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Meri Behen Ki Garmi Aur Pyaas Maine Bujhaya

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi, mera naam juber hai. Mai ek student hu. Meri umar hai 24 aur mera rang kaala hai. My body type is athletic. Meri story aap log padhiyega air zaroor feedback dijiyega mere email id pe ko hai

Now without wasting much time, let me get into the story. This is about me and my own lovely sister. Its a passionate hot dirty and a hardcore sex story.

My sister’s name is khushboo and her age is 29. She is of wheatish complexion with huge 34 d boobs and 36 ass. She is unmarried as our left us since we were small and our mother used to earn for us. Now khushboo also works for an office nearby our home.

One day I was lying on my bed and khushboo came out of tje bathroom after her bath and was only in towel and o my god from then onwards I wanted to fuck her. She was my dream girl. I used to masturbate thinking about her. Oh by the way my cock is 7inch longer and 3 inch wider and its very hairy dirty and stinky and very black. And it is still uncut.

I use to think about how to fuck my sister. I used to lick and sniff her panties while masturbating. And I used to clean my cum in her panty. One day mom was not at home as she went in a funeral of some relative and she would come after three days. I thought this my golden chance to fuck her and we used to sleep in a same room too.

Mom went away and it was evening we were watching tv then only a song was playing in the tv tip tip barsa pani…

We were watching tv and I had a bulge which she noticed but she didn’t changed the channel. She was smiling. She asked me is everything fine and I told no and I grabbed her very tightly and kiss on her lips and to my surprise she did not resist. She responded very nicely and we smooched for 10 mins.

I told her about my fantasy for her and how much I lobe her and she also told me that she too wanted me badly and she too loves me.

I took her to our bedroom and tore her dress and opened her bra and panty and she was naked o my god she was like a porn star. She undressed me and my cock popped out and she said wow its huge. She started to suck my cock n sucked it for 10 mins after that I cummed in her mouth which she drank . Now I started sucking and licking her boobs and pressing them hard and she was going mad. I slowly kissed on her navel and licked her navel. I started livking her toes, legs and thighs and she was all sweating hard.

Then I kissed on her forehead and slowly entered my tongue inside her nose and started licking her nose and put my finger inside her nose and cleaned it by eating the booger. I lifted her armpits which were very hairy ,smelly and sweaty. I licked her armpits clean and she moaned ummhhh ummmhh ummmhhh.

Then I started licking her hairy pussy n cleaned her precum by licking and sucking. She pissed in my mouth and I drank her piss it was so tasty. Now I turned her backwards and stared sucking her asshole which was very dirty with small yellow chunks and was very smelly but I loved it and licked it clean and she was mad by now and was moaning uuhhh uhhhh hhuumhh…

Slowly I entered my huge cock in her pussy and started fucking hard and she was moaning loudly aaahhhh uuuiiiimaa uufffd yeeaa aaahh fuck me behenchod chod apni behen ko randi bana meri chut ki bharya bana motherchod and by hearing all these I increased my speed and started fucking very hard. And after fucking fo 20 mins I cummed on her stomach and we both hugged each other and slept….

Next day morning we woke up and I found my hard cock is poking her ass chicks and I grabbed at her boobs and started pressing hard and was moaning aaaahh ooohhhh uuhh and she asked me that will I marry her and I said yes my dear sister I will. She then turned towards me and kissed me for a long time and we exchanged our saliva and her mouth was stinking as it was morning and mine too. She started blowing my cock hard and sucked it for 15 minutes and was moaning yeeaa khushboo meri randi chuss aaahhhh ummhhh… She then sat on my mouth by sticking her asshole into my mouth and suddenly she pooped in my mouth and a load of scat went into my mouth and I loved it by eating the scat clean and it was so smelly and she smiled

She pissed in my mouth again and I sucked her pussy and sucked her clit hard she moaned hard and loud aaaahh aaahh ahhhhh suck me honey aaahhh uuuuhh yeaaaa oooohhh mmhh aaaahh …

Now my cock was ready and within one shot I entered my cock into her asshole and she cried aahhhh margayi and tears flowed down from her eyes…

I fucked her so hard that she was begging me and was pressing her own boobs and crying. I turned her towards me and started to lick her nose and my god I loved the dirtiness of her nose and made it clean by eating everything. She again sucked my cock and entered it into her pussy and started jumping on it and was shouting aaaahh mmhhh juber my husband aaahh aahhh uuu you are so good uuumhh. And I said I was cumming and she took my cum in her pussy as she wanted to have a baby and marry me.

Hope you all will like the story and please let me know the feedback in my email. See you all soon friends.

Meri Behen Ki Garmi Aur Pyaas Maine Bujhaya

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