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Meri Aunty Meri Mohabbat

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello readers, I am Manoj from Kottayam,Kerala .I am narrating an incident which happened yesterday. All the facts in this are true and which happened in front of me. There is no hard core sex in this but i feel it is worth reading.

I am of the age 26 preparing for my ca final exams. I am staying with my aunty, mother’s sister. She is the heroine of this story. She is of the age of 52. But looks young and not above 40. She is short in height may be 5’2’’. Looks very cute. Fairly built in size. Figure will be of the size 36 30 34. She is having tummy so i am not sure it is 30. But her bra size is 36 and panty size is 34 which i confirmed.

She is a widow, her husband passed away about four years back. She is very soft in nature , sympathetic and friendly with everyone. She lives alone in her house as her children are studying at different places. Since she is alone my mother ask me to be with her whenever possible. She sees me like her son. I also like to be with her, as she is alone and i feel sympathy for her. Recently that sympathy grew higher and higher and now i am very possessive about her. I always wants to be with her and enjoy her company. I started looking her sexually. I used to peep while she is changing dress. And as she is wearing saree I use to stare at her side view. Especially her big melons. The melons and her tummy are my fascination and longing for that. I used to masturbate daily thinking of this. She is sleeping in a different room and at night I used to watch her when she is in deep sleep. Her nighty will be normally displaced and her thighs will be visible. She will loosen the bra straps while sleeping and I had once brushed her boobs while in the kitchen early morning. It was so soft and I could feel the erect nipples. It happened accidently. She is very sensitive at night and will wake up on hearing a sound, may be due to her insecurity feeling.

Once I got an opportunity to see the top portion of her thighs back side while she was sleeping facing downside. I took the video of this in my mobile. I couldn’t control myself by don’t have the courage to proceed. She is my aunty, I should respect her, she is a widow, I should not make a pain for her mind, I am having only half her age, if I do something naughty ,, all these thoughts kept me away from her. I came back masturbated seeing the video clip. I am going to describe an incident which happened yesterday morning. I used to study in my room in the morning. I heard a male sound in the backyard of the house. So I peeped through the window to know the matter. I found her near to the back of the house talking with a person. He was telling her that he came for plucking coconuts and enquired whether to climb the tree for the same. She enquired the rates and asked him to do it. He was of the age of 45 and had a strong body. He was wearing towel around his waist which is very much soiled and by seeing the person with so much dirt on the body will keep anyone away from him. I could see her keeping a little distance to avoid him while talking which I thing is due to his foul smell.

The man stared climbing up the tree and she was waiting down. Even though she could not see me watching I could see them through the window. He reached the top of the tree and started examining the coconuts. He was literally sitting on the trunk looking upwards and I could see his private parts because he wore nothing under the towel. His penis was standing straight and the sack hanging down. It is fairly big in size and hard black. I am sure that she also saw this. I saw him cutting the bunches and dropping down and asked her to keep a safe distance from the tree. Now he is in such a position that his manhood is clearly visible. By now she is also near to me and I noticed a strange change in her. She looked the surroundings and ensured no one is nearby. She made her busy by picking the coconuts but in between I saw her looking up and watching his gun standing straight which is rubbing against the tree trunk. She being a lady of such orthodox behavior it was a surprise for me to see her peeping on a stranger in that circumstance. I don’t know what change she had in her, she was busy with picking the coconuts and much of the time she was leaning down for picking and through the neck hole of her nighty I could see her cleavage. For the first time I was seeing it,she used to correct her dress while at home regularly. The scene was awesome.

I also got interested; I found her not adjusting the dress to avoid her boobs from seen by the stranger. She does all this in a very normal way, even if someone notices this they wont find anything wrong. By now the dress has loosened nicely and I can see the cleavage when she is standing up also. When she bends down I saw her protruding boobs inside a beautiful laced white bra swaying. It was white and shining that it seems to be made out of butter. I couldn’t expect such a beauty inside her. It was very voluptuous also .i felt an instant hardon and I couldn’t control much. Since no one is seeing me I parted my lungi and started shaking my member. I was sure that the person on top of the tree is also in my position. His member was so straight and he is rubbing it on the tree. I saw him looking down and virtually eating her body. By now she was very much naughty and she raised her nighty upto her knees and tucked around her waist as we gents do with lungi. Her legs upto knees was visible and it was so sexy and seems to be made out of white marble. He came down and helped her to pick the coconuts. She came inside and took money and gave him. I was really depressed for such an erotic session ending up like this.

