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Meenu Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015
I’m from Tiruvalla, Kerala. Widows, ladies, married ones 20-40 age limit and college and school girls can mail me. I had just left my previous job and had joined a company in Ernakulum. I was around 27. I was in my full youthfulness. I searched out a paying guest accommodation there, as I did not need a separate house since I was bachelor. I was living as a paying guest with one Mr.Paul, a retired person. They provided me a big room on the first floor. Two other rooms on that floor were kept locked, as there were several miscellaneous items in those rooms.
They lived on the ground floor. My room was well furnished with a double bed some chairs, tables, almirah, etc. There was an attached bathroom. Earlier used that room for their guests who visited there for few days from outstations. They themselves lived on the ground floor. Mr. Paul was married for about five years and had no children. His wife generally used to be at home as she was a not a working woman. Her name was Meena . I called her as Meenachechi . She used to prepare food and did other household chores, and as such she shared much of the responsibilities in the house. Many times Meena chechi used to be alone at home, as her husband generally went away for his work. She was a free and frank woman. And it was only Meenachechi who used to serve me the tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner every thing. So I had more communication and interaction with her. Meenachechi used to come to upstairs for hanging their washed clothes or keeping there some other things for drying. She was in her late twenties. She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and attitude. She was fair enough and attractive looking. She had a beautiful face. She had an attractive, appealing and inviting figure, and could easily termed as very sexy figure. I observed that she started taking interest in me and intentionally engaged me in talking all to me as long as possible finding the suitable situation. I also wanted to be thus entertained by her. She started talking me directly looking into my eyes. Step by step Meenachechechi came closer to me. She later started coming to my room without any inhibition. I did her small works also that she requested me from time to time, and in course of that she called me to her room, particularly when no one else used to be there in the house.
In fact I felt pleasure in it. So I had also chances to go to her room. Meenachechi started coming to my room very frequently with one pretext or the other. She used to expose her cleavage generously and also the upper curves of her breasts, whether she was in her sari-blouse, or in her salwar suit, or even in her nighty. While she used to be in my room Meenachechi intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of her sari or her chinni fall down from her shoulder. She very shrewd to let it fell down regularly and remained on her fore arms, that gave me a glimpse of the exposed and peeping out curves of her fleshy voluptuous breasts and also an overall idea of their roundness, shape and size. That way I was able to have a glimpse of her deep valley like cleavage. So I also wished her to come frequently to my room and remain there as long as possible. Even at other places also she used to expose her cleavage and breasts when only I used to be there before her. Those gestures of her had too much of arousing effects on me.I had masturbated also fantasizing about fucking her. One day when Meenachechi entered into my room I was in the bathroom. She asked me about the morning tea cup coming to its door. I told her that it might be on the table. She searched for it, but could not found. She again asked me where it was. Then I told her i willsearch for it after bath. When I came out after taking my bath I was a little embarrassed to see that Meenachechi was sitting in the bed and the pallu of her sari was down resting on her hand. She was wearing a blouse that had a wide and low cut neck. Thus the roundness of her fleshy breasts and deep cleavage were exposed to a great extent. She stood up on her feet in front of me. I was still in my towel only. She looked into my eyes and then to my towel. Meenachechi gave a meaningful and sexy smile at me. She was still exposing her breasts.
She did not take trouble to readjust her pallu. I was getting excited. I had not put on the underwear to hold my cock well and I was feeling some strain and tension in my cock. So it was a difficult situation for me. i gave her the tea cup and she left. From that day on she used to tease me very often by generously exposing her breasts. She also used to expose her body down her blouse to her waist where she wrapped her sari. She always tried to expose her sexy body as much as possible. Once when I am returning after my work she was washing some clothes in the backyard which was open. I asked her can i get a cup of tea.She asked me to wait a little. When she came out she was completely drenched. She was in her sari and blouse. She was hundred percent dripping wet. Her sari had clung to her in such a way that it was revealing every curvatures of her voluptuous buxom body. Her breasts and hips had come to its full prominence. She deliberately slid her pallu down from her good-looking attractive breasts. The blouse she wore was also of light green coloured and had become completely see-through. The straps of her bra were revealed clearly. Since she had worn netted bra the roundness of her plump fleshy breasts were distinct. Her nipples were clearly visible through her wet netted bra and thin fabric of her blouse that had badly stuck to her breasts. Her pointed nipples were also looking distinctly. The outline of her body had distinctly come to the fore. The roundness of her breasts and hips were looking prominently opulent. The bulge of her breasts was lucid and clear and their curvature was observable. Her crotch and thighs were also distinctly visible. I could not take my eyes off from her sexy body. While I stared at her breasts she saw at her exposed breasts and then looked into my eyes. she told me to go to the kitchen and keep the kettle on to boil the water for making the tea. That day also no one was there in the house except for us. As I went to the kitchen I saw her coming from the other room. I very well knew that she had intentionally drenched her fully that time also, just to exhibit her sexy young body to me. I knew that she was trying to arouse me. She came into the kitchen and stood right behind me. She took the boiled kettle from my hands and stood in front if me resting with the table. Her legs were touching mine. The pallu of her sari had fell down. She was wearing a very low cut blouse. The two upper hooks were left open. She was looking very much tempting and inviting. Much of the roundness and curvature of her breasts were exposed. She was smiling very sexily looking into my eyes.
She told me sexily ranu, wait for some time……I am just coming…..I will show what all you desire….And she stylishly giving jerks to her boobs and hips went out of the room. I had enough time to make myself prepared mentally for what was about to happen there with me.

