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Me, My Wife & Girlfriend

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hii Desis!!It has been long time since I have posted my story.Well the reason behind it that I got married,well ya and you all know,that after getting married you dont get much time for all other things then sex!!M I right?But I did have a sexual experience soon after my marriage,hey it is obviouse but,you wont believe it,it was a three some.How it happen?well here is the complite story. First of all let me introduce you with all the charactors of this story.First of all my wife,SONAL,fat like me,not much,36 size boobs,and co operative while enjoying sex.

Then cums SEEMA my chat friend,boobs size between 32-34,with whom I had sex many times,when ever I went to Mumbai.And offcourse ME. So,now lets start the fun.Seema,lives in Borivali area of Mumbai,and she lives alone because she does a job with a giant group company in Mumbai.Her parents live in Kolkata,though she is not a Bengoli.When ever I go to Mumbai, I allways stay at her residence only.We met on line few years back and because of our nature and similer beliefs and ideas,we became good friends.Even I also proposed to her after few meetings but she told me that she doesnt want to get marry because she wants to look after her parents,as she is the only child.I agreed.But when I asked bout her sexual needs to be fulfilled,she allowed me to do that for her.So very casually we made love few years back.Its a different story I will explain later.

So, as usual,I and Sonal stayed at Seema's Home.Next morning when I was going for my work,I asked Sonal to help Seema in her work,just to make Seema feels good.Sonal is also a nice gal,so she said "its obvious that I help her."I went to Borivali station to have my Train for V.T.Suddenly I found that I have forgott to take one of my files,so I rushed back to Seema's home.The door was open and what I see in the kitchen is some surprise!!Normally Sonal is very shy girl,its my deeds what made her so sexual in real life,but still she is a shy gal.But what I was seeing that she was Kissing Seema madely and Seema too was pressing her ass chicks and both were moaning.I went back to main door and closed it.Came back in the kitchen and said "Hellow!!Whats happening girls?????"Both of them shocked.They didnt understood what to say.I made them comfortable by saying that I m not minding what ever they were doing. Then Seema started."Tarun,from yesterday when you came here,I was mad after Sonal's boobs.So when we were preparing the food,and she bent,I couldnt resist and pressed her boob.She did got angree but then she must also have feelings for sexual things so she also smiled and it all started!!" I said "ok,but dont you girls think that its not a complite thing without meee?"Both of them smiled and we decided to have some fun.

And after that Seema will give us a party in a hotel for a lunch. We all entered Seemas bedroom.I took Seema in my arm and started kissing her,vigerously.Sonal was behind me watching all this.She to started to embrasse me.Seema put her hand on Sonals big left boob and started to press it.It continued for a while.Then turn came for girls.They both started to kiss each other and I started to put their cloths out one after one.First I took of Seema's Cloths,because I havent seen her nacked for a while and Sonal??well I see her nacked every night.So when She was nacked,I found her in a way I like.She has got fair skeen,so I have told her that when ever I come to Mumbai dont shave,Its nice contrast of fair skin and black hairs.She didnt shaved at this moment too. Both of us smiled at each other.Sonal was emused.So,we had to open all the cards.We said that we were in sort of love,but then it didnt happend and we regularly made love.Sonal didnt mind because the lava of sex was going through her. We all got nacked.Seema was doing her regular things.Kissing me all over my body.When she started to gave me a blow job,I took SOnal over me and started to suck her huge boobs one after one.

Both me and SOnal were moaning. Then cam Seema charging towards Sonal who was sleeping on her back Iwas sucking her right boob and Seema came and started to suck her left boob.Also started to bite it as if she came to eat it.Then I change my position.I came near to Seemas hairy chut.and kissed her and then put my tongue in it and started licking it hard.very hard.Seema lost her grip on Sonal's boob and started moaning.Sonal got out of bed and came under me.I was sucking Seema's chut and Sonal started to lick my cock and also started to give a blow job.We all were out of this world. Then for a while I sucked Seema's mid sized but beautiful boobs.By kissing it,folling my toungue on her nipples,made her enjoying the moments.At that time Sonal was making a blow job only. Every one was now waiting for the finalle.But the problem was whome I fuck first. Sonal my wonderful wife gave away.She told us to make love since I make love with Sonal every night,Its not time for Seema to enjoy.So without any refusals, I made Seema lying on her back.I made her leges wide open.Stared to kisse her toe of the leg and then started to lick her beautiful hairless legs.....ummmm what a feeling.

At that time Sonal went to Seemas boobs and started to suck her left boob and started to press her right one.Seema was on the seventh heaven I belive.Then I played again with her hairy pussy and then with her beautifull bally button. Then I went ahead by sucking her other boob as one was allready occcupid.Then I did my favourite thing.I like to lick Sonal's hairless under arms,over here I like Seema's hairy underarms.Umm lick lick lick lick.what a feeling that was. Then slowly I put my cock inside her wettt pussy.It was too wett.I started strocking her,at the same time I gave her a long kiss on her tiny lips then we played with eachother's tongue.Sonal did a nice trick then.She came in between our legs and started licking my dic and her chut when we were making love.That made us arouse a lot.And I started to fuck her hard.Then I came. As Sonal didnt like to eat my cum,Seema was very much oblidge to have it in her mouth.She came and ate the cum,while I was playing with Sonal's boobs.After that Seema started licking Sonals pussy and made her climax possible. All three of us then slept with each other by hugging each other one by one.And went to a hotel for a lunch. I extended my stay from a week to a fortnight and all three of us enjoyed.Few more charactors also came,but that story later. Any comments??Do reply at or Yours, Tarun.

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