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Memory Of Lifetime

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Life is all about memories. You never know when a small incident can turn up into a memorable time and long lasting memory in your life. Well, I am Anand; I am working in Bangalore now in an IT industry. About myself, I am a very average looking guy. The incident I am going to share with you is of about 13 years back when I was a student studying in a college. I used to travel by train to reach my college everyday which is 60 Km away from my home town.


Very first day in my class, I saw a very decent looking and shy natured girl. Her name was Mala (not here real name). She was wearing a purple salwar. She was dusky in color, aged around 17~18. I don’t say she is gorgeous, but she had the charisma to attract with her divine looks. At first sight, I wanted to be her friend and get close to her (not with any wrong intensions of course).


As the days passed by I came to know she is weak in couple of subjects and luckily I was pretty good in those. In our leisure time all the boys used to sit and discuss the subjects, eventually this girl also joined our group discussion. This gave me a chance to interact with her.


The time passed pretty fast and almost 1st year exam came in. I shifted from my home town to college place as I was spending too much time in traveling. The place where I studied is bit remote place; it’s still a bit backward.  I can still see fields and empty landscapes even now. I got my room in an isolated place so that I don’t get disturbed.


By now, this girl was pretty close to me. We shared good friendship. I had visited her home couple of times and her parents were impressed with my simplicity (that’s what she said). After college, lot of guys used to come to my room some times to study and most of the time to have fun and booze.


One fine day, one of my classmate got a Kannada porn magazine. This was just an incident. I never thought this incident will change my life. As any youngster, I was interested in sex but I was never hyper active. We went through the images (all monochrome and dull pictures, still that was the best we had at that time). We cracked jokes and slept off that night.


Next day, Mala came with me to my room from college. I normally keep my place neat and tidy but that day it was mess as all guyz were their whole night and messed up my place. Mala with out hesitation she started to move around the things which she used to do all the time. I went to restroom to relieve the pressure. I came back in couple of minutes and found Mala was behaving weirdly. She just kept staring at me without a word. Even I didn’t pay attention much. She was there for an hour and she didn’t talk much during this time. I was surprised but did not react. She left to her home saying she is not keeping well.


She did not responded to me for next 3~4 days. That really surprised me. I was so used to her; I could not stay with out talking to her. I caught hold of her in lunch time and asked the reason for her peculiar behavior. She didn’t say anything but looked straight into my eyes and took something out from her bag and handed it over to me. I was shocked to see it. Damn! It’s that porn magazine. At once, I got the puzzled. She made her angry face and asked me “What is this?” For a moment, I felt she is over reacting. She walked away after that. I skipped my noon session of class and came to back my room as I was upset. I thought about the whole incident for an hour or so. Then I realized, this girl is from a village and from not so developed society and also from conservative iyengar family. What else I can expect from her.


By this time, It was around 5.30 in the evening and my college is about to leave for the day. I went to the main road from where she passes to her home and waited for her. So finally she came. I said I want to talk to her. As usual she stared at me and said “about what? “ I said, “I don’t want to talk to you on this here, why don’t you come to my room”. She agreed as she knows I will not do anything which will harm her.  We walked towards my room, without talking anything.


Once we reached, I don’t know how to start this topic. Well, I started saying “this is quite common in this age. Nothing harm as I am not getting physical with any one… Blah! Blah! ”. She kept quite. Her silence was killing me as I don’t know how to convince her. I insisted her to talk to me; she stared at me and asked me” Is sex is so important to you?”  I found it to be a very dumb question but still tried replying to her “Mala, it’s not evil, it’s common among teenagers to get attracted towards girls and their physic’s. As I was talking, my eyes rolled over her boobs. I know it was not intentional, but the topic of discussion was bit embarrassing to me. As I was talking, I held both her shoulders from front and said “Did I ever mis-behaved with you anytime?” All of the sudden she hugged me. I was shocked and surprised. I again felt, she is over reacting. I tried to move her away, but she did not. Tamely I asked her “Is everything OK with you” I did not hear anything from her. I looked down, she had closed her eyes and she was not responding. All of the sudden I felt her grasp were getting tightened.


As her boobs kept pressing me, I was getting hot. I slowly moved along with her to lock the door. She was hugging me all this time. Slowly, I moved her chin up and looked into her eyes. She was not the same girl I know as a friend, she is not able to keep her eyes open. Her eyes were rolling from one end to another and her eyelashes kept closing. As we hugged each other, my hands were pampering her back over the cloth. As this was my first ever touch of a girl, even I was feeling kind of a sleepy, a very pleasant feeling all over. I lifted her chin again; I kissed her gently on her lips. She did not react. She had completely surrendered herself to me. She was hardly moving her body. We slowly walked toward my bed. I slowly let her down from my arms; she just slumped on my bed. I like to play slow. So I started teasing her feet. She just moved her head slowly from one side to another. With only one finger, I started to move around her feet and anklet. I was noticing her all the time; as it was ticklish; she was getting excited with every inch movement of my finger over her smooth skin. I got bit closer and stared to kiss her face. I started with forehead, cheeks and then slowly moving to her neck like a vampire. I felt something moving on my back, that was her hand smoothly caressing my back.  I removed my shirt and loosened my trouser. Then again I started to kiss her. As I was kissing her, I loosened her knots of salwar and started to play on her love hole over her panty. I already felt, it was wet out their. It was very soft region with thin hairs. As I was moving my hand she started to moan mildly. This is the first time I heard a girl’s moan and this was instigating me to do more. As I had never seen a love hole in real, I was very curious to explore it. I removed my trouser and also pulled her Top and bottom of salwar. Wow! That was an awesome sight! She was quite fair from inside. I didn’t see any spot all her body. She had maintained it well. At one moment, I thought, what the fuck I was missing all these days…


By this time it was 6.45 in the evening. I saw she was in dual mind. She did not want to miss this opportunity at the same time she was getting late to her home. I was reading her face. She said” Anand, I need to go home as you know my parents will get worried if I don’t reach in time. However, I promise you tomorrow, I will be yours all day. Let’s not go to college. I will come to you place. It’s Ok with you right?” I saw her desperate face and even though I did not want to miss this opportunity, I let her go.


