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Me, My Mom And My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

My name is Rajesh. I live in a small house in Bombay with my widowed mother and her cousin sister. This happened around two years back when i was 17. My mom was around 40. Mom’s cousin sister lived with us to help us with the household chores. Her husband had left her after 10 years of marriage for another young girl. My mother’s name was Radha and my aunt’s name was Shalini. My mom was 40 yrs old. She is slightly on the fatter side still had a smooth sexy body. Her breasts were huge, must be around 38D. And it did sag a little. She had wide hips and sexy face with pouting lips. She used to wear both sarees as well as salwar-kameez. I liked her when she used to wear sarees as this would show a very good view of her fair abdomen.

She used to wear very tight blouses and her sarees used to hug her figure completely. She never used to pin her pallu, which caused it to slip down very frequently giving me an ample view of her sexy breasts. Shalini was around 35 yrs of age and was the slimmer of the two. She was not very beautiful but had a pleasant face and good sexy breasts. What i liked most about her was that she never wore any bras in the house, which led to her having a saggy breasts which only made it look bigger. We were very close to each other and there was minimal dressing in the house. Mostly mom and shalini used to wear nighties and only changed when they had to go outside. Even though i had ample view of the female anatomy, they never occurred in any of my sexual fantasies. Everything changed one day when i was in 12th class. I came home early one day from school. I rang the bell many times but there was no response, and i was wondering if there was anybody at home. After 5 mins, my aunt opened the door. She had just a towel wrapped around her body and she was wet all over. It was obvious that she was taking bath. She opened the door and i went inside. She said, “Aaj to jaldi aa gaye? Mein to naha rahi thi.”. I said, ” Haan…aaj class jaldi khatam ho gayi.”. I could not stop looking at her breasts which were peaking out of the small towel. They are big and fair, and as she had her left hand holding on to the towel by the chest, it bulged out of the towel. As she walked towards the bathroom, i could not help staring at her round and big buttocks. She said, “Mein abhi nahake aati hoon. phir tumhe chai philatha hoon.” I said. ” Teek hai.”.

I went to to my room and lay on the bed. but i couldnot get my mind of my aunt. I started fantasing about her and i felt my dick starting to grow. And for the first time i jerked off thinking about my aunt. Before long my aunt called me from the kitchen to have tea. I went to the kitchen after cleaning up. I went to the kitchen and sat down at the table. My aunt came with 2 glasses of tea and sat beside me. As we were having tea, i starting looking at her in a different way, thinking about her as a lover. She was wearing a pink colored nightie and as usual no bra. I could faintly see the nipples poking out through the night dress. She had a white lace panties on which were clearly visible when she was sitting. We started talking about school and she was asking about my studies. But my mind was not in the mood to talk. I mumbled something as answers. Every time my eyes would glance at her breasts to catch a glimpse of her nipples. This didnot go unnoticed by my aunt. As she finished her tea, she got up to keep the glasses in the kitchen, she said, “ab to bade ho gaye ho…abhi teri shaadi kar deni chahiye….”. she smiled at me and went to the kitchen. I went to the living room and started watching TV. My aunt came back and sat near me in the sofa to watch TV with me. This time she was sitting very close to me, more than usual. Her thighs were touching my thighs and she put her left hand on my hand. I sat still , not knowing as to what to do. She was cool and was acting normal. I asked her, “Where is mom?”. She said, ” oh….she has gone to her friends place. They have a party there so she will come late.” I said, ” oh okey…”, thinking how i can handle the uncomfortable situation. She continued, ” Why do you want mom, Am i not as good as her? it is good that we can spend some time together.” I looked at her and said “woh to hai….”. I could not help my eyes from dropping to her breasts for a second.