Meanwhile I was I was too much excited to think if she really did what she was telling me, I would be in the seventh heaven. My cock had stiffened too much. she came back after about 5 minutes. She was looking very sexy. Her pallu had again fell down. Her breasts were being exposed generously. She came closer to me. I was standing in front of her. She put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. She came further closer and kissed my lips. Ohhh, that was very pleasant. That sent a current in me. She again put her lips on mine and rubbed them. She kissed my lips for a bit longer that time. I was getting aroused. I also held her by her waist and put her on the kitchen table. I was now fully charged up and asked her to stand so that I could remove her saree. I went on to strip her out of the saree. Meenachechi was now standing in only her blouse and petticoat and I was already squeezing her melons. I made her lie down in the kitchen floor and started removing her hooks from her blouse. After removing the hooks I divested her of her dark green blouse and Meenachechi was clad only in her white bra and dark green pettycoat. I started licking her black valley between the Bra.I slid closer and put my hands on her breasts, and gently squeezed themover her whitebra, and at the same time started kissing her.

Meenachechi squirmed a litle, but not much, and I sucked her warm lips, biting and nibbling them. I felt for her tongue with mine, feeling her warm breath and kissed Meenachechi long and deep.she hugged me tightly crushing her breasts to my chest Meenachechiwas wearing a transparent white bra and her nipples were hard now ,sexy red nipples unhooked her bra and felt her bare back ,wow she was so smooth ,holding her for a while I pushed her down on the bed and took off her bra her breasts were hard as if never touched before I felt them with my palm and she pressed my hands to it and softly moaning,UMMMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM, kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples Meenachechi was wriggling in my arms an said , SLOWLY, FEELS GOOD AFTER SO LONG ,I took her nipples between my teeth and was biting it slowly she pressed my head to her breasts hard and my other hand was pressing her other breast pinching her nipples slightly Myhands were moving to untie the knots of the petty coat, opened the string of her petticoat and I pulled off her dark green petticoat and felt her pussy from her light blue panty she was wet there very wet and sliding my finger in the slit kissing her tummy and put my tongue in the belly button rubbing her slit and opened her legs and covered her pussy with my palm she arched further and was screaming now PLEEEEEEASEEEEEEEE DOOONNNNTTTTTTT STOP,YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSSS,I slid off her light blue panty and saw her sexy soft pussy all wet ,it was shaved I liked it with my tongue and kissed her clitoris she pushed my head hard to her pussy and was getting wetter and wetter I was liking off the wetness from her pussy and slid my tongue in her pussy feeling her hole and was fucking her with my tongue she was moaning and wriggling on the bed fully covered with sweat and lifting her hips to my mouth giving me her pussy I was sliding my tongue in her hole and the entire slit now liking off the wetness she pulled me up on to her and kissed me hard on the lips sucking my tongue for her cum our bodies crushed together the cool wind blowing and we covered in sweat .

