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Me ! My Friend !! And His Mom !!!

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi, to all Desipapa readers. I am an avid fan of Desipapa and have read almost all stories on this site. Off late I thought of sharing my story with all of you. Let me first describe myself to you. I am Gaurav, 22 years old guy. I am doing chartered accountancy. I stay in Jalandhar (Punjab). I am 5`11″ and have a very good built. I am very smart, very handsome and very fair guy with very hairy body. My cock is 7. 5 inches long and is very hairy. This is a real story of sex, which happened just few days say about a month ago.

Vivek my very good friend!!! Really made me had sex with his MOM which I have never thought in my dreams even. He is also doing chartered accountancy with me so we were together many times for studies and for just casual visits and just… I have been to his place many times where he lived alone with his mother. Just two members of the family Vivek and his mother Promila – a very sober sweet matured lady in her early fifties. Very fair in colour and have a good stats and a little plumpy body. She might be 38c 34 38 in figure. She seemed to be getting aroused very easily even by a small gentle touch of a man.

Well coming to that unforgettable incident, it was 24 September and I was just studying at home and the phone bell rang at about 10 A.M. and it was Vivek – Hiiii Gaurav !!!! He said – just come to my home immediately. I said vivek what happened is everything all right ??? He said nothing and just asked me to come to his place without any delay and said that he can’t tell anything on the phone. So I rushed in the same condition as I was to his place.

I entered his house and found everything and both – him and aunty well. Yaar why did you call me in so hurry? He said be quite and just bolted the door and asked me – just come to the drawing room. I just could not understand what the matter was. He said see Gaurav what I am going to say will sound you odd but listen it carefully I repeat listen it carefully. I kept quite and he just started. Gaurav!! You know that my dad is in abroad since my birth and just came to India only thrice and that too when I was very young so after that almost now 12 years have passed my mom and me is living here alone. And I am looking after mom’s social economical, and mind it – “PHYSICAL” needs. I just got shaked as if 440 volts of current have passed through my body after listening it. I just could not understand that even if he had been in this incestuous relation with his mom then why he is telling me all.

Immediately he said Gaurav I am telling you all because my mom is interested in sexual relations with you. I said Vivek are you mad!!!!!!! You know what are you saying!! Are you in your senses???. I admit that I am mad after sex but Vivek I cant think of sex with your mom. Yaar she is just like Mom to me. And I cant think to have sex with my friends Mom Her Mom Was listening all our conversation behind the curtains of which I was not aware. How you can say that if anyhow I say yes your Mom will agree?? I asked him. He said it was his mom who asked me to offer her to me. He said actually when you came yesterday to our place and you were wearing your shorts she just got so aroused seeing your hairy and very fair legs that she masturbated about three times within fifteen minutes and I have to fuck her almost whole of the night in order to satisfy her. Dear she is really very much obsessed with you. And want you now badly at any cost.

I just could not understand what to do as my consciousness was not allowing to do so and our conversation went on for some time and when she saw no signs of my agreeing she just came out of the curtains. And she said see Gaurav if I have no problems, my son does not have any problem seeing me fucked by any other guy then what’s the problem to you. Dear son you are just going to get a good pussy without losing anything and without any much trouble. She was looking so innocent at that time that I was just lost in her looks. Wearing a sky blue suit and black slippers she was really looking like a fairy. Sooooo gorgeous that I cant explain you. I would have never said yes but the main thing, which aroused me, was her feet. That sweet slim very fair feet looking like pearls really aroused me and I just gave up to her. She came to know from my expressions that I have surrendered myself to her and just then she opened her knot of the salwaar and let it fall down in front of both of us, and there it was – “her very milky smooth curved legs”. I bet that I have never seen such a fair legs before.

I just got so much aroused by seeing that my cock just got full hard seeing it within no more time. I stood up and just went near her and hugged her tightly. Her breasts were crushed into my chest. My hands were exploring her back and caressing all over. Oh!! GOD! She is really wonderful. I was feeling as I was in heaven. She is too soft man toooooo softtttt. The heat started building up and I just cupped her sweet soft ass in my hands over her kameez and she moaned gently. I just could not control myself and just brought my hands over her breasts and felt them in my hands over her clothes caressing them softly and squeezing them. A small moan came out of my mouth. It was so soft as a baby’s skin. I was beginning to tremble. She just gave me a wonderful kiss. Our lips met and as our tongues met and we were lost in passionate kissing and our saliva’s getting mixed in our mouths. At this time, we were kissing and hugging all over and we didn’t realize when we came down to the carpet.