She caught me and i smiled sheepishly and turned my eyes towards the TV. But my dick was erect now and was showing over my shorts. I moved my legs to hide it, but then saw my aunt staring at it. She was staring directly at my crotch. she looked at me and said with twinkle in her eyes, “kaafi bade ho gaye ho!!”. I was embarresed. I started watching TV. After a couple of minutes, i felt something in my lap and looked down, it was my aunts hand. She was rubbing my inner thighs very near to the cock. My cock started growing bigger and bigger. She was looking directly at my face. I could see that she was very excited….she started moving her hand towards my cock, which was at its biggest. As soon as she put her hand my cock, it tweaked. she started moving her hand ever so slightly over my cock, rubbing it gently. She wispered to me ,”Raju …idhar dekh.” I looked at her….she brought her tounge out and licked her lips and said.”Shalu ko ek pappi nahi dega? mere in geele hoton pe ek pyari se chummi de na.” I leaned towards her and kissed her on her lips. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. This was my first kiss…..she took my face in her hands and started kissing me all over the face….very slowly…very wet. She kissed my mouth again, this time she put her tounge inside my mouth and we had a 1 min long french kiss…After about 5 mins of kissing, she said, “Ab andhar mere room pe chalo. wahan pe baidke baat karte hain.”. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She made me sit on her bed and then lay down on her bed beside me. She put her hands on top of my cock and said, “abhi to bilkul jawan ho gaye ho.” She took my right hand and put it over her stomach. I started rubbing her stomach and i found her navel which was big and deep and inserted my middle finger into it. This caused a moan from aunt. She said, “Aur ragado…acche se..ahhhh”. I started moving slowly towards her breats. I said, “meine yeh sab pahle kabhi kiya nahi hai.” Aunt said, “Koyi baat nahi…..mein tere ko sab kuch sikha doongi. Aise sikhaoongi ki koi bhi ladki tere se kush ho jayegi..” I started caressing her breasts, over her night dress…first the left and then the right. She pulled me over her and said, “aise leto ..isme jyada maja aayega.”. I used both my hands to squeeze her breasts. “Aise upper se hi karoge ki andhar phi haath daloge.?” I started unbuttoning her night dress….and i slid it off her shoulders. There were two beautiful breasts..all silky smooth..waiting to be touch and caresses.

On top of each of them were the black nipples each of them of the size of a large grape. They looked like large black grapes placed on top of milky white mountains of custards. I caressed them with both hands….and started squeezing them. She moaned…”AAHHHHHHH….”. I stopped and asked..”auntie..dard ho raha hai?”. She said…”nahi….maja aa raha hai…aur dabao….aur mujhe auntie nahi bulao…shalu bulana.”. I said, “teek hai…auntie….nahi shalu.” She placed her hand behind my head and slowly pulled my head down to her boobs and said, “abhi mere nipples ko chato….aur mere chuchiyon ko chooso.”. I started sucking on her big boobs like a child..the more i sucked the more she moaned…”ahhh…..aur chooso..ahh..”. I know she was in heat and there is no going back. I kept on sucking her boobs one after the other and she would moan..”aaahhhh…..mere mummo ko kha jaa…raju…aur choos…choos choos ke isko aur bade karo…mere raja aur chooso na.” I kept sucking and licking her boobs for 10-15 mins. Then she pulled me away and laid me down on the bed and started removing my shorts and underwear. I was stark naked with in seconds. My cock sprang out of my shorts and was fully erect standing straight like a big pole. She caught hold of it and started slowing moving her hands over my 7 inch pole. “Kitna pyara hai…aur kitna bada. isko to aaj mein bahut baar rulangi. Saale itna bada lund lekhe aaj tak ghoomtha raha aur ek baar bhi mere ko dene ka bhi nahi socha. aaj mein iski khabar leti hoon.” And she started licking my cock…first she sucked the outside with long wet strokes and then head. When it was fully wet, she took the cock inside her moth and started sucking it like an icecream cone. She would come up for breath in between and then go back to sucking.