I looked at her face and she was smiling and looking more sexier than before her hairs dishelved all over her face and covered in sweat I cleared her face of the hairs and gave her a lingering kiss and moved my hand down to her pussy She started opening my pant. She unhooked and unbuttoned it, pulled down the zip fastener and let my pant slid down. I couldnt say any thing. Then she unbuttoned my Tee shirt and took off. I was feeling some sort of strange pleasure. Now her soft hands were caressing my thing from over my underwear. Then I pulled down my underwear, my huge fat cock sprang out in full erection. I watched her as her eyes grew wide at its size and width. She caught my cock in her hand lovingly and said “Ethu Valare valuthanallooo..! Njan chattu pokkummm!” She lovingly fondled my penis as I stood over. I pressed her breasts. My cock was brushing against her thighs and crotch. It got stimulated further. She caressed my hands. She also exerted some pressure on my hands. I further increased pressure of my hands on her breasts. I started squeezing them. Meenachechi sighed sexily ….oooohhhh ranukutta…..oooohhhh yess….thats fine…I put my hand over her nipples and rubbed them and squeezed them between my fingers. I played with her breasts and slowly let my hand wander down to her pussy, which was hidden in a light growth of her satin smooth pubic hair. I could feel the warmth of her cunt, and it was all wet and hot as I slid my finger in her vagina. I started sucking her nipples and then kissed her on her stomach and then licked her on the belly button, all the while my finger exploring the depths of her lovely wet cunt!

She was moaning and her eyes were half closed, as she held my cock and rubbed it and played and squeezed my balls! We continued this foreplay, I rubbing my hairy chest aginst her breasts, slapping and squeezing her ass, rubbing my knee against her cunt, feeling her whole body against mine. After a little while, she started panting But I was a slow player, and knew that the slower and longer the better it is! Her thighs readily separated when I licked her thighs, and buried my face in her pubic hair, my tongue frantically searching for her cunt! It smelled sexy and heavenly as I licked her love juices and drove my tongue deeper into her vagina, sucking and licking! I could feel and taste the soft, warm, wet walls of her cunt. Squirming in pleasure, she tightened her thighs over my head, and pushed my mouth deeper into her pussy. Meenachechiwas writhing, as she grabbed my penis and took it in her mouth, as were in the 69 position. Meenachechi eagerly sucked my cock and then took my balls into her warm mouth and sucked and licked them! I then got up and faced her as she sat up, and held my shaft and took it in her mouth upto her throat and started sucking on it, in and out of her mouth. I felt her tongue as it licked my cock widly.

My penis was bursting, and it wanted her cunt. I lay her down and Meenachechi opened her legs. I sat between them and with my hand rubbed the bulging end of my penis against her wet cunt, up and down feling her clit with my tool. I put the end of my 7″ long and more than two inches wide piece of engorged meat on the tip of her cunt and gave a slight push, and I watched it slide in slowly, her cunt lips opening and yielding to the intruder, enveloping it in warmth as it entered. I rotated it slowly for a little while, drawing it back, teasing her a little, as her hips raised themselves invitingly, wanting my cock. Love juices were dripping from her cunt and I could feel the heat of her pussy. Meenachechi looked at me with begged me not to torture her further, saying that I was driving her crazy. Then, with one mighty push, I drove my cock all the way in! She gasped in pain and pleasure as my mighty tool went tearing, deep inside ” Aaaaah! ayyoooo….ente….ammeeeee”, she said! I could feel the enveloping warmth of her pussy as my penis went in. Then I started to fuck her, slowly at first, kissing and biting her nipples while driving my tool in and out. Meenachechiwas heaving under me, raising her hips and cunt to meet my strokes. The room reverberated with the sounds of meat striking aginst wet meat, as I rammed my cock into her wet cunt again and again, my balls dancing wildly and slapping her ass with every stroke.

Fuck…Fuck…!Meenachechi started panting, and writhing in pleasure, as she shook her head from side to side, and heaved under me. I continued to fuck her,deeper and harder, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples from time to time. I could sense her pleasure rising as she moaned and groaned.. She smiled in pleasure closing her eyes. And I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard and hard. Meenachechi kept on sighing in contentment. Then Meenachechi asked me to mouth her fleshy breasts ….dear please mouth my breasts…..dont you feel like kissing my breasts….oohhh please, suck my nipples also…… will like it dear…..please kiss and suck my breasts…..come on dear….oohh do it …..I want it dear ….. She was uttering these words sighing with her eyes closed. I mouthed her breasts one by one.

