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Me, My Sexy Aunty And Her Daughter

  • desipapa
  • January 7, 2016

I hope you will enjoy it ! basically I’m from chennai where I was born and brought in chennai and Bangalore! I’m going to call myself a sex machine ! Let me explain about myself I’m 20 studying in a private university in chennai . Where as I had many friend in my place school and college ! This was my first experience!

Happened before 3 years ago !

My physical status I am 6 feet

Skinny guy , Indian white .

Let me start

On a vacation my #aunty and her #daughter came to our place .

One day early morning I was in sleep I could feel somethings different and when I slightly opened my eyes I saw my younger sister (my moms sisters daughter) she was only 13 meanwhile I was 17 ! I slowly took advantage and She was trying to lock my lips ! Where I kept silent !

Then she gave many liplocks but I didn’t respond to them ! We woke up day went smooth ! So the same night we were in the same bed ! Next to me and she took my hand and placed in her boobs those were actually a good pair or boobs because she was fatty ! I have her a massage and she turned and kissed me ! I kissed her back and then I realised we all were in the same room ! Me my mom and her sister ! So I tried to keep calm and do nothing ! And I couldn’t control myself after seeing her cute small nipples ! I took one in my mouth started sucking it hard and then we slept ! Then for two days I didn’t go near her ! And the 3 rd day she came to me and said secretly mom caught us both ! She saw the scares in my boobs And she left .

Then I was afraid whether she would say to my mom ! One day my mom went out fa a function (her friends grand daughter birthday) where I my sister and my aunt were in our flat ! Where my aunt asked her daughter to go to park and play I wanna speak wid your brother ! I was frozen and she ran away ! My aunt let me tell about her fair good looking with 36-30-38

She asked me what u did to your sister she is Only 13 yrs and u sucked her boobs and made scares on it ! I feel really bad Isaac !

(I’m Isaac) I said sorry aunt this won’t happen again I’m sorry !! Don’t tell to mom ! She said if I don’t want to tell it to your mom do me a favour ! My husband is not that good at sex can u please give the pain of sex ! I was shocked ! I said I never thought you in that manner I’m like your son ! She said if your not going to do I’m going to say to your mom today night !

Then she was in nighty evil in me started laughing and I removed her nighty ! I was like ohhhh my good aunt u look like super sexy model ! She didn’t wear her panties ! A clean shaved pussy and she was wearing a red velvet coloured bra ! She was #gorgeous my 7′ monster raised seeing her super sexy body ! She came and removed my shirt and I asked shall I remove your bra and suck those nipple she was like ohhh baby come on ! Suck it hard as possible ! I was enjoying her nipple !

Then she removed my pant and underwear and said omg Isaac you are not a small guy ! Your dick is huge I thought u will have a small one ! And she started giving me blowjob! Seriously she is the best blowjobber till now ! I have sex with almost 10 ladies she is the best blowjober!! I had a pre cum ! She licked it ! I saw her pink lipped pussy and went deep into it started Sucking it hard and I inserted my thong into it and started fucking her ! And I took me dick and fucked first had a doggy style and fucked her for a couple of minutes and next we I was on top of her and was fucking her like an machine !

Next she was on top of me and moving up and down while I was sucking her beautiful melons and she got down and gave me blowjob. She asked me to fuck her asshole it was so tight to insert my dick into her ass !she said till now no one have fucked my ass come on tear my asshole with your big dick ! I pushed my dick with the full force and she started shouting ahhhh ohhh yea,fuck right there in and tear my asshole ! Her words energized me !

I went drilling her asshole faster and faster and she asked me to stop because it pains ! But I didn’t stop I was keep on fucking her asshole for a couple more minutes ! At last I was on top of her ! Fucking her like a machine I said I’m going to cum ! I’ll go to bathroom she asked me to cum into her pussy ! She got operated so there were no chances of getting pregnant !

And then whenever we get chance we used to fuck !
Hope u enjoyed the story !

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