She would take the whole of my cock inside and suck it. I was in heaven. “lagta hai apne bahut baar kiya hai ….”. She looked up and laughed “Haan…bahut lund choosa hai mein ne. yeh lauda hai aisi chees ki ek baar jo chaate isko, iska deewana ho jati hai.” She went back to sucking with more vigour, and i could not take any longer, I shouted….”Ahhh…..shalu…mere ko aa raha hai….mera nikhalne wala hai.” She took the cock out of her mouth and started jerking me off with her hands…..”Ahhhhhhhhhh….haaaaaaaaaaaa…..aa gaya….nikhal gaya.”. “nikhal apni poori pani nikhal aur mere muh pe de…aa raju apni shalu ko lund se nahala de.” I opened my eyes to see that i had shoot my load all over her face…..her face was covered with my cum. What she did after that was something i never even imagined in my fantazied. She started rubbing my cumm all over her face with her hands. then she scooped up a little cum with her middle finger and sucked it off…”wah kya taste hai. Itna tasty to meine aaj tak nahi khaya hai. Arre raju, har din mere ko apni lund ki pani pilana….” And she kept rubbing the cum and licking and sucking her hands. She bend down to kiss me on my lips with her mouth. I found the salty taste of my own cum in her mouth. we french kissed for more than a minute. My cock has shrunk from all the deposit that i had made on her face. “yeh to chota ho gaya. koi baat nahi ..aur thodi der pe mein isko khada kar deta hoon. Raju….mera nightie utthar de..” I removed her nightie from her body and threw it by the bed. She was now just in her panties and her panties were very wet at the crotch. I put my hands inside her panties and rubbed her. “Ahhhhhhh…….maja aa gaya. woh bhi uttar de. poori nangi kar de mere ko.” I helped her to remove her panties. For the first time i saw the pussy of a women. It was covered with a lot of hair, it looked as if she had never shaved her pussy all her life. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs. “aa raja….mere choot chato.” I bend between her legs and smelled the sweet musky smell of her womenhood. “yahan to poore baal hai.” “haan mein kabhi baal kaate nahi hai. isme jyada maja aate hai. tum abhi mere choot ko chato.”. I started licking her pussy lips and her clitoris.

She was in ecstasy. She arched heself on the bed and pushed her pussy right into my face. I opened her pussy lips and started licking in right ernest, all the time flicking her clitoris with my thumb and mindex finger. “aur chaat raja…..bahut din se kisine chata nahi..” “chaat chat ke meri paani nikhal de….mere raja.” I kept licking her for another 10 mins during which she came atleast 3 times….everything giving me the taste of her sweet musky smelling cum. I kept drinking her cum and wiped it clean with my toungue. We were exhausted and i collapsed right beside her. “abhi to shuru hui hai..tum itni jaldi thak gaye?” “nahi shalu….thaka nahi hoon…batao aur kya karna hai.” “ab tum mujhe chodo…..mere choot mein apni lund daal ke chodna. bahut maja aayega.” “abhi to mera lund khada nahi hai.” “mein khada kar detha hoon…..mein ne aise kitne lund khada kiya hai.” She took my cock in her hand and started playing with it…..she would stroke it and then rub it aganist her boobs and her pussy and the time talking to me in her dirty language. As we are getting more excited, her language started getting dirtier and dirtier. Now i was having a full hard-on …my cock standing straight up in its full glory. “Dekh …mein ne bola na…ab tum apni aunt ko chodne layak ho gayi ho.” “teek hai shalu….ab mein tere ko chodooga.” “chod chod ke meri choot ko bhosda bana dena.” she spread her legs and opened her pussy wide…pulled me between her thighs took my cock in her hands and guided me towards her wet pussy. “ab dheere se dhaka laga aur lund ko mere andhar kar de.” I started entering her slowly…she was red hot….my cock was burning from her heat. “aur jor se dhaka laga…poora andhar kar de…” I was fully inside her. she was not very tight, she defintely have had many a cock in her pussy before.