That night was one of the longest in my life. Thousands of thoughts were going through my mind. I didn’t even know when I slept off.


Next day morning I woke early than my normal time. I started to prepare food for both of us so that we don’t have to go out for lunch. I am not a good cook still I prepared something. I had bath. I spent lot of time rubbing and cleaning my cock. I find it very funny when I think about it now. By 8.30 am I am ready and waiting for her. At far distance, I saw a lady in maroon saree. As she got closer, I slowly recognized her to be Mala.


Wow! I always liked her divine look. But this was far better than that. She somewhat dressed like a bride. Nice saree with bindi and jasmine flower like a typical iyengar girl. At once, I thought I am the luckiest in the world. She came close and gave a witty smile. I was stunned and gave her a smile back. As she came inside, I closed the door. She said not to hurry. Today I am seeing lot more courage in her than yesterday which shocked as well as surprised me. She was moving bold around me. She had got breakfast from her home for me. We had it while talking to her. She revealed this change is due to the porn magazine which she took with her. She read all the stories in that. At once, I felt angry and said” Then why did you pretend to be angry with me on that issue” She gave me a witty smile and kept quite. However, within I thanked my luck and my friend who left it in my room.


We finished Breakfast and moved plates to kitchen. She came back and handed over some packets in my hand. I opened it out of curiosity to see condoms (Nirod). I asked her where did she got it from? She said, her dad uses this and he has a box full of this and he will not come to know even if few of them were missing. I was amused by this so called shy village girl. In a sarcastic humor, I said, I never known you were this advanced. She gave a witty smile again. I pulled her towards me. She hugged me. She was not making any eye to eye contact. However, she was neither moving away from me. Fragrance of her jasmine flower was driving me crazy. It was nice feeling in me, something very unique and unusual which I had never felt. As I sat, I held her from back and pulled her to my lap. She laid her head on my lap and she turned her head towards my cock. I was already feeling hot. Some sort of energy was passing through me. I was feeling the same from her too. I slowly started to cares her hair and simultaneously I was pulling her close to my cock. She was breathing hard. I was feeling the warmth on my cock inside trouser. I unzipped my trouser without moving her head. As she had closed her eyes, she didn’t realize that my tool is very close to her mouth. She opened her eyes after smelling my cock. At once she just got up from my lap and looked shocked. I didn’t say anything and pulled her head again towards my lap. This time her mouth was directly towards my tool. She smelled it for few seconds and slowly started to move her tongue on my pre cum. She made a baby face and said “Salty! Salty!” Again I didn’t say anything and turned her face towards my cock and I pulled her leg towards me. We are almost in 69 position. I slowly moved my hand over her ankle and progressed towards her thigh. She stopped licking and started making noise. She increased her moan “hummm… hummmmm”.


I was getting very excited hearing this. The feeling of her thigh was amazing, it was smooth as silk. I closed my eyes and started to feel her skin & sensation was really good. As my hand exploring more in her saree, she was getting excited too. I pulled her towards me and moved my hand little ahead. I felt a very plump in my hand. It was her love triangle. I moved my finger on her crack over the panty. She pushed herself towards my hand and providing more access for her love bud. Her panty was wet and felt like glue. I lied down completely and pulled her love den towards my face. I moved her saree. I moved her panty down. Wow! I am seeing a girl pussy for the first time so closely. She was licking me hard with excitement. I moved my tongue over her crack. She moaned loud. I moved her pussy lips and started to lick her love bud. She started to shiver moving her whole body and jolting her thighs & legs. I was feeling a unique smell in her pussy. It was driving me crazy. I moved my tongue as if I am licking a candy. She stopped sucking my cock and put her head down and moved her pussy more towards my face. She was giving me more access to her love bud. I felt as if I was fucking her with my tongue. After couple of minutes she held my ankles very tightly and started to squeeze it. I realized, she is going to cum now. I moved my tongue little faster and harder. She pushed and pressed her pussy so hard to my face, it was getting very hard for me to breath. Finally she shook her body like a fish without water and with loud moan; she oozed her love juice all over my tongue and face. She looked very tired and relived. I bent down to see her face. She was neither able to keep her eyes open nor close it. She saw me looking at her. She was finding very hard  to even smile, but somehow she did. Her hands now moved towards my cock and started to move the skin of my cock. At once she put her mouth on my cock and started to suck. This time, she was doing it very hard. I was in seventh heaven already. I was feeling a unique pain and pleasure in my abdomen. With in few minutes, I cummed in her mouth with a loud moan “haaaaaaahaaa! Haaaaaaaaa!” That’s when I felt what was she feeling when she cummed. We both were exhausted and we didn’t move our body. We lied down just like that for couple of minutes. None of us talked to each other. It was like a silence after the storm. I pulled my legs and turned her face towards me. As she was lying down, she gave me a smile. I think that was the best smile I ever saw. She winked her eye and gave me another huge smile. I pulled her over my chest. She closed her eyes and slept like a baby.


I guess you all want to know what we did next that day… am I right? If you liked my story, send me reply to my email id “” with subject line as “DP story reply” and I promise I will let you know the rest. I will be more than happy if I get more response from Bangalore girls & ladies.

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