I liked it very much. I licked the roundness of her fleshy breasts. She sighed and moaned sexily ….aaaaaahhhhhhhh……dear… ….uuuuufffffffff………yesss….thats fine……I really like it….. I sucked her nipples one by one. Her nipples became harder. I went on sucking her nipples. As there was already much fluid inside her wet vagina I did not have any difficulty in pushing my cock in. She said with her half closed eyes ….ooohh dear fuck me…yess, fuck me….. I started making too and fro movement of my torso. After few strokes Meenachechi raides her thighs up. That gave me more room to enter. I pushed more into her. Initially I was fucking her gently. I gradually increased my speed. She was just sighing and moaning in ecstasy and pleasure. As I increased my speed she encircled her thighs and legs around my waist. I pushed a little more. Then coming up to my knees I held her soft sexy fleshy hips and lefted a little more. I was finding it easier to push my cock into her. Now I was able to push my cock fully into her. The more I fucked her the more my cock was getting harder and longer. She was feeling too much of excitement out of it. She sighed and moaned heavily After some time I ejaculated inside her valley. After a while, I took my penis out and bought it up to her breasts, all wet with her cum. I slapped and rubbed her nipples with the end of my shaft. “Meenachechi Ini…enikku nine kundi venam…” She looked at me first in bewilderment, and then smiled in anticipation! I turned her around and grabbing her by the hips I pulled her up so that her beautiful ass was in front of me. It was the typical dog-fuck penis on her asshole and with my hand rubbed her wet cunt. I brought spat on my hand and rubbed it up and down on my penis. It was glistening in her juices and my saliva, as I positioned myself standing on the floor and she bent over on the bed, so that the head of my penis rested on her asshole. Meenachechi was bending down with her hair hanging about her face and she tried to turn her face to look at me. I held my cock and putting it at the mouth of her asshole, pushed it in.
Aaaaah! ayyoooo….ente….ammeeeee”, Her ass was really tight and only with more force could I manage to slide in about an inch. Meenachechi was in some pain as was evident from sounds that she was making and the way her asshole was pulsating! I told her that she just has to relax and bear it for a while and then it would be nice. Slowly I drove my whole cock into her ass until it was fully in and the root of my tool was against her ass cheeks. Meenachechi was sobbing in pain! I then started to fuck her very slowly at first, pulling my cock out and sliding it back in slowly! Soon Meenachechi stopped the crying and started moaning in pleasure, as I drove in and out of her ass. “Ah…Ah…Ah..” she went with every stroke, as her breasts started to heave her ass to meet my driving strokes as I drove deeper, harder and faster into her assEnikku..vallathe thonnunnu…. Enikku venam,,,, .” . Meenachechi started to pant and her head flailed wildly as she screamed and moaned in pleasure. I could see my huge penis, glistening as it came out and disappeared into her asshole again and again! Fuck…Fuck…Fuck..! We went on! After a while I, took out my penis and just by changing the angle slightly, rammmed it into her cunt which was dripping juice. Meenachechi let out a cry as I entered her from behind and continued to fuck her. She moved and thrust her hips faster and faster, and made sounds of “Oh….ah…ah….oh…” as I fucked her.

My balls danced wildly, and that sound of fucking, the “Fuchh…Fuchh” sound of meat against meat, was heavenly as our pleasure went rocketing. I could feel the juices in me rising now and my cock became harder! I could feel the stirring in my loins as the cum welled up, and my excitement started rising exponentially!My strokes became faster and harder as I fucked her deeper with every shove. I was pulling her hips with every stroke and driving my penis deep into her, tearing away at her cunt, as her love juices soaked my balls. I knew that I was about to cum,and a deep groan started in throat. I took my cock out and in the same motion turned her around so that once again she was facing me. I was standing on the floor, my engorged, pulsating cock was in my hands as I started stroking it, up and down. Meenachechi sat up and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, and sucking it with her mouth and licking it with her tongue. My cum was rising in me fast as I saw her head bobbing up and down on my penis, taking it deep into her throat. As I was about to cum I grabbed my cock and gave the final few strokes myself and then it exploded, the cum shooting out of my penis, in strong spurts and falling on her face, again and again, my cock pulsating as it shot out the hot load, my hands jerking my penis. My thick milky cum fell on her face and she licked it as it dripped down on to her mouth and breasts.

Meenachechi took my throbbing ejaculating cock in her mouth, a deep groan escaping my throat as the load continued to erupt out of my cock in reponse to her sucking tongue, my penis filling her mouth with cum. I caught her head, grabbing her by the hair, and pulled her mouth into my crotch, shoving my penis deeper into her mouth, the cum continuing to come. While Meenachechi sucked and swallowed my seed, I fondled and rubbed her cheeks, spreading my sticky cum over her lovely face as she looked up at me and squeezed my balls. Meenachechi drew my cock out of her mouth after she had sucked and swallowed the last drop of my cum. I was exhausted, and flopped down on the bed, panting and enjoying the calmness at the end of the climactic pleasure as she fondled my hair and cradled my head in her breasts. We both were spent fully. We gasped heavily.

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