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Mera Bhai Mera Pati

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  • September 28, 2015

Hello readers of desi papa…. I am SONU from Delhi. I am married girl of 28 years high in sex. My husband is a buisness man and as usual busy with his business only. Since last Two years of married life hardly I am fucked by him for 20 times, when he takes wine and see some erotic picture. We don’t have any child and now after medical check ups it is confirmed that my husband is not having any sign of potency.

I am otherwise very horny which is the result of my extra ordinary sex life before my marriage. My elder brother ADI was my best friend and so many times we had seen my father fucking my mother. In fact my father was also having dia betese so it was only my mothers attempts to persuade him for sex. But she was not looking satisfied with my father. But we both brother and sister learnt a lot about active sex while watching them fucking.

ADI was not very open with me in spite of watching the love scenes together. But I use to excite him by talking vulgar in front of him. Once I saw him jerking in the bathroom and that day I saw his long and thick penis. That scene aroused me so much that I also fingered myself. But the urge was increasing every day and one night while sleeping in the same room with ADI I hold his penis. Wow… it was thick and warm. He was in deep sleep and could not understand who is doing it with him. I slowly took out his hot penis and saw it. My eyes widened with his size and warmness. It was hard like a rod and tip was red. I started playing with it. With the stimulation, ADI woke up and saw me holding his dick. He shocked for a while and then said… SONU yeh kya ker rahi ho, pagal ho gai hai kya too… mein tera bhai hoon. I said “ to kya huva.. jab tum mere saath mummy aur papa ko ye sab karta huve dekh sakte ho to phir mere saath ker kyon nahi sakte.”

ADI got angry and slapped me … Lagta hai teri jawani tujh se sambhal nahi rahi hai………… tera intzaam karna padega… mein kal hi mummy ko keh ker teri shadi ka bandobast karta hoon.Chal aab choop chap so ja… And he turned away from me and slept.

I was worried now. What will happen if ADI will speak something to mom? What she will think about me? That night I could’nt sleep.

Next day I went to shop from the collage and met ADI. I told him clearly that if he will speak to mom then I will take poison and die. ADI thought for some moment and then asked…. Tum mere se kya chahati ho? Main tumhare saath who sub kuch nahi kar sakta. Is liye yahi accha hoga ki tum shadi ker lo aur phir jo dil mein aye karo.

I came back to home and in the night ADI changed his room and started sleeping in his study room. I was feeling very lonely and in the night I again saw my father struggling to satisfy my mom. But as usual he could not run for a long time and collapsed. My mom face was red with excitement. She went into the toilet and took shower for almost one hour. I started scratching my cunt with my finger but useless. Urge had increased and I started thinking about the man with whom I can play this wonderful game of love.

It was Sunday, my father had gone out of town. ADI had gone to movie. Mom asked me if I am going out as she want to sleep for some time due to tired ness. I said yes and went to Lajpat nagar Sunday market for shopping. In the way I remembered that I forget money at table and returned to home. At home I saw motorcycle of ASHOK, ADI’s closest friend. I went inside, the door was open. There was complete silence inside. I was surprised, if ASHOK is not in the drawing room, where he could be? I reached near mom’s room. The door was closed. Suddenly I heard mom’s voice..” ASHOK.. meri pyas bujhao mein bahoot pyasi hoon..hai… jor se.. aur jor se chooso.

Maine key hole se under dekha.. meri sanse rook gai..he bilkul nangi bed per chit padi thi aur ASHOK mom ke bade bade mammo ko choos raha tha. Mom ne hari ke underwear mein haath dala aur jor se hans ker boli “ ab Sharma kyo raha hai.. nikal bahar tere lode ko aur chod mujhe.. ASHOK khada huva aur underwear nikal diya. Ooofffffff… uska loda dekh ker mere gale mein kuch atak gaya. ASHOK ka lund bahoot lamba tha ADI se bhi lamba… who mom ke paas gaya aur apna loda mom ke hotho per rakh diya. Mom ne uska loda muh me lene se mana ker diya aur apni tango ki taraf ishara ker ke boli “ time nahi hai abhi ye sab karne ka….. jaldi se meri pyaas bujha de aur phir kal afternoon mein ana… mein tere is lode ko choos choos ker finish ker doongi.

ASHOK then stood between her legs , enjoyed the view of my moms swollen pink choot’s lips. He leaned forward and began sucking her choot. My god all was so exciting for me, as I had never seen my father doing like this. Now ASHOK was aggressively licking the choot and mom was thrusting her hips upwards to keep pace with his tongue. ASHOK then inserted one finger in her wide choot, then second and a third also. Mom was rolling her head back and forth, don’t know what she was feeling.

Suddenly mom ne ASHOK ko kheench ker bed per chit patak diya aur uska lamba laplapata lode per baith gayi. Offffff……… kya nazara tha. ASHOK ka lund dhire dhire mom ki choot mein chala gaya aur mom siskariya bhar rahi thi. Mujhe pata nahi tha use pain ho raha tha ya phir kuch aur.

Now I was not having enough energy in my legs to keep on standing so I sat down over the floor and started fingering my clit. I closed my eyes and presumed that ASHOK was fucking me. I was listening moms screams which further increased my thirst.

Suddenly an hand touched my shoulder. I opened my eyes in fear. There ADI standing furious wanted to shout something. I asked him not to speak any thing in spite to have look of inside through the key hole. He bent down and then saw inside for a moment. He could not see it for a long time, pulled me and came out of the house. He brought me to our colony’s park and we sat at the corner side. ADI asked me since how long this act is going on. I confessed that I had seen it for the first time only. His face was red with anger. Of course his own mother was fucking his best friend was enough to bring anger. I touched his hand, slowly hold it firmly and then asked him to calm down. He closed his eyes and remain in the same position for few minutes.

