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Mehakta Time With Mehak

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi friends, I am really happy that I found a site like Human Digest. It’s really erotic and at the same time very enjoyable. I must thank the brains behind this site. Though initially I was hesitant to pen my story, but after reading other stories, I got the confidence of sharing few of my escapades.

I am Prem, I m 31yrs old and this story is about my friends wife – Mehak Arora. I work for a MNC in a very senior position and have all the good perks etc, and as such respected by my entire family. Mehak is 3yrs younger to me and worked as a secretary in a large Audit company. My friend is a total dud and works in a MNC with Good salary but he has to travel around the world.

In between he had gone to Dubai for a couple of years, leaving mehak and her year old daughter in India. That time mehak had an affair with her Colleague which got caught and things got almost to divorce. At that time I intervened and got everything on track.

But unknown to me mehak had developed a crush on me. She takes alcohol in good amounts occasionally and had started occasional puffs also. It so happened that my wife had gone to her parents place in summer.

One weekend mehak called me and said to come over for dinner and naughtingly asked me to get a bottle of good whiskey.

In the evening, mehak greeted me with a big smile. She was looking drop dead gorgeous. She was in a sexy pink saree (almost see through) with matching blouse, which showed a lot of cleavage and at the back, there was hardly an inch of the cloth cover the bra hook and strap.

All three of us had good amount of liquor and snacks. We were sharing naughty jokes and Mehak was evenly participating.

My friend who had drunk a lot soon conked off. We both carried him into the bedroom. Made him comfortable on the bed. Mehak requested me to wait outside so that we could. Change into sumthing more comfortable. I was stunned to see her in a white speg top and crinkled knee length skirt with maroon bra.

Whenever she would bend to pick chips or refill the glass, her cleavage could be seen. She was watching me intently and suddenly got up and sat on my lap.

I was bit shocked but I liked what she did. She moved a finger on my forehead and traced it down to my lips. She then put her hand behind my head and pulled it on her chest. Her sexy smell, liquor and heat all got into me and I started biting her nipples from her top only.

She started moaning – ahhhhhhh ummm yeeees oh yeeees nice ah……………… and bent down and kissed me hard on my lips. I was also hot like a volcano and responded equally with high passion.

We rolled down on the floor and I put my hand inside her skirt, which by now had moved up to her waist and I could see her white striped panty. I thrust my hand between her thighs, oh god she was wet like anything, and she responded by clutching my hand and squeezing it with her thighs.

Her eyes were half closed and she was pressing her beautiful breasts. With my other hand I moved her spegitti strap. And bra strap from the shoulder and took out one breast from captivity and immediately took the hard nipple in my mouth and licked it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, uffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssh maaaaaaaaaaaan yessssssssssssssh that’s the way, oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh maaaaaaaaaaaa ——- was all she was uttering.

My organ was so hard and strong that I thought it will tear off and come out of my jeans. I got up and lifted her and she was kissing me and sucking my lips and my tongue. I was responding with equal fervor. She suggested me to move to the guest room. I picked her up in my arms and entered the guest room.

The moment we reached there and locked the room she was all over me, she tore off my T-shirt and started pulling of my belt and kissing on my bare chest. Well I am no lean and mean guy, I have a good physique as I gym regularly.

Anyway removed my jeans in a hurry and when she saw the bulge in my underwear she started kissing it madly over the jockey. I was enjoying all the feeling. and then taking off my jockey she took my hard rod in her hand. Her touch was magical. She moved her hand slowly up and down my hard shaft. I pushed her head down on my shaft. She kissed the tip of my shaft. Aaaaaaaaah mazza aa gaya…. and started licking it and swallowing it. She took the entire shaft into her mouth. She licked it with her tongue. Aaaaaah Aaaaaah… I took her now hard boobs in my hand and started pressing it hard. Finally I came in her mouth.
I pulled her and took her in my arms and hugged her… Hugged her tight…the feel of the hard 36c boobs on my hairless shaved chest was amazing. We rolled over and started kissing. Slowly I pulled her speg up and started feeling her back. Slowly I moved my hand down towards her the. Ass .. Inserted my hand inside her skirt and panty and felt her asss.. Pressed it hard..

We both were burning. I removed her top and skirt. There the horny lady was there in a maroon bra and panties (she knew of my weakness of silky lacy lingerie from my wife, and had already planned and worn it for seducing me). I just went mad with lust looking at her and didn’t know where to start from.

I made her sit on the bed removed her pantie, and told her to keep her legs on my shoulder and thrust my tongue in her pussy, which she responded by clutching my head, she started moving back and forth and moaning so loudly that I thought everybody would wake up.

I thrust two fingers on her pussy top and licked till her g spot and the moment I hit it she cried AHHHHHHHHHHHH ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck you man oh my darling ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

and she arched her back and had a massive orgasm. My face was all wet with her discharge, but I kept on moving my fingers inside her pussy, she begged me to stop it but brushed her hand away and kept on fingering her.In about twenty seconds she stiffened again,

held my hair tightly and thrust her pussy full on my face and came so strongly that my entire lips and chin were dripping with her love juices. She lied down on he back and called me to lie on top of her.

I staddled on her waist and bent down and bit on her nipple, uffffffffffffffffffffffffff honey ohhhhhh you will kill me darling, Oh lover boy ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I asked should I stop, NO do it pleaaaaaaase NOW she replied.

I started sucking her nipples and taking half of it in my mouth.I licked her nipple, took her nipple between my teeth, n bit it softly… She again got so hot and started moving her chest in sync with my sucking and at the same time pulling at my hard on. She suddenly got up and told me to lie down on my back.

She took my hard on and sucked it so majestically that I came in a few minutes. She licked me and started rubbing my cock against her cheeks and neck and boobs.. Aaaaaaah … I said Mehak how do u feel and she just smiled and winked. Then she told me to lie on my stomach.

She climbed on top of me from my head side and started massaging my back with her nipples and at the same time trying to rub her pussy against my lips. Ohhhhhhhhh what more a guy can ask for. My organ started getting erect again.

Suddenly she did something which I will advise all readers to try at least once – she started licking me from the tip of my ass up to the hair on my organ. (Guys when your girl does this you will get so hot that you just would grab her and ………..).

My organ rose to its full glory and I made her lie on her back and opened her legs, her pussy was virtually dripping with her love juices, and thrust my organ deep inside her, ooooooooooooo was all she said and then closed her eyes and a sexy smile on her face started moving her body in response to my thrusts, we both soon reached our nadir and both of us came in mind blowing orgasms. She held me tightly and kept on whispering thank you, love you, want you all the time etc etc. I asked her what came over on you today,she said she has cut off all sexual relations with her husband for last two years and has wanted me since then and hence she seduced me. I asked her now that we have enjoyed each other how about future, and with a mischievous smile she hugged me and said

“Darling I am yours, make love to me anywhere, anytime any place”. And as bonus she whispered that her hubby and daughter were going off to Singapore next day morning for four days and for me to come by afternoon.

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