – were watching the father and daughter fucking and enjoying the show. Preeti wrapped her legs around her father and took his cock deep inside her cunt. Rakesh chacha was now holding Preeti’s firm boobs in his hands and was squeezing them, making Preeti feel the pleasure.

Chachi was still feeling very horny and came near Preeti’s mouth and sat on her face, rubbing her come filled ass over her daughter’s face and slowly releasing the cummm trapped inside. Preeti shot her tongue out to taste my cummmmmm tickling and dripping out from her mother’s ass. Rakesh was fast cummer, and so he could not hold much longer and shot his load inside the cunt of his daughter, keeping her unsatisfied. Preeti moved her ass in frustration and called you stupid Dad Cant you fuck till I cum? You bastard! Leaving me unsatisfied like my mother. Ohh fuck me somebody! The pig came fast and I have not cummed yet! Come on big brothers! Bring those cocks here and fuck your sister’s unsatisfied cunt. Ohhhhh! MOM! Rub that ass on my face and soak my face with my brother’s cummm. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!” we were so aroused that we went near Rashmi chachi and Preeti with our cocks in our hands. Preeti caught my cock and rubbed it in her palm while Rashmi chachi took Kunal’s cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Preeti imitated her mother and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it.

Maa said Preeti suck him and make him hard for your cunt. A woman has to do this and it’s a skill. Come on suck it!” Chachi was teaching her daughter how to please men. Preeti did as she was told and I was moaning loudly feeling the tongue of my sis on the lower side of my cock. Soon we both the brothers were hard and ready to fuck.

Chachi Maa guided Kunal’s cock in Preeti’s cunt asked him to push it deep inside the tight choot. She was really enjoying the seen of her daughter getting fucked in front of her by her own brothers. Preeti felt the thick, long cock entering her tight cunt and felt the difference as she moaned very loudlyyyyyyy. This cock was much thicker and longer than her father’s and was harder too. Preeti moved her ass in appreciation and welcomed her brother’s cock at the door of her choot. I still had my cock in Preeti’s mouth. Rakesh chacha lay helplessly on the floor, his cock dangling between his thighs, totally useless for any fucking. Chachi Maa encouraged us to fuck Preeti even harder and went to her husband. She caught the useless cock in her hand and pulled it.

The cock stretched and looked like a thin rope. Chachi Maa showed the cock to all of us and we never could judge what she had in her mind besides showing it to us and asked us, “what to do with this useless cock? Come on tell me any of you. The cock has troubled me all my life and never gave any satisfaction. As such it’s useless for fucking anybody. You saw your sister crying for more cock as he fucked her. His cock is useless.I will get some satisfaction if I humiliate and torture him some more. Tell me what to do?” I went near chachi maa to help her humiliate Rakesh chacha more. And forced my cock in the mouth of Rakesh chacha and asked him to suck it.

Chachi Maa slapped him hard, forcing him to open his mouth to swallow my cock. And suddenly my cock forced its way in the throat of poor Rakesh chacha and he was just fighting for breaths. Chachi Maa clapped her hands and asked me to choke his throat so that his breathing stops. Poor Rakesh chacha struggled for air and fought with all his power. I just then took my cock out of his mouth and Rakesh fell on the floor, breathing very fast. Now Rashmi chachi kicked the poor fellow again and then sat on his mouth. She spread her cunt lips and let THE GOLDEN SHOWER of her PISS fall on his face. Preeti was taking Kunal’s cock easily in her cunt and both were fucking in earnest.

They watched the humiliation of their father and were happy to see it. This excited them a lott and they reached the climax and both of them came together. Seeing this I just ran near Preeti and pushed my cock in the cummm filled hole. As my cock entered the cunt of Preeti, it pushed out splashingly kunal’s cummm out of it. Rashmi chachi had finished pissing on her husband and dragged him to Preeti’s cunt and forced him to lick his son’s cum out of his daughter’s pussy. I continued fucking Preeti as more and more of the cummm trickled out for her father to eat. Kunal’s cock had shrunk and he wanted to piss immediately after he had cummed. So he getting the inspiration from his mother aimed his piss on his father’s mouth and let out the yellow flow. His father had to swallow it too and he swallowed as much as he could and the rest bathed his body, coating it with thin layer of piss. I fucked Preeti very hard seeing this and watched the father’s humiliation too. And we soon came and then pissed on the poor father.

Now it was too much for everyone and all lay slept there in that condition and lost in some other world.

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