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Me & My Student Shahnaz

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

It is about 02 years back when I was posted in Kashmir (Muzaffarabad). Initially I was living alone in a big house.I was enjoying my job and life.When one day Mr.Zahid, registrar university came to me.

He requested me that I should spare some time and give lecture to MBA students of the university. As I had time so I agreed. They organised 03 lectures for me in a week. When on first day I went to take my class they management of the university gave me full protocol being the head of a financial institution. My class was a mix blend of of fresh and professional girls and boys. During the introduction when she stood up and introduced her self I was totally lost. She had a dark complexion but very beautiful and sexy cuts.
She was Shahnaz, my first interaction with her which sent direct current to my undies. Any how the time keep on passing and we are getting closer on every passing day.I can fully saw the feelings of likeness in her eyes. One day I received a phone call from her and she requested that she need more coaching from me and if I could spare some time for her at home.I did not wasted a single second and said yes to her and offered her weekends.So I waited for the weekend very anxiously.The day came and shahnaz came to my house.Her driver droped her and went back.She was looking very attractive in her white dress.We sat in the drawing room and started studies.But it was very difficult for me to control as I am married and was away from family for months.But I did not dare to step forward because of my repute and waited for the right time.

But my thick 7 inch cock was anxious to tear her virgin pussy but I controlled.Few days after one night at about 1pm i received a call from Shahnaz.When i asked her is everything ok she replied yes but I am missing you.This was the signal i was waiting for months.I said why shazi? She said Sir, I think you dont like me.I said no dear I like you a lot.She said I dont think so because I came to your house many times alone but you did not even touch my hand or said anything romantic.I said shazi only because I did not know about your inner feelings and dont want to put my repute at stake by doing something force fully.She said now you know my feelings lets see what will happen on this weekend and cut the phone.It was a clear cut offer from shahnaz which I could not refused.

I was waiting for the weekend and it came so soon.She was wearing light brown shalwar kameez which was very light and i can easily saw her bra.I did not wait and throw her books on the sofa and pulled her towards me and gave her a long kiss on her lips which she responded very well.I kissed her neck, cheeks while my hands were moving over her sexy body.My cock wasgetting harder and bigger.I asked her lets go in the bed room to which she very happily agreed like a good student.I again started kissing her passionately.She was moaning with joy and said sir i need you and i am dying for you.I said shazi dear me too was hungry for you and wanted to make love to you.Then i helped her to undress.When i took her bra off i saw the most beautiful boobs round beautifully carved by nature.I started kissing her nipples and started sucking.

She started moaning loudly.The I took her shalwar off and the sight of her shaved virgin pussy made me wild. I immediately dropped on to her and started licking her pussy.Shazi was already wet and i tasted the heavenly pussy juice of Kashmir. I kept on licking and the juice kept on cuming.Then i took my clothes off and my big fat tool came out.Shazi hold it in her hand and said ‘ohh itna bara sir “How can i manage it in my tight virgin pussy. I said dont worry my love its my job and your pussy is made to manage this load.I laid heron the bed and started kissing all over her body, licking her pussy, sucking her boobs and my fingers playing with her ass hole.Shazi was on fire and me too all set to take her virginity when suddenly we heard the horn of her car.She hurriedly stood up and started to put on her dress.I asked her shazi pl dont go wait for some time but she said that my mother is also in the car as we have to go to market from here.She left me naked and my cock hard and moist I had no option but to masturbate so I did. But this event has increased my hunger for her virgin pussy.

Very soon I got the chance when she told me that her parents are going to attend a marraige ceremony in another city.So I asked her to come early on sunday so that I can teach you properly.

So the dday came and shazi was in my home and we have all the time to enjoy and she had no worry of parents. The moment she enterd my home I took her to my bedroom and started kissing her and she too replied with hot kisses.I lay her on bed and kept on kissing her different parts.I help her to undress and soon her tight and pink virgin pussy was in front of me .I could not control myself and started to lick her pussy wildly.Soon her pussy became wet and i was tasting the heavenly virgin pussy juice.I then took my clothes off and came in 69 position with her.She was sucking my cock and me eating her pussy.She dischrged soon and i drink her sweet juice.I was all set to fuck her and she too was on fire.I kept her smooth legs apart and touched my hard. thick and moist cock over her pussy i can feel the fire of her virgin pussy.

She started moaning and I slowly stroking her and she was enjoying with aaa oohhh ummmm .I than put some olive oil on my cock so that shazi may not feel much pain.Now I fixed my cock head on her pussy lip and started to put some pressure shahnaz immediately said sir aram se please.I said dont worry my love I will fuck you slowly and you will enjoy your first fuck of life.My big hard cock was hard like a rock and ready to penetrate.I pushed forward with force and my big head entered her pussy and shazi cried with pain and said oohi sir dard ho raha hi please bus kar dain.I said shazi mere jan first time sub larkion ko dard hota hi phir sub theek ho jata hi.Then I waited for few minutes to ease her pain and started to suck her boobs my sucking made her more hot and her pussy beginning to open.I could not wait anylonger to break her virginity seal and gave a hard jerk and my 8 inch and thick cock was inside her tight pussy .she screamed with pain but I did not stop.I kept on moving my cock in and out.Pussy juice was making the thing easier for me.Shazi was now enjoying her first fuck.She dischrged soon.But I kept on fucking her in different styles for about 30 minutes.When I was about to dischrge i took my cock out and sprayed my milk on her boobs and then shazi lick my cock and drink the milk.I wanted to fuck her more but she did not agree as her virgin pussy was already bleeding.

I turned her around with her ass up and started licking her ass hole which she enjoyed. I kept on licking for 20 minutes until she again became hot.Then I stroked her ass hole with my cock which already had become steel.I put some oil on her ass hole and put my finger inher ass and started moving in and out so that she may be ready for anal .I also put oil on my cock and put it on her ass hole and asked shazi to be ready for an other painfu entry.

She said sir please slowly fuck karna. When I pushed my oily cock head in her ass hole she started crying oo aahhh ooii mere phut gayee hi sir pl maat dalo. I stopped as also became afraid that I might hurt her ass badly. So my cock head was in her ass and I was lying over her with no movements so that pain may ease,I only move my cock head slowly in and out her ass but she did not allow to enter full lenghth. So I came and my hot milk dribbled out her ass hole.Then we lay in this position for few minutes. Then I help her to wash her pussy and ass and asked her not to worry about bleeding as it is a normal thing and your pain will also go after few hours.

This was a true story with no exgarration. Then afterwards we did many times which i will share with you soon. If any woman want my company she can mail me at

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