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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Megha was a young maid sent to my residence as a replacement for her perpetually drunk father Mahadev who had to be hospitalized due to his weak liver. He had worked at our place for nearly a decade so I voluntarily felt like taking care of his hospital accounts. While I was taking care of the father, I was expecting to be taken care of by the daughter out of humility if not anything else. About me? I am Arjun, 35 today and still a bachelor, working as regional manager in a MNC in Mumbai with considerable respect in society for that. As far as I remember, Megha was nearly 7 when Mahadev had started working us. I had known her throughout her growing years so she was quite friendly and casual with me. Ever since I had first seen her and till date, I always kept a keen eye waiting to see her tits bloom up. But to my disappointment they hardly seemed to bulge out from her tight dresses except for the tiny pin pointed nipples piercing through. I may admit that there was a mild swelling around the nipples as if the breasts had just sprouted. I had usually seen her dressed in either salwars or frocks. But when she arrived to stay at my place I saw she was clumsily clad in a saree-blouse set. It was a sky blue saree with a faintly translucent white blouse that exposed the pinkish bra behind it. I was quite astonished with her taste for wearing a pink bra. Despite the desperate curiosity, there was no way I could ask her what fascinated her to wear a pink bra. She had only just entered my apartment. I just fantasized and hoped that some day the icy barrier of our physical distance would also melt away and we can establish a new relation between a maid and boss. Getting back to the present, she cheerfully greeted me and asked where she could keep her bundle of personal belongings and what work to start with. I showed her the way to a small empty room attached to the kitchen which was originally meant to be a kitchen store room. There was just enough space for her sleep. She didn’t mind the lack of space as long as she had some personal space.

But there was no door to that room except for one at the kitchen entrance. When I lead her to the room she conveniently took off the saree and kept it alongwith the bundle in corner. The petticoat was also a white one. I guessed she was so comfortable to take off the saree in my presence because she considered me an uncle who was almost her father’s age or perhaps she didn’t know how seductive it was for a young girl like her to expose the body in a blouse and petticoat without saree. She quickly faced me with a charming innocent smile and asked what to do. Just to make her feel more comfortable and at home I placed my palms on her cheeks then pulled her closer embracing her tightly. She found my gesture very kind and affectionate and hugged me tightly as well. My palms were now on her back over the blouse and slowly moved down to her bare portion of the back between blouse and petticoat. But before my hands could reach the petticoat to feel her ass, she innocently moved away and thanked me immensely for being such a kind man. She obviously had no idea of my growing evil desires for her sensual tender body. It was around 10am so I told her to start with cleaning the house but only after freshening herself first. Mine was a 3BHK all with attached bathrooms. Her tiny room had no individual bathroom. I offered her to use the attached bathroom in my master bedroom. I just couldn’t believe how she innocently agreed to use my bathroom. She went into the bathroom with a village type of thin towel and a set of some pink and maroon stuff with something black in between but I couldn’t distinguish them in detail as it was all tucked under her armpit. She was thrilled to see such a sophisticated bathroom. I didn’t want to interfere while she had bath knowing that she was completely at my service with plenty of time to discover her beauty. After about 5 minutes she screamed and opened the door with a bang and stumbled out falling on the floor. I saw a whole load of steam rushing out of the bathroom. I quickly asked her what happened.

She said she turned on the geyser but no water was coming. I immediately knew she had turned on the geyser without opening tap. I rushed and shut off the geyser. When I came out she was still sitting on the floor all horrified with what had happened. I saw that in the hurry she had slipped herself into a white petticoat only. Since she had tied it in a hurry she must’ve found it easiest to tie the knot in between the tits so the gap below it exposed the faint swelling of her fresh and ripe mounds. She didn’t see me looking at them but was flustered with the horrible accident that just occurred. That gave me another opportunity to caress her and show my affection. I supported her to get up and placed her in my bed to relax until the steam had drifted away from bathroom. She was so deeply shocked that she snoozed off for a short while. During her short nap the steam had cleared from bathroom. I quickly inspected each of the fresh clothes she had brought to wear after bath. It was a pink blouse, maroon petticoat, black bra, and white panty. It was an approvable combination for a poor village girl. I couldn’t wait to see her wear them.