It slid in smoothly. “abhi bahar nikhal ke phir se ghoosa…is bar jor se ghoosana. ahhhhhhh…..” I started fucking her slowing moving in and out. “jor jor se mar mere ko.” I started fucking her faster. She also started moving her hips towards me to meet my thrusts. Slowly we got into a rhythm, not too fast and not too slow….just the right speed. I knew i could last long before i came as i had come twice earlier in the day. “raju mere ko gaali dena….gaali deke chodne mein bahut maja atha hai. mere se baat kar aur mere ko khub badiya badiya gali de” I was shy to do it and didnot know what to do. “acha mein gaali deke chodtha hoon…..tum wahi mere ko wapas galiana.” She said as she was fucking. “teek hai…shalu.” “sale chodu….aur dabake chod gaandu. mere chuchi dabha saale madarchod.” “saali …maa ki lodi…. tere ko chod ke teri choot ko bhosada bana doonga.” “bana de….bahen chod….mere choot ke dhakan…..mere bhosda ko bum-bhosada bana de. aur jor se chod behenchod…apni maa ki behen ko mar…chod meri choot ko aur meri chuchi ko choos.” “Ahhhh……..ooooo……meri laudi….meri lund leke maja loot…behen ki laudi….madarchodi.” “mere ko aur jor se …adhhhhh….mar…aur chod…saale…lode ke baal….mere bhosadchod…..chod ahhhhh….ohhhhhhhhh……ah aha aha ah ah…chod…chod saale…” “mere ko nikhlne wala hai…meri jaan…mein teri choot mein pani nikhalne wala hoon…saali….” “ahh…..nikhl jaldi nikhal….apni lund ka pani de……meri jawani ki pyas bujha …mere lund….ahhh……hhhh….oooo……mere behen ke laude.” I came into her cunt….and she came as well……she jerked and her whole body spasmed and jerked…as we both came together. “maja aa gaye….bahut salon baad aise maja aaya hai. tu to bahut bada chodu nikhla. mere jaise chudhakad ko bhi maja dila diya. aaj se mein tere se hi chudwaongi.” We lay beside each other and hugged our sweat and cum soaked bodies together exchanged occasional kisses. “aaj thak mein khele aur khakhadi se kaam chalati thi.

Ab mere ko 7 inch ka tagada lauda mil gaya. ab roj tere se chudwaoongi.” “mere ko bhi bahut maja aaya….aap ko chodne ka bahut man kar raha hai.” “aaj ke liye bas…ab tere ko bahut kuch sikhni hai. ab to mein teri…ab to radha aur khele ki jaroorat nahi hai.” “kya ?? meri maa bhi…?” I was shocked. “kyon? teri maa aurat nahi hai? woh to mere se bhi badi chudhakad hai….woh to teri lauda dekhke uchal padegi.” I had never thought about my mom in a sexual way. But my aunt’s words prompted me to think about her. She was certailnly a very sexy lady, the more i thought about her the more i was in love with her. she was more beautiful than my aunt….bigger boobs and bigger buttocks. “to aap mummy ke saath maja loodhte ho?” “haan…..hum dono bade pakke dost hai. Saath mein bahut baar kiya hai…aur saath hi mein bahut mard ko bhi choda hai.” This was news to me. I never realized that my mom was such a slut. “aaj se teri baari hai…..ab hamen bahar mard doodne ki jaroorat nahi hai.” “par maanegi…kya woh mere se marwegi?” “hmmm…..mein mana loongi. tum wahi karna jo mein kahthi hoon. dekhte hai kaise nahi manegi. waise tera tagda lund dekhega to koi bhi maan gayegi.” she laughed. It was getting late and my mom was about to come home. We wore our clothes and got ready. “tum underwear mat paheno. sirf shorts pahen lo.” she told me. She wore her panties and the nightie. This time left her top buttons open so that i can see her boobs when ever she moved or bend down. After about an hour or so, my mom came home from the party. She was slightly drunk but not very much. she still was in her senses. probably just had a couple of drinks.