Both of us were too eager to enjoy each other. So I just made her sit on the sofa and I sat in between her legs on the carpet. Vivek was watching us very closely and quietly and I assure that he was enjoying it too. I just kissed her on her sexy feet and it just made her shiver. I just love these sexy fair beautiful feet!!!

Her totally waxed nude legs were in front of me as her salwaar was just lying at floor at a distance from us. I just took her kameez a little upward upto her belly and dragged her panty down with my teeth in one go and just leaned over her thighs and tenderly planted a kiss, right over her Treasure Island – ” her choot”. It was arousing for her, the way the kiss was made as she moaned very softly. “Ek bar phir se, she urged me”. I was very happy to oblige my Friend’s MOM. Resting my face against her trembling mound of love I pressed my mouth against her pussy and applied a string of kisses. I was lost in my own world and remained rooted between her thighs. O god!!! Her body is boiling. With my face firmly lodged between her thighs, I started a new trick using my fingertips to spread her pussy lips; I started exploring the sensitive folds of her skin. When she moaned during it, I skillfully put my fingers inside her. Playing with her a bit, I then extended the tip of my tongue to meet her excited clit. In an equal smooth pace my tongue started darting in and out of her already wet creamy interior.

Licking gently with some long, flat strokes across the length of her tight soft pussy, I served her like a little boy licking an ice cream cone. Bari khoobsoorat hai, aapki choot! Aunty – I whispered, my head still hidden between her thighs. Eating her clit hungrily between my lips I rolled my tongue around and around her soft pussy making her tickle and moan loudly. She said – “beta kha ja ise!!. Sali kal se bahut khujla rahi hai!!!. Jab se isne thuje dekha hai tere lund ki dewaani ho gai. Aaj iski kharish mita de!!!.”

I just got so aroused by listening it, as I never have thought that such a sober lady can use such dirty words. It made me increase my speed to the full extent. I am cummingg please leave me please for god sake please leaveeeee. But I started sucking her clit hard and rolling my tongue even more hard and with more paces. And within seconds she just stroked her love juice over my face and I just got as deep as I could to drink and lick her each and every single drop of her tasty juices.

She just looked like as her she got the most wonderful and most desiring orgasm of her life. And mean while I saw Vivek also stroking his cock and cumming hard by seeing his mother being tongue fucked by me. You are a really good licker my son you just got the hell out of me. I took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. Her hands around my shoulder and her body tightly pressed against me. She could just feel my hardness very well. I made her lie on the bed and was just going to take off my clothes. Just then she said stop Gaurav I will take it off. Vivek also followed us in the room with his cock hanging in the air.

I just asked his mom to ask him to leave the room if she does not like his presence. She said let him in the room he is a bisexual and hope you don’t have any problem in it. I said as you wish. She said “Aaj is machood ko apni maa apne ek dost se chudte dekhne do.” “rooj meri choot marta hai aaj marti hoi dekne do”. Yeh aaj kuch nahin karega sirf tamasha dekhe ga.

Listening it my cock grew even more harder and was fighting with my boxers to come out and enter some hole. And not delaying much His Mom just took my shirt ….. pant and then vest…. and lastly my boxers and just kissed it. And there it was – my 7.5 inches very hairy cock to give her a warm welcome. She just then took off her shirt off and then literally teared her white bra into pieces and her milky boobs and her superb body was in front of me. God!!! They are really very big. These were the only words I could say. It could just make anyone cummmmmmmmmmm in his undies even if he dreams of them. She just sat on the bed and made me stand in front of her.

She was unable to control her passion, and asked me to put on my tool – my manhood in her mouth. She was simply dying for it. I just moved a little forward and she just attacked the piece of flesh wildly like a dog attacking a piece of bone. The pink helmet, which crowned my cock, was already glistening because of little precum. Her soft hand immediately grasped my wonderful tool and started to stroke it, and feel its stiffness in her hand. Then she drove on my cock sucking hard and fast acting like she was dying of thirst, and my cock had the only water, my cummmm love juices which would relive her thirst. I was groaning, and thrusting my hips back and forth so that it go deep in her throat fuck her mouth hard. She also sucked with more paces. I just was feeling some pain down there and was to cummmm soon.

Meanwhile she just put her a finger then two and then three in her hot demanding pussy and was taking them in and out with an equal pace with which she was sucking my cock. And there was vivek sitting on the settee watching us fucking with his totally hairless thick cock in his hands and was stroking it hard.

Aaraam se, Aunty, aaraam se, I said but as and when I tried to say something she took it in and out of her mouth rather with more speed. As she was in no mood to listen to me since she was out of control. She rolled her tip of the tongue on my pink tip so smoothly and firmly that it gave a very tickling sensation and my cock grew even more hard and strong. Her oral expertise drove me wild and I cummed in seconds, presenting her with my creamy white delight in her mouth. And she immediately cummed after me and her cuntal juices flowing down from pussy to her fingers and then to her thighs and ultimately on my feet. Oh god !!! It was very warmmm. And I suppose – I rather we have got the most wonderful orgasm of our lifes. She swallowed each and every drop of my love juice such that it looked that she wanted it for years.

“Oh! God!! Vivek your Mom sucks cock so well – I said. Hope you both just wanted this only.

I just hadn’t enough strength to do anything more and just fell on her on the bed with my almost dead hanging cock. After sometime I just gained some power and pulled my self up, and climbed up her chest. I squeezed her tits together, and started to fuck her tits and started talking dirty. ” Sali randee!! itne bade bade mamme kahan se liya???. Sali haramjadi pata nahin kis kis se khichwati rahti hai.!! Gashti kahin ki.!!! Vivek dekh apne randi maa ko sali patnahin kis kis mard ko chupwati rahi hai!!! itne bade mamme to kisi gahshti ke hi ho sakte hai”

She just got so aroused that she just slid her fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her pussy along with me fucking her BOOBSsssss . I pumped her aching tits with my cock between them, and continued to fuck her tits for about 10 hard long min. and just then started to splash wave after wave of thick hot cum all over her tits, neck, and face. She was soon covered with my juices all over her top. And soon a min or two later she just cummed on her fingers and her cuntalllll honey was out running down from her pussy to the bed. Whole of the rooms was filled with nice cumm smell and the loud moans of us. She was still feeling hot and horny so she took my cock in her mouth, and sucked my cock clean. She squeezed my shaft from base to head, milking and swallowing every last drop of cum from my dick.

She then applied that cum allover her boobsssss and her aching nipples. I just could not resist and put them in my mouth. Ahhhhhh what a soft one were they. Circling my tongue around her areolas made them grew in my mouth and become hard and hard and harddddddddd. They just grew to almost 1 inches and were very hard.

By now my dick was ready for a good fucking session now and it was unable to control its passion so I just made her bend on the bed with her weight ass hanging in the air inviting some thing really hard to get in it. Man!!!! It was really big reallllllllyyyyyy biiiggggggggg. But the hole was so small that it looked that she was a virgin by her ass. I kissed her ass hole and there was a great shivering sensation with loud moans by her. It made my cock even harder and thus it was at the opening of that little ass hole within no further time. The pink top of my cock was ready to enter her ass. I headed forward slowly and slowly and tried to push my cock in it. With every push Vivek’s Mom really moaneddddddddd a lottttttttttttt.

“Beta plzzzzz thoda dere. Is gaand ne aaj pehli baar kisi ka lund lena hai, is liye pyaar se is me lund dena nahin to ye phat jae gi.” Rather to go slowly I just started to push my cock more vigorously. Gaurav plzzzzzz “meri gaand phat rahiiiiiiiii haiiiiiiii ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh mmmmmmm. Plz dere do plz main mar jaon gi.!!!!” “Sali randi ab nakhre karti hai aaj to teri gaand main phad ke he roohanga . Aaj tuje dikhato hoon ki lund ka matlab kya hota hai. Aaj tuje main tere bete ke samne behrahmi se choodon ga”

And just then I pushed my cock in her ass with full strength and she cried a loooootttt in pain. Vivek also could not stop himself by now. He just came near her nude and showed his big cock the way to his Mom’s mouth. WOW man what a scene it was – A son mouth fucking his own mom and his friend fucking his mom’s ass. With the passage of time she got comfortable with her two filled holes and thus we both started to increase our speed. I slid my right hand to her pussy and started to finger fuck along with it. Her boobs were hanging and just moving left right march with every jerk we gave her. She wanted to moan but couldn’t as Vivek’s lund was inside her mouth. Seeing this trembling Vivek bed a little and started his Mom’s boobs – those boobs from which he used to drink milk when he was a little boy.

I just could not hold any more and just came cummmiiinnnnngggggg right into her ass and she came on my fingers. A min later vivek crawl up to his face jerking his cock, and before she could take a breath he was pumping his hot cum all over her face. He came a lot, all over her face from eyebrow to chin ear to lips she had cum all over face and the exciting thing was the cumm in between her hairs. I suppose vivek had got what he wanted a powerful explosion from his mom.

I just lied almost dead on the bed and vivek on the other side. But hats off too this Promila aunty she was still horny and just came close to us and started sucking our dead cocks cle

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