After another few minutes she woke with a jolt surprised to find her lying in my bed. Then with an instant smile she got out of bed apologizing for delay in the day’s work schedule. But as she proceeded to the bathroom she humbly requested if I could accompany her to the bathroom and see that everything is safe this time since she didn’t know how to use the modern appliances in my bathroom. Why the hell would I refuse to accompany her in the bathroom. As she walked ahead of me, I observed that I was wrong in judging her slim figure. The petticoat was stuck to her skin displaying her dangerous curves along the waist, the awesome mounds of ass, and the deadly legs. I just couldn’t believe that with all her irresistible sex appeal and behavior, she was still as innocent as a child. As I explained to her the use and functions of various applications in bathroom I constantly adored her hypnotic beauty as her attention was fully focused on the modern appliances that were complex for her rural culture. After I finished explaining everything in detail I couldn’t take my eyes off her sharp facial features. She smiled to indicate me to leave her alone in the bathroom. But I was spellbound by her until she actually poked her finger into my abdomen and asked me to leave so that she can get ready to start the day’s work. We both laughed as I left. I patiently waited to see her step out in the fresh set of clothes. Meanwhile I simply enjoyed the sound of water pouring down her body and the bathroom singing she did in her own childish way. She was out in 15 minutes. I wanted to watch her closely as she stood in front of me in the pink blouse and maroon petticoat. The black bra was quite prominent through the thin blouse fabric. But if I watched her so desperately again it will surely raise some suspicion in her mind whether she understood anything of physical desire or not. I pretended to be preoccupied with some important documents and told her to start cleaning up the apartment. She happily started her first duty on the job. I wanted to watch her every movement as she did the cleaning but since I had pretended to be involved in some serious thinking I couldn’t do that. She turned out very favorable to my desires by coming upto me every now and then asking me to check if she had done each room properly or not. I pretended as if I was getting disturbed from doing my paperwork but also pretended to spare some time for her. In fact I was most happy to get turned on watching her tender body swing and sway as she did the sweeping and wiping of floor with petticoat pulled upto knees for her working convenience as well as mine to get glimpses of her sensational thighs to some extent. I never got a view of her panty though.

At times the bra straps also crept out of the blouse but she never bothered to reset them. She would if only she knew what it meant to a man’s eyes. That’s as much of what I could enjoy of her for the moment. Later I told her to cook lunch and the whole day went by with normal duties. By night I was hoping for some luck to get things started between her and me. She cooked delicious dinner and I had mine first, after which she sat to eat on the kitchen floor. I stood beside her as she ate and chattered away about various things from her village. I patted her head and back once in a while and when the time was right I casually put my one arm around her waist with my fingers right over her crotch. Since she was not objecting or even realizing anything I took pleasure in pressing into the tender thighs. She just breathed in deeply then continued chattering. My other hand started also itching to have some fun on her. I knew I couldn’t go too far so soon. So I stroked through her hair and neck occasionally brushing over the blouse as and when possible. She looked at me from the corner of her eyes few times whenever I slightly touched the boobs and then again smiled assuming it was by mistake. After she finished her dinner she stood up and washed the dishes. There was a dish rack right above the sink where there was very little space to stand. I simply offered to help put the dishes back in the rack after she washed them one by one. As she finished washing each dish I pressed my crotch deep into the soft and hot ass which she again ignored understanding that it was impossible for me to place dishes in rack without bending so much forward. Finally when all the work was finished she looked very tired and started stretching her whole body in sexy ways to loosen the tension in muscles. I purposely asked her if her body was paining. She made a pitiable face and nodded. I placed my hands gently on her shoulders and started massaging. She sighed in relief. That was my best chance. I told her that I could give her a full massage if she relaxed fully lying in bed. Immediately she reacted that she had no bed. I proposed her to come to my room. Her innocence deprived her from understanding my ulterior motive. She walked along with me to my room while I kept my hand around her waist. As soon as we entered my room she jumped into bed lying flat with legs and arms spread out and face down. She had waist long hair pleated together which lay loosely over the back. First I undid the pleats and let the hair spread freely over her sexy body making her look more erotic.