My mom had the habit of smoking when she is drinking. She sat down at the kitchen table smoking a Wills cigarette and started talking to shalu. I was in the living room watching TV. I turned down the volume and started listening to their conversation. “party mein maja aaya?” Shalu was asking… “kahaan maja aaya? aisi hi thi…bus meinne do-teen peg mar li. woh sharad mila tha party mein.” “kyon woh chotta lund wala.?” then they both started giggling.. “haan wahi chotta lund wala….bol raha tha ki phir se meri leni hai. meinne aise hi taal di uski baath. Kyon choosege uska chotta lund.” “uski to bahut hi chotta tha …maja hi nahi aaya. usse acha to meri ungli hai.” “par saale ne meri idhar-udhar dhabake mere ko garam kar di….aaj raat ko kuch kare bina needh nahi aayegi.” “aap chintha mat karo….aaj raat ko hum milke khub maja loondege…mere ko bhi khujali ho rahi hai. Ek Wills dena.” “idhar aake le le…” Silence….. “yeah kya rahi ho shalu……raju udar hai..woh dekhega tho”. “woh TV dekh raha hai….usko nahi sunega…” I was curious i moved towards kitchen door and started peaking in. Mom was sitting with her back towards me with her cigarette in her hand. Shalu had another cigarette in her hand and she was sitting on the kitchen table, and one of her boobs was hanging outside her nightie. Mom was playing with Shalu’s nipples with her left hand and smoking her cigarette. Shalu was caressing my mom’s face while blowing smoke into her face. “teri nipples to bahut bada hai. pata nahi itne bade kaise hai. isko kitne hi baar chooso man nahi bhartha.” “chalo radha behen, terko aaj mein apni chuchion se doodh pilathi hoon.” “abhi nahi khana khane ke baad……aaj bahut man kar raha hai. raath ko maja loodege teri jawani ka.” “acha mein khana lagati hoon…” They both stood up and kissed with open mouths filled with cigarette smoke. Then mom started towards the living room and i ran and sat on the sofa watching TV.

Mom came near me and sat on the sofa. Seeing her made my cock go hard again and it made a small bulge on my shorts. Anyways mom was not paying any attention. I looked at mom. she was wearing a very sexy green nylon saree which was hugging every part of her sexy body. Her big boobs were encased in a very thin green blouse through which you could clearly see her white bra which barely could hold her big over flowing boobs. Her pallu was off her shoulders giving me an ample view of her large and deep cleavage. I couldnot take my eyes off her breasts. “chalo khana lag gaya……aa jayo” Shalu shouted from the kitchen. “mein yeh saadi nikhal kar aati hoon.” mummy said and went to her room. I went to the kitchen and sat at the table. Shalu came to place the food on the table and bend down in front of me showing her full boobs through the open nightie. She caught hold of my semi-erect cock and started stroking it. “thoda aur bada kar detha hoon, meri pyare lund ko.”. Now i had a good enough erection which was difficult to hide. We sat down at the table and my mom came inside to have food. She had removed her saree, and was wearing just her transparent blouse and a green petticoat. Her blouse was so tight and low cut that i could see most of her juicy boobs. Her abdomen was very bare and her navel was very deep. I could not take my eyes off her. Shalu gave me a pinch and said “woh baad mein kha lena…abhi yeah khana khayo.”. We all sat down and started to eat. “radha behen aaj to bahut acchi lag rahi ho….is hari blouse aur petticoat mein.” “chal ri….raju ke samne aise majak nahi karte.” “arre abhi hamari raju bahut bada ho gaya hai. tum ache se dekhoge to chaunk jayonge.” She said it with a giggle and glanced down at my crotch.

This made my mom also look at my crotch, and she kept lookign at it for a while. I was embarresed and looked down and started eating. Mom also started eating with out another word. After dinner i went to watch a movie in the living room. Mom was sitting beside me onthe sofa. After some time Shalu came and sat beside mom on the other side. As the moview was going Shalu kept her hand on mom’d thighs and started rubbing it. My mom was getting aroused but she didnot show it. I kept looking at them with the corner of my eyes. Shalu’s hands kept moving towards mom’s crotch, and she had nightie opened up so that my mom can see her boobs very clearly. Then my mom took a cigarette from the pack and asked me to get a match from the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and returned after some time. What i saw on the couch made my cock grow to the fullest. My mom was lip kissing Shalu and caressing her boobs which had fallen out her nightie. I stood in front of them with my cock sticking out through the shorts in all its glory. Mom saw me and starightened herself. I lit a match and held it out for my mom as she lighted her cigarette. This was the first time i had lighted my mom’s cigarette. I hoped she would light up my “cigarette” tonight. Seeing my erect cock, Shalu moaned…”ohh… dekho kitna bada lag raha hai”. Before i could do anything she pulled my shorts down in one go…and my cock sprang out in all its glory. Both the women were staring at my cock, mom was as if she had forgotten to smoke her cigarette. Before Mom could say something Shalu knelt beside me and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. “yeh kya kar rahi ho?” mom shouted in a feeble voice. But Shalu kept sucking me like mad……and my mom kept staring at her.