I knew that she wont do anything further with such a stranger. Her moral and social values will not allow that. After giving the money she started collecting the coconuts and throwing them to the store room. He also doesn’t wants to leave the place and started helping her. She didn’t say anything continued to bent down a do the work. I saw him hungrily looking at her boobs and thunder thighs when she bends down while saying about the deceases of coconut trees. At one moment when she was in bent down position I saw his palms brushing against her bums and cupping the right one while moving to the other side. She raised up quickly and moved to the other side. She suddenly realized the danger of being with such a stranger and called my name and asked where I am casually. I also responded from my room. I was sure that she did this to avoid him from doing anything further. He was also surprised to hear my voice from inside. He took his share and said her that he is leaving. She said ok and went inside the store room and started keeping the coconuts in one corner as majority of the room is damaged due to age and open. He looked at her and seeing her in the same bend down position he went inside and caught hold of her from backside. He cupped her right boob from backside. I was shocked with his action. I increased the pace of my hand shake. He was like a bull over a cow and was thrusting his cock against her buttocks over her dress. She was enjoying every moment of his actions. While holding her with his left hand, his right hand was free for exploiting her sexy body. He cupped her boobs one by one strongly and was pressing and rubbing them hard. He was literally trying to pluck them from her body.

In her bent down position without allowing her to rise up he pulled up her nighty and underskirt together and tried to put his cock inside from the back. By now she was naked upto her breasts. I could see her thighs and bare tummy. Even though the breasts were not visible the nighty was pulled up to there and I could see her lovely assets in white lased bra. In one hard move he pulled her bra from the middle of her boobs and it came off. He was shredding the right one which is hanging down. It was really awesome. The boob was hanging down. Whitish and gold in colour and he pressing and pulling it like anything. His four inch wide and 9 inch dick is now within her ass cheeks. He stretched his right hand through the front and caught hold of her pussy.

All this happened in 4 or 5 seconds. Suddenly they heard some sound and he released his hands and she and came out of the store room and corrected her clothes. She went and switched on the tv and started looking into it. Any way it was a shocking experience for me. I could feel that she in not in her senses and it took about 15 mins to do so. After some time she went and laid down on the bed reading some books. I could analyze that she is not concentrating in the book instead she is recollecting the instances and feel of his muscular hug had turn her on. She laid there for some time and later by about 12o clock she told me that she is going to the nearby tailoring shop. Her face was with the same naughtiness and as if longing for something. Since she haven’t taken any clothes for stitching I doubted her going somewhere else. Any I pretended to believe her and closed the door and came inside after she left.

I dressed up quickly and followed her. She was going to the nearby tailoring shop. On reaching there she waited for other customers to leave. When they left the tailor attended her and asked what happened madam. She told the blouse he stitched recently is not fitting and should be careful enough while stitching the new one. I was standing near the door and I could meekly hear the conversation. I could understand that she had given a piece of new cloth for stitching blouse two days back and she needs it to be perfectly stitched. The tailor assured her not to worry about anything and the stitching will be fine. She told him that the measurement here is old and she has put up weight recently and will be better to take the new measurement. The tailor is a middle aged man of about 35 to 38 and was average built. He told ok and asked her to come to the inside room. He went inside and she followed. I also wanted to see what is happening inside so I also went near the door without them seeing me.

There was no one else there and I felt something fishy in her total behavior. She stood in front of him for the measurement. He asked her to remove the pallu of the saree. She instantly removed the safety pin and removed the pallu, it was lying on her left hand. She was wearing a maroon coloured blouse and I felt that it is perfectly stitched. Both her melons were sanding straight as if ready for a fight. The neckline was also beautiful. The tailor looked her around and said isn’t it alright. She told it is a bit tight in the front. I thing he also understood her actual problem. She just wants to expose her body to someone and get aroused. I couldn’t believe her to be of such a nature. The tailor started measuring her and noting down the values. She dropped the pallu and raised her hands for his comfort.

I felt the speedy breaths of her as she is getting aroused. He intentionally touched her boobs more than necessary and touched and pressed the nipples as if taking the correct measurements. She complained that the front part is very tight and is paining after some time. He innocently examined there and raised the blouse a little by inserting his finger between her boobs, there by touching the cleavage. He had inserted some fingers for holding the cloth. With the other hand he held her boobs upwards and told her it should stand straight like this. He also told her that both her assets are of correct proportion and wearing the dress properly will increase her beauty. I saw him cupping both her boobs and in between measuring them. He also instructed her to use the right size bra. On hearing the sound of someone coming I fled from there.

On the way I found her coming out of the shop to the house. I reached home and waited as if nothing happened. The wild desires in her really astonished me. I could understand that she doesn’t want to get married again but the lust within her couldn’t be controlled. She is afraid to get sex from others due to her moral and social status. The seen of her sweet butter like fresh melons and the marble like thunder thighs and the submissiveness to the tailor and the beast like mounting of the stranger on her back was driving me crazy. I was casual with her in the evening. We had watched tv and had dinner as usual. But I had decided to give her what she needed at the earliest without anyone knowing making her comfortable and bringing her to the highest pleasure.

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