She was too exhausted to react to anything now. The hair was obstructing the view of her sexy back. I lifted all the hair laying it over her head. She was just oozing with sex appeal as she lay in that position and the black bra screaming through the pink blouse, both waiting to be stripped. I sat close to her hips and started gently rubbing and massaging the whole back, arms, armpits and sides. At times I forcibly pushed my fingers inside the blouse and pulled it vigorously. She still thought it was all part of the massage. Then once I inserted the fingers from the lower hem of blouse and tugged down the bra hooks. That got her a bit startled with what I was trying to do. Then I moved down pressing, squeezing and kneading on the ass and gradually pulling the petticoat up, inch by inch. All this was indeed making her uncomfortable but she was neither able to understand what was happening nor dared to stop me since I had been so kind to her all day long. Then I stopped massaging and grumbled to myself in disgust. She slowly sat up fearfully and asked what was bothering me. She feared that I was angry with her. I made a disappointed face and grieved that I was not able to massage her properly and apologized to her expecting her to oblige. Out of pure concern she asked what difficulty I had. I said that the blouse was obstructing me and that I could at least manage the petticoat by raising it but the blouse was too tight to even move from its place and that a massage is never complete unless the body is free of such obstacles. She did feel quite embarrassed at that but for my sake she said she won’t mind loosening the blouse by a hook or two.

She was about to undo the first hook but paused gazing at me trying to suggest me to not look at her. I pretended to close my eyes while actually peeping through half closed eyelids. I witnessed her undoing the top two and a bottom hook, three in all to serve my purpose. There were only two middle hooks remaining on the blouse. Then she murmured to me to open my eyes and resume massaging her. This time I rubbed her flesh lot more rigidly and forcefully. It was hurting her a little but was giving lot more relief from pain which kept her silent. Her silence encouraged me to fulfill my desires further. Knowing that the blouse now rested on only two hooks, I held the whole blouse firmly by the upper hem and dragged it as low and forcefully as possible till it ripped in various parts. I could see her whole body shivering after that. She slowly got up and cried asking why I tore the blouse. I pretended to apologize and then suggested her to wear another one later. She said she only had three blouses and she can’t afford to buy more until I pay her the first salary. I asked if that was the only problem and she nodded her head heavily. I was laughing in my mind at her innocence. I assured her that I will personally buy her some very nice blouses with my own money. She suddenly smiled with pleasure and said “Oh then its ok”. I never expected her to be this innocent after that I felt it was going to very easy to strip her nude. But first I wanted to get her excited. I put a few filmy dance hits in my 10 CD changer mini-system. Before I could tell her, she was already swinging and dancing to the tunes. I simply adored her erotic beauty with just the bra on top. I was getting so turned on I simply took off my kurta-pajama. She started laughing at me seeing me in just underwear. She didn’t notice the bulge of my hard dick in it. I lit a cigarette and enjoyed her dance. At a point when she came close to me I held her by the waist, kissing her bare navel region. She started giggling in ignorance, not knowing her future. She didn’t mind her waist trapped in my arms. That’s when I slowly undid the petticoat. She only realized when it fell to the ground. She screamed and struggled to free herself from my arms to pick up the petticoat and wear it again. But she failed to escape from my clutches. In a childish way she shouted “Now why do you want my petticoat? Will you buy me hose as well? Don’t do this again or I will get very angry and I will never talk to you”. I pulled her back into the bed placing her under me with her hands gripped overhead in mine and legs trapped under my legs; I rubbed the dick dynamically over her soft tender flesh from chin to cunt. I knew I couldn’t keep her trapped that way for long if I wanted to enjoy her fully.