After some sucking Shalu got up and removed her nightie. she was in her panties now. She sat on my mom’s lap facing her, and brought her boobs in front her face and pressed it aganist her. My mom was now between Shalu’s boobs. She seemed to be becaming more and more bolder and less shameful. She put her cigarette down and caught hold Shalu’s boobs and started sucking them with out even looking at me. Shalu then beckoned me to her side and asked me to stand on the sofa so that my cock was right in front of her face. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. As my mom came up after sucking on Shalu’s boobs she saw that she was sucking on my thick big cock. Shalu’s pulled my cock out of her mouth, glistening with the saliva of her mouth. Then she offered my cock to Mom. Mom stared at it for a while and then she opened her mouth and Shalu pushed my cock into her mouth. Mom started sucking on to my cock while Shalu started to undress her. She removed her green blouse and exposed her white bra. This was getting unbelieveable to me. My own mom was sucking my cock and my aunt was undressing my mom. I closed my eyes and starting enjoying the sucking that my mom was giving me. she was gentle and caring stroking me with her hands long and slow and licking the lenght of the cock and sucking on the head before she put the whole lenght of it inside and started sucking it faster. Shalu had removed her bra too and mom was topless now…..i could not but admire the beauty of her breasts. I put my hands down and starting playing with her black nipples. Though it was not the size of Shalu’s it still looked big enough. I started kneading one of my mom’ boobs and one of Shalu’s nipples with the other hand. Shalu was sucking on one of mom’s boobs and Mom was sucking my cock. All this was terribly incrediable. I could not believe the luck i was having to make out with two of most gorgeous ladies in the town. Mom pulled my cock out and said “chalo andhar mere bed pe chalte hai.”

I got up and put my arms around the two topless women and went to my mom’s bedroom. Mom laid down on her bed and asked me to come lay down on top of her. “aa mere bete, aake mere uppue leto.” Shalu proceeded to remove her panties and she lay beside us on the bed and started sucking on mom’s boobs. “kitna peeyogi mere chuchi ko? Ab to meri jawani lootne ke liye mera beta bhi aa gaya hai. aaj hum dono milke iski jawani loothe hai” Shalu smiled and said, ” haan mere se bhi raha nahi ja raha. Saale ko aaj itna choodhoga ki isko apni nani yaad aa jayegi.” Mom removed her petticoat and panties in one go and spread her thighs before me. Then she licked her right hand and started stroking herself in front of me. “meri choot acchi lagi terko? chatega mera choot? apni maa ki choot chatega?” Her Pussy was as hairy as Shalu’s but much bigger. “haan mujhe apni maa ki choot chahiye. itna chatoonga hi apki pani dus bar girega.” “arre kitne bade badon ne choda hai mujhe par aaj tak mere samne koi bhi jyada dher nahi khel paya hai. tum to abhi bacche ho…seekh jayoge.!!” “aap sikha dogi na….” I asked wettign my lips and staring at her crotch. She was fingering herself. “kyon nahi…tere se itna chudhwaoongi ki tu bhi kya yaad rakhega. mere saath aaj thak koi mard pura khel paya hai. Saare ke saare bhosandi wale jaldi jhad jate hai. mere ko lambi khel ki aadath hai. Kya tu apni maa ke saath puri raat khel payega? khub maje doongi jo koi saali randi bhi na de paye.” “haan maa….apki har kaam karronga… jo bhi bole karronga.” “Shalu…ja makhan lekhe aa….aaj mein makhan lagakhe chudwaoongi.” Shalu went to get makhan from kitchen and she returned with a full bottle of desi makhan. Mom put her hand inside and took a full scoop and applied it own her crotch and rubbed it all over. “aa ja ab mujhe chaat.”. I bend between her legs and started licking her butter filled pussy.