Suddenly he pulled me in his lap and started kissing my lips violently. I was surprised upon her changed behaviour. He then pulled me more closer and whispered in my ears…” SONU if mom can do it… why we can’t..” He started stimulating me and started squeezing my now hard boobs. After some time we saw ASHOK was coming out of our house and went away on his bike.

In the night ADI slept with me and asked me if I can join him in his private party where few of his friends comes with their girl friends and enjoying sex. I was excited and agreed after assurance that no body in that party knew me as his sister.

ADI left for the shop in the morning and asked me to get ready nicely at 6 p.m. for the party. He also told mom that today we both will be going to hos friend’s sister marriage and will return either late in the night or in the next morning. My mom readily agreed as she was getting a very good opportunity? She asked ADI if he could call ASHOK to stay with her in the night as father was not there and she was feeling nervous in remaining alone whole night. ADI looked sharply at mom, thought for a moment and then agreed.

ADI came back in the evening. I was ready in a wonderful sexy dress. He took bath changed his clothes and then we left in our car for our destination. I was excited as well as feared with the anticipation of what is going to happen in next few hours. The evening was not going well and I knew it. Only fifteen,

I had almost passed out when my own brother is going to deflower me. Telling her mother that they were going to a friend’s house for the night, in the marrige was really a cheat. But itch in her cunt was intense and I thrown away all these thoughts from my mind. Just getting in the car with ADI made me feel much older than my years.

We reached to a farmhouse almost 15 km away from the city and parked our car. There were only few other cars in parking. ADI asked me to sit in the main hall and went towards the backside from where some loud sounds of laughing and shouts were coming. Now, several minutes later, sitting on a couch in an almost deserted farmhouse, I was feeling like fifteen again. Slowly and slowly rush of young boys and girls started coming in and A bunch of boys Had made a big fuss over me when they first arrived but quickly turned

Their attentions to girls who were much older than me. ADI came with one handsome boy and introduced him as Ajay and me as his girl friend. He gave me a glass of beer and asked me to take it without hesitation. I also wanted to become bolder so I asked ADI to get me some whisky inspite of beer. He shown me the corner where all the drinks were served and asked me to help my self and disappeared ahain. ASHOK came near to me and requested to dance with him. While I had danced a couple dances, my eyes were searching ADI. I hadn’t seen him in over 45 minutes. And, after the several drinks I had been offered the joints to smoke, I was feeling a bit high and drowsy. At this point, all I wanted to do was head for home. As the party droned on, I found it harder and harder to Concentrate on what was going on. All of the conversations seemed to Merge into one and the music seemed to enter into a slow motion mode. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the couch, quickly falling Asleep. I woke with a start to find that the loud music had been

Slowed down and that the crowd had thinned considerably. Soft music Was gently playing in the background and the bright lights had been Dimmed to mild shadows. As my eyes adjusted, I realized that a Couple had joined me on the couch. Glancing to my left, I saw the Two locked in a deep kiss. I saw that the girls hand was on the Boys crotch and was slowly rubbing it. Looking away, I felt flushed and hoped that the couple hadn’t Noticed her staring. Across the room, I saw a girl laying on the Floor between two boys. The girls top had been pushed up and one Of the boy was playing with and sucking on her bare breasts. The Other boy lay kissing the girl with his hand resting between her legs. In fact, everywhere I looked, there were people making out.

From the hallway I heard the sound of a girl moaning softly and, Though dark, I could make out an outline of a couple making love. Suddenly, out of nowhere, ADI appeared. ADI sat down hard Next to me and the couple next to us on the couch adjusted a bit to Their left. I glanced over and saw that the girls head had made Its way down and had replaced her hand at the boys crotch. I stared As I realized that the girl had the boys cock in her mouth and was Slowly sucking up and down on it. “So, what’s doin’,” ADI asked me quietly. The sound of his voice made me jump. “Nothing, I guess I fell asleep,” I replied. “I’ll say, you were out for about an hour. You OK?” he asked.

“I think so. ” ADI leaned over and kissed me softly on the cheek. I felt myself flush and, in spite of, getting excited. “What you want to do?” ADI asked. “I don’t know,” I replied, answering honestly. I felt ADI ‘s arm wrap around her shoulder and pull her closer to him. I again felt ADI reach to kiss her only this time he pulled Her closer to him. As she tried to relax, she felt his tongue press Against her lips. “Relax,” he whispered softly, “Just relax and let yourself go Some excitement”. I let her lips part a bit and felt ADI ‘s tongue enter her Mouth. A combination of the pot, the drinks, and being overly tired Played against my ability to resist. Besides, she was enjoying All of this too much to stop. As they sat there kissing, I felt ADI ‘s hand slide up her Blouse and cup a breast through the material. No one had ever touched Her like that before and she felt a low, soft moan escape her lips. ADI took that as permission to go on. ADI slowly pulled away from her and leisurely began to unbutton Her blouse from the top. I leaned forward and grabbed his hands, Stopping him, but ADI gently released himself from her grip and Continued until her blouse hung softly open. I tensed as I felt he reach behind her and fumble with The hooks of her bra. Again she leaned forward and tried to stop him, This time by trying to divert his attention with a kiss. He kissed Her back, again thrusting his tongue into her mouth, but continued to Work on the hooks. I felt a sudden relaxation of material as the bra hooks Snapped open. Pulling away from me slightly, he lifted the bra Cups above my breasts. I felt a shiver as ADI leaned forward and took a small nipple into his mouth. I looked around the room; sure that everyone there was staring at her. To my surprise, no one even noticed. In fact, every man Want come in the our Group Mail Me

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