So I slowly released her arms and legs to let her feel the worst was over. While she was gasping for breath, I started kissing her face to keep her distracted. Meanwhile I grabbed a bedsheet and bringing both her wrists together I tied them to the bed before she even knew it. I left the legs free to be able to turn her around and enjoy her rear assets later. She did try to take advantage with her free legs by kicking me constantly. But her kicks were too mild and childish for me.

I let her do whatever satisfied her till she got tired. I sat beside her and lit another cigarette and placed it to her mouth encouraging her to smoke. She tried to take a puff but hated the taste of it so I didn’t force her. After smoking the cigarette I fidgeted with the bra and panty for a while, then thought of playing a small mischievous game with her. I pulled out a bottle of whisky from my closet and came back to her. I drank straight from the bottle for some time. Then I sprinkled it little by little all over her body and licked it up. I had to pour more on the bra and panty as they absorbed much of it and quite a bit must have trickled into her lower holes as well. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking it from the bra and panty. Then I turned to her mouth. I wanted her to consume some of it too. I tried opening her mouth but she refused to. I had no other choice but to block her nostrils till she was forced to open the mouth. From there onwards I poured small drops into her mouth. At first she was spitting it out. Later the excessive whiskey started trickling down her throat. After a swallowing quite a bit she got used to the taste and in due course of time was drinking it freely. Within a few minutes she was turned real horny, moving her whole body I erotic fashion and raising the pelvic region way above bed. While most of her body was raised in air, I unhooked the bra and moved it off the breasts. This was the first view I had of her awesome fresh ripe pears. The nipples were hard and poking out. I couldn’t resist licking, chewing and sucking on them for a long time. I knew she was too young to deliver milk from the boobs. Yet I sucked and squeezed them with all my might until there was ample milk oozing out for quite some time. After feeling satisfied with her lovely matured boobs I moved down licking up her whole navel area and all the way till the panty. There instead of just pulling down the panty I poked my fingers from the edges below digging into her pussy. She was very much screaming in pain but could hardly be heard with her mouth tied up. Finally it was getting too much to keep the panty on. I stripped the panty down in one powerful stroke. I relished seeing her whole young tender body fully nude. There wasn’t a single hair on the sweet tender pussy. Sitting on top of her I parted the lower lips and pierced the dick in to get her accustomed with the ritual. After digging superficially in and around the surface I could feel the pussy widening up to a reasonable capacity allowing the dick to navigate smoother and deeper each time. She was fully cooperating by moving in accordance with my actions. I could see she was enjoying it blissfully, perhaps even reaching an orgasm. When we were both in perfect synchronization I prepared for the final breakthrough. With one deep breath I rammed the pussy with all my might. I felt I had reached the core but kept banging harder and harder as her depths seemed infinite or much deeper than 8 inch drilling tool.

Finally I fell flat on her sucking on the juicy nipples all over again as I banged the pussy non-stop for the next one hour or more. Then I turned her over and ravaged the asshole in the same manner. This went on till about 4am. After that extensive grueling period I released her arms from the bed to teach her some soft playful games like blowjob and various other positions. Finally she was far more exhausted than me since I knew the whole game and had practiced it for several years. But for her this was a whole new dimension of life’s experiences. Later I let her sleep. She didn’t wake up before 11am. When she woke up I was working on my laptop right beside her. She couldn’t understand what she was doing in my bed. Then when she woke up properly and found her clothes all over the floor she remembered the whole night’s incident. She surprised me with the ease she walked out of the room and like a dutiful girl served me breakfast within 15 minutes. That day onwards she was like a toy for me. At night or any time of day she was forever ready as well as willing to get fucked. Within 3 years she also proved to be a perfect mother to our 4 children and we live like a family together. But our sex sessions have never reduced in their rapidity but keep getting better every time with us getting more and more innovative and creative with new styles and positions. Her boobs and ass have swollen up 3 times bigger and more desirable. Even today whenever she is breastfeeding our child I also join in for a liter’s supply. But in recent times my work schedule is extremely hectic. So she and I are both proud and happy to let my clients, colleagues or even neighbors to give her company whenever she is lonely and hungry 

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