It tasted salty and buttery and i loved it. Shalu squatted over my mom’s face and lowered her pussy onto her mouth. Now i was sucking my mom’s pussy while mom was eating Shalu’s pussy. I could hear my mom and shalu moaning. “aah….chaaat meri choot ko chhaaatke kha….oooo….bahut maja aa rahe hai.” “saali randi chaat meri bhosad ko…kha ja meri choot…..haramjadi” We were eating each other off for a while and i could feel my mom creaming…she would have come atleast twice in that time… “aa ab merko chod tu….Shalu chal iska lund mere andhar dal.” Shalu took my cock and placed it in fron tof my mom’s pussy. “chal saale jaa andhar…apni hi maa ki bhosade mein ghus jaa.” “aa ja mere bete….apni maa ki andhar aa jaa…..aa madarchod aa.” “aa raha mummy…” I thrust my hips and plunged my cock inside my mom’s pussy. “Ahhhhhh……dheere se ….laude.” I started moving in and out of the pussy with smooth and string strokes. My mom was shouting all kinds of dirty things and so was Shalu. Shalu was kissing my mom and sucking her big boobs. I put one hand behind Shalu’s back and inserted three fingers inside her cunt. and she started fucking my fingers. Mom started moving her hips aganist me and pulling me harder towards her each time.

Shalu was fucking harder aganuist my fingers. The sex was in the air……. “chod mere ko chod……madarchod…..apni maa ki choot pe lund dalke chod.” Shalu: “haan behen chod ….laude ke baal…..jor se chod apni maa ki pyas bujha.” Me: “saali randi ..ooooo….apni tange phylake de …..saali teri to aaj…ahhhhhh.” Mom: “haan saale…..randi ke aulad..ahahahhhhhhh..apni maa ko randi banke chod…..mein teri randi hoon sale..hhhhaaaaaaaaa….mau ke laude.” Shalu: “chod raju. ooooooo…aur jor se chod apni maa ki choot phaad de aaj…..randi…bahut khujali hoti hai ise” Mom: “haan haram jadi….khujli hai…teri khujli bhi khatam kar doonga mein..hhhh oooooo..randi..saali choose meri chuchi.” Shalu: “Saali meri bhi choos…..haram jadi….beta chod.ahhh…apni bete se marwaegi….meri chcuchi bhi choose ke de..ooooooo.” This went on for another 10 mins before i came inside my mom……”aahhhh…..maaa mein aa raha hoon……meri paani nikhalne wala hoon.” Mom had creamed atleast 3 times before that…but she still was strong and was fucking me strong..meeting every stroke for stroke. “aa gaya maaa…….maaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….aaaaaaaaa rrraaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa hoooooooooon….” And i creamed inside her. I was exhausted and lay on top of my mom. She kept caressing my back and hair just as a mom would do to her son. She was so motherly and so fucking great. I was so fucking tired and didnot think i can get it up another time. “kya hua beta aur nahi chodega mere ko?” “maaa…..aap aur chodna chahte ho?” “abhi to meri shuru hui hai….mein to 4-5 baar aur chod sakhtha hoon” “behen aaj usko chod do.” Shalu said “uski pahle baar hai…bechara thak gaya hoga……” “teek hai….khal se mein tere ko itne khel sikhaoonga ki tu raat bhar khel sakhe.” “aur bhi kuch hai ?” “aur nahi to kya….abhi tum kacche ho….abhi to tumne sirf ledke choda hai…..mein terko baitke aur khada rakhke chodna dikhaoonga. Phir tu meri mooh aur gaand bhi maar lena….abhi to bahut baki hai….” “tum so jaa…..baki kal …..kal se to teri tution shuru hogi….” Shalu lay beside me with my mom on the other side. They both hugged me pressing those fleshy boobs agnist my face….and drifted off to sleep….. Only to wake up the next day and find that…….oh then that is another story. please send